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Kaylan Hughes To-Do List

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Name Birth Notes
Adams, Anna Coward to-do
Adams, John to-do
Allen, Vollie (Smith) 1895-01-01 to-do
Baker, Emma Lee (Morris) 1886-05-17 to-do
Barb, Gladys M (Bays) 1917-06-25 to-do
Battle, Jane to-do
Bays, Martha Lou (Hilton) 1884-03-09 to-do
Bays, Manuel Fleetwood 1924-06-25 to-do
Bays, James Fred 1921-12-24 to-do
Bays, James Shelvy 1884-12-19 to-do
Bays, Frances A (Head) 1862-12-08 to-do
Bays, Rufus G 1865-07-28 to-do
Bays, William Landon 1887-05-03 to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Beatty, Unlisted to-do
Behnke, Wanda Lee (Lassetter) 1938-05-17 to-do
Behnke, Chad to-do
Behnke, Darren to-do
Behnke, Laura Keaton to-do
Behnke, Roland to-do
Saldana, Unlisted to-do
Bernstein, Chaim Moshe 1870-00-00 to-do
Bernstein, Dora (Unknown) 1870-00-00 to-do
Blankenship, Goldor Ivy (Morris) 1890-10-10 to-do
Blankenship, Thomas 1886-01-05 to-do
Blankenship, Thomas Jefferson, Jr 1939-07-22 to-do
Blankenship, Winnie Mae (Bishop) 1914-02-16 to-do
Blankenship, Charlotte (Tucker) 1942-12-09 to-do
Blankenship, Randy 1964-10-13 to-do
Boatwright, Elizabeth Susan (O'Rear) 1838-05-18 to-do
Boatwright, Martha A (O'Rear) 1834-09-18 to-do
Bryant, Unlisted to-do
Brinkley, Unlisted to-do
Broussard, Unlisted to-do
Bryant, Lyndon Lee 1939-12-21 to-do
Bryant, Unlisted to-do
Bryant, Tony Lynn 1958-09-19 to-do
Bryson, Henderson Tilman 1817-00-00 to-do
Bryson, James R Logan 1863-10-26 to-do
Bryson, Ada (Oberthier) 1872-01-24 to-do
Buchanan, James Oliver 1900-10-18 to-do
Buchanan, James W 1875-09-14 to-do
Buchanan, Josephine H (Wright) 1880-08-01 to-do
Buchanan, Mary Jane (Owen) 1900-09-02 to-do
Bumgarner, Alexander M. 1821-11-06 to-do
Bumgarner, George 1823-11-16 to-do
Bumgarner, Hosea William 1826-10-17 to-do
Bumgarner, Logan 1829-09-23 to-do
Bumgarner, Adolphus 1831-01-16 to-do
Bumgarner, John 1836-08-03 to-do
Bumgarner, William 1839-03-27 to-do
Bumgarner, James 1842-03-20 to-do
Bumgarner, Rebecca 1844-01-16 to-do
Burt, Mary Polly (Smith) 1793-10-17 to-do
Calhoun, Unlisted to-do
Campbell, Ann (Buchanan) 1513-06-00 to-do
Catherwood, Anne Jane 1832-03-03 to-do
Chatham, John W 1829-12-02 to-do
Cimbol, Anne to-do
Clark, Lather Pearl (Buchanan) 1933-12-14 to-do
Clark, John Lee 1927-01-17 to-do
Clark, Unlisted to-do
Clark, Ruby Marie (Shook) 1912-04-17 to-do
Coffee, Lenard Lee, Sr 1925-03-10 to-do
Colbert, Classie M 1952-00-00 to-do
Connor, Elizabeth Jane (Young) 1851-10-19 to-do
Connor, William Smith 1856-02-01 to-do
Cook, Elizabeth to-do
Cousins, Abby Selena (Oberthier) 1848-07-03 to-do
Davis, Unlisted to-do
Davis, Unlisted to-do
Davis, Jefferson 1861-04-18 to-do
Davis, Robert R 1890-01-01 to-do
Dean, Bettie Dean (Fullerton) 1859-12-13 to-do
Dixon, Mary (Fullerton) 1815-00-00 to-do
Dixon, James M. 1810-10-10 to-do
Downs, Richard 1747-00-00 to-do
Emison, Sarah Augusta (Oberthier) 1862-02-14 to-do
Fain, Nancy Elizabeth (Smith) 1909-01-09 to-do
Fanning, Mattie Sue (Owen) 1920-04-16 to-do
Faulk, Mellie Melvina (Ketron) 1906-10-16 to-do
Felgenhauer, Unlisted to-do
Monroe, Unlisted to-do
Feliciano, Alfredo to-do
Fetterling, Kirt to-do
Foster, John Maurice 1845-01-03 to-do
Foster, Jas. 1825-00-00 to-do
Foster, Ann (Unknown) 1845-00-00 to-do
Foster, Minnie Mae (McMillan) 1877-02-24 to-do
Freeman, Varrie (Smith) 1903-09-11 to-do
Freeman, Martha Ileta (Wolfe) 1930-03-29 to-do
Fullerton, Sarah 1795-00-00 to-do
Fullerton, Henry 1795-00-00 to-do
Fullerton, Ann Jane (Henry) 1836-04-09 to-do
Fullerton, Thomas J 1830-00-00 to-do
Fullerton, William H 1856-10-25 to-do
Fullerton, Henry , Sr 1785-00-00 to-do
Fullerton, Sarah (Caufield) 1790-00-00 to-do
Fullerton, William to-do
Fullerton, John to-do
Gabby, Elizabeth (Bryson) 1775-00-00 to-do
Gallegos, Juanita 1918-00-00 to-do
Gallegos, Lino 1919-00-00 to-do
Unknown, Unlisted to-do
Gillmore, Vashti Stella (McMillan) 1873-02-17 to-do
Gillmore, Jasper Marion 1868-09-02 to-do
Glasser, Evelyn to-do
Goldberg, Joel to-do
Goldberg, Honey (Moscowitz) 1910-04-12 to-do
Goldberg, Jack 1908-00-00 to-do
Goldberg, Louis 1880-00-00 to-do
Goldberg, Sadie (Multer) 1885-00-00 to-do
Goldberg, Samuel 1910-00-00 to-do
Goldberg, Unlisted to-do
Kaplan, Unlisted to-do
Henry, Unlisted to-do
Walker, Unlisted to-do
Gregory, Unlisted to-do
Gregory, Unlisted to-do
Gregory, Unlisted to-do
Haden, Mary Caroline (Oberthier) 1827-05-19 to-do
Hardin, Dollie Mae (Shook) 1924-09-11 to-do
Harkay, Gladys Louise (Henry) 1920-01-10 to-do
Harris, Unlisted to-do
Hendrix, Amy Alene 1923-12-11 to-do
Hendrix, Jack Warner 1893-01-08 to-do
Henry, James , II 1803-09-12 to-do
Henry, Ivy Clyde 1916-05-09 to-do
Henry, Robert Alexander 1870-04-06 to-do
Henry, Robert Miller 1823-11-17 to-do
Henry, Ira Morris 1903-11-18 to-do
Henry, Merle M 1905-02-22 to-do
Henry, Fannie Mae (Davis) 1892-06-13 to-do
Henry, Amanda (Ivey) 1863-01-00 to-do
Henry, Charles L 1882-12-31 to-do
Henry, Emma Rhodes 1866-06-17 to-do
Henry, Margaret Ann (Young) 1840-08-31 to-do
Henry, John Young 1864-09-05 to-do
Henry, Hattie May 1878-02-25 to-do
Henry, Vernon Deport 1875-00-00 to-do
Henry, Jennette Caroline 1858-00-00 to-do
Henry, William 1854-00-00 to-do
Henry, James G 1853-00-00 to-do
Henry, Calvin Wilson 1860-00-00 to-do
Henry, Christa Helen (Foster) 1883-01-12 to-do
Henry, James , I 1773-00-00 to-do
Henry, William 1810-00-00 to-do
Henry, Elizabeth 1833-00-00 to-do
Henry, Margaret Jane 1830-00-00 to-do
Henry, Hugh Reed 1821-05-19 to-do
Henry, Valentine 1911-00-00 to-do
Henry, Joyce Marie 1928-06-01 to-do
Henry, Ivan 1820-00-00 to-do
Henry, William 1820-00-00 to-do
Henry, Hugh 1808-00-00 to-do
Henry, George F 1882-07-19 to-do
Henry, Georgia 1882-00-00 to-do
Henry, Dodson 1882-07-19 to-do
Henry, Barbara (McNair) 1842-08-07 to-do
Henry, Harve 1883-00-00 to-do
Henry, Mary Elizabeth (Foley) 1830-00-00 to-do
Henry, Bettie (Brogdon) 1883-00-00 to-do
Henry, Bessie Marie 1905-01-18 to-do
Henry, Ola Maye 1904-01-12 to-do
Henry, Mae (Thompson) 1885-10-15 to-do
Henry, Margaret Jane 1830-11-07 to-do
Henry, Hugh Henry, Jr. 1837-00-00 to-do
Henry, William H 1834-03-21 to-do
Henry, Hugh 1812-00-00 to-do
Henry, Sarah Elizabeth (Killough) 1847-12-03 to-do
Henry, Bessie Ethel (Lassetter) 1911-08-14 to-do
Henry-Young, Elizabeth (McMillan) 1812-00-00 to-do
Hindman, Elizabeth Hyndman 1730-06-28 to-do
Hines, Frances Ester (Bays) 1895-02-26 to-do
Hochman, Jacob Nachman 1878-00-00 to-do
Hodges, John 1754-00-00 to-do
Hodges, Lydia (Thomas) 1754-00-00 to-do
Hornsby, Margaret 1835-00-00 to-do
Horton, Unlisted to-do
Hubbard, Moses 1774-00-00 to-do
Hubbard, Elizabeth (Hodges) 1774-00-00 to-do
Hubbard, Elizabeth (Hodges) 1774-00-00 to-do
Hubbard, Elizabeth (Hodges) 1774-00-00 to-do
Hughes, Ruby Fae (Buchanan) 1936-08-18 to-do
Hughes, Kenneth Joe 1933-10-06 to-do
Hughes, Kenneth David 1959-08-02 to-do
Hughes, Dennis to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Kaylan (Walker) to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Williams, Unlisted to-do
Calhoun, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Sarah Margaret (Taylor) to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Unknown, Unlisted to-do
Ivey, William 1835-00-00 to-do
Joffe, Robert Herman 1963-11-09 to-do
Unknown, Unlisted to-do
Joffe, Jacob Hirsch 1933-02-02 to-do
Joffe, Evette C (Goldberg) 1933-01-11 to-do
Joffe, Robert 1892-08-04 to-do
Joffe, Unlisted to-do
Joffe, Leonard Marvin 1928-01-17 to-do
Joffe, Elliot Samuel 1925-06-18 to-do
Joffe, Unlisted to-do
Unknown, Unlisted to-do
Joffe, Unlisted to-do
Johnson, William 1842-00-00 to-do
Johnston, Tabitha Hubbard (Oberthier) 1833-07-31 to-do
Jones, Kitty Elizabeth (Wheat) 1914-07-15 to-do
Jones, Bedford to-do
Jones, Mary Emaline (Oberthier) 1866-11-25 to-do
Kaplan, Alex 1918-00-00 to-do
Kaplan, Jean (Reznikoff) 1918-00-00 to-do
Kaplan, Louis 1898-00-00 to-do
Kaplan, Anna (Unknown) 1899-08-26 to-do
Kendrick, Sarah Emaline (Walker) 1847-08-05 to-do
Kendrick, Lucy Jane (Walker) 1852-04-03 to-do
Ketron, Albert Perry 1912-05-25 to-do
Ketron, Beverly Johnson 1877-05-17 to-do
Ketron, Margie Marie (Thompson) 1912-00-00 to-do
Ketron, James Penn 1844-01-30 to-do
Ketron, Lillie Bell (Coats) 1890-02-03 to-do
Ketron, James L 1909-00-00 to-do
Ketron, Emory J 1893-04-01 to-do
Ketron, Patton William 1883-06-23 to-do
Ketron, Jeremiah E 1880-12-11 to-do
Ketron, Perry Decater 1878-02-02 to-do
Ketron, Ira Jole 1871-06-06 to-do
Ketron, Rader Bordie 1901-03-25 to-do
Ketron, Nell E (Eaton) 1916-03-14 to-do
Ketron, Susan Ruth (Bays) 1915-01-25 to-do
Ketron, Elwood Dee 1932-04-17 to-do
Ketron, Elmo Lee 1932-04-17 to-do
Ketron, Virgil Isaac 1905-03-06 to-do
Ketron, Melvina Hannah (Quillen) 1850-00-00 to-do
King, Myrtle Ellen (Henry) 1922-10-02 to-do
King, America M (Reed) 1864-07-03 to-do
King, Joel W 1857-04-29 to-do
King, Lola May (Lassetter) 1903-04-17 to-do
Lassetter, Martha Margaret (Davis) 1882-00-00 to-do
Lassetter, Jessie Lou 1914-01-28 to-do
Lassetter, Thomas Haney 1905-08-20 to-do
Lassetter, James Hill, Sr 1879-08-07 to-do
Lassetter, Garner Rowland 1932-00-00 to-do
Lassetter, James Hill, Jr 1924-08-26 to-do
Lassetter, Wealtha Victoria (LeCroy) 1859-03-11 to-do
Lassetter, William Benjamin 1860-02-05 to-do
Lassetter, George Brink 1922-05-24 to-do
Lassetter, Ethel Elizabeth (Brink) 1901-09-24 to-do
Lassetter, Don L to-do
Lassetter, Helen Ruth (Wooten) 1928-10-08 to-do
Lassetter, Jocelyn Laverne (May) 1924-02-12 to-do
Lassetter, Evelyn (Unknown) to-do
Lassetter, Cynthia D 1964-03-30 to-do
Lassetter, Bradley to-do
Lassetter, Rodney Clay 1959-12-27 to-do
Lassetter, Rita (Uknown) to-do
Lassetter, Christopher to-do
Lassetter, Joshua to-do
Lassetter, David to-do
Lassetter, Micky to-do
Lassetter, Lorretta to-do
Lassetter, Kathy (Uknown) to-do
Loflin, Sarah Ann (Walker) 1839-06-16 to-do
Loftin, Joseph 1810-00-00 to-do
Lonsinger, Maggie Neoma (Owen) 1908-02-00 to-do
Lovvorn, Velma (Smith) 1911-11-25 to-do
Magee, Mary Jane (Ellzey) to-do
Magee, Rachel 1827-00-00 to-do
Magee, Jacob O 1851-00-00 to-do
Magee, William W. J. 1842-00-00 to-do
Magee, J O 1835-10-02 to-do
Magee, Zedekiah 1817-00-00 to-do
Magee, Ned , Sr 1851-02-00 to-do
Magee, Sam L 1883-09-13 to-do
Magee, Pricilla Barnes (Barnes) 1859-03-00 to-do
Malone, Vama (Smith) 1906-04-25 to-do
Joffe, Unlisted to-do
McCallum, Margaret Drew (Thompson) 1844-10-00 to-do
McClellan, Beulah (Bays) 1911-00-00 to-do
McMillan, Ann Jane (Henry) 1851-11-24 to-do
McMillan, Ann Reeves (Reeves) 1790-00-00 to-do
McMillan, James Frank, Jr 1818-03-06 to-do
McMillan, George Henry 1884-10-19 to-do
McMillan, Kate Irene 1882-03-26 to-do
McMillan, James 1875-09-28 to-do
McMillan, Infant 1879-01-12 to-do
McMillan, Napoleon 1874-02-11 to-do
McMillan, George Reed 1850-11-30 to-do
McMillan, George Hayes 1821-06-25 to-do
McMillan, Andrew 1814-03-16 to-do
McNair, Roderic 1822-00-00 to-do
McNair, Mary Ann (McDaniel) 1809-01-15 to-do
Merritt, Tom 1860-00-00 to-do
Miller, Jannet White (White) 1762-02-22 to-do
Saldana, Unlisted to-do
Miller, Unlisted to-do
Miller, Elizabeth 1794-00-00 to-do
Miller, George 1792-00-00 to-do
Miller, Josiah 1730-00-00 to-do
Miller, John 1789-00-00 to-do
Miller, Ann Garner 1804-02-06 to-do
Miller, Jannet 1754-04-06 to-do
Miller, Mary 1755-00-00 to-do
Miller, John Frederick 1750-00-00 to-do
Miller, Elizabeth Meyer 1751-00-00 to-do
Monroe, Betty (Unknown) 1934-00-00 to-do
Morris, William Harry 1851-00-00 to-do
Morris, Mildred Iris 1897-01-04 to-do
Morris, Ren Allen 1904-06-07 to-do
Morris, Henry Allen 1893-01-11 to-do
Morris, William Alfred 1889-01-03 to-do
Morris, Leonard Charles 1899-04-23 to-do
Moscowitz, Jack 1890-00-00 to-do
Moskowitz, Fannie (Bernstein) 1890-00-00 to-do
Mowdy, Ethel Lucille (Bays) 1913-01-16 to-do
O' Hara, Margot 1778-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, Susan (Gooch) 1758-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, Robin 1779-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, John 1780-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, Melinda Evangeline (Veal) 1788-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, Mary (O'Donald) to-do
O'Rear, Thomas to-do
O'Rear, Emery to-do
O'Rear, Mary 1840-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, Monroe Berian 1836-04-14 to-do
O'Rear, Lewis B 1831-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, Benjamin Franklin 1826-01-26 to-do
O'Rear, William C 1825-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, James 1815-00-00 to-do
O'Rear, Daniel Floyd 1814-01-18 to-do
Oberthier, Henry Lewis 1829-01-11 to-do
Oberthier, Eliza Virginia (Jones) 1837-08-31 to-do
Oberthier, Frederick Harrison 1797-11-06 to-do
Oberthier, Sarah (Hubbard) 1808-08-24 to-do
Oberthier, Ferdinand D 1835-01-24 to-do
Oberthier, Sophia 1837-06-23 to-do
Oberthier, Frederick Harrison, Jr 1838-11-29 to-do
Oberthier, Ben C 1843-05-01 to-do
Oberthier, Edward 1876-02-16 to-do
Oberthier, Fredrick Harrison 1869-08-04 to-do
Oberthier, Susan 1874-06-18 to-do
Oberthier, John Bunyon 1876-02-28 to-do
Oberthier, Alma Laura (Hamilton) 1876-00-00 to-do
Oberthier, Agnes A 1878-02-07 to-do
Oberthier, Martha Jane (Wright) 1849-01-07 to-do
Owen, Benjamin Franklin 1865-03-25 to-do
Owen, Lather (Unknown) 1879-00-00 to-do
Owen, Bennie Bethel 1902-08-25 to-do
Owen, William Franklin 1904-08-05 to-do
Owen, John Lynn 1909-06-21 to-do
Page, Mariam Stella 1882-02-21 to-do
Page, John P 1857-00-00 to-do
Page, Myrtle Morris 1884-07-20 to-do
Parmer, Patsy Jean 1938-10-21 to-do
Parmer, James Ewell 1910-04-17 to-do
Parmer, James William 1872-09-01 to-do
Parmer, Lena Mae (Hurst) 1875-01-00 to-do
Parmer, Mary (Green) 1858-00-00 to-do
Parmer, Lou 1913-00-00 to-do
Parmer, Hubert Carlisle 1906-09-23 to-do
Parmer, Bruce 1915-00-00 to-do
Parmer, James Edward 1945-05-10 to-do
Parmer, Maggie L (Unknown) 1909-03-07 to-do
Calhoun, Unlisted to-do
Peters, Unlisted to-do
Peters, Unlisted to-do
Pierce, Catherine S (Henry) 1856-00-00 to-do
Quillen, Ira D 1840-00-00 to-do
Quillen, Edna C (Vineyard) 1840-00-00 to-do
Ramsey, Ruby V (Henry) 1914-00-00 to-do
Reed, Jane 1919-00-00 to-do
Reed, Unknown to-do
Hughes, Unlisted to-do
Reznikoff, Morris 1898-00-00 to-do
Reznikoff, Ida (Hochman) 1898-00-00 to-do
Riggs, Sue 1803-00-00 to-do
Riley, Geneva (Parmer) 1882-09-22 to-do
Rodriguez, Juanita (Unknown) to-do
Rodriguez, David to-do
Rubin, Sara 1900-00-00 to-do
Ruff, Unlisted to-do
Ruff, Nyoka Elaine (Ketron) 1942-08-28 to-do
Ruff, Unlisted to-do
Ruff, Unlisted to-do
Ruff, Unlisted to-do
Ruff, Edward , Jr to-do
Hitchcock, Unlisted to-do
Ruiz, Victoria (Unknown) to-do
Ruiz, Tolantino to-do
Saldana, Unlisted to-do
Saldana, Louis 1942-04-15 to-do
Saldana, Octavio R 1914-10-15 to-do
Saldana, Unlisted to-do
Saldana, Unlisted to-do
Saldana, Louis 1960-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Petra (Unknown) 1902-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Urbano 1885-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Glorio 1929-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Jesus 1924-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Lena 1923-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Gurdlupe 1918-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Catrino 1916-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Alberto R 1920-00-00 to-do
Saldana, Tomasa (Ruiz) 1921-09-22 to-do
Saldana, Theresa 1954-08-20 to-do
Salyer, Estell (Bays) 1892-09-11 to-do
Salyer, Earlie May (Bays) 1889-06-26 to-do
Sanders, Mary Anne 1730-00-00 to-do
Scott, Margaret Rebecca (Henry) 1862-04-17 to-do
Scott, Ola Lea (Foster) 1865-00-00 to-do
Shelton, Betty Jo (Adams) 1935-03-11 to-do
Shockley, Benjamin Silas 1818-02-18 to-do
Shockley, Mazzie Brown (Brown) 1822-08-02 to-do
Shockley, Benjamin Silas, Jr 1865-00-00 to-do
Shockley, Catherine Mae (Ambercrombie) 1871-00-00 to-do
Shockley, John Robbuts 1811-11-05 to-do
Shockley, Friend Obidiah 1809-11-19 to-do
Shook, Sarah Margaret (Taylor) 1921-06-18 to-do
Shook, Walter Bradford 1922-09-28 to-do
Shook, Walter Sidney 1876-12-25 to-do
Shook, Lela May (Ray) 1891-08-15 to-do
Shook, Thomas Wilson 1840-02-17 to-do
Shook, Laura Evans (Vaughan) 1856-03-28 to-do
Simmons, William H. 1801-00-00 to-do
Sims, James B 1836-00-00 to-do
Sims, Margaret Jane (Petty) 1836-00-00 to-do
Smith, Ransom E 1831-10-04 to-do
Smith, Helen 1825-00-00 to-do
Smith, Lee Otis 1897-02-22 to-do
Smith, Leonard Clifton 1899-09-29 to-do
Smith, William Lindsay 1917-11-03 to-do
Smith, Aaron 1812-01-16 to-do
Smith, Rhoda (Lewallen) 1824-03-04 to-do
Smith, Alfred 1826-07-24 to-do
Smith, Elizabeth E. (Sims) 1856-00-00 to-do
Smith, John William 1848-09-09 to-do
Smith, James Claborne 1796-05-14 to-do
Sopher, Yetta 1862-00-00 to-do
Strickling, Sarah 1835-00-00 to-do
Summers, Leva Manon (Shook) 1918-12-03 to-do
Taylor, Edd Pierce 1891-08-16 to-do
Thomas, Marinda (Walker) 1814-00-00 to-do
Thomas, James to-do
Thompson, Margie Marie 1923-05-13 to-do
Thompson, Elijah Weathersby 1831-09-05 to-do
Tripp, Lorenza I 1860-00-00 to-do
Turner, Frances Lois (Smith) 1915-05-13 to-do
Unknown, Unlisted to-do
Unknown, Unlisted to-do
Unknown, Martha to-do
Unkown, Ann (Poston) to-do
Varnado, Elva (Magee) 1863-04-01 to-do
Varnado, Charlie Arthur, Jr 1895-12-13 to-do
Varnado, Charlie , Sr 1864-10-06 to-do
Varnado, Harry to-do
Varnado, Luberta (Stewart) 1900-10-00 to-do
Walker, Catherine Jane (Duncan) 1815-00-00 to-do
Walker, Hester Ann (Adams) 1818-00-00 to-do
Walker, Unlisted to-do
Walker, Unlisted to-do
Walker, Unlisted to-do
Walker, Norval Gene 1938-12-31 to-do
Walker, Jack N 1921-03-28 to-do
Walker, Romee S, Sr 1891-08-27 to-do
Walker, Joseph Sanders 1866-02-08 to-do
Walker, Hallie Mae (Merritt) 1873-08-20 to-do
Walker, James Sanders 1813-00-00 to-do
Walker, Amanda Victoria (Shockley) 1845-10-26 to-do
Walker, Elizabeth Strozier 1785-04-07 to-do
Clark, Unlisted to-do
Walker, Romee S, Jr 1919-01-01 to-do
Walker, Nobie Dee (Hendrix) 1893-11-06 to-do
Walker, Theodosia Evalina Amanda 1870-02-07 to-do
Walker, Albert Sidney Johnston 1864-06-19 to-do
Walker, Sarah (Talley) 1869-10-28 to-do
Walker, Lucy M (Harris) 1831-00-00 to-do
Walker, Thomas Robert 1849-05-14 to-do
Joffe, Unlisted to-do
Walker, Larkin 1811-00-00 to-do
Walker, Green Wesley 1809-00-00 to-do
Walker, Caroline (Estess) to-do
Walker, Hubbard A (Bryson) 1898-10-15 to-do
Wascom, Unlisted to-do
Wascom, Unlisted to-do
Westbrook, Mattie Letha (Lassetter) 1908-01-05 to-do
Wheat, Walter Granvil 1880-10-17 to-do
Wheat, George William 1904-08-29 to-do
Wheat, Marvin Napoleon 1907-01-18 to-do
Wheat, Vernon Miller 1909-12-09 to-do
Wilson, Olie Z (King) 1909-01-03 to-do
Wolfe, Mary (Bays) 1911-03-00 to-do
Wolfe, J H 1909-06-09 to-do
Worley, Linda Kay (Lassetter) to-do
Wright, Lydia (Walker) to-do
Wright, Campbell (Unknown) 1829-00-00 to-do
Young, James D, Sr 1818-11-03 to-do
Young, Unknown 1851-10-19 to-do
Young, Corren Angemira (Lassetter) 1919-11-10 to-do

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Categories: To-Do Lists