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Kelmscott Cemetery transcriptions

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Main cemetery page at St Mary-in-the-valley Cemetery, Kelmscott, Western Australia

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name born died age notes photo #
ABELL, Lizziec 18811965 Sep 2884Wife of William
ABELL, Williamc 18841966 May 2182Husband of Lizzie
ABERNETHY, Henry Josephc 19031962 Sep 0459Beloved husband of Sarah. Father of Thora & Lynne.
ABERNETHY, Sarah Ellenc 19071994 Jul 1387
ALLEN, Amelia Florencec 18991947 Sep 2348
ALLEN, Audreyc 19241948 Jul 3124wife of William
ALLEN, Caroline18591938 Sep 21nee Kemp. unmarked grave
ALLEN, Dorothy19011956 Feb 2759
ALLEN, Edward (Ted)1984 Jun 1558
ALLEN, Ernest Charles1958 Oct 0662
ALLEN, Ernest John1994 Feb 2469
ALLEN, William18601936 Dec 16Unmarked grave
ALLEN, William James1937 May 1444
AMPHLETT, George Frederick1944 Mar 0367Late Sgt. R.F.A. South Africa 1899-1902. And 10th light horse Regt. 1st A.I.F. 1914-1918
ANDERSON, Alfred Gerald Wright1936 Mar 2863husband of Muriel, father of Victor, Gerald, Charles, Claude, Rudolph, Maia & Joan
ANDERSON, Blanche1960 Aug 06
ANDERSON, James Alexander1947 May 0976
ANDERSON, Muriel Alice Newman1954 May 1972mother of Joan
ANDERSON, Muriel A. N.1954 May 1972
AUSTEN-SMITH, Murray1945 Jan 201995 Oct 07Died Zimbabwe
AUSTEN-SMITH, Roy Joseph1916 Apr 181991 Apr 02
AVARD, Doris Keziah1996 Jul 17wife of Richard
AVARD, Richard George1976 Aug 13husband of Doris
AYTON, George O.1957 Aug 1753Accidentally killed in Kelmscott
BABB, Connie1956 Dec 2852Husband Harry, mother of Dot, Roma & Bill
BABB, Harry1966 Jul 2368
BAILEY, Annie Ruth1963 Jun 2075wife of Edward (buried with Edward)
BAILEY, Edward1965 Oct 0475husband of Annie (buried with Annie)
BATLEY, Frederick1973 Feb 05
BATLEY, May1952 Mar 05
BEALES, Alan Bruce1935 Oct 11infantson of Vera
BEALES, Emily18771955Early settler of Roleystone
BEALES, Frances Emily1937 Dec 31infantdaughter of Vera
BEALES, George18741924Early settler of Roleystone
BEALES, Vera May1937 Jun 1623
BELL, Archibald John1967 Jun 1472father of Pearl, Violet, Amy & Allan
BELL, Jean Susan1929 Oct 152006 Jan 23Wife of Allan, Mother of Ruth & Carol
BELL, Lillian Maud1987 Feb 1190nee Randall, mother of Pearl, Violet, Amy & Allan
BERRY, Louisa Margaret1969 Apr 3079(with Sidney Ernest)
BERRY, Sidney Ernest1969 Jun 0777husband of Louisa (with Louisa Margaret)
BERRY, Arthur George1923 Sep 251992 Oct 1969
BERRY, Rita Catherine1918201294Mother of Buddy (Dec) Bev, Dennis & Ann
BERRY, Sidney John1918201597Father of Buddy (Dec), Bev, Dennis & Ann
BETTESWORTH, Hilda Mary E1973 Sep 2783Mother of Dot, May, Nell, Rose, Florrie, Edie, Alf & Joe
BETTESWORTH, George Horace1936 Nov 0279Husband of Hilda & father of Joe
BETTESWORTH, Joseph Charles1932 Jun 012002 Apr 2369
BISHOP, Edmund Ernest1855 Jul 291938 Mar 04Father of Amy Joy Dart Charleston
BLAIN, John Tait1937 Mar 15Husband of Ruth
BLAIN, Margaret Ruth1955 Nov 03Wife of John
BLAIR, Rosie1987 Jan 23Babe of Robyn Blair
BRADFORD, Martha Ann1941 Nov 0964
BREMNER, Elsie Lynette1938 Feb 242015 Oct 24
BROSNAN, Catherine1901 Jan 0720
BROSNAN, Jeremiah1917 Nov 0318Son of Catherine
BROWN, Thora Elaine1932 Aug 052015 Jul 27
BUCKINGHAM, Alice Maud1883 May 198 months
BUCKINGHAM, Darryl19451949son of Keith & Pearl
BUCKINGHAM, Douglas1959 Jul 12
BUCKINGHAM, Emma1965 Jan
BUCKINGHAM, Frederick1929 Nov
BUCKINGHAM, Hannah1919 Nov 1067
BUCKINGHAM, Hulda Elizabeth1951 Aug 1188(with Hugh)
BUCKINGHAM, Hugh James1940 Aug 0780(with Hulda)
BUCKINGHAM, Keith James1920 Aug 202002 Feb 22
BUCKINGHAM, Kevin Murray1942 Dec 152013 Apr 28
BUCKINGHAM, Lawrence T.1950 Mar 2760
BUCKINGHAM, Mary1875 May 1260
BUCKINGHAM, Maxwell John1979 Feb 2763
BUCKINGHAM, May1967 Apr 0276
BUCKINGHAM, Pearl Amelia1917 Jan 122003 Feb 23nee Bell
BUCKINGHAM, Sarah Jane1940 Jul 1083
BUCKINGHAM, Thomas1913 Oct 2974
BUCKINGHAM, Thomas1879 Oct 0571
BUCKINGHAM, William1917 Aug 1464
BUCKINGHAM, Violet19222012Wife of Max, Mother of Heather & Rosalie
BUNNEY, George Ezra1942 Jan 2359In loving memory of our Uncle
BUNNEY, Annie1976 Oct 2796
BURROWS, Maud Vale1916 Mar 1314yrs 9mthsTaken suddenly. Daughter of Edward James Burrows. Sister of Dorothea & Ellen Elizabeth. Placed by her grand nephews Tony & Peter Rabbitt 2007. Together with her sister Eliza Jane Rabbitt nee Burrows and nieces Cathe & Maude Mitchell RIP
BURTON, Marguerite1942 May 0339Wife of Leonard. Mother of Peggy, Norman & Merlwyn
BUTCHER, Marian1905 Mar 2976
BUTCHER, William1908 Apr 0979
CHALLIS, Flora1930 Nov 2743Wife of Cecil. Mother of Desmond
CHALLIS, Cecil W.1964 Aug 1380Husband of Flora. Father of Desmond
CHAMBERLAIN, Albert Edwin1877 Dec 011952 Dec 09
CHAMBERLAIN, Abigail Beatrice1886 Nov 151963 Jan 01nee Byers
CHAMBERLAIN, Albert Franklyn Donald1913 Nov 202007 Nov 01
CHAMBERLAIN, Gordon Noel1916 Dec 252004 Aug 19
CHAMBERLAIN, John Thomas1943 May 0958Husband of Emma Chamberlain Father of Mabel, Harold, Albert & Beavis
CHAMBERLAIN, Emma1973 Jul 1988Wife of John Thomas
CHARLESTON, Amy Joy Dart1907 Nov 241949 Jun 20
CLARKE, Sarah1934 Jun 27wife of C.S. Bardwell Clarke
CLOSE, Frederick Charles1934 May 298350 trooper, 10th light horse
CLOSE, Caroline O'Neil1936 Sep 23her life a beautiful memory
COCKRAM, Arthur Edwin1919 Apr 0341headstone is broken
COCKRAM, Edwin1911 Jan 1366
COCKRAM, Betsy1925 Aug 3078
COCKRAM, Richard1882 Apr 2378
COCKRAM, Betsy1888 Nov 0478wife of Richard
COCKRAM, Hester Florence1890 Jun 173
COCKRAM, Helen Elizabeth1891 Jul 1420
COLLINS, Harry Bertram1945 Oct 1168Husband of Hannah father of Reg & Bess
COLLINS, Hannah1969 Jul 3082wife of Harry mother of Reg & Bess
CORNISH, Eva Grace1951 Nov 0368
CORNISH, Bertram1953 Jul 0673
CROOK, Terence Warren1930 Aug 161931 Apr 118mthsson of Doris & Hamilton Crook, brother of Rae, Earle, Pauline, Leon & John. Erected 2003 May 02 by the Family
CULL, Leslie Cornelius 1953 Dec 1148
CULL, Winifred E. 1994 Apr 2984
CULL, Cornelius1942 Nov 2064husband of Frances
CULL, Frances1973 Aug 0391
DAVENPORT, Edward John1932 Dec 0647
DAVENPORT, Eleanor1926 Oct 2966
DAVIES, Alfred James18891960Father of Alfred
DAVIES, Millie Rosanna18911974Mother of Alfred
DAVIES, Jean Dorothy1926 Jan 242016 Oct 10
DAVIES, Alfred John1913 Dec 091993Born Kent England
DAWSON, Elijahno other info provided
DEAN, Frederick1937 May 1895of Kelmscott, late of Darrington, Yorkshire
DELAMOTTE, Emily M.1977 Dec 1186
DELAMOTTE, Albert1952 Jun 1064
DOYLE, Bertha Matilda1976 Aug 0588
DYSON, Harold1946 Sep 1858
DYSON, Maryann1968 Jun 24
ELLIOT-SMITH, Margaret Lorraine1960 May 2518In loving memory of Margaret Lorraine, dearly devoted only daughter of Frank and Julia Elliot-Smith. Accident.
FALLON, Margaret1948 Nov 2068
FALLON, Stephen1959 Dec 19
FANCOTE, Charles1899 Oct 2472Beloved husband of Caroline
FANCOTE, Caroline1915 Sep 1366
FANCOTE, Sarah Alice1900 Nov 2013Beloved daughter of Charles and Caroline
FANCOTE, Thomas1903 Apr 0129Beloved son of Charles and Caroline
FANCOTE, Edward Charles1987 Jun 0378Grandson of Charles and Caroline Loved husband of Jean and father of Leslie, Rodney and Beverley
FANCOTE, Lila Jean1999 Feb 1081Loved wife of Ted
FANCOTE, Alexander1942 Nov 0166
FANCOTE, Florence1951 Sep 2866
FANCOTE, Jack1910 Feb 2113 months
FANCOTE, Vida May1914 Dec 063 months
FAWCETT, John Reason1930 Aug 2564Husband of Sarah Fawcett
FERGUSON, Lydia1954 Oct 1560Daughter of Hugh & May Fraser. Sister of Alex
FRANKLIN, Amy Evelyn1926 May 222014 Feb 14Wife of William. Mother of Dallas, Kenneth (dec) & Karen234
FRANKLIN, W. H.1984 Nov 11652/11 infantry battalion WX1006 Private
FRANKLIN, Kenneth Ross19491955Son of Bill & Amy. Brother of Dallas & Karen
FRETWELL, Mary1927 Nov 0783Wife of William
FRETWELL, Edward Martin1913 Sep 303 weeksSon of W.E. & M.A. Fretwell
FRETWELL, William1923 Feb 2881
FRETWELL, William Edward1958 Jun 683
FRYE, Muriel Alice1967 May 08
GIRLING, Peter Williams1930 Mayinfantson of the Rev. & Mrs. S. T. Lindsey
GORDON, Walter A.1937 Jan 0875Husband of Pauline
GRAY, Mary Edith1954 Apr 2160Mother of Bill, Ruth, Yootha, John, Peter, June & Digby239
GRAY, Charles H.1942 Oct 20522566 Private 43 Battalion240
GREEN, Annie Yates1951 Mar 10wife of William Binns Green
GREEN, Frank Ray1940 Aug 202008 Jun 13Husband of Eileen father of Sheree & David Grandad of Lauren244
GREEN, Jodi1976 Sep 19Daughter of Michael & Lynette243
GREEN, Frank1964 Aug 1562Husband of Valma & father241
GREEN, Valma Doreen1997 Sep 1290wife of Frank & mother242
GREEN, Thomas1957 May 3157
GREEN, William Binns190847
GREEN, Hilda May191417
GREEN, Wilfrid1973 Mar 2567husband of Marjorie Emily. Father of Dorothy, Bruce (DEC), Alan & Roy249 250
GREEN, Bruce1945 Mar 148yrs 5mthseldest son of Wilfred & Emily (with Marjorie Emily)247
GREEN, Marjorie Emily1962 Mar 07our dear wife and mother (with Bruce)248
GRIGSBY, Lucy1914 Oct 0989214
GROUNDS-WESTON, Edwin George1971 Nov 1983yrs 6mths
GROUNDS-WESTON, Nellie Lane1967 Feb 1673wife of Edwin George
GROUNDS-WESTON, Betty Anita1934 Nov 1413Daughter of Edwin & Nellie, sister of Frank (DEC), Avis, Barbara & Donald
HARMER, James1926 Jun 218379
HARRIS, Jessie1960 Oct 20Loving wife of Ray80
HARRISON, Arthur1944 Oct 0767Husband of May. Father of Joan, Dorothy, Jim & Roy
HARRISON, May1959 Mar 12Wife of Arthur
HAYNES, Sophie1909 Aug 0783
HAYNES, Margaret Julia1941 Sep 17wife of Walter A.B. Haynes252
HAYNES, Michael Courthope1942277
HUGHES, Joel Ryder1939 Aug 311dayBaby daughter of Lloyd & Beryl Hughes253 255
HUGHES, Lloyd Ryder1907 Jul 221974 Jun 10husband of Beryl father of Joel, Grant & Selby254 256
JAMESno other info provided257
JAMES, Sarah19691986258
JAMES, Thomas James19651985259
JARVIS, Charles1917 Feb 071yr 7mths260
KERRIDGE, Charlotte1939 Jan 26loved wife of Walter261
KERRIDGE, Walter David1951 Aug 2786262
KIMBER, Ernest A.1932 Nov 093416th battalion A.I.F.
KITCHING, Lloyd1894 Oct 021947 Oct 27husband of Dorothy father of Trevor, Rachel & Leah Known by his fruits - love
KITCHING, David L.1931 Mar 191941 Jul 2110born Wellington, New Zealand second son of Lloyd & Dorothy
LLOYD, Averall1918 Oct 222mthsson of Ada & the late Lindsay Lloyd125 126
LLOYD, Lindsay1919 Aug 1437husband of Ada father of Una & Jack270
LLOYD, Isabel Mary1933 Dec 291984 Feb 2950269
LLOYD, William A.1952 Aug 1879271
LLOYD, Mary L.1978 May 1379272
LOCKYER, Joseph Lionel194772Husband of Chrissie
LUKIN, Henry John1951 Aug 0777loved husband of Muriel
LYALL, Christopher John194220mthsson of Norman & Mary276
MACDONALD, Hector John1936 Jan 1657husband of Sarah274
MACDONALD, Sarah1969 Jan 2991275
MACDONALD, John1942 Jul 1823KIA Middle East, buried El Alamein War Cemetery
MACNAMARA, Dhonaill Patrick1954 Jun 04Late Malayan Police278
MADER, Troucott1964 Apr 2687113 115
MADER, Louisa1967 Mar 3186114 116
MALCOLM, Muriel1916 Nov 06279 280
MARSH, Alice1898 Dec 0830283
MARSH, Robert G.1951 Jul 2479
MARSH, Ellen Maria1936 Aug 3060wife of Robert G Marsh
MARSHALL, Thomas Edward Tyrell1937 Apr 12Husband of Alma Marshall, Father of Adrian & Doris. Called suddenly to a higher service
MARSHALL, Adrian Tyrell1924 Jan 072013 Sep 13129 134
MARSHALL, Jane1920 May 1473130 132
MARSHALL, Joyce1920 May 177days131 133
MARTIN, William1879 Mar 202189
MARTIN, Jesse1887 Apr 185990
MARTIN, Martha Olive1891 Oct 196991
MARTIN, George Kersley1916 Jun 1256
MARTIN, Rosina Sarah1921 May 0959
MARTIN, Lewis George1920 Mar 1632Late A.I.F.
MARTIN, Thomas1947 Nov 268488
MCEACHERN, Alexander1949 Mar 0572died at Armadale284
MORGAN, Douglas1986 Sep 3082285
MORGAN, W.R.1931 Oct 11286
MORGAN, Ada Rose1961 Sep287
MORLEY, Louisa1963 Oct 058321
NAIRN, James William1887 Mar 171911 Jul 31
NORRISH, Christine Ann1942 Dec 2597wife of the late Thomas Norrish
NORRISH, Rosa Matilda1943 Jun 0459Wife of William Wray Norrish
OTTAWAY, Ellen Emma1921 Aug 1078
OTTAWAY, Thomas William1926 Nov 0282
POAD, Keith1947 May 098291
POAD, Barry1936 Jan 171990 Jul 09292
POAD, Florence Mary19122003293
POPE, Edith Mabel1912 Jun 171968 Feb 07nee Chamberlain
PRICE, John Thomas1936 Jul 05Husband of Daisy, father of Denis294
PRICE, Daisy1969 May 27295
PULFORD, Ida Rosalie1938 Aug 2666
PULFORD, Arthur Henry1946 Jan 0544Son of Ida Pulford
RICHARDS, Henry Pope1923 Aug 0259
RIGG, Eileen Mary1980 Feb 04nee Kerin. Great grandchild of Richard & Betsy Cockram.
ROBERTS, Marjorie Hamilton (Joy)1917 Oct 271999 Jan 21Daughter of Stanley & Cathleen, Youngest sister to Eileen & Grace
ROBERTS, Eileen Marian1941 Apr 08Eldest daughter of Stanley & Cathleen
ROBERTS, Stanley Leigh1958 Dec 3183Husband of Cathleen. Father of Eileen (dec) Grace & Joy. Father-in-law of Will
ROBERTS, Cathleen1960 May 11
ROGERS, Annie Sylvesta1899 Aug 1316 months
SALTER, Lynette Fay195419544 weeks
SALTER, Margaret Joy1910199888nee Ottaway
SALTER, Talbot Samuel19031984
SALTER, Ellen1878 May 1922
SALTER, Berniceno other info provided46
SALTER, Herbertno other info provided47
SALTER, Douglas Linsley1937 Oct 132015 Sep 2827
SALTER, Samuel193081Father of Clara, Minnie & Talbot
SALTER, Mary Ann Louise194176 Mother of Talbot
SAW, Percy John1885 Feb 281897 May 1212child of Fredrick John & Hannah Catherine (nee White) Saw
SAW, George Reginald1897 Feb 101897 Jun 204mthschild of Fredrick John & Hannah Catherine (nee white) Saw
SAW, Bertram Edward1887 Apr 201887 May 0515dayschild of Fredrick John & Hannah Catherine (nee White) Saw
SAW, Stella Mary1899 Dec 3019014mthschild of Fredrick John & Hannah Catherine (nee White) Saw
SAW, Jbirth & death unknown. Child of Fredrick John & Hannah Catherine (nee White) Saw
SAW, Kitty189318931 dayChild of Fredrick John & Hannah Catherine (nee White) Saw
SCOTT, Edith Maisie1922 May 162011 Jan 2988
SHAW, Gladys Irene1901 Jun 261990 Oct 07wife of John Wharton Shaw
SKINNER, George H.c18791951 May 1172father of Doris & Arthur
SKINNER, Florence A.c18781941 Aug 2363mother of Doris & Arthur
SLEE, Mary Annc18731942 Sep 1369wife of Alfred
SMITH, Joseph1931 Aug 04156 157
SMITH, Edith1956 Nov 02155 158
SPENCER, Cyril Gordon1977 May 04devoted father of Robert, Gordon, Ian & Penny. Passed away suddenly06
SPENCER, Robert Alfredc19421957 Jan 2215accidentally passed away07
SPENCER, Jackc19021956 Oct 3054husband of Marion
SPENCER, Marionc19261989 Jul 1663wife of Jack
SPENCER, Mary Joyc19331937 Dec 184 Beloved daughter of J & M Spencer
SPENCER, Vivian Claudec19051983 SEP 3078
SPENCER, Frank1949 Nov 2133
SPENCER, Charlesc18681956 Mar 2588
SPENCER, Isobelc18781957 Feb 2479wife of Charles
SPENCER, Roy Vincentc19101982 Sep 2672
SPENCER, Lilyc19041993 Sep 0989
SPYVEE, Bessie Theodora1916 Jun 212003 May 22nee Collins
STEPHENSON, Margaret Shirley1935 Aug 022004 Oct 08nee Salter
STEVENS, Elizabeth1845 Oct 131928 Jun 11nee Dobson Pusey. Born at Toodyay, died at Bedfordale wife of late James Stevens
STEVENS, Emily1958 Feb 14
STEVENS, Ivyc18991980 Aug 1181
STEVENS, Jamesunreadable
STEVENS, Jamesson of the late James & Elizabeth Stevens. Late of Bedfordale
STEVENS, Leslie Isaacno other info provided
STUTLEY, Merv1927 Jan 092008 Feb 02
STUTLEY, Val1930 May 262013 Sep 28
SULLIVAN, Silda M.1939 Dec 2541in loving memory of our beloved wife and mother
TCHAN, Mary Elizabeth1965nee Stevens
TCHAN, William Mathew1967
THOMAS, Jannai Emmac19821985 Dec 033Parents Susan and Rhys. Siblings Troy, Julia and Adrian 01
THORNE, Edward John1937 Apr 0548husband of Emily father of Dorothy
THORNE, Emily Victoria1959 Jun 0868wife of Edward
TRAILL-NASH, Eliza Gertrude1966 Sep 16
TRAILL-NASH, Robert1960 Jun 22
TREEBY, Joseph Henryc18741940 Nov 1766
TREEBY, Ethel Maudc18741937 Mar 2363
TOCNOLINI, Jessie Emma Blanchec19071987 Oct 2680
TOMLINSON, Ellenc18651939 May 0274wife of Walter Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Walterc18651948 Oct 1083husband of Ellen
TULLY, William S1900 Sep 114
ULLYOTT, Francis Mary1866 Nov 091936 Apr 07
ULLYOTT, Frances1862 Mar 131947 Dec 29
VESPERMANN, Henric18631948 Dec 3085pioneer Father of Martha, Arthur & Emma
VESPERMANN, Sarah Janec18661921 Jan 2155pioneer mother of Martha, Arthur & Emma
VICKERS, Margaret & Samuel1932 Dec 13only one death date provided for 2 people
VICKERS, Samuel Albert1953 Jan 3057Husband of Sylvia. A devoted father.
VICKERS, Sylvia Christina1954 Dec 1257Wife of Samuel Albert
VICKERS, Edward Charles (Ted)1922 Dec 022007 Jul 25Husband of Edna. Father of Trevor, Janice, Eric & Pamela
WEBB, Alison Letitia Caroline1907 Jul 161907 Nov 27cherished daughter of Arthur Robert & Martha Mary Webb
WESLEY, Robert Henryc18921977 Oct 0185France (MONS) 1914-1918. Father of Sylvia, Irene, Hazel, Florence & Robert
WESLEY, Marthac19031987 Apr 0784nee Vespermann; beloved wife of Robert & mother of his 5 children
WILKINSON, Irene C.1957 Aug 02
WRAY, Mary Jane (Aunt Mary)c18551950 Aug 1095
YATES, Florence Ellenc18781908 Nov 0930wife of William S. Yates
YOUNG, Albert E.1893 Aug 121972 Jan 03
YOUNG, Alicec18881979 Dec 0391

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