Kerby Knob Baptist Church Cemetery, Kerby Knob, Kentucky

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Location: Kerby Knob Church Rd, off Rt. 2004 in Kerby Knob. It is not on the Morrill-Kerby Knob
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Table of Interments

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Last Name First Names Birth Death Inscription and notes Photo (click for larger)
AbnerJulia H.1904 May 161986 Feb 12Image:.jpg
AbnerW. P.1906 May 271999 Jan 22Image:.jpg
AbneyLashana Nashell1989 Oct 291989 Oct 29Image:.jpg
AlexanderFlora (Clemmons)1921 Oct 131997 Oct 23"Our Father which art in heaven"Image:.jpg
AlexanderJack1943 Apr 261944 May 4Image:.jpg
AlexanderJohn A.1908 Dec 301976 Sep 17"In loving memory"Image:.jpg
AlexanderRessie1886 Ayg 311968 Nov 16"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
AlexanderThomas Loyd1919 Dec 251985 May 22"Our Father which art in heaven"Image:.jpg
AnglinHazel1917 Aug 162011 Dec 1Parents of Edna, Ethel, Sarah, Beulah, Ray, Cecil, Edward, Ruth, L. D., Hershell, Janet, JudyImage:.jpg
AnglinLonnie19114 Feb 281997 Dec 19Parents of Edna, Ethel, Sarah, Beulah, Ray, Cecil, Edward, Ruth, L. D., Hershell, Janet, JudyImage:.jpg
AzbillAlson Hardin1926 Jan 301948 Apr 19Kentucky SIC UNSB World War IIImage:.jpg
AzbillCarlos1899 Nov 261991 Mar 2"In loving memory"Image:.jpg
AzbillEthel1903 Jun 282003 May 2Image:.jpg
AzbillFlemon18751952"Book of Life" "Memory Lane"Image:.jpg
AzbillHarden1846 Jan 171930 Dec 5"A friend to his country and a believer in Christ"Image:.jpg
AzbillMalissa A. (Hunt)18821986"Book of Life" "Memory Lane"Image:.jpg
AzbillViola Frances1920 Jan 291931 Mar 22"At rest"Image:.jpg
AzbillVirginia E. (Neeley)1848 Oct 181919 Aug 18Image:.jpg
BakerE. J.1822 Jun 251894 May 30"Ordained 1854, Founder of Kerby Knob Baptist Church"Image:.jpg
BakerLoucinda (Hudson)1833 Dec 301911 Jul 13Image:.jpg
BakerMary A.1840 Oct 11907 Mar 8"They gave their today for our tomorrow"Image:.jpg
BengeJennie E.18971919Image:.jpg
BicknellAlbert L.1868 Nov 131891 Aug 29"Son of W. H. and S. J. Bicknell"Image:.jpg
BicknellSusan J.1837 May 291891 Oct 8"Wife of W. H. Bicknell"Image:.jpg
BowlingMagnolia (Stewart)1892 Jun 91983 Nov 14Image:.jpg
CainDallas1936 May 162007? Sep 6Image:.jpg
CainNella D.1941 De 18Image:.jpg
CampbellErdean P.19131997Image:.jpg
CampbellFrank A.18851957"At rest"Image:.jpg
CampbellFrank A., Jr.1926 Apr 202009 Oct 2Image:.jpg
CampbellLuther T.1916 Jun 141995 Sep 24Image:.jpg
CampbellMollie1923 Feb 81983 May 8Image:.jpg
CampbellVirgie18941992"At rest"Image:.jpg
CarpenterBabyndnd"Baby of Joe & Rose Carpenter"Image:.jpg
ClemmonsAddie1932 Jan 22Image:.jpg
ClemmonsCurt1897 Feb 141936 Dec 6"We will meet again"Image:.jpg
ClemmonsDavid Roscoe1979 Jan 201979 Jun 1Image:.jpg
ClemmonsFannie Elizabeth (Jones)1873 Apr 201943 Aug 25"Mother"Image:.jpg
ClemmonsJohn Franklin1869 Feb 241955 Nov 29"Father"Image:.jpg
ClemmonsMary Elizabeth (Powell)1899 Apr 291981 Nov 15Image:.jpg
ClemmonsMyrtle1908 Mar 151999 May 22"We love you Mom"Image:.jpg
ClemmonsRabe1901 Sep 131971 Nov 3Image:.jpg
ClemmonsRoscoe1946 Jun 42013 Feb 17Image:.jpg
ClemmonsWilma1932 Jan 17Image:.jpg
ClemonsFonzer1925 Feb 21married Aug. 26, 1943 "Loving parents of Chesley, Donald, Judy, Gene, Jack, Kay"Image:.jpg
ClemonsThelma1926 Mar 92004 May 13married Aug. 26, 1943 "Loving parents of Chesley, Donald, Judy, Gene, Jack, Kay"Image:.jpg
ClickDaniel M.1848 Oct 61919 Jan 24Image:.jpg
ClickDorcas (Wilds)18861956Image:.jpg
ClickElvira (Hatfield)1852 Jun 71896 Sep 8"Wife of D M. Click"Image:.jpg
ClickJames A.1873 Oct 101895 Jan 28Image:.jpg
ClickJames R.18631951"Father"Image:.jpg
ClickMartha Ellen (Lane)1863 May 261932 Jul 26"Mother"Image:.jpg
ClickRobert Elmer1886 Oct 191934 Dec 15"Our loved ones"Image:.jpg
Collins?1922 May 111939 Nov 24Image:.jpg
CollinsElsie May1925 May 161925 May 16Image:.jpg
CollinsJimmie1910 Jul 141932 Jan 16"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
CollinsLester 1935 Jan 151935 Jan 15"Another angel in heaven"Image:.jpg
CollinsMary J.1890 Nov 31928 May 13Image:.jpg
CollinsRaymond1926 Oct 141996 Nov 7"Dad"Image:.jpg
CollinsRenza1872 Jul 161952 Nov 23"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
CollinsVina Marie1930 Apr 302005 Feb 3"Mom"Image:.jpg
DavidsonBill1935 Apr 202007 May 24"We love you Dad"Image:.jpg
DavidsonCecil1927 May 161980 Feb 13Image:.jpg
DavidsonChester1891 Feb 241955 Jan 11Image:.jpg
DavidsonDeloris1943 Aug 22011 May 17"Married Oct 24, 1959"Image:.jpg
DavidsonDora (Brewer)1901 Aug 81979 Jan 27Image:.jpg
DavidsonLuther1940 Jul 222012 Aug 26"Married Oct 24, 1959"Image:.jpg
Davis Elvira 1832 Nov 121890 Jan 24Image:.jpg
DeborJohn1882 July 141978 May 19Image:.jpg
FowlerGertrude1896 May 101897 Oct 3"Our Darling"Image:.jpg
GarlandRuth (Davidson)1942 Aug 122007 Oct 13Image:.jpg
GarlandWilliam Norman1937 Oct 272013 Jun 15Image:.jpg
GarrettJohn F.1877 Dec 311900 Mar 17Image:.jpg
GayhartRolinda1813 Oct 221911 Dec 31Image:.jpg
HagerCilla1883 Mar 71900 Dec 7Image:.jpg
HagerLucinda1838 Oct 221899 Apr 7Image:.jpg
HarrisonAdd 18701895Image:.jpg
HatfieldAlbert Davis1926 Sep 61926 Sep 18Image:.jpg
HatfieldAlzira Jane (Couch)1844 Aug 131925 Apr 3Image:.jpg
HatfieldElijah D.1813 Oct 301912 Aug 29Image:.jpg
HatfieldJames E.1874 Jan 301902 Nov 28Image:.jpg
HatfieldJohn David1842 Jan 171935 Jun 15"Civil War Sargeant, Co. C 8th Tennsee Infantry Volunteer"Image:.jpg
HatfieldLeroy1931 Jun 11931 Jun 1Image:.jpg
HatfieldMargaret Lou1896 Feb 81967 Nov 19Image:.jpg
HirtRaymond1903 Jan 121908 Nov 3Image:.jpg
HobbsApril (Isaacs)1966 Apr 20"Precious Lord take my hand" "The loving parents of Miranda Lynn and Barry Ryan"Image:.jpg
HobbsE. David1959 Dec 31994 Mar 29"Beloved husband and father"Image:.jpg
HobbsErmon1917 May 41938 Jan 22Image:.jpg
HobbsEva1892 Apr 301966 Jan 15Image:.jpg
HobbsHazel1931 Apr 221931 May 3"Our angel"Image:.jpg
HobbsJames Everett1933 Jan 191999 Jul 22"Loving husband and father"Image:.jpg
HobbsJean1944 Mar 221998 Jun 13"May God enjoy you as we have" "Our children Judy Isaacs, Kenneth Hobbs, Rodney Hobbs, Scott Hobbs"Image:.jpg
HobbsJunie Esther1939 Dec 61969 Jul 22"Rest in peace"Image:.jpg
HobbsKaren L.1960 Apr 25Image:.jpg
HobbsKen19011956"A devoted father" "Dad"Image:.jpg
HobbsLillie Jane19091989"A loving mother"Image:.jpg
HobbsMary Ellen (Moore)18581939Image:.jpg
HobbsOra1910 Nov 291912 Mar 22"Son of W. P. and Eva Hobbs"Image:.jpg
HobbsRalph1942 May 7"May God enjoy you as we have" "Our children Judy Isaacs, Kenneth Hobbs, Rodney Hobbs, Scott Hobbs"Image:.jpg
HobbsRodney Lynn1967 Oct 72008 Dec 29"Precious Lord take my hand" "The loving parents of Miranda Lynn and Barry Ryan"Image:.jpg
HobbsSimeon1822 Apr 241896 May 19"At rest"Image:.jpg
HobbsTommy Ray1944 Jan 151992 Feb 12"Rest in peace"Image:.jpg
HobbsUphema1897 Jun 181900 Sep 11"At rest"Image:.jpg
HobbsW. P.1889 Sep 101965 Mar 8Image:.jpg
HuffOpal (Lewis)1919 Feb 32011 Dec 4"Beloved mother and grandmother" "The loving mother of Cordell, Odell, Deloris, Joyce"Image:.jpg
JohnsonEarl1908 Aug 201973 Jul 24"We will meet again" Kentucky PFC US Army World War IIImage:.jpg
JohnsonEdna 1909 Oct 202003 Jun 14"We will meet again"Image:.jpg
JohnsonGeorge W.18851963Image:.jpg
JohnsonNora E. (Click)18851983Image:.jpg
KerbyAlbert?1920 Nov 11921 Jun 22"Son of F. K. and M. K." ?Image:.jpg
KerbyDennie1942 Oct 211993 Feb 13"Dearest son we'll meet you in heaven"Image:.jpg
KerbyDesman1922 Nov 301924 Jan 24"Jesus gather the buds for Heaven"Image:.jpg
KerbyDonald1942 Oct 211980 Feb 14"Dearest son we'll meet you in heaven"Image:.jpg
KerbyElizabeth (Brockman)1818 Oct 201867 Apr 14"This stone was placed here in loving memory by your great great grandchildren"Image:.jpg
KerbyFanny Reece (Baker)18571949Image:.jpg
KerbyFlemmon1874 Jul 101963 Jul 18"All things to the glory of God"Image:.jpg
KerbyJohnny 1918 Jun 131996 May 9"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
KerbyLayton Riley1811 Dec 161887 Jul 12"Layton Riley Kerby is laid to rest in Chestnut Flat, Kentucky, on the farm of Edna Reeves"Image:.jpg
KerbyLessie (Spivey)1919 Apr 261993 Jun 12"A tender mother and a faithful friend"Image:.jpg
KerbyMollie (Thomas)1876 Aug 151858 Oct 31"All things to the glory of God"Image:.jpg
KerbyNancy Ann (Powell)1842 Mar 21921 Jan 31Image:.jpg
KerbyNettie Margaret1902 Jun 221920 Feb 4"Gone to live with Jesus"Image:.jpg
KerbyRebecca (Trent)18831950"His Wife" "Mother"Image:.jpg
KerbyRobert1915 Feb 231942 Aug 18Image:.jpg
KerbyWilliam H. "Bill"18491930Image:.jpg
KerbyWilliam Larkin18821948"Light lie the earth upon them" "Father"Image:.jpg
KerbyZilpha Ann1906 May 291953 Jan 21Image:.jpg
KieszlingJohn1939 May 192003 Jan 19"Dad -- Papaw" "In loving memory"Image:.jpg
KimberlainAmanda1840 Jun 101897 Apr 19Image:.jpg
LakesArizonaS. (Stewart)1876 Sep 11960 Feb 11Image:.jpg
LakesFlemon1913 May 81979 Nov 16PVT US Army, World War IIImage:.jpg
LakesJule 18781928 Aug 11Image:.jpg
LunsfordCarrie (Thomas)1919 Sep 62006 Jun 10married April 15, 1939Image:.jpg
LunsfordNorman1916 Oct 42003 Jan 27married April 15, 1939Image:.jpg
McGuireJohn A.1859 Jul 51903 Oct 19Image:.jpg
MillerGlendon Dennis1923 Mar 251980 Oct 4Image:.jpg
MorrisMichel Glenn1965 May 71965 May 7"Gone to be an angel"Image:.jpg
NiswonderEmogene A.1941 Jul 312005 Jul 20"Mama -- Mamaw" "In loving memory"Image:.jpg
OwensShirley Ann (Toler)1950 Dec 202004 Sep 17"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
PhelpsRonald J.1972 Nov 302013 Jun 16"Until we meet again" "Father of Brittay, Sarah, Eli"Image:.jpg
Powell`?1901 Sep1906 Oct 30Image:.jpg
Powell`?1898 Sep 51898 Sep 6"Son of ? P. and S. P."Image:.jpg
Powell`Aaron1902 Jun 221978 Nov 20Image:.jpg
Powell`Alva F.1921 Jan 161971 Sep 4Image:.jpg
Powell`Alva Farley "Bubby"1953 Jul 142008 Jun 8Image:.jpg
Powell`April 1981 Mar 81981 May 14Image:.jpg
Powell`Bernetta Jane1954 Mar 81996 Jun 11Image:.jpg
Powell`Betsy1859 Dec 91921 Jul 5"Wife of Branston Powell"Image:.jpg
Powell`Betty Ann Phylis1938 Dec 291930 Mar 23"Sisters" "Daughter of Hubart and Fairy Powell" written on old tombstoneImage:.jpg
Powell`Claudie1888 Aug 251969 Mar 22Image:.jpg
Powell`David I.18671962Image:.jpg
Powell`David L.1957 Jan 171957 Jan 17"Son"Image:.jpg
Powell`Dorothy1919 Mar 286-Jun-93Image:.jpg
Powell`Duke R.1915 Oct 231983 Jul 3"Daddy" "My darling husband Duke"Image:.jpg
Powell`E. 1912 Oct 19"Daughter of A. P. and D. P."Image:.jpg
Powell`Edna Earl1923 May 312012 Dec 30"Sisters"Image:.jpg
Powell`Elizabeth (Coyle)1855nd"Wife of John Powell"Image:.jpg
Powell`Emma G. (Sparks)1893 Aug 211970 Jan 5Image:.jpg
Powell`Evaline1938 Nov 71938 Nov 7Image:.jpg
Powell`G. W.1859 Feb 281932 Apr 18Image:.jpg
Powell`George1883 Dec 191928 Aug 21Image:.jpg
Powell`Gladys1919 Jan 3"The influence you had on all our lives will live on in our hearts for generations to come"Image:.jpg
Powell`Hester V.1917 Jan 241918 Aug 11"At rest"Image:.jpg
Powell`Hurbert1901 Apr 81979 Apr 4Image:.jpg
Powell`Jack Roland1960 Dec 201999 Sep 13"In God's care"Image:.jpg
Powell`Jean Shirley (Campbell)1922 Jul 261988 Dec 1Image:.jpg
Powell`Jeramie Lynn1976 Nov 61976 Nov 6Image:.jpg
Powell`John1880 Nov 31951 May 20"Father" "For as in Adam all died, even so in Christ all shall be made alive"Image:.jpg
Powell`John Milford1848ndImage:.jpg
Powell`Johnnie "Wuss"1911 Apr 131981 Feb 1"Home at last"Image:.jpg
Powell`Lafie1913 Jun 231959 Mar 24"The influence you had on all our lives will live on in our hearts for generations to come"Image:.jpg
Powell`Laney (Boggs)1900 Jul 61940 Oct 26Image:.jpg
Powell`Leslie George1937 Jul 52005 Apr 5Image:.jpg
Powell`Levi T.1859 Sep 261941 Jul 11Image:.jpg
Powell`Lloyd T.1890 Mar 291967 Nov 10Image:.jpg
Powell`Lydia J.1887 Mar 191943 Mar 17"Mother"Image:.jpg
Powell`Mary Frances 1940 May 222001 Jul 29Image:.jpg
Powell`Myrtle1927 May 202014 Sep 19"When we all get to heaven"Image:.jpg
Powell`Opal1919 Jan 141919 Jun 9"Our Darling"Image:.jpg
Powell`Pathina Ann "Thina" (Logsdon)1868 Jan 31959 Jul 7Image:.jpg
Powell`Roy B.1923 Sep 182000 Dec 30"When we all get to heaven"Image:.jpg
Powell`Sarah Margaret (Snyder)1856 Nov 81928 Dec 3Image:.jpg
Powell`Thomas Berlin1903 Apr 221906 Oct 30Image:.jpg
Powell`Tyler Williams1985 Aug 132002 Mar 13"All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you. Song of Solomon 4:7"Image:.jpg
Powell`Virginia Ruth1923 May 271971 Jan 19"Asleep in Jesus"Image:.jpg
Powell`Wansley1860 Jan1944Image:.jpg
RogersBetty J.1930 Jun 152011 Jun 27"Loving mother"Image:.jpg
RogersLarry Dale1959 Jul 61966 Oct 27Image:.jpg
RoseMartha W.1928 Aug 182004 May 23Image:.jpg
RussellCassius M.1943 Sept 13"Asleep in Jesus"Image:.jpg
RussellOllie E. (Hatfield)1871 Jul 271961 Oct 7Image:.jpg
SmithCarolyn Sue "Sue"1951 Dec 102013 Nov 2Image:.jpg
SmithDewey H.18981957Image:.jpg
SmithGeorgie S.1920 Jan 30"Married April 8, 1950" "Children Carolyn Sue, Gary Lee, Deb; Grandchildren Shelli, Kelly, Casleb, Darren, Dustin"Image:.jpg
SmithGlendon F.1916 Nov 72015 May 12"Married April 8, 1950" "Children Carolyn Sue, Gary Lee, Deb; Grandchildren Shelli, Kelly, Casleb, Darren, Dustin"Image:.jpg
SmithIvan Jackson1922 Aug 12010 Oct 23PHM3 US Navy World War IIImage:.jpg
SmithJames1818 May 16Image:.jpg
SmithLaura (Hatfield)1882 Mar 11975 Nov 19"Mother" "In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust"Image:.jpg
SmithMabel1920 Jul 211921 Jun 2"Daughter of Laura H. & M.J. Smith"Image:.jpg
SmithMarion Joab1872 Feb 101946 Jan 1Image:.jpg
SmithNancy1812 May 71896 Nov 22Image:.jpg
SmithNina Fay1932 Nov 221949 Feb 25"One angel more in heaven"Image:.jpg
SmithRadie M.19071989"We will meet again"Image:.jpg
SmithVivian F.19021965"We will meet again"Image:.jpg
SparkmanGloria J.19531953Image:.jpg
SparkmanRosalee1951 Mar 201951 Mar 20"Infant" "Safe in the arms of Jesus"Image:.jpg
SparksAlfred W.19161985PVT US Army, World War IIImage:.jpg
SparksBalmer1928 Oct 17 Image:.jpg
SparksDella Jane1918 Sep 12014 Dec 25"Always smile because the roses will bloom again"Image:.jpg
SparksEli18761956 Oct 28"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
SparksFaye (Hisel)1943 Oct 292013 Jun 5"Beloved Mother"Image:.jpg
SparksLeroy19611962"One more angel in heaven"Image:.jpg
SparksNettie F.19341935"At rest"Image:.jpg
SparksNora 1956 Oct 8"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
SparksWesley1920 Aug 281990 Jan 30Image:.jpg
SpiveyEldon1953 Aug 211953 Aug 22Image:.jpg
SpiveyHenry1879 Aug 221952 Mar 14"Gone but not forgotten"Image:.jpg
SpiveyMary B.1885 Jul 81955 May 17Image:.jpg
StewartFrances M.1916 Jan 252014 Nov 15Image:.jpg
StewartHardin Elmer1878 Nov 231957 Dec 14Image:.jpg
StewartInfant1890 Sep 251890 Sep 25"Born to Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Stewart"Image:.jpg
StewartJinnie Mandy1914 Jun 81930 Feb 25"She was the sunshine of our home. God bless the little ones"Image:.jpg
StewartJohn T.1915 Jan 271964 May 5Image:.jpg
StewartJosephine (Azbill)1849 Feb 121934 Sep 18Image:.jpg
StewartMary Etta (Neeley)1875 May 61954 Mar 17"She was the sunshine of our home."Image:.jpg
StewartWilliam Riley1869 Feb 21948 Dec 29"He made home pleasant"Image:.jpg
TackettGeorge1894 Oct 171966 Aug 23Image:.jpg
TheissEmory A.1932 Jul 311994 Oct 17SP3 US Army KoreaImage:.jpg
ThomasAgnes (Neeley)1882 Nov 61966 Nov 27"I know that my Redeemer liveth"Image:.jpg
ThomasAndrew Jackson1872 Dec 121957 Sep 9"I know that my Redeemer liveth"Image:.jpg
ThomasAnn (Canada)18341909"Wife of Zack Thomas, 1832-1916" "Buried Downs, Ill. Erected by L. W. Reeves Grandson"Image:.jpg
ThomasJames1903 Feb 221906 Feb 4Image:.jpg
ThomasJohn Raymond1916 Jul 51985 Feb 4Image:.jpg
TolerFredia (Collins)1929 Feb 182000 Feb 20"Toler Children: Kenneth, Shirley, Vickie, Sandy, Connie, Jeff"Image:.jpg
TolerJames1922 Sep 42005 May 2"Toler Children: Kenneth, Shirley, Vickie, Sandy, Connie, Jeff"Image:.jpg
TolerKenneth Ray1947 Dec 131947 Dec 13Image:.jpg
TurnerMember (Hobbs)1925 Jul 242004 Dec 16Image:.jpg
TurnerRaymond1923 Dec 22000 Apr 7TEC 5 US Army World War IIImage:.jpg
WilliamsBobby Eugene1936 Jun 61984 May 26Image:.jpg
WilliamsCarl 1932 Aug 242002 Jun 1Image:.jpg
WilliamsDesmond1915 Jan 251952 Apr 18Image:.jpg
WilliamsEllis B.1913"A loving mother and dad"Image:.jpg
WilliamsEthel1915 Nov 81983 Jan 20Image:.jpg
WilliamsFaye (Dean)1934"Wife" "At rest"Image:.jpg
WilliamsGertrude1916 Nov 141982 Mar 18"She is gone, but will always be cherished"Image:.jpg
WilliamsIvan Jack 19341951"Husband" "At rest"Image:.jpg
WilliamsJames nd1927Image:.jpg
WilliamsJohn L.18781943Image:.jpg
WilliamsJohn Lafayette1849 Jul1933 MayImage:.jpg
WilliamsJoyce (Huff)1942 Sep 30"Married January 23, 1963" "The loving parents of Brian Scott"Image:.jpg
WilliamsLaura 1895 May 261985 Sep 16Image:.jpg
WilliamsLola (Isaacs)19311961Image:.jpg
WilliamsLuther1917 Aug 271978 Jan 31Image:.jpg
WilliamsMabel J. (Hurst)1917 Aug 121956 Jan 16"Mother's gone but will always be cherished in our hearts"Image:.jpg
WilliamsMarie (Powell)1923 Jun 301941 Apr 16Image:.jpg
WilliamsMary Jane (Gayhart)18481947Image:.jpg
WilliamsNancy Ann (Skinner)nd1918 Aug Image:.jpg
WilliamsNathan Bradley1844 Nov 161903 Nov 1Image:.jpg
WilliamsRobert1892 Nov 71960 Aug 16Image:.jpg
WilliamsRobert L.1911 Apr 41966 Jan 20"He is gone, but will always be cherished"Image:.jpg
WilliamsRonald Gene1942 Mar 142012 Apr 10"Married January 23, 1963" "The loving parents of Brian Scott"Image:.jpg
WilliamsRuth J.19181959"A loving mother and dad"Image:.jpg
WilliamsSarah H. 1891 Jun 261900 Jan 3Image:.jpg
WilliamsVirgie May (Blakeman)1915 Jun 261956 Jan 18Image:.jpg

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