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Kernohan Vital Statistics Antrim Ireland

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Kernohan Vital Statistics for Antrim, Ireland


John Carnaghan married Jane Hanna, 29 Oct 1845 in Kirkinriola
Samuel Kernohan married Sarah Wilson, 20 Nov 1845, Craigs near Ballymena
James Kernaghan married Eliza Clarke, 7 Apr 1846 in Ahoghill
Hugh Kernaghan married Mary Jane Anderson, 2 May 1846 in Kirkinriola
Robert Kernaghan married Margaret Glen, 1 Aug 1846 in Kirkinriola
William Kernohan married Elizabeth Kernohan, 22 Sep 1846 in Ahoghill
Alexander Kernohan, age 36, son of John, married Nancy Kernohan, 29 Jul 1847 in Ahoghill
David Kernohan, age 19, son of John, married Ellen McMaster, 28 Mar 1848
William Kernahan, age 18, son of John, married Rebecca White, 21 Feb 1849 in Connor
Andrew Kernaghan, son of Andrew, married Nancy Larmour, 23 Feb 1849 in Magheragall
John Carnaghan, age 35, son of Robert, married Mary Wiggins, 9 Apr 1849 in Connor
Andrew Kernohan, age 28, son of Hugh, married Agnes Raphael, 10 Apr 1849 in Ballyeaston
William Kernohan, age 21, son of John, married Margaret Kernohan, 11 Feb 1850
Hugh Kernohan, age 23, son of Hugh Logan Kernohan, married Ellen Robinson, 2 Nov 1850
James Kernohan, age 24, son of Thomas, married Jane Marrs, 15 May 1851 in Ahoghill
Samuel Kernohan, son of Andrew, married Elizabeth McGeary, 4 Jun 1851 in Ahoghill
William Kernohan, age 37, son of John, married Mary Jane Larmour, 16 Aug 1851 in Belfast
Daniel Kernohan, son of James, married Elizabeth Anderson, dau of John, 13 Sep 1851 in Ballymena
James Kernoughan, age 25, son of John, married Anne Dill, 21 Feb 1852 in Carnaghts
John Kernohan, son of William, married Margaret Carson, 9 Mar 1852 in Ahoghill
John Kernehan, son of John, married Mary Getties or Mack, 12 Aug 1852 in Craigs
David Kernahan, age 29, son of Robert, married Jane Wilson, 23 Sep 1852 in Connor
Hugh Carnaghan, son of Robert, married Nancy Johnston, 8 Jan 1853 in Muckamore
John Kernohan, son of John, married Sarah Grant, 10 Aug 1853 in Ahoghill
William John Kernohan, son of Hugh, married Ellen Ohara, 7 Oct 1853 in Ahoghill
John Kernohan, age 28, son of James, married Margaret Watson, 19 Oct 1853 in Ahoghill
William Kernaghan, age 19, son of Christopher, married Mary Stafford, 26 Dec 1853 in Lisburn
Edward Kernaghan, age 21, son of Christopher, married Anne Martin, 13 Jan 1854 in Lisburn
Hugh Kernahan, age 21, son of James, married Mary Anne Steel, 27 Jan 1854 in Connor
James Kernohan, son of John, married Elizabeth Gailey, 17 Feb 1854 in Ahoghill
John Kernaghan, son of John, married Mary Stewart, 23 Oct 1855 in Ahoghill
David Kernohan, son of David, married Nancy Ann Livingston, dau of Adam, 27 Oct 1855 in Ballymena
Jason Kernahan, son of Thomas, married Anne Jane Byrne, 18 Jan 1856 in Ballinderry
David Kernohan, age 21, son of Hugh, married Margaret Bailey, 27 Apr 1857 in Kilconriola
Thomas Carnaghan, son of James, married Selina Hare, 25 Feb 1858 in Belfast
Samuel Kernohan, son of John, married Jane Kernohan, 16 Jul 1858 in Kilconriola
Hugh Carnaghan, widowed, son of Robert, married Jane Mcilvenna, 2 Feb 1859 in Muckamore
Edward Carnaghan, age 26, son of Hugh, married Sarah Anne Mccrisken, 23 Sep 1859 in Belfast
John Kernohan, son of Hugh, married Eliza Cassiday, dau of Bernard, 12 Nov 1859 in Ballymena
Robert Kernohan, age 19, son of Henry, married Catherine Holmes, 25 Nov 1859 in Ahoghill
Robert Kernohan, son of Joseph, married Anna Hilton, 23 Aug 1860 in Drumaul
Samuel Kernohan, age 23, son of William, married Mary Jane Watson, 25 Jan 1862 in Ahoghill
James Kernohan, son of Hugh, married Jane Blair, dau of Andrew, 11 Apr 1863 in Kilbride
Hugh Kernohan, age 22, son of James, married Nancy Porter, 22 Oct 1863 in Ahoghill
David Kernohan, age 22, son of Hugh Logan Kernohan, married Mary Ann Cameron, 19 Jan 1865 in Ahoghill
Robert Kernohan, son of William, married Mary Jane McKay, 14 Dec 1865 in Ahoghill
William Kernohan, son of Samuel, married Agnes McAfee, dau of Andrew, 24 Apr 1868 in Kirkinriola

Wills/Probate/Bonds before 1850

Year of Probate; Name; Residence

1685; Carnoghan, Hugh; Cloghmills
1689; Carnaghan, William; Ahoghill
d. 1717; Carnochan, David, Connor
1740; Carnehan, John; Ballynure
1743; Carnahan, Samuel, Belfast
1743; Carnochan, William, Connor
1747; Kernahan, James, Belfast
1758; Carnochan, Robert, Connor
d. 1764; Carnaghon, Samuel; Belfast
d. 1765; Carnaghan, Thomas; Glenary
1766; Carnachan, James; Connor
1768; Kernochan, Hugh; Ahoghill
1777; Kernochan, William; Ahoghill
d. 1784; Carnaghan, Thomas, Lisburn
1792; Kernochan, John; Ahoghill
1795; Kernohan, William; Moyestit
1807; Carnahan, Moses, Magheragall
1810; Carnochan, Robert; Artnagullen
1815: Kernaghan, Alexander; Lisburn
1818; Carnahan, Ann; Connor
1819; Carnughan, John; Carrickfergus - administrator - Samuel Carnachan
1832; Carnachan, John; Artnagullin, Connor Parish


  • Kernohan, Andrew, late of Moyesit, d. 28 May 1832, 82 years [b. 1750]. Wife Jane, d. 23 May 1839, age 80 [b. 1759]. Old Churchyard, Ahoghill
  • Kernohan, David, d. 5 Jul 1844, 64 years [b. 1780], Old Churchyard, Ahoghill
  • Kernohan, Ellen, d. 4 Sep 1848, of Loane, 60 years [b. 1788], Craigs Parish Church Cemetery, Strangers Plot
  • Kernohan, Hugh, late of Moyesit, d. 26 Jul 1854, 62 years [b. 1792]. Also Helen, his wife, d. 31 Oct 1882, age 82 [b. 1800], Old Churchyard, Ahoghill. Son Samuel and daughter Martha mentioned
  • Kernohan, John, d. 7 Dec 1860, 87 years [b. 1773]. Also wife Isabella, late of Moyasset, d. 8 Nov 1813, 41 years [b. 1772]. Second wife Ann Sibbet, d. 3 Feb 1866, 87 years [b. 1779], Old Churchyard, Ahoghill. Son David and daughter Eliza mentioned
  • Kernohan, John, late of Moyassit, d. 17 Feb 1847, 93 years [b. 1754]. Also Margaret his wife, d. 25 Feb 1847, 96 years [b. 1751]; married more than 70 years. Old Churchyard, Ahoghill. Daughter Elizabeth also mentioned
  • Kernohan, John of Drumrankin, d. 2 Jul  ?,  ? years. Also wife Lilley A. Boyd, d. 9 Sep 1898, 77 years [b. 1821], Old Churchyard, Ahoghill. 14 month old son also mentioned
  • Kernohan, Robert of Drumrankin, d. 2 Sep 1841, age 60 [b. 1781]. Also wife Sarah [Young], d. 27 Feb 1843, 61 years [b. 1782], Old Churchyard, Ahoghill
  • Kernohan, Robert, late of Moyassit, d. 11 Jul 1853, 82 years [b. 1771], Old Churchyard, Ahoghill
  • Kernohan, Hugh of Gloonan, d. 11 Oct 1874, 85 years [b. 1789]. Also his wife Ellen Kernohan, d. 22 Dec 1876, 74 years [b. 1802]. 1st Ahoghill Cemetery. Son Robert is mentioned also.
  • Kernohan, James of Drumrankin, d. 16 Mar 1867, 62 years [b. 1805]. 1st Ahoghill Cemetery. Also mention are his son George and George's wife Mary.
  • Kernohan, Andrew of Moyessit, d. 15 Jun 1888, 82 years [b. 1806]. Also his wife Elizabeth Glenn, d. 11 Mar 1900, 89 years [b. 1811]. 1st Ahoghill Cemetery. Also mentioned is daughter Mary Jane Kernohan and son George Kernohan.
  • Kernohan, Joseph of Lisnafillen, d. 17 Jun 1879, 68 years [b. 1811]. And his wife Elizabeth, d. 30 Oct 1874, 68 years [b. 1806]. 1st Ahoghill Cemetery.
  • Kernohan, John of Killen, d. 31 Dec 1878, 79 years [b. 1799]. 1st Ahoghill Cemetery

Kernohans who came from Antrim, Ireland to Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario

  • William Kernohan, born 1798, found in London Ontario area by 1818, wife's name is unknown, died 1838, buried in Grove Cemetery, received 100 acres, north 1/2 of lot no 3 in the 2nd Concession. Possible sons or brothers of William:
    • Hugh Kernohan, born 1812-1814 in Ireland, immigrated from Moyasset in 1835, married Nancy Ann Campbell about 1834. Known children: Jane, Ann, Martha, William, Ellen, James, Elizabeth, Hugh, Margaret. Living next door on the 1861 London, Ontario, Canada census are John Kernahan and Joseph Kernahan.
    • John Kernohan, born 1817 in Ireland, married Elizabeth Unknown. No known children.
    • Joseph Kernohan, born 1820 in Ireland, married Ann Walker. No known children. Buried in Grove Cemetery along with his wife.
    • William Kernohan, born 1820 in Antrim, Ireland; married 1st to Jane Russell and 2nd to Margaret Russell. Buried in Grove Cemetery.
    • William Kernohan, born 1826 in Canada; married Sarah Ann Tackabury. Buried in Grove Cemetery.

Dorchester, Ontario [Just east of London]

  • Andrew Kernohan, born 1790 in Antrim, Ireland. Land Petition in 1837 in London, Ontario. Living in Dorchester, Middlesex, Ontario in 1851. Robert and Martha Barr Kernohan, recently arrived from Antrim, Ireland around 1847, were living with him in 1851. He is listed as widowed. An Andrew Kernohan married Eleanor Wilson on 7 July 1834 in London, Ontario, witnessed by William Kernohan.
  • Robert Kernohan, b. 1815 in Scotland, possibly Portpatrick, to James Carnochan and Mary Spence. They move to Antrim in 1819. Robert marries Martha Barr of Culleybackey in 1843 [record not found]. Two children are born in Ireland, then they immigrate to London, Ontario area in 1847 and are found on the 1851 census in Dorchester living with Andrew Kernohan above, born 1790. They moved to Ingham County, Michigan in 1855.
  • William Kernohan, b. 1823 in Antrim, Ireland. Married Elizabeth Russell. Found on 1861 census in Dorchester. Died 1904 and buried in Dorchester Union Cemetery.
  • Hugh Kernohan, b. 1828, son of Hugh Logan Kernohan of Gloonan, married Ellen Robinson in 1850, arrived to Dorchester area about 1854 and found on the 1861 census. [Strong possibility that Robert Kernohan b. 1815 in Scotland and married Martha Barr in Antrim is connected to this branch]

Land Records in London, Ontario

  • William Kernohan, 1798 - 1838, received 100 acres, N 1/2 of lot no 3, concession 2 in 1832.
  • Andrew Kernohan, born 1790, received land grant of S 1/2 of lot no 7, concession 2 in 1819
  • Robert Kernohan, 1815 - 1890, found on agricultural census of 1851, living on lot no 23, concession 2 along with Andrew Kernohan, born 1790
  • Joseph Kernohan, 1861 agricultural census; concession 1, lot 4
  • Hugh Kernohan, 1861 agricultural census; concession 1, lot 6
  • William Kernahan, 1861 agricultural census; concession 4, part lot 22
  • William Kernohan, 1861 agricultural census; concession 2, part lot 5; other part is John Russell
  • Hugh Karnahon, 1861 agricultural census; concession 1, lot 21
  • Joseph Kernohan, found living on lot no 4, concession 2 on 1877 voting list
  • William Kernohan, found living on lot no 5, concession 2 on 1877 voting list
  • Kernohan - Hugh, James, Andrew, John, and Andrew found living on lot no 12, concession 2 on 1877 voting list


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