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Kings of Dublin

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In the early 840s, following their defeat of the Picts in 839, a group of Norwegians led by the sea-king Thorgest/Turgesius founded the Viking city of Dublin. Duibhlinn (Blackpool) a Viking Kingdom which eventually became Gaelicised. In English it is Dublin. Modern Dublin in Irish is Baile Átha Cliath, named after the pre-Viking monastic settlement.[1] The Norse Kingdom of Dublin was the earliest and longest-lasting Norse kingdom in Ireland. Its territory corresponded to most of present-day County Dublin

Kings of Dublin

Dublin abandoned by the Norse from 902 to 917.

  • 917–921 Sitrik Ivarsson also found as Sihtric ua Ímair; Sigtryggr II; Sitrik Caoch; Sihtric Cáech; Sigtryg, King of York; (defeated Niall Glundub; also king of Jórvík/York)
  • 921–934 Gofraid ua Ímair, (Gothfrith) grandson of Ímar - also king of Jórvík/York
  • 934–941 Olaf Guthfrithson, son of Gofraid ua Ímair & also king of Jórvík/York
  • 941–945 Blácaire mac Gofrith
  • 941–943 Sigtrygg (Sitric)
  • 945–947 Amlaíb Sitricsson (Amlaíb Cuarán)
  • 947–948 Blácaire mac Gofrith, restored
  • 948–950 Gofraid Mac Sitriuc (Godfrid mac-Sitrick)
  • 952–980 Amlaíb Sitricsson also known as Olaf Sihtricsson; Aulaffe mac-Sitric; Amlaíb Cuarán - restored
  • 980–989 Járnkné mac-Aulaffe also known as Járnkné Olafsson; Gluniaran mac-Aulaffe
  • 989–993 Ivar of Waterford or Sigtrygg Silkbeard (Sitric mac-Aulaffe)
  • 994–995 Ivar of Waterford
  • 995–1029 Sigtrygg Olafsson also known as Sitric Silkbeard; Sitric Olafsson; Sitric mac-Aulaffe
  • 1029 - 1035 Óláfr Sihtricson also found as Olaf Sihtricsson II; Aulaffe mac-Sitric
  • 1036–1038 Echmarcach mac Ragnaill also King of Man
  • 1038–1046 Ímar Mac Arailt (Ivar Haraldsson)
  • 1046–1052 Echmarcach mac Ragnaill also King of Man
  • 1052–1070 Murchad mac Diarmata
  • 1070–1072 Diarmait mac Mail na mBo also known as Domnall Mac Murchada; Diarmit mac Máel
  • 1072 Turlough O'Brien (Toirdelbach Ua Briain), Member of the Uí Briain; seized overlordship of Dublin following Diarmait's death; given kingship by the Dubliners in 1072; allowed Dublin to be locally ruled by Gofraid mac Amlaíb meic Ragnaill under his overlordship.
  • 1072–1075 Gofraid mac Amlaíb meic Ragnaill, (Uí Ímair dynasty) ruled under the overlordship of Toirdelbach; expelled from kingship by Toirdelbach in 1075; possibly identical to Gofraid mac Sitriuc, King of the Isles (died 1070).
  • 1075 Domnall mac Murchada, Member of the Meic Murchada (Uí Chennselaig dynasty); gained kingship following the expulsion of Gofraid mac Amlaíb meic Ragnaill; may have seized Dublin without the consent of the Uí Briain, or else ruled under their overlordship; died within the year.
  • 1075–1086 Murtagh O'Brien (Muirchertach Ua Briain), Member of the Uí Briain; installed king by his father, Toirdelbach.
  • 1086–1089 Enna or Donnchad (Donnchad mac Domnaill Remair) Uí Cheinnselaig dynasty; seized kingship following death of Toirdelbach; killed in 1089; control of Dublin appears to have been gained by Muirchertach not long afterwards. Wikipedia : Donnchad mac Domnaill Remair
  • c. 1091–1094 Gofraid Crobán also found as Godred Crovan; Gofraid Crobán, Gofraid Meránach, Gudrod or Godred Haraldsson; possibly a close relative of Ímar Mac Arailt; founder of the Crovan dynasty; ruler of the Isles; expelled by Muirchertach in 1094.
  • 1094 -1118 Domnall Mac Taidc (Uí Briain dynasty) possibly installed king by his uncle, Muirchertach, after Gofraid Crobán's expulsion - also King of Man - son of Tadc Ua OBrien
  •  ?-? Domhnall Mac Muirchertach (Domnall Gerrlámhach) member of the Uí Briain; possibly installed king by his father, Muirchertach, after Gofraid Crobán's expulsion; certainly held kingship at a later date.
  • 1102–1103 [[Magnus Olavsson (Magnús berfœttr), Ruler of Norway; appears to have seized Dublin in the early twelfth century, having taken Orkney and the Isles before the turn of the century; seems to have intended for his son, Sigurðr, to rule as king of these newly-won overseas Norse territories.
  •  ?-? Domhnall Mac Muirchertach defended Dublin from Leinster attack in 1115; possibly installed king by his father long before battle, immediately before, or immediately afterwards.
  •  ?-1117 Diarmait mac Énna meic Murchada, Member of the Meic Murchada (Uí Chennselaig); died 1117. Wikipedia : Diarmait mac Énna meic Murchada
  • 1117–1118 Wikipedia : Domnall Gerrlámhach, Seized kingship after Diarmait 's death.
  • 1118-c.1118 Turlough O'Conor (Toirdelbach Ua Conchobair), Member of the Uí Conchobair; drove Domnall Gerrlámhach from kingship.
  • c.1122–1126 Énna Mac Murchada, Member of the Meic Murchada (Uí Chennselaig); either seized kingship or was installed king by Toirdelbach; reigned under Uí Conchobair overlordship.
  • 1126–1127 Connor O'Conor (Conchobar Ua Conchobair), Member of the Uí Conchobair; installed king by his father, Toirdelbach; deposed in 1126.
  • 1141–1142 Conchobar Ua Briain, Member of the Uí Briain; gained kingship in 1141; died in 1142 Wikipedia : Conchobar Ua Briain - son of Diarmait MacToirrdelbaig ua Briain
  • 1142–1148 Ottar mac meic Ottair, Member of the Meic Ottair; gained kingship in 1142; slain by the Meic Torcaill in 1148; may not have reigned continuously from 1142 to 1148. Wikipedia : Óttar of Dublin
  • 1144-1146 Ragnall Mac Torcaill (Reginald mac-Torcall) Meic Torcaill dynasty - styled king on his death in 1146, which could be evidence that his reign interrupted that of Ottar; another possibility is that he was merely a subordinate of Ottar. Wikipedia : Ragnall mac Torcaill
  • 1147 Godfrid mac-Olave also King of Man - Oiter or Octer also named as king at this time
  • 1149-1161 Brodar mac Torcaill, Member of the Meic Torcaill; killed in 1160. Wikipedia : Brodar mac Torcaill
  • 1150s or 1160s Gofraid Mac Amlaíb also found as Godfrid mac-Olave; Gudrød Olafsen (Crovan dynasty) ruler of the Isles; held kingship of Dublin briefly at the behest of the Dubliners, although the chronology of his short reign is uncertain.
  • c.1170 Ascall Mac Ragnaill (Asculph mac-Torcall) Meic Torcaill dynasty; deposed in 1170; killed attempting to regain kingship in 1171. Wikipedia : Ascall mac Ragnaill


  1. Main Sources: "History of Ireland" by E.A. D'Alton "Governments in Ireland" by William Field
  2. Encyclopedia Britannica 9th ed. vol13, pg252

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