Kirk River Cemetery

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Date: 28 Dec 2019 [unknown]
Location: Ravenswood, Queensland, Australiamap
Surnames/tags: Ravenswood Queensland Australia
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Name: Cemetery Kirk River
Location:Category: Ravenswood, Queensland
Timeframe:(1895 - 2000)
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Kirk River Cemetery.
Cemetery Gate.

Kirk River Cemetery is situated approximately half way along the Mingela-Ravenswood road on the right hand side, when heading towards Ravenswood. The Kirk River mine settlement no longer exists as such, and the Cemetery rests in scrubland with no fence or gate.

Update: The Kirk River Cemetery can be found just past the Kirk River Bridge on the right hand side, 20 kilometers from the Mingela turnoff. Access is gained through a cattle gate on the first rise past the river. It is then about 200 metres in from the road along the ridge on the left hand side and overlooks a downward view on the south side of the ridge. It is now enclosed by a cattle fence and a cattle gate. The enclosure is about 50 meters square full of waist high spear grass and one tree. There are several marked graves with steel framed enclosures, which no longer have headstones and three later graves at the lower back fence, down from the gate, with concrete surrounds and evidence of wooden cross markers. These are unreadable and eaten away with whiteants.

The original website with the list of Headstones no longer exists and several are now missing.

Address 2136 Burdekin Falls Dam Rd, Ravenswood, Queensland. 4816, Australia.

Map Coordinates. 20°00'02.8"S 146°45'44.3"E

Kirk River Cemetery, Ravenswood.
Headstone. Name. Born. Died. Age. Notes.
Now Missing. Ellen Jane (Nellie) Bawden, nee Hoar22/07/186629/03/194983 Born Menheniot, Cornwall. Died: Ch. Towers. Buried: Kirk River. Wife of William Barett Bawden.
Now Missing. William Baratt Bawden14/09/185209/01/192573 Born: Meneheniot, Cornwall. Died & Buried: Kirk River. Spouse of Nellie Bawden.
Martin Caspani
Martin Henry Caspani192715/08/197144 Buried: Kirk River. "Loving husband & father." HSD.
Richard Caspani
Richard Domenic Caspani192210/02/198967 Buried: Kirk River. "Our dear brother." HSD.
Cavanagh, Caspani HS
Anna Maria Cavanagh27/08/191026/02/200090 Buried: Kirk River. Wife of James Patrick Cavanagh. HSD.
Cavanagh, Caspani HS
James Patrick Cavanagh19/04/191518/05/199984 Buried: Kirk River. Spouse of Anna Maria Cavanagh. HSD.
Now Missing. Eliza Kay, nee Kerr-?-17/06/1898-?- Born: Portadown, Co. Armargh, Ireland. Buried: Kirk River. Wife of Richard John Kay.
Now Missing. Richard Sagar "John" Kay/Cayc183127/08/1901-?- Born: Selby, Yorkshire, England. Buried: Kirk River. Spouse of Eliza Kay.
Daniel Kelso20 Nov 189605/07/19059 Buried: Kirk River. "Our dear son." HSD.
Annie McLelland187911/08/191940 Buried: Kirk River. Wife of Joseph McLelland. HSD.
Joseph McLelland187217/01/196189 Buried: Kirk River. Spouse of Annie McLelland. HSD.
Now Missing. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Romalli, nee Bawden03/02/190117/02/193332 Died Charters Towers. Buried: Kirk River. Wife of John (Jack) Romalli.
Scroggie HS.
Isabella Scroggie-?-01/04/1895-?-Buried: Kirk River. "My dear wife." HSD.
Charles Stone HS.
Charlie Stone-?-31/05/1908-?-Buried: Kirk River. "by John & Ann Kay. Husband of Annie Stone. HSD.

Research Notes

  • HSD means information only from Headstone. Some other information is from outside sources.


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