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My name is Robynne Lozier and I am the Captain of the New Zealand team. As you can see, we call ourselves the Kiwi Crew. While I currently live in Canada, I was born and raised in NZ until I emigrated in November 2000.

Calling all NEW ZEALANDERS and anyone with NZ ancestry who want to be part of a Challenge team for Wikitree challenges. Even if your partner or spouse is a kiwi and you are not, then feel free to sign up if you wish. Especially if you are doing their NZ genealogy.

Instead of being just the New Zealand Team, we are THE KIWI CREW. Thanks to Fiona Gilliver for our new Team Name. Thanks to Graeme Olney for the Silver Fern Background and Many Thanks to Campbell Braddock for our wonderful Kiwi Crew Logo!!

Whenever there are Challenges, Sprints and Thons, for activities such as Data Doctoring (fixing up Errors), Sourcing, Connecting, finding Notables, Writing Biographies, Photographing Cemeteries, etc etc, we will CONCENTRATE on NZ profiles as much as we can.

2021 Source-a-thon

The 2021 Source-a-thon will be held over the first weekend of October 2021 (2-5 Oct 2021 - NZT) and Registration has now begun.

The idea is to find and add sources to as many unsourced profiles as possible.

If you wish to be on the Kiwi Crew team for New Zealand, you MUST sign up at the Registration Page - link below - and say which team you will be on. Hopefully the Kiwi Crew team. This is a team competition only.


The Chat Page for the Source-a-thon is linked below


Hope to see you joining in the fun.

Details for How and where to Source for NZ profiles can be found further down this page. You are NOT required to source only NZ profiles, although that would be helpful. You are free to add sources to any unsourced profile from any country!!!

Thank you and Good Luck

Robynne Lozier Captain of the Kiwi crew.

Where to find Unsourced Profiles?

You can also use the table below or the New Zealand Unsourced category to find profiles that need sources, but the tables reached through the links below have a lot more information than the Category pages show.

Whether you source a profile you found through the table or a category page, when you save the profile, there will be a button for "Challenge Tracker" at the top of the page. Click that, complete the form (add your WikiTree ID if needed, check the appropriate challenge, and describe your action), then click the "Add" button & the profile will automatically be counted toward your total in the challenge you selected.

New Zealand

Unsourced profiles for New Zealand.

1748 Unsourced Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
Category:New Zealand, Unsourced Profiles 369 36 8 172 153 8
Location: New Zealand, Category:Unsourced Profiles 1281 1 9 9 770 492 22
Location: New Zealand, Suggestion 802 & 803 15 6 9 1
Location: New Zealand, Suggestion 131-134 83 1 47 35

Table prepared at 28.11.2023 11:10:07 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Country is New Zealand). Profiles: 498497


The [Source-a-Thon] is the biggest challenge. There are hundreds of profiles on Wikitree that are unsourced., and since Wikitree prides itself as a fully sourced Global Family Tree, we have to to do our part to help.

I know most of our Kiwi ancestry leads back to the UK and to Europe, but we need more Kiwi Notables and Kiwi profiles on Wikitree.

This is the current official list of UNSOURCED Profiles from NZ Please note that there are several pages, each with 200 profiles!! it may look like a long list, but the more sources we can find on the DIA database, the better that profile will be.

Due to the GDPR EU Privacy changes that occurred in May 2018, I see that there are some unlisted profiles. These are profiles with links to Wikitree ID's AND also with black buttons. You MUST IGNORE these as no one will be able to access them. The profile managers will have to deal with those.

If you are somewhat new to Wikitree and to source-a-thons, you might want to read through the above tutorial and perhaps do some practice runs before the source-a-thon actually starts. Just so you know how everything works.

If you want to do some practice runs, you can do some of the Saturday Sourcing Sprints during August and Sept.
[[Help:Saturday_Sourcing_Sprints[This|is the page]]] to check out for details. Also, add the following TAG to your Tags list sourcing_sprints

DIA Database

Using the NZ Dept of Internal Affairs [BDM database].

I hope you all know how to use the DIA database for BDMs in NZ? It does have its restrictions, but any NZ person born more than 100 years ago, can be accessed.

And all records after 1840 are recorded, if the person was born, died or married in NZ. Well, MOST records are recorded anyway. There may be some restrictions between 1840 and 1848, but I'm not sure of the details.

I always use the Historical Records section. That way you get free access to basic details. Click on Search and then use the Births, Deaths and Marriages sections, depending on whatever record you are looking for.

As for the dates - I always just keep them to 01/01/1840 - or use whatever year you are looking for. It is a nuisance, but that's how they want dates done. I actually find that 01/01/1840 and 01/01/1900 are good divisional points for before the 1900s and after 1900.

Also, remember that NZ does the British dating system - Day - Month - Year - not the American system.

Dates of Birth were added to Death records around 1970 or 1971, so pretty much all deaths after 1971, now include the persons date of birth which is quite handy. For earlier records that just have an age at death - you can use that to work out a rough year of birth.

Deaths are recorded once the person turns 80 years old. If they died aged 80 and over, their death record is immediately available. if they died before their 80th birthday, then the system waits until their 80th birthday has passed, and then adds their death details.

You do not have to fill in all the spaces to get your information. Sometimes just a surname is enough. If you are looking for all the children of a particular family, As long as you know the names of both parents, you can put in the surname, the mothers name, the dates and then hit search. You often get the whole family that way if you do the dates right.

Be careful with spelling. Some surnames or christian names are still spelt wrong on the database which makes it hard to find. I recently came across a birth record where the mother's name was Emily, but one of the children had his mothers name listed as Emma. I only found it under a surname search. I have also found Helena spelt as Helina and as Ellen.

Please remember to search for married women's DEATH records under their MARRIED names, not under their birth names.

Adding Sources to Profiles

Please see the following profiles for examples on how to add the DIA records as a source to the profiles. You would need to add the same information, but you can display it in a different order if you wish. This is my grandfather's profile as an example - Thompson-31033

This is another profile with an excellent example of adding DIA cited sources -

Because the DIA website keeps Births, Deaths and Marriages all completely separate, the reference numbers MUST be identified on the profile as to what kind of record they are. Birth, Death or Marriage.

Finally, once you have added a source to the profile, you must manually REMOVE the UNSOURCED Template from that profile, before you save it.

One other thing to remember. Unsourced profiles only need ONE new source to be added during the source-a-thon, the challenges or the sprints. If you add more, that is great, but that profile will still only be counted ONCE. So it would be better to add one source, remove the unsourced template and save the profile, before moving on to a new profile. If you make a note of the sources and profiles, you can always go back at a later time and add more sources.

Other Sources

Another place that is useful for NZ records includes the Archives Archway - which is the access point to the National Archives Dept of NZ - https://archway.archives.govt.nz/ - This can be used to find Divorce records, wills, probate details and military records

For World War 1 military records you can use this site - https://www.govt.nz/browse/history-culture-and-heritage/nz-history/get-a-copy-of-a-ww1-service-record/

For those who died in The Great War (World War 1), you can use the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website - http://www.cwgc.org/

While Census records have been taken in NZ for well over 100 years, the early census records were used only for statistical purposes and then destroyed. I believe that all census records from 1966 are now being preserved, but since 100 years have not passed since 1966, there is currently no access to any census records in New Zealand.

Another excellent source that can be used for Obituaries is the [Papers Past] website run by the National Library of NZ. But this site needs a lot of time to go searching through all the articles to find the name you want. Not good for Sprints.

You can, of course, continue to use Family Search for NZ records - but most of their NZ BMD records come from the same DIA Database that I have linked to above so it's a moot point.

If someone was born in the UK, and married or died in NZ, then, of course, you have to access the British records. UK records can be accessed through Family Search, FreeBMD, FreeCen, and FreeReg. https://familysearch.org/

I would prefer that you NOT use sources from Ancestry, Find My Past or Scotlands People because those are PAID sites and not everyone has a subscription or paid access to their information. While this does restrict access to Scottish BMD information, the Scottish census records from 1841 to 1891 are available on FreeCen.

Many of the larger towns and cities are now putting their cemeteries databases online. Again, if you are not in a Sprint, these are excellent places to look for names and find details.
Dunedin, NZ [Cemetery Database]
Wellington NZ [Cemeteries Database]
Auckland NZ [Cemeteries Database]
Wargraves and Memorials in NZ [World War 1 and 2]
Timaru NZ [Cemeteries Database]
Christchurch NZ [Cemeteries Database]
For more Cemeteries in New Zealand, you can try the NEW ZEALAND Cemeteries project which has lots of Photo uploads from NZ cemeteries. [[Space:New_Zealand_Cemeteries_Team_Progress[NZ|Cemeteries Database]]]

[NZ Presbyterian Church Archives] - for those who have Scottish ancestry and who belonged to the Presbyterian Church - they have some very good Marriage records that are accessible online.

[BDM Phospo Site] Raewyn Vincent says the following - I use it frequently when looking at people and instead of having to punch in the dates, you can get the basic data and put it in the regular nzbdm website. Sometimes it's useful when looking for other relatives born to the same parents. I've been using this in conjunction with the regular DIA BDM site for some time. I use the main site for pinpointing complete dates on public information and this site more for locating familial circles, which can sometimes be added to and followed up with the cemetery records, Paperspast and war records if applicable.

The MacDonald Dictionary team at the University of Canterbury and Canterbury museum want help transcribing 12,000 records, specifically looking at recording women's names. Apparently it's indexed now by the husband's names, and they want to include the women too. (posted June 2019)


Police Gazettes - Blog Post from the National Library
This information can now be accessed through the Papers Past website in the Magazine Section.
Posted August 2019

Previous Competitions

2017 Source-a-thon Team Members

Results - KiwiCrew placed 2rd with 6.062 profiles sourced
Top Team Members
  1. Lucy Lavelle 1.780
  2. Charlene Newport 816
  3. Kirsty J. Ward 759
List Number 2018 Source-a-Thon Number Photo Name Position Profiles Sourced
1 Robynne Lozier Team Captain140
2 Campbell Braddock Logo Designer and
Team Member
3 Fiona GilliverTeam Member 150
4 Graeme Olney Team Member207
5 Darren KellettTeam Member 350
6 Lianne TrevarthenTeam Member 137
7 Image:Shelley-714.png Richard Shelley Team Member18
8 Image:Cullen-643.jpgPaula CullenTeam Member 726
9 Cassandra Miles Team Member47
10 Murray Painter Team Member0
11 A Brickland Team Member 235
12 Charlene Newport Team Member816
13 Jean (Cox) Price Team Member0
14 Susan Rine Team Member 0
15 Valerie Willis Team Member 436
16 Kirsty Ward Team Member 759
17 Raewyn Vincent Team Member 54
18 Lucy Lavelle Team Member 1.780
19 Image:McNicol-132-1.jpgNeil McNicol Team Member 114
20 Norma Crozier Team Member27

2018 Source-a-thon Team Members

Results - KiwiCrew placed 3rd with 6,328 profiles sourced
Top Team Members
  1. Paula J. Cullen 2,245
  2. Charlene Newport 1,323
  3. Darren J. Kellett 1,022
List Number 2018 Source-a-Thon Number Photo Name Position Profiles Sourced
1 Robynne Lozier Team Captain252
2 Richard Shelley Team Member5
3 Graeme Olney Team Member232
4 Fiona GilliverTeam Member 161
5Image:Emma MacBeath Image Sandbox-9.png Campbell BraddockTeam Member231
6 Darren KellettTeam Member 1.022
7Image:Cullen-643.jpg Paula CullenTeam Member2.245
8 Lianne TrevarthenTeam Member 89
9Image:McNicol-132-1.jpg Neil McNicolTeam Member194
10Image:Boddy-39-2.jpg Rose BoddyTeam Member117
11 A BricklandTeam Member 163
12 Cassandra MilesTeam Member55
13 Charlene NewportTeam Member 1.323
14 Brigitte TheumaTeam Member 186
15 Raewyn VincentTeam Member 53

2019 Clean-a-thon Team Members

Results - KiwiCrew placed 9th with 4,554 suggestion corrected.
Top Team Members
  1. Paula Cullen 1,214
  2. Darren Kellett 1,100
  3. Graeme Olney 877
List Number Photo Name Position Total Errors Fixed
1 Campbell BraddockCaptainSee your work544
2 Graeme Olney Co-CaptainSee your work877
3 Darren KellettTeam Member See your work1,100
4 Fiona GilliverTeam Member See your work50
5 Tracy FriskenTeam Member See your work12
6 Image:McNicol-132-1.jpgNeil McNicolTeam Member See your work7
7 Martin BrabanderTeam Member See your work9
8 Image:Cullen-643.jpgPaula CullenTeam Member See your work1,214
9 Cassandra MilesTeam MemberSee your work39
10 Brigitte TheumaTeam Member See your work702

2019 Connect-a-Thon Team Members

Results - KiwiCrew placed 9th with 1,222 Profiles Created
Top Team Members
  1. Charlene Newport 515
  2. Maxx Martin 211
  3. Campbell Braddock 181
List Number Photo Name Position Profiles Connected
1 Robynne Lozier Team Captain36
2 Campbell BraddockTeam Member181
3 Graeme Olney Team Member77
4 Charlene Newport Team Member515
5 Richard Shelley Team Member100
6 Fiona Gilliver Team Member64
7 Tracy Hope Team Member20
8 Maxx Martin Team Member211
9Image:Boddy-39-2.jpg Rose Boddy Team Member9
10 Trevor Robas Team Member4
11 Norma Crozier Team Member5

The 2019 Kiwi Crew Connect-A-Thon team which ended up in 9th place over the weekend of July 12-15, 2019.

The idea of this thon was to connect profiles to the global tree. You will get points for every profile you connect, and for each profile you create to make that connection. All new profiles must have a MINIMUM of 1 source.

2019 Source-a-thon Team Members

Results - KiwiCrew placed 7th with 2,895 profiles sourced
Top Team Members
  1. Charlene Newport 660
  2. Campbell Braddock 407
  3. Nic Donnelly 371
List Number Bib Number Photo Name Position Profiles Sourced
1 Robynne Lozier Team Captain89
2 Charlene NewportTeam Member 660
3 Graeme Olney Team Member115
4 Fiona GilliverTeam Member 40
5 Campbell BraddockTeam Member407
6 Martin BrabanderTeam Member 37
7 Maxx MartinTeam Member 354
8 Nic DonnellyTeam Member 371
9 Shaye AbsolumTeam Member --
10 Michael ButlerTeam Member 117
11 A. BricklandTeam Member 130
12 Carol GilbertTeam Member --
13 Valerie WillisTeam Member 199
14 Cassandra MilesTeam Member 53
15 Donald CortesiTeam Member 47
16 Lianne TrevarthenTeam Member 23
17 Liz NewportTeam Member 43
18 Margaret AllisonTeam Member 210

2019 Scan-a-Thon Team Members

Results - KiwiCrew placed 1st with 1,277 Photos Added
Top Team Members
  1. Arthur Buckland-Pinnock 600
  2. Darren Kellett 420
  3. Lianne Trevarthen 187
List Number Photo Name Position Photos Added
1 Robynne Lozier Team Captain56
2Lianne TrevarthenTeam Member 187
3 Darren Kellett Team Member420
4 Andrew Redepenning Team Member14
5 Arthur Buckland-Pinnock Team Member600

2020 Clean-a-thon Team Members

Results - KiwiCrew placed 18th with 3,204 suggestion corrected.
Top Team Members
  1. Maxx G. Martin 1,657
  2. Graeme R. Olney 839
  3. Margaret L. Allison 224
List Number Photo Name Position Total Errors Fixed
1 Campbell BraddockCaptainSee your work41
2 Graeme Olney Team MemberSee your work839
3 Nic DonnellyTeam Member See your work49
4 Image:Martin-46788.png Maxx Martin Team MemberSee your work 1,657
5 Margaret Allison Team MemberSee your work 224
6 Michael ButlerTeam Member See your work 70
7 Norma Crozier Team MemberSee your work 32
8 Cassandra MilesTeam MemberSee your work189
9 Valerie Willis Team Member See your work40
10 Brigitte TheumaTeam Member See your work63

2020 Scan-A-Thon Team Members

Registration for the January 2020 Scan-a-thon has now opened. If you have any documents of photos for any of your Kiwi profiles - or profiles from any country really - you can join in the Scan-a-thon.

Also if you are on the Cemetery team, and have lots of photos of New Zealand Cemetery headstones, then they can also be scanned in - and you can make quick and easy profiles for them if they are needed. You can always go back and work on the profiles after the scan-a-thon is over.

Last year (January 2019) was the first Scan-a-thon and the Kiwi Crew came first in the teams competion. Much of this success was thanks to our 2 wonderful cemeterists Darren Kellett and Arthur Buckland-Pinnock, who uploaded tons of cemetery photos.

During the 2020 Scan-a-thon, we will use this page - https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/952765/2020-scan-a-thon-chat-for-the-kiwi-crew - for all team communications.

Results - KiwiCrew placed 13th with 409 Photos Added
Top Team Members
  1. Maxx Martin 205
  2. Margaret Allison 135
  3. Elaine Mattsen 43
List Number Photo Name Position Photos Added
1 Robynne Lozier Team Captain13
2 Margaret AllisonTeam Member135
3Image:Martin-46788.png Maxx Martin Team Member205
4 Cassandra MilesTeam Member13
5 Elaine Mattsen Team Member43

2020 Connect-a-Thon

Our goal for the Connect-a-Thon is to decrease the number of profiles that are not connected to our big tree by spending 72 hours adding missing relatives to existing person profiles.

Register here for the 2020 Connect-a-Thon, for more information follow this link

Our Chat page for the Connect-a-thon is here - for any questions you might have. Chat

The Connect-a-thon is now over. The Kiwi Crew ended up in 6th place out of some 25 teams!!!! Very well done and congrats to everyone who participated!!


Results - KiwiCrew placed 6th with 3,320 profiles created
Top Team Members
  1. Maxx Martin 1,118
  2. Nic Donnelly 769
  3. Richard Shelley 395
List Number Photo Name Position Profiles Connected
1 Robynne Lozier Team Captain109
2 Cassandra MilesTeam Member206
3 Charlene Newport Team Member201
4 Image:Martin-46788.png Maxx Martin Team Member1,118
5 Fiona Gilliver Team Member74
6 Graeme Olney Team Member198
7 Nic Donnelly Team Member769
8 Norma Crozier Team Member38
9 Richard Shelley Team Member395
10 Campbell BraddockTeam Member-
11 Sharlene Douglas-Hurawai (Welcome to Wikitree) Team Member-
12 Margaret AllisonTeam Member212
13 Brigitte Theuma Team Member-

2020 Source-a-thon Team Members

Results - KiwiCrew placed 8th with 3,009 profiles sourced
Top Team Members
  1. Charlene Newport 1118
  2. Maxx Martin 546
  3. Nic Connelly 543
List Number 2020 Source-a-Thon Number Photo Name Position Profiles Sourced
1007 Robynne Lozier Team Captain104
2025 Graeme OlneyTeam Member-
3037 Fiona GilliverTeam Member 48
4051 Campbell Braddock Team Member128
5071 Nic DonnellyTeam Member 543
6131Maxx MartinTeam Member 546
7 365 Charlene Newport Team Member1118
8 371 David SmithTeam Member 252
9 386Michael ButlerTeam Member 20
10 392 Norma Crozier Team Member23
11 405 Cassandra Miles Team Member-
12 421Dianne Bothamley Team Member47
13 425 Richard Shelley Team Member2
14 468 Margaret AllisonTeam Member 171
15 481 Matt McNabb Team Member 7

Team Members and Results for the July 2022 Connect-a-Thon

This July, The Kiwi Crew created 4,294 profiles which is the most our team has ever created during a Connect-A-Thon and we placed 8th out of all beating Wizards of Aus, our top members; Ruth Ogilvy created 838, Faye Whitfield created 609, and Paula Staunton created 460 new profiles. We thank all 22 Kiwi Crew members for contributing to the 87,731 profiles added during the event and making New Zealand genealogy free and accessible to the world.

Name CC7 Connection Counts help.gif.pagespeed.ce.1TvA_97yy8.gif Difference No. of Profiles Created
Campbell Braddock 2728 connections 28 112 Team Captain
Graeme Olney 2457 connections - 119
S Rockell 730 connections 329 204
Kathy (Goulstone) Viney 5276 connections 67 102
Fiona McMichael 1815 connections 5 135
Rose Boddy 803 connections 9
Matt McNabb 2779 connections 19 263
Gillian Rodgers 1177 connections 11 2
Susan Heath 2216 connections 62 145
Anneke Lilley 816 connections 12 68
Norma Crozier 3176 connections 1
Valerie Willis 5731 connections 28 416
Jasmine Holmes 1086 connections - New Member, Welcome!
Liz Newport 3373 connections - 151
Michelle Millar 1920 connections 50 85 New Member, Welcome!
Ruth Ogilvy 3136 connections 153 838
Shirley Blomfield 663 connections 46 64
Carol Ann Mason 1386 connections 30 47
Sarah (Edwards) Jenkins 1896 connections 58 110 New Member, Welcome!
Faye (Stent) Whitfield 5973 connections 57 609
Paula (Cullen) Staunton 4096 connections 1 460
Cassandra Miles 1584 connections -
Carol Doake 1164 connections 82 147 New Member, Welcome!
Maggie Casson 17 connections 320 54 New Member, Welcome!
Deborah (Given) Kunze Wasn't Recorded N/A 100 New Member, Welcome!

Team Members and Results of the April 2022 Connect-a-Thon

This April, The Kiwi Crew created 2,852 profiles and placed 12th out of all, our top members; Faye Whitfield created 613, Paula Staunton created 495 and Ruth Ogilvy created 410 new profiles. We thank all 12 Kiwi Crew members for their contributions to the 84,388 total profiles added during the event and for making New Zealand genealogy free and accessible to the world.

  1. Campbell Braddock Discord Member 36
  2. Anneke Lilley Discord Member 36
  3. Fiona McMichael Discord Member 65
  4. S Rockell Discord Member 102
  5. Graeme Olney Discord Member 194
  6. Cassandra Miles 0
  7. Liz Newport Discord Member 192
  8. Norma Crozier Discord Member 18
  9. Laura Griffin Discord Member New Member, Welcome! 4
  10. Matt McNabb Discord Member 291
  11. Carol Ann Mason Discord Member 60
  12. Ruth OgilvyDiscord Member 410
  13. Susan Heath Discord Member 123
  14. Rose Boddy Discord Member 10
  15. Faye (Stent) Whitfield 613
  16. Tracy Hope Discord Member 127
  17. Gillian Rodgers Discord Member 35
  18. Paula Staunton Discord Member 495
  19. Kathy VineyDiscord Member 41

Team Members and Results of the January 2022 Connect-a-Thon

This January, The Kiwi Crew created 2,936 profiles and placed 13th out of all, our top members; Paula Staunton created 517, Valerie Willis created 357 and Faye Whitfield created 320 new profiles. We thank all 25 Kiwi Crew members for their contributions to the 85,839 total profiles added during the event and for making New Zealand genealogy free and accessible to the world.

  1. Valerie Willis CaptainDiscord Member 357
  2. Campbell Braddock Discord Member 182
  3. Kathy VineyDiscord Member 61
  4. Neil McNicol Discord Member 57
  5. Michael Butler 0
  6. Shirley Blomfield 36
  7. Fiona McMichael Discord Member 72
  8. Gillian Rodgers Discord Member 48
  9. Liz Newport Discord Member 91
  10. Paula Staunton Discord Member 517
  11. Cassandra Miles 0
  12. Matt McNabb Discord Member 84
  13. Nicola Sherrock Discord Member 43
  14. Susan Jayne Heath Discord Member 107
  15. Norma Crozier Discord Member 36
  16. Kerry Tankard 42
  17. Anneke Lilley Discord Member 36
  18. Graeme Olney Discord Member 233
  19. Carol Ann Mason Discord Member 61
  20. Rose Boddy Discord Member 34
  21. Ruth Ogilvy Discord Member 74
  22. Faye (Stent) Whitfield 320
  23. Alistair Fraser Discord Member 41
  24. Denise (Hylton) Hunt Discord Member 77
  25. S Rockell Discord Member 51
  26. Tracy Hope Discord Member 83
  27. Nic Donnelly Discord Member 193

Connect a thin stuff

July Connect-a-thon 2022 - NZT

Summer Connect-a-thon 2022


We're starting Saturday Morning on 16 July 2022 at 12:01 a.m. NZDT

The event runs until Monday midnight 19 July 2022 at 12:00 a.m. NZDT

How to Join

You need to register in advance.

Simply post an answer on this Post NOW OPEN saying "Yes, I'd like to participate with the KiwiCrew"

Add THE_KIWI_CREW to your followed tags. for future updates.
Add this category to your own profile - Category: The Kiwi Crew Members - for a place where we keep all things Kiwi Crew together

Once registered, you will receive your Connect-a-Thon badge and a special invitation to our Kiwi Crew Discord Server.

The Connect-a-Thon Tutorial page offers considerable help

Where to work from

There are a few different ways to choose profiles to add to:

  • Work from your Watchlist
    • One of the easiest ways to participate is to work on building out your own family lines. Sometimes we focus so much on our direct lines that we forget about the collateral ones. You can work on building outward, not just upward or downward.
  • Work on your Unconnected Profiles
    • If you click here you will see a list of the people on your Watchlist who are not yet connected to the main tree. You can sort that list several ways, and also limit it to a particular surname. If you click on the highlighted word "total" in the first paragraph on that page, you will see a list of all unconnected profiles on WikiTree, which works the same way.
  • The Connectors Chat Page
  • The DBE Unconnected page
    • The DBE Unconnected page lists reports for different countries in the world, showing unconnected branches with at least one profile which says that the person in the profile was born or died in that country.
  • Needs Profiles Created Category
    • This category exists as a way of noting profiles that have sources for family members who do not yet have profiles on WikiTree. For example, a member might have only created a profile for a daughter mentioned in a census. However, the rest of the family still needs to be added to WikiTree.
  • See also: Places to find unconnected profiles.

New Zealand

Unconnected profiles for New Zealand.

6432 Unconnected Total 0000-0000 0001-1499 1500-1699 1700-1799 1800-1899 1900-1999 2000-9999 New
New Zealand, Unconnected 3968 67 2 42 2731 1124 2 22
New Zealand, Unlinked 2464 346 1 26 1517 569 5 7
Tree size Trees
70Lowe-6866 T S,
69Naran Morar-1 T S,
59Scotland-593 T S,
57Mangan-483 T S,
48Bayne-498 T S,
43Flannigan-38 T S,
42Martin-50610 T S,
39Hatch-4670 T S,
37Davies-3909 T S,
show more unconnected trees

Table prepared at 28.11.2023 11:28:07 (Slovenian time). Condition to prepare list (Country is New Zealand). Profiles: 498778

And There are Badges and Stickers!

After the thon, you can add this sticker {{Connect-a-Thon|team=The Kiwi Crew|year=2022}} to your profile which results in:
... ... ... participated with The Kiwi Crew during the 2022 Connect-a-Thon.

Or you can get fancy and add a sticker with the number of profiles you added. The code for the sticker is: {{Connect-a-Thon|team=The KiwiCrew|year=2022|profiles=###}} which will appear as:
... ... ... participated with The KiwiCrew during the 2022 Connect-a-Thon, and added ### connections.

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