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Kulm, Akkerman, Bessarabia, South Russia

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The goal of this project is to act as a One-Place Study Project of Kulm, Akkerman, Bessarabia, South Russia and is a subsection of the Black Sea Germans, a part of the German Project at Wikitree.

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Kulm / Paulsberg / Podgornoye, Akkerman, Bessarabia, Russia; (Lat: 46.2510N, Long: 29.0442E) is currently called Pidhirne, Odes'ka, Ukraine. [1]

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Add links and information on Kulm, as the information is found
  • Encourage the development of biographies for individuals who lived in Kulm, Bessarabia.

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About Kulm

Kulm, Akkerman, Bessarabia was established in the fall of 1814, when 80 families made the trek from central Poland to Bessarabia. For the majority, they or their ancestors had come from a variety of German states. As a result of the Partitions of Poland - 1772, 1793, 1795 - the Prussian Kingdom controlled the western regions of Poland. Under their military occupation they invited freedom seeking Germans to pioneer in the undeveloped lands of Bessarabia. With the movement of Napoleon, many families were eager to to accept Alexander I invitation. One large group of 80 families from Prussian Poland gathered at Lodz under the leadership of Gottfried Radach. Thirty-four families came from other recently settled Bessarabian communities and 10 families from the area of Odessa. In the end, Kulm was settled by 124 families numbering 520 individuals 270 male and 250 female.[2]

Kulm Community Homeland Book from Black Sea German Research
Kulm Community 150th Anniversary Speech by Daniel Woelfle translated by Dr. Elvire Necker-Eberhardt
Information about Kulm from Germans From Russia Heritage Society
Kulm - 1848 Village History Odessa Digital Library
Founding of Kulm, Bessarabia, Russia - Gründung von Kulm in German, auf Deutsch, Bessaraien.de

Family Names of the Original Settlers of Kum

FROM POLAND: Families Flegel, Isaak, Hille, Kison, Banko from the area of Fabianitz Bomerinke; Dickhof out of Wittkowa; Schölske from Grünbach; Fredrich from Trochowa; Rutschke from Stockhof; Bich from Leuschitz; Wittchen, Hoffmann, Sidon, Haß, Hartmann and Kraft from Tamischla; Hintz from Dupatca; Winter, Döhring from Brokowa; Radke and Schimke from Trikowa; Böttiger from Grünberg; Hund and Koth from Croitz; Hensel from Susnoff; Bobermin and Krüger from borosowia; Stelter from Semlin; Roloff from Parlin; Kaldun from Goschnitz; Raugust; Graumann from Tscherbin; Lobe from Kochonewa; Leischner from Schachorowa; Groß from Gura; Selcho from Czarnikau; Binder from Stafschin; and Henke from Woschuk.

FROM PRUSSIA: Families Müller and Bartel from Neudorf; Marks and Tiede from Seidlitz; Burgemeister from Hammerschlag; Teschner from Zitritz; Albrecht and Hirschmann from Neusalz; Kroll from Lopadka; Bannör and Zahn from Zachersberg; Henneberg from Landsberg; Knopp from Grünthal; Jeske from Kolo; Stelter from Zaglitz; Rauter from Brinkenhof; and Lemke from Schöndorf.

FROM POMMERANIA: Family Schultze

FROM MECKLENBURG: Family Biederstädt

FROM WÜRTTEMBERG: Family Stein came later

Unfortunately, the villages of the last families are not mentioned. The same thing holds true of many families from Poland and Prussia.

THOSE OUT OF POLAND: Families Schramm, Kehler, Binder, Netzel, Vogel, Stern, Pohl, Fitz, Schütze, Renke, Wudel, Beyer, Wandry.

From PRUSSA: Radach, Möwes, Wegner, Birkholz, Klemptner.

Neither village nor land of origin are given for the following families: Fisher, Gellert, Rübhagel, Thom, Domdey, Sanftleben, Grade, Mertins, Lengner, Günter, Ruge, Redlich, Kalmus, Bher, Sustock and Hennig. [3]

Vital Records

From Black Sea German Research:

Kulm Births 1824-1843 translated by BSGR
Kulm births - 1824-1832, 1842, 1844, 1849, 1865 by R. Reuben Drefs Collection
List of Residents of Kulm, Akkerman, District Resettled in October 1940
Kulm deaths 1824-1829, 1842, 1844, 1849, 1865,1880 R. Reuben Drefs Collection
Kulm Marriages 1824-1832 translated by BSGR
Kulm Church Book - Ortsfamilienbuch Kulm Bessarabien, 1861 - 1880. The families are listed alphabetically by surname.

Find a Grave - Location: Pidhirne, Odes'ka, Ukraine

Kulm Cemetery

Year - 1846

Births and Marriges The 1846 birth & marriage records are indexed and searchable Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates, 1833-1885
Death Records from 1846 are not yet indexed at Famly Search. They start on this page - 1846 Kulm Death Records, The records are in German.

Year - 1861

Death Records for Kulm, 1861 At Family Search, in German & not indexed

Odessa 3 - A Digital Library

Kulm Bessarabia - a Koblenz Extraction (E. Wise) Published by the Odessa Digital Library - 1 Oct 2002

Here is the general search engine for the Odessa3 site:

Odessa 3 Search Engine

Here are regional records for Bessarabia, which include Kulm:

Bessarabian 183x Births R. Drefs
Bessarabian 1833-1839 Marriages R. Drefs
Bessarabian 183x Deaths R. Drefs
Bessarabian 184x Births R. Drefs
Bessarabian 184x Marriages R. Drefs
Bessarabian 184x Deaths R. Drefs
Bessarabian 185x Births R. Drefs
Bessarabian 185x Marriages R. Drefs
Bessarabian 185x Deaths R. Drefs
Bessarabian 186x Births R. Drefs
Bessarabian 186x Marriages R. Drefs
Bessarabian 186x Deaths R. Drefs
Bessarabian 187x Births R. Drefs
Bessarabian 187x Marriages R. Drefs
Bessarabian 187x Deaths R. Drefs
Bessarabian 1881-1885 Births R. Drefs
Bessarabian 1880-1885 Marriages R. Drefs
Bessarabian 1881-1885 Deaths R. Drefs


  1. See PDF list in bottom right corner. D. G. Bender. Germans from Russia and Eastern Europe Settlement Locations
  2. 'Extended Relationships of the Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino Communities in Bessarabia, Russia. (2005, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, NDSU Libraries, Fargo, ND) page 10
  3. Translated by Allen E. Konrad The Homeland Book of the Community Kulm, Bessarabia, Russia page 8

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These are my people. My Dad has ancestors from Kulm on both his Dad and Mom's side. Radach, Rauther, Schelske, Strumske, Hasz are the names his Dad's side. Bartel, Flegel, Burgermeister, Glassmann, Hoffman are on his Mom's Side.
posted by Matthew Radach
I recognize the surnames you mentioned! I look forward to learning more about your family.

Please let me know if I can help with any lookups in my resources. I own Extended Relationships of the Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino Communities in Bessarabia, Russia and the 1835 Kulm Census List.

Please feel free to add to this page, if you find more resources. :-)

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