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About the Project

The Laity Name Study project serves as a collaborative platform to collect information on the Laity name. The hope is that other researchers like you will join the study to help make it a valuable reference point for other genealogists who are researching or have an interest in the Laity name.

As a One Name Study, this project is not limited to persons who are related biologically. Individual studies can be used to branch out the research into specific methods and areas of interest, such as geographically (England Laity's), by time period (18th Century Laity's), or by topic (Laity DNA, Laity Occupations, Laity Statistics). These studies may also include a number of family branches which have no immediate link with each other. Some researchers may even be motivated to go beyond the profile identification and research stage to compile fully sourced, single-family histories of some of the families they discover through this name study project.

Also see the related surnames and surname variants.

How to Join

To join the Laity Name Study, first start out by browsing our current research pages to see if there is a specific study ongoing that fits your interests. If so, feel free to add your name to the Membership list below, post an introduction comment on the specific team page, and then dive right in!

If a research page does not yet exist for your particular area of interest, please contact the D G Laity Lombardi for assistance.

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Once you are ready to go, you can also show your project affiliation with the ONS Member Sticker:


Research Pages

Here are some of the current research pages included in the study. I'll be working on them, and could use your help!


Related Surnames and Surname Variants

Is this the First Laity?

This is the earliest currently known common ancestor of all seven branches of the Laity genealogy as it exists currently. Richard Laytye

Addopted Name

Some laity's in this One Name Study are descended from Henrik Pehrsson (Henry) Laity formerly Laiti from Finland, see his profile to see details

How to Add a Profile

All profiles should be in the Top Category [[Category:Laity Name Study]] and have the Laity One Name Sticker {{One Name Study|name=Laity}} it should also be in the Bottom Category

  • Example If John Laity was born in Devon, England he would be put in [[Category:Devon, Laity Name Study]] and NOT in the [[Category:England, Laity Name Study]]
  • Example If John Laity was born in Devon, England and Died in Canada he would be put in [[Category:Devon, Laity Name Study]] and [[Category:Canada, Laity Name Study]]
  • Example If John Layty was born in Devon, England and Died in Canada he would be put in[[Category: Layty Surname, Laity Name Study]] [[Category:Devon, Laity Name Study]] and [[Category:Canada, Laity Name Study]]

Sortable Category Tree

Last updated 25th May 2020

2 New Category's New Mexico and Berkshire

11th May 2020

Full list of Categories and which Level each is, Try to use the lowest level when adding a Profile
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NoLevelCategoryProfilesCategorys within this Category
1Top Level [[Category:Laity Name Study]] 1158Every Profile Here, + Cat 2,7,9,17,109,117,144
21st Level[[Category:Africa, Laity Name Study]]03,4,5,6
32nd Level[[Category:Egypt, Laity Name Study]]2
42nd Level[[Category:Libya, Laity Name Study]]2
52nd Level[[Category:South Africa, Laity Name Study]]7
62nd Level[[Category:Zimbabwe, Laity Name Study]]2
71st Level[[Category:Asia, Laity Name Study]]18
82nd Level[[Category:India, Laity Name Study]]2
91st Level[[Category:Australasia, Laity Name Study]]110,16
102nd Level[[Category:Australia, Laity Name Study]]211,12,13,14,15
113rd Level[[Category:Australian Capital Territory, Laity Name Study]]4
123rd Level[[Category:New South Wales, Laity Name Study]]15
133rd Level[[Category:Queensland, Laity Name Study]]14
143rd Level[[Category:South Australia, Laity Name Study]]12
153rd Level[[Category:Victoria, Laity Name Study]]154
162nd Level[[Category:New Zealand, Laity Name Study]]17
171st Level[[Category:Europe, Laity Name Study]]118,19,103,104,105,106
182nd Level[[Category:Belgium, Laity Name Study]] 2
192nd Level[[Category:England, Laity Name Study]] 220,21,22,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,100,101,102
203rd Level[[Category:Avon, Laity Name Study]] 2
New3rd Level[[Category:Berkshire, Laity Name Study]] 2
213rd Level[[Category:Cleveland, Laity Name Study]] 3
223rd Level[[Category:Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 9All from 23 to 89
234th Level[[Category:Altarnun, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
244th Level[[Category:Antony, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
254th Level[[Category:Bodmin, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 5
264th Level[[Category:Breage, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 30
274th Level[[Category:Budock, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 4
284th Level[[Category:Camborne, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 42
New4th Level[[Category:Colan, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
294th Level[[Category:Crowan, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 29
304th Level[[Category:Crowlas, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
314th Level[[Category:Falmouth, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 26
324th Level[[Category:Feock, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
334th Level[[Category:Germoe, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 41
344th Level[[Category:Goldsithney, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 10
354th Level[[Category:Grade, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
364th Level[[Category:Gwennap, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
374th Level[[Category:Gwinear, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 7
384th Level[[Category:Halamanning, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
394th Level[[Category:Hayle, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 4
404th Level[[Category:Helston, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 46
414th Level[[Category:Illogan, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 43
424th Level[[Category:Kea, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
434th Level[[Category:Kenneggy, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
444th Level[[Category:Liskeard, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 9
454th Level[[Category:Ludgvan, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 6
464th Level[[Category:Mabe, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
474th Level[[Category:Madron, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 14
484th Level[[Category:Maker, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
494th Level[[Category:Marazion, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 67
504th Level[[Category:Mawgan, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 3
514th Level[[Category:Mawgan-in-Meneage, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 3
524th Level[[Category:Mawnan Smith, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
534th Level[[Category:Mawnan, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 18
544th Level[[Category:Mousehole, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 6
554th Level[[Category:Mullion, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 5
564th Level[[Category:Mylor, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 5
574th Level[[Category:Newlyn, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
584th Level[[Category:Paul, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 23
594th Level[[Category:Pendeen, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 6
604th Level[[Category:Penponds, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 4
614th Level[[Category:Penzance, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 33
624th Level[[Category:Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 98
634th Level[[Category:Porthleven, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 79
644th Level[[Category:Portreath, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
654th Level[[Category:Redruth, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 75
664th Level[[Category:Retallack, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 3
674th Level[[Category:Roseworthy, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
684th Level[[Category:Ruan Major, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 4
694th Level[[Category:Sancreed, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 4
704th Level[[Category:Sennen, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 4
714th Level[[Category:Sithney, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 30
724th Level[[Category:St Agnes, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
734th Level[[Category:St Austell, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 5
744th Level[[Category:St Buryan, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 11
754th Level[[Category:St Cleer, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 3
764th Level[[Category:St Columb, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 3
New4th Level[[Category:St Day, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
774th Level[[Category:St Erth, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 12
784th Level[[Category:St Gluvias, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 3
794th Level[[Category:St Hilary, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 121
804th Level[[Category:St Ives, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 21
814th Level[[Category:St Just, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 5
824th Level[[Category:St Leven, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 3
834th Level[[Category:Stithians, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
844th Level[[Category:Torpoint, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 5
854th Level[[Category:Towednack, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 3
New4th Level[[Category:Treleigh, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
New4th Level[[Category:Treneglos, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
864th Level[[Category:Truro, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 13
874th Level[[Category:Tuckingmill, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 4
884th Level[[Category:Wendron, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 4
894th Level[[Category:Zennor, Cornwall, Laity Name Study]] 2
903rd Level[[Category:Devon, Laity Name Study]] 27
913rd Level[[Category:Essex, Laity Name Study]] 3
923rd Level[[Category:Hampshire, Laity Name Study]] 4
933rd Level[[Category:Kent, Laity Name Study]] 2
943rd Level[[Category:Lancashire, Laity Name Study]] 2
953rd Level[[Category:Lincolnshire, Laity Name Study]] 2
963rd Level[[Category:Middlesex, Laity Name Study]] 6
973rd Level[[Category:Somerset, Laity Name Study]] 3
983rd Level[[Category:Suffolk, Laity Name Study]] 7
993rd Level[[Category:Surrey, Laity Name Study]] 2
1003rd Level[[Category:Sussex, Laity Name Study]] 3
1013rd Level[[Category:Warwickshire, Laity Name Study]] 4
1023rd Level[[Category:Yorkshire, Laity Name Study]] 14
1032nd Level[[Category:France, Laity Name Study]] 2
1042nd Level[[Category:Germany, Laity Name Study]] 3
1052nd Level[[Category:Ireland, Laity Name Study]] 8
1062nd Level[[Category:Wales, Laity Name Study]]1107,108
1073rd Level[[Category:Glamorgan, Laity Name Study]] 26
1083rd Level[[Category:Swansea, Laity Name Study]] 3
109,Laity Name Variants,110,111,112,113,114,115,116
1101st Level[[Category:Laitye Name Study]]2
1111st Level[[Category: Laytey Surname, Laity Name Study]]1
1121st Level[[Category: Laytie Surname, Laity Name Study]]7
1131st Level[[Category: Layty Surname, Laity Name Study]]33
1141st Level[[Category: Laytye Surname, Laity Name Study]]52
1151st Level[[Category: Leaity Surname, Laity Name Study]]18
1161st Level[[Category: Leaty Surname, Laity Name Study]]6
1171st Level[[Category:North America, Laity Name Study]]0118
1182nd Level[[Category:Canada, Laity Name Study]] 1119,120
1193rd Level[[Category:British Columbia, Laity Name Study]] 16
1203rd Level[[Category:Ontario, Laity Name Study]] 4
1212nd Level[[Category:United States, Laity Name Study]]2From 122 To 144
1223rd Level[[Category:Alabama, Laity Name Study]]2
1233rd Level[[Category:Arizona, Laity Name Study]]3
1243rd Level[[Category:California, Laity Name Study]]20
1253rd Level[[Category:Colorado, Laity Name Study]]3
1263rd Level[[Category:Connecticut, Laity Name Study]]26
1273rd Level[[Category:Florida, Laity Name Study]]6
1283rd Level[[Category:Illinois, Laity Name Study]]17
1293rd Level[[Category:Indiana, Laity Name Study]]4
1303rd Level[[Category:Iowa, Laity Name Study]]4
1313rd Level[[Category:Kansas, Laity Name Study]]9
1323rd Level[[Category:Massachusetts, Laity Name Study]]4
1333rd Level[[Category:Michigan, Laity Name Study]]30
1343rd Level[[Category:Minnesota, Laity Name Study]]2
1353rd Level[[Category:Montana, Laity Name Study]]2
1363rd Level[[Category:Nevada, Laity Name Study]]8
1373rd Level[[Category:New Jersey, Laity Name Study]]25
New3rd Level[[Category:New Mexico, Laity Name Study]] 2
1383rd Level[[Category:New York, Laity Name Study]]19
1393rd Level[[Category:North Carolina, Laity Name Study]]2
1403rd Level[[Category:Ohio, Laity Name Study]]4
1413rd Level[[Category:Pennsylvania, Laity Name Study]]28
1423rd Level[[Category:Virginia, Laity Name Study]]4
1433rd Level[[Category:West Virginia, Laity Name Study]]2
1443rd Level[[Category:Wisconsin, Laity Name Study]]5
1451st Level[[Category:South America, Laity Name Study]]0145
1462nd Level[[Category:Chile, Laity Name Study]]13

Laity Name Meaning

We have 2 definitions of the name Laity . . I believe the first . .

  • Forbears

The Laitys, who are numerous in the district of Marazion, evidently derive their name from Laity, a part of Wendron parish Christopher Lander held Higher Pengelly, Blisland, in 1758 (M.). The Landers, well known as African explorers in the early part of this century, were born at Truro of humble parentage.

  • House of Names

The Laity family name is linked to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. Their name comes from the baptismal name Lettice, a popular girls name in medieval times. This personal name was originally derived from the Latin laetitia, which means gladness and joy. Baptismal names began to appear as surnames relatively late in the growth of the naming tradition. This is a little surprising, given the popularity of biblical figures in the Christian countries of Europe. Nevertheless, surnames derived from baptismal names grew in popularity during the Middle Ages, and have become one of the foremost sources for surnames.

Laity Immigrants

Any Laity's that have emigrated to another country permanently.

EnglandJames LaityArizona, U.S.A.
Cornwall, EnglandJohn LaityVirginia, U.S.A.
NSW, AustraliaCaroline (Laity) HardingAuckland, NZ
Sandhurst EnglandElizabeth Ann (Laity) OldVictoria
Cornwall, EnglandGeorge Richards LaityVictoria, Australia
Cornwall, EnglandSarah (Laity) MoonConnecticut, United States
Cornwall, EnglandHenry Thompson LaitySouth Africa
Cornwall, EnglandMary Jane LaityBritish Columbia, Canada
Cornwall, EnglandRichard LaityPhiladelphia, U.S.A.
,, ,

Laity's of Note

John Laytye The First Laytye

External Resources

Forebears Stats on the name Laity
Wikipedia page for Laity
Ancestry page for Laity
House of Names Laity History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

Task List

Volunteers Needed
Check list:
Location of Birth, Marriage and Death also when checking profiles please add Wife if using Laity name.
To move on to next Laity change No in browser address I.E.
From: www.wikitree.com/wiki/Laity-1
To: www.wikitree.com/wiki/Laity-2

NoTask DescriptionStart PointVolunteerCompletedNotes
1Check all Laity profiles 1 - 100 have correct CategoriesLaity 1Geoff RiceJanuary 20,
2Check all Laity profiles 101 - 200 have correct CategoriesLaity 101Geoff RiceJanuary 20,
3Check all Laity profiles 201 - 300 have correct CategoriesLaity 201Geoff RiceFebruary 20,
4Check all Laity profiles 301 - 400 have correct CategoriesLaity 301Geoff RiceFebruary 20,
5Check all Laity profiles 401 - 500 have correct CategoriesLaity 401Geoff RiceMarch 20,
6Check all Laity profiles 501 - 600 have correct CategoriesLaity 501Geoff RiceMarch 20,
7Check all Laity profiles 601 - 700 have correct CategoriesLaity 601Geoff RiceApril 20,
8Check all Laity profiles 701 - 800 have correct CategoriesLaity 701Geoff RiceApril 20,
9Check all Laity profiles 701 - 800 have correct CategoriesLaity 801Geoff RiceApril 20,
10Check all Layty profiles 1 - 50 have correct CategoriesLayty 1Geoff RiceApril 20,
11Check all Laytye profiles 1 - 50 have correct CategoriesLaytye 1Geoff RiceApril 20,
12Check all Laytye profiles 51 - 100 have correct CategoriesLaytye 51Geoff RiceApril 20,
13Check all Laitye profiles 1 - 50 have correct CategoriesLaitye 1Geoff RiceApril 20,
14Check all Leaity profiles 1 - 50 have correct CategoriesLeaity 1Geoff RiceApril 20,
15Check all Leaty profiles 1 - 50 have correct CategoriesLeaty 1Geoff RiceApril 20,
16Check all Laytey profiles 1 - 50 have correct CategoriesLaytey-1Geoff RiceApril 20,
17Check all Laytie profiles 1 - 50 have correct CategoriesLaytie 1Geoff RiceApril 20,

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