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If you are interested in helping out in Lancashire and not already a member of the England Project, please read the England Project Page to learn more about the project, what we do and how to join us.


The Lancashire and Greater Manchester Team

Team Leader: Steve Whitfield

Team Members: Corinne Morris | Glen Birchby | Lizzie Griffiths | Fred Adamson | Geoff Riley | Jackie Prentice |Maddy Hardman | Elaine Mattsen | Sam Steel |Steve Whitfield | Michael Swift | Chris Hilder | W Robertson | Mackenzie Plank | Paul Dixon |Loralee Hutton | Chris O'Connell

Our Goal

The Lancashire Team covers the county of Lancashire and the newer county of Greater Manchester. Our goal is to increase the number of profiles in our region, to develop them to a high standard and to connect them to the global tree.

A 'Lancashire' profile is a person whose birth, marriage or death has been entered in the data fields as taking place in Lancashire (so, a person who was born in Cheshire, married in Lancashire and died in Staffordshire, would appear in the figures for all three counties).

How are we doing?

Lancashire was the most populated county in the 19th Century. In 1881, 14% of the population of England lived there! We might expect that this would be reflected the number of Wikitree profiles but it is not. Lancashire only accounts for about 8% of the profiles that have been allocated to an English county. The more accurate and well-sourced profiles we can add, the better.

The statistics for England and all counties are here:

England Regional and County Statistics

and a commentary is here:

England Statistics Commentary

For the latest statistics for Lancashire and Greater Manchester, please see:

Lancashire Statistics
Greater Manchester Statistics

Profile numbers continue to increase by about 1,000 each week, with an occasional boost when poorly formatted location fields are corrected so that the profile can be picked up in the Lancashire profile count.

Many of the profiles added each week are unsourced and our count is increasing, although we remain close to the England average.

Good progress has been made this year in connecting and our percentage of profiles has reduced from 15.1% of our profiles to 14.2%.

Like all other counties, our Suggestions count has increased over recent weeks as a new routine has been introduced to identify broken links to external websites. Analysis is ongoing to better understand the underlying trends in the different types of suggestion.

We have made excellent process this year in reducing the 'Unknowns' in Lancashire (we are one of the top-ranking counties in this respect).

Our numbers for Greater Manchester profiles are fairly static, with an ongoing process of 'converting' Greater Manchester profiles to Lancashire where appropriate.

Thanks to all for their efforts to improve the quality of our branch of the tree in Lancashire and Greater Manchester.


One of our team, W Robertson has carried out some excellent analysis on Lancashire profiles. You can read her findings here: Lancashire Profiles Location Statistics.

Team Member Specific Interests

Some team members are focusing on particular towns, areas, surnames and topics of interests connected to our region, developing and improving profiles to help us move towards our goal.

Team member Places Main Lancashire surnames Other interests and projects
Corinne Morris St Helens, Manchester Highcock, Eccleston, Morris, Parkinson, Williamson, Turner One Place Study St Helens
Glen Birchby Bolton, Euxton, Garstang, Preston Birchby
Lizzie Griffiths Haworth, Grindrod Unsourced profiles, cleaning up pre 1974 Greater Manchester database
Geoff Riley Bolton and surrounding areas Riley, Howarth
Jackie Prentice Liverpool Campbell, Cowley, Ruddock, McGarry, McCoy One Place Study Kirkby
Fred Adamson Liverpool and surrounding area Dumbell, Aspinall, Makin Unsourced profiles, profile improvement, Gedcoms
Elaine Mattsen Profile improvement
W Robertson West Derby, Warrington Camidge Sourcing and data cleaning
Steve Whitfield Warrington and surrounding area Hatton, Roughley Connecting
Maddy Hardman Lancaster, Dalton in Furness Hardman Sourcing and connecting
Sam Steel Lees, Ashton under Lyne, Wigan, Bardsley Hall, Parkinson and Stead Developing current profiles
Michael Swift Ormskirk Swift Swifts of Lancashire One Name Study
Chris Hilder Clitheroe, Lytham Whiteside, Metcalfe, Smith Developing current profiles, bio building
Mackenzie Plank
Paul Dixon Bolton, Blackburn and Warton Dixon, Hodgson, Hayhurst, Shaw, Ainsworth and Lawson
Loralee Hutton Eccleshill, Edgworth and Turton Hutton, Walmsley
Chris O'Connell

How can you help?

Profiles in our region needing further research are listed in the following links. Feel free to investigate and improve them!

You could also develop profiles for Lancashire Notables. Don't forget to categorise them accordingly
... ... ... is notable.
Join: Notables Project
Discuss: notables

Team Challenges

Members of the England Counties teams are encouraged to to participate from time to time in WikiTree challenges and to join The Mighty Oaks to represent England in the team challenges.

Lancashire Resources

Check out our Lancashire Resources Page here.

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Just found two towns that don't exist as categories. Please add Whittington, Lancs. and Caton, Lancs. :-)
posted by Robert Judd
Whittington, Lancashire, has been set up. Caton already existed as Caton with Littledale, Lancashire, which was incorrect as that is the parish name, not the place, so that has been renamed.
posted by Stephen Heathcote
I expressed concern about the very issue of missing names of townships earlier this year. Looking at the current list, I would estimate the list to be slightly less than 60% complete. The more serious issue of multiple instances of townships with the same name has been addressed for some places. The places causing the most problem are probably Heaton (7 instances in the county) and Warton (2 instances), though there are others.
posted by Paul Dixon
Hi, would anyone on the Lancashire team have any time to spare to help clean up the multiple profiles in this cemetery category that have the surname Farrington and very arbitrary unsourced birth dates of 1800/ 1850/ 1900? Category:Tonge_Cemetery,_Bolton,_Greater_Manchester

I've cleaned up a few that came up on a specific Data Doctor suggestion I was working on but there are lots more. In many cases it's really easy to find the actual approx. birth year by looking at the FindAGrave source and seeing the age at death on the gravestone photo. They're unconnected orphans and it seems a shame for them to be sat there with such poor birth info as they're unlikely to be spotted for potential connections/ duplicates.

Many thanks, Helen.

posted by Helen (Parker) Flight
Just dropping in to say thank you to everyone in the team for all the hard work you’ve been putting in, and especially to Steve for organising us and keeping the page updated! Well done everyone 👏


posted by Maddy Hardman
If there is anyone who can help us build the profile, and confirm the family of Notable Jackie Lane (Doctor Who - and more), please do. (She is also mentioned in the June Notables thread on g2g, where Scott and I have started the discussion re family and sources.) Ta muchly. <3
posted by Melanie Paul
A Guest posted a question about a Francis Anglin/Hanglin from Lancashire on the profile of a former WikiTree member. I am posting a comment to the Guest's profile with advice on how to proceed and alerting you all as to the information. Hope this is the proper way to have gone about this.
posted by Debi (McGee) Hoag
Hi I'm hoping i can join the team I love sourcing unsourced profile and am currently a member of the Cheshire and Merseyside team

Thanks I've already done several unsourced profiles from 1800s

posted by Anon (Cormack) Sharkey
Thanks for requesting to join Lancashire, you'll make a great addition to the team and there're plenty of unsourced for you to sink your teeth into! We'll get you added to the team page etc. over the next day or so. But in the meantime, feel free to get stuck into the Lancashire unsourced. Thanks for all your efforts.

Nic PC Counties

posted by Nic Donnelly
Hi Elaine, I’ve added you to the trusted list so you should be able to edit the page, Welcome to Lancashire :-)
Thank you Lizzie, That is a common mistake. Elaine is my middle name so I use a first initial, "M" thus it looks like Melanie. I have been reading the messages about Peter and seems a great loss. I picked Lancashire because my surname, Walling, comes from there. Although my ancestors were not particularly noteworthy 3/4 of my tree goes to colonial America. Making that jump across the Atlantic to continue the trail has been problematic. I am sharpening my skills on bio building and am very comfortable working with Find a Grave. I hope to be useful to this project.

Elaine Walling-681