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Largest Unconnected Branches

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(Note: This page is a sub-page of the Connectors Chat page. For more details about what's going on here, please read the Connectors Chat page. Also, please post any messages about what's happening on this page on the Connectors Chat page.)

This table lists the largest branches on WikiTree that are not yet connected to the main tree. It is derived from reports generated by the Data Doctors Project. (We would like to thank Aleš for all his hard work in building those reports.)

  • The "Branch Size" number is the total number of profiles in each branch.
  • The "Linked Profile" for each branch is the first profile created in that branch. (Or, if the privacy on first profile created is set to Public or higher, then some other profile which is set to Open is used instead.)
  • The "Country" cell includes any country where somebody from that branch was born.

You can sort the list by any column (Branch Size, Linked Profile, Country, Notes, or Working On) by clicking on the sort symbol in the header for that column.

Free space profiles (like this one) work pretty much the same way that profiles for people do, so all the same syntax applies. So to show that you are working on a branch, edit this page, scroll down to the listing you want work on, and replace the number at the end of the line with two opening square brackets ([), then your WikiTree ID, then a pipe (|), then your name, then two closing square brackets (]), like this: [[Example-123|Ferdinand Grubstake]].

Similarly, when you connect a branch (or discover one that's already connected), add Connected (or Found connected) and then the date. Put three single quotes (') before and after "connected" to put it into bold, like this: "'Connected'" February 29, 2020. One of the page pruners will delete that entry in a couple of weeks, after everybody has had a chance to celebrate the new connection.

Branches sorted by size

Updated : Jan 27, 2024

Note : The branch sizes are now computed using the "100 Circles query", based on Connection Finder data, including private profiles (like CC7 does). Therefore they are generally greater than the values computed on WikiTree+. Moreover, branches seen as distinct in WT+ but in fact connected by private profiles will appear in this table under a single entry.

New in 2024 : the column "Change" indicates the last month a change of the branch size has been noted. "No" indication in this column means the size has not changed in 2024.

Recently connected branches are kept at the bottom of the table for about one month.

See related G2G discussion for more details.

Branch Size Profiles Country Notes Change
5,350 Salsavilca_Chumbiraico-6, Salsavilca-10 Peru Jan 24
3,691Geok_Kim-1 China, Malaysia? Chinese characters No
3,392Nizamani-26 (Nizamani-3) Pakistan Jan 24
3,261(سمیعی-2 (ادیب_سمیعی-4 Iran No
2,810Ramasamy-14 (N-402) India No
2,720 Peller-41 Hungary PM : Peller-39 Jan 24
2,022 Danecki-2 (Świerczyna-7) Poland, Czech Republic No
1,593 Evert-56, Schmidt-2933 Germany Jan 24
1,294Esteves-57 (Farinha-5, Mendes-377) Portugal No
1,272Marañon-55 (Maranion-3) Philippines No
1,275Шильчиков-1 Russia Jan 24
1,243 Özkaya-7 Turkey Jan 24
1,197Chamaria-5 (Chamaria-1) India No
1,175Janulytė-2 Lithuania No
1,094Dosil-2 Spain, Portugal Jan 24
1,059Neckar-3 (Sneberk-2, Strachotova-1) Czech Republic No
1,033Swee_Eng-1 China? No locations & all names in Chinese ideographs. (probably traditional Chinese, rather than simplified) No
1,022Παπαδόπουλος-6 (Παπαδόπουλος-4) Greece No
972Kadukanmakkal-1 (UNKNOWN-147366) India? No locations, no dates & names mostly "Unknown" No
819Erhart-124 (Hadraba-1 (Bakoš-22) Czech Republic, Germany Jan 24
751 Skopal-4 (Skopal-3) Czech Republic Jan 24
674Balan-25 (Balan-15) Austria, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Serbia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia No
649Bourgeois-3179 France No
624Сердюк-1 (Serdyuk-1) Ukraine, Russia No
618Harmat-23 (Hurgoi-2) Romania, Hungary Jan 24
601Samaco-3 (Samaco-2, De la Fuente-19) Philippines No
597Στυλίδης-2(Σαββουλίδης-5) Greece Jan 24
588Corea-14 Ceylon, Sri Lanka Jan 24
571Makauskas-1 (Makauskaitë-1) Lithuania No
560Kallarackal-8 India No
545Curonico-1 France, Italy, Switzerland No
528Navarro Martinez-1 Spain No
510Poczciwy-1 Poland No
486 Schewe-9 (Schewe-6) Germany, Prussia Jan 24
481Vázquez_Gulías-1 (Vázquez_Martínez-1) Spain No
478Mooriath-7 India? No
477Sanchez_Maymo-1 Spain No
476Sever-143 (Sever-142) Croatia No
465Da_Silva_Carvalho-2 Portugal Jan 24
464 Klinger-383 (Klinger-382) Germany No
460Κουρτίδης-1 Ottoman Empire Jan 24
453Correia-193 (Correia-191) Portugal No
440Suffi-5 (Suffi-1) Italy No
436Douda-4 Czech Republic No
436 Gniedziejko-2 (Gniedziejko-1) Poland No
435Бурангулов-1 (Baidanova-1) Russia No
433Lukacs-11 (UNKNOWN-160199) Slovakia No
431Da_Silva-75 (Amaral-9, Silveira-113) Portugal No
424Muffler-2 Germany? No
419Teixeira_Campos-3 (Teixeira Campos-2) Brazil, Belgium, Portugal No
417Brizzi-12 (Brizzi-10) Italia Jan 24
416Grojer-5 (Grojer-2) Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Czech Republic No
412Furlani-1 Italy, Brazil No
408Peták-11 (Peták-7) Czech Republic No
407Bargujar-1 (Aziz-10) India No
383Bratušek-2 (Bratusek-1) Slovenia, Croatia No
382Kaminksy-1 Poland No
356Unknown-517519 Russia No
349Sobczyński-7 (Sobczyński-5) Germany Jan 24
345Jiránek-8 (Jiránek-4) Czech Republic No
343Herrmann-1516 (Herrmann de Oliveira-1) Germany, Brazil, Italy No
339Dąbrowski-15 (Jamiołkowski-1) Poland No
338Brown-134463 USA USBH Jan 24
333Drecktrah-14 Germany No
318Strassle-9 (Beckh-14) Germany No
315 Hacholski-2 Poland No
314Ribeiro-103 Portugal No
301Ureta-7 (Andan-2) Philippines No
298Sinkko-97 Finland No
296 Kurzhals-36 (Kurzhals-5) Germany No
291Ott-3158 (Guld-3) Germany No
280Васильев-11 (S-1833) Russia No
277Fessel-33 Austria, Brazil, Hungary, Portugal Jan 24
275Strassberger-10 Austria, Czechoslovakia Jan 24
269 Töppel-1 Austria, Switzerland Jan 24
266 Messikommer-451 Switzerland No
266Geißinger-43 Germany Jan 24
259Hirler-2 (Hirler-1) Germany No
258Tolkmitt-50 Germany No
258Gloeckler-142 Germany No
255Graf-1418 (Reichle-194) Germany No
253 Riella-5 Italy No
242 Cummings-5707 USA Notable, USBH No
242 Levine-271 USA, Canada Jan 24
238Szynkarek-17 Poland No
238 Knieß-25 Germany No
236 Saldías-7 Germany No
233 Hernández-3919 Mexico No
230 Tsukuda-3 Japan, Italy, Brazil No
227 Cohen-4256 Germany, USA Jan 24
226 Santaeulalia Expósito-1 Spain No
223 Gloeckler-3257 (Gloeckler-393) Germany No
211 Mascaró_Fort-1 Spain No
211 Eckstädt-56 Germany No
210 Frappet-2 France No
207 Bohnen-23 Germany No
201 Saum-185 Germany No
200 Bagdi-1 Hungary No
(300+) Beulah-9 USA US Black HeritageFound connected 2024-02-17

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Connected the tree from Estonia. Connected three other smaller unconnected branches to it before I connected it to the Global tree.
posted by Axel Svensson
Connected the largest branch in Finland, Karstén-70, by just connecting father Karstuin-32 with son Karstunen-3.
posted by Axel Svensson
I have discovered that most, if not all, of the earliest male ancestors of Beulah-9 were African-American. I added the appropriate sticker and sources with links to those I researched.
posted by Nancy Thomas
edited by Nancy Thomas
I connected Morin_Milan-1 yesterday. That one was pretty easy. Since they have roots in San Luis Potosi, I just poked around until I found a distant cousin. ;)
posted by Melissa Arjona
I've been working on finding slave owners among my ancestors, and any others of some interest to me. In South Africa, these were rather well documented thanks to slave registers, set up by district, where all slaves had to be registered. These cover the years of 1816-1834/38 as in 1834 slavery was abolished in the British Empire, with about 4 years of 'apprenticeship' added.

These registers list enormous numbers of slaves, but the list does only rarely contain the mother, and hardly ever a father. Also, I have no idea how to connect the slaves of 1834/38 with later people that did get a more officially supported registration, with family relations. That means that all these people can related to their 'owners', but there is no proper way to connect them with the wikitree genealogy. The best I can do is add lists of slaves, interpreting the available information in a way that recovers these people as individual human beings in stead of property.

I don't know how, but some thought is needed on how to systematically support, or in some way connect such classes of people for whom the administrative information in the past was very poor.

So: what you are doing is great! But never forget the classes of unconnected individuals for which it is nearly impossible to ever find a 'real family relationship' with others on the tree.

PS: here is my free space with structured pointers to help find any relevant images of slave registers among the collections of images at familysearch: Slave Owners and Slaves in South Africa

posted by NC Brummer
edited by NC Brummer
Branch sizes in the table, based on WikiTree+ data, were largely underestimated. I've started replacing by values provided by the Connection Finder query (used in the 100 Circles project, or to compute CC7) which includes private profiles.

Work in progress, the 20 top branches have been updated and sorted by the new size. Several branches have been found as duplicates, connected by private profiles. I wonder if the * for "no change since January 2017" still makes sense.

posted by Bernard Vatant
edited by Bernard Vatant
> I wonder if the * for "no change since January 2017" still makes sense.

I started using that to indicate to connectors which branches weren't currently being updated, and therefore should be safe for them to work on (and, yes, those branches with the asterisks really hadn't shown any change in size in seven years). But your new Recent Change column essentially fulfils the same function.

posted by Greg Slade
That was the intention, yes. At some point no value in this column will mean no change since Sep 2023. Just a refresh of the reference time point. But clearly, most of those branches have been dormant for years.
posted by Bernard Vatant
edited by Bernard Vatant

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