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Later Roman Empire

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Date: 0364 to 0476
Location: Roman Empiremap
Surnames/tags: Flavii Julii Anicii
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alias: Dominate[1]




Valentinian I

  • Full Name: Flavius Valentinianus Augustus
  • Emperor of the Roman Empire
  • Gens: Flavii[2]
  • Dynasty: last Constantinian (Neo-Flavian) ruler[3][4][5]


  • Full name: Flavius Julius Valens Augustus
  • Eastern Roman emperor
  • Gens: Flavii[6]; Julii[7]


  • Full Name: Flavius Gratianus Augustus
  • Western Roman emperor (Gaul, Hispania, and Britain)
  • Gens: Flavii[8]

Valentinian II

  • Full Name: Flavius Valentinianus
  • ruler of Italy, part of Illyricum, and Africa
  • Gens: Flavii[9]


Theodosius I

  • Full Name: Flavius Theodosius Augustus
  • Emperor of the Roman Empire
  • Gens: Flavii[10]


  • Full Name: Flavius Arcadius Augustus
  • Byzantine emperor
  • Gens: Flavii[11]

Magnus Maximus (usurper)

  • Full Name: Flavius Magnus Maximus Augustus
  • Gens: Flavii or N/A (?)[12] (not specifically listed as part of the Flavii, but son [Victor] is).


  • Full Name: Flavius Honorius Augustus
  • Western Roman emperor
  • Gens: Flavii[13]

Theodosius II

  • Full Name: Flavius Theodosius Iunior
  • Byzantine emperor
  • Gens: Flavii[14]

Constantine III ... with son, Constans II (usupers)

  • Full Name: Flavius Claudius Constantinus
  • Gens: Claudii[15]

Constantius III

  • Full Name: Flavius Constantius Augustus
  • Co-emperor of the west with Honorius
  • Gens: Flavii[16]

Joannes (usurper)

  • Full Name: Iohannes Augustus[17]
  • Western Roman emperor
  • Gens: N/A

Valentian III

  • Full Name: Flavius Placidius Valentinianus Augustus
  • Western Roman emperor
  • Gens: Flavii[18]


  • Full Name: Flavius Marcianus Augustus
  • Byzantine Emperor
  • Gens: Flavii[19]

End of the Western Empire

Petronius Maximus

  • Full Name: Flavius Anicius Petronius Maximus Augustus
  • Western Roman emperor
  • Dynasty: Anicii[20]
  • Gens: Flavii[21]; Anicii[22]


  • Full Name: Eparchius Avitus Augustus
  • Western Roman Emperor
  • Gens: Aviti[23]


  • Full Name: Flavius Iulius Valerius Maiorianus Augustus
  • Western Roman emperor
  • Gens: Flavii;[25] Julii; [26] Valerii[27]

Libius Severus

  • Full Name: Flavius Libius Severus Serpentius Augustus
  • Western Roman Emperor
  • Gens: Flavii[28]


  • Full Name: Procopius Anthemius Augustus
  • Western Roman emperor
  • Gens: Procopii[29]


  • Full Name: Anicius Olybrius[30]
  • Gens: Anicii[31]


  • Full Name: Flavius Glycerius Augustus
  • Gens: Flavii[32]

Julius Nepos

  • Full Name: Flavius Iulius Nepos Augustus[33]
  • Gens: Julii[34]

Romulus Augustulus

  • Full Name: Flavius Momyllus Romulus Augustus
  • Gens: Flavii[35]


  • Cawley, C. (2006). Medieval Lands v.3. fmg.ac[36]

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Hi, Bree -- this is a very helpful site. Is it limited to specific dynasties or do you want all emperors of the period in it? I'm thinking of Anatasius (491-518) Apparently had the nickname Dicorus, with his eyes of two different colors.
posted by Jack Day
John and I were working on this years ago. If you want to expand the info and time, feel free to edit. Remember to adjust the time field in the metadata section. I'll be gone for the next few days, so I'm just stopping by.
posted by Bree Ogle
Not sure... but maybe the reason I couldn't find a gens for Sidonius might have to do with his Gallo-Roman roots.[1]

Last night I read that there were 24 official gens in Rome. (There were more, but were axed very early on.) During the later Roman empire, the descendants of the Constantinian Flavii continued to reign ... and from the looks of it, the Aniciis and Juliis were somewhere behind the throne (sometimes on it). But there's a caveat with the Flavii gens during the late period, since the name was also assumed by Goths, Gauls, etc.. probably for political reasons.

posted by Bree Ogle
Tough call. History seems to care more about his "Aviti" mom.[1][2]

English seems to list the family men as "Apollanaris"[3]

Variously, his named is spelled:

  • Sidonio Apolinar (ES)
  • Sidonio Apollinare (IT)[4]
  • Sidoine Apollinaire (FR)

On a side note, I see (internet) a lot of modern "Apollinari" surnames.

posted by Bree Ogle
I've found lots of profiles for relations (uncles) of Sidonius Apollinaris that at the moment have LNAB such as 'of Narbonne'. I'd like to change it but not sure to what. I did find one source that refers to them as the Apollinares family, or I wondered about using Apollinari (seems to be the Italian version of Apollinaris) or Apollinaris?
posted by John Atkinson
PS: I'm not sure about the dynastic names for those of end of the empire.
posted by Bree Ogle
I thought you would say that:) But right now, a lot of the LNABS are something other than dynastic houses (sometimes wrong houses) or titles. The LNABS you'll probably have to switch, or the managers.
posted by Bree Ogle
I'll have to check the status of the naming fields, but really I thinkk Augustus, Augusta should be the CLN, with their dynasty name as the LNAB
posted by John Atkinson
Naming structure ideas:
  • I think it's easier to put Gens in the prefix field, ie. Flavius, Procopius, etc...
  • perhaps the LNAB should be the dynasty name for regular family. For the emperors and empresses it's probably easiest to put Augustus and Augusta in the LNAB (after the recent change in the CLN search function ... it's been wonky for the last 2 days).
posted by Bree Ogle

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