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(Note: This page is a sub-page of the Connectors Chat page. For more details about what's going on here, please read the Connectors Chat page. Also, please post any messages about what's happening on this page on the Connectors Chat page.)

The sub-pages under this page list the largest branches which remain unconnected to the main tree for different countries (and, in some cases, subdivisions within countries). Each sub-page lists countries from one continent. (Countries which exist in more than one continent are listed on eacsub-page that applies.) Our goal is to list a minimum of five unconnected branches for each place, although you will notice that a number of places have many more than five branches listed.

If you are looking for unconnected notables, please see the Unconnected Notables page.







South Africa






























The Netherlands













North America







United States of America



New Zealand

Papua New Guinea


South America






It would be good to have at least one connector working on each country in the world, and at least one connector working on each subdivision of larger countries (states of Australia and the USA, counties of England and Ireland, provinces of Canada, parishes of Sweden, etc.). There is a list below, please enter your details and the locations that interest you. If you want to connect in a country which doesn't already have a section here, please post a message to the Connectors Chat page, and we'll add a section for you.

  • If you find that all the branches in a country are already connected (or you can't work on them for other reasons), you can find more by clicking on the "Unconnected profiles for place" link at the bottom of that section. This will lead you to a new report that Aleš has created specifically for the Connectors Project. That report lists all the unconnected branches which have at least 50 profiles in them, with at least one profile in that branch listing a person who was born or died in that country. The branches are listed in order by size.
    • If you find that the connecting profile is private, you can click on the "T" link after the profile ID to see a relative search page for that person on WikiTreePlus. Hopefully, at least some of the profiles in that branch will be open so you can work on them.
    • You can also click on the "S" link after the profile ID to see a full list of all the profiles in that branch.
    • If you find that a branch in that report is already connected, please send the details to Aleš so he can fix the problem.
  • You can can also find more unconnected profiles from that country by clicking on the country name at the head of that section: you'll be taken to the "Unconnected Profiles" category for that country. That category lists individual profiles rather than branches, but you're bound to find something.

Free space profiles (like this one) work pretty much the same way that profiles for people do, so all the same syntax applies. So to show that you are working on a branch, edit this page, scroll down to the listing you want work on, and replace the number at the end of the line with two opening square brackets ([), then your WikiTree ID, then a pipe (|), then your name, then two closing square brackets (]), like this: [[Example-123|Ferdinand Grubstake]].

Similarly, when you connect a branch (or discover one that's already connected), add Connected (or Found connected) and then the date. Put three single quotes (') before and after "connected" to put it into bold, like this: "'Connected'" February 29, 2020. One of the page pruners will then delete that entry in a couple of weeks, after everybody has had a chance to celebrate the new connection.


  • The DBE Unconnected page lists reports for different countries in the world, showing unconnected branches with at least one profile which says that the person in the profile was born or died in that country.


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I started over again on the English counties, because so many weren't up to five unconnected branches. And then I realised why. For a long time, I would keep going down the unconnected list in some jurisdictions, no matter how small the branches were, just to find five unconnected branches for each. But honestly, who's going to put in the work connecting a branch with seven people in it, when connecting a branch with hundreds of profiles in it accomplishes so much more for the same effort?

So I'm trying to remember to stick to a lower limit of 50 for branch sizes. If I can't find unconnected branches with open profiles of people born in that jurisdiction, then I'll just leave it. And if a jurisdiction gets down to the point where there are no qualifying unconnected branches anymore, I'll just delete it. In those cases, all the "low-hanging fruit" has already been picked, so it's time to look somewhere else. That doesn't mean that nobody else can add smaller branches. And I won't delete the section for a jurisdiction if it has unconnected branches with fewer than 50 profiles, but I'm going to try to focus the limited time I have for WikiTree on branches that people are going to want to work on, rather than just trying to fill out every jurisdiction in the world, no matter what.

posted by Greg Slade
Hi, I just connected France's 2nd largest branch (Chabriol-1) through total serendipity!
posted by Léa Haupaix
I have ended up connected other unconnected branches while trying to connect somebody else before. It's fun when that happens.
posted by Greg Slade
I am entering all births and deaths for the Italian village of Loseto in Bari. I am beginning with the Italian records in 1809 and entering each person born in 1809 -1900. Obviously this will take a while. After that I will enter deaths and marriages for the same period. As I begin entering the births, these people will be "UNCONNECTED" I will be able to connect them later. I am keeping an excel file of all the entries I am doing for this purpose.

So if you run into any births in Loseto, Bari, Puglia, Italy, I am working on those. Please be patient. I try to enter 1 year of births each day. Thanks much!

posted by Alice Campanella
Wow. That's a big job you've taken on!
posted by Greg Slade
Hi I was just checking how things were going over here and I found out than Anthony Burke's branch is actually connected!

(I took no part in it though)

posted by Léa Haupaix
I am trying to link up the most unconnected profiles I can and have already worked my way through the LARGEST UNCONNNECTED page.

Can anyone tell me how often this here page gets updated ? OR how to access the latest unconnected branches by largest size ?

On this page I have already worked my way down to a branch of 170 unconnected profiles which I just linked up. Many of the profiles were in the Bahamas which does not show up on this list. There were some profiles in New York city, but a branch of 170 does not show up in the New York category above either. So I am trying to access the most recent & largest unconnected branches. Thanks

posted by N Gauthier
The weekly report of all unconnected only lists the top 200 largest branches and can be found here https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Automated:DD_Unconnected_List_All.

Keeping these pages updated is a never ending struggle for Greg, I think he updated them all just before the connect a thon in January.

Unconnected branches that contain profiles from the USA are split by state, but you can see the top 10 for each state if you scroll down this page https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:DBE_Unconnected_US. I don't think a combined list is done for the USA as a whole.

posted by Carol (Winton) Keeling
Huh. I didn't realise that report was limited to 200 branches, because I never made it that far down the list...
posted by Greg Slade
The process that I use to maintain this page is detailed on the G2G thread at: https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/728660/adding-unconnected-branches-others-know-locations-working
posted by Greg Slade
My Garaud branch reached almost 250 profiles, but I just connected it with the help of Bernard Vatant!
posted by Léa Haupaix
Merci beaucoup d'avoir fait ça, Léa. J'ai marqué cette branche comme connectée.
posted by Greg Slade
I will try to connect as many unconnected trees and profiles as possible in Kalmar county focusing mostly on southern Öland first. Recently connected the tree tree551274.
posted by Axel Svensson
I have linked the Barnett-11616 branch with 105 profiles

Not sure how to take it off list, or who to update with this info, but feeling very pleased.

posted by Hazel (Ward) Archer
Thank you, Hazel. I have marked that branch as connected.
posted by Greg Slade
I'd like to try to bulk up this page before the Connect-A-Thon. If you would like to add an unconnected branch to any jurisdiction, please do so. I listed the steps that I go through in a G2G thread at https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/728660/ but you don't have to go through all those steps if you don't want to. I'd prefer to have at least six unconnected branches for each jurisdiction, so I'd love to see more branches added to the jurisdictions with fewer unconnected branches listed, but any jurisdiction is fine. (And yes, you can add your own branch if you haven't connected it to the main tree yet, but please use an Open profile as the linking profile, so that Connectors can work on that branch. [There are branches in the largest unconnected branches report which I haven't added to any lists, because none of the profiles in those branches are Open, so there's nothing anybody except the profile managers can do with them.])
posted by Greg Slade
Hi, I've been working on a French branch that is still unconnected, and right now it's at 133 profiles, so I think it should be up there in case someone wants to help out. I don't know whether I should edit this page directly and I don't really know how to deal with tables, so I figured it was safer to just comment!

My starting point was: Hector Eugène Joseph Garaud (1897-1940). You can see the connections here: https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special%3AMyConnections&w=garaud-18

Though the branch is vastly French there are also a couple of German profiles and I'm not able to do research on them, if someone wants to try it out (namely Susanna (Mangold) Bauthier (1830-))

posted by Léa Haupaix
I have added Hector's branch to the table.
posted by Greg Slade
I am working on the list at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Automated:DD_Unconnected_List_All and just linked up the branch called Buchholz-653 with 193 profiles which will show connected on 2021/12/19.
posted by N Gauthier
edited by N Gauthier
Linked up another branch called Ferguson-16503 with 193 profiles which will show connected on 2021/12/20.
posted by N Gauthier
Linked up another branch called Isaac-127 with 194 profiles.
posted by N Gauthier
Linked up another branch called Trivigno-1 with 180 profiles.
posted by N Gauthier
Looking for history of Polonia (Poland) specifically what is now Nowe, Poland but was once Neuenburg, Schwetz (on the Vistula). (https://www.inyourpocket.com/gdansk/Gdansk-History) (Also James Michener's "Poland")
  • (Early - 500 BC) Stone & Bronze Age people, Baltic peoples, Germanic peoples, Veneti peoples
  • (500 BC - 500 AD) Iron Age peoples
  • (500 AD - 960) Dark Ages people, West Slavic tribes, Vikings
  • (960) Civitas Schinesghe (Cities of the Dike) Polish Duke Mieszko coverts to Christianity
  • (980, officially 997) Gdansk founded as stronghold for Christianized Poland
  • (1054) Great Schism Western Christian (Catholic) & Russia (Eastern Orthodox Christian)
  • (1125) Teutonic Knights (Crusaders) invited by King of Poland to live in Chelmno (after being evicted by the Kingdom of Hungary) to quell pagan raids (probably Lithuanian) from the north. (1308) Knights assault Gdansk & crown Malbork their capital.
  • (1219 - 1263) Lithuania King Mindaugas (1203-1263) (Only Catholic Duke of pagan Lithuania)
  • (1236-1569) Grand Dutchy of Lithuania
  • Autumn 1362/3 Battle of Blue Waters - Grand Duke Algirdas defeated the Golden Horde in one of many battles, eventually removing the Golden Horde's control over Rus lands.
  • (1410) Lithuanian & Polish alliance defeats the Teutonic knights which halts eastward expansion of Germany.
  • (1432-1438) Lithuanian Civil War (Lithuania wanted control of Podolia).
  • (1480) Muscovy (Moscow) fought the "Great Stand on the Ugra River ridding itself of the "Tatar Yoke".
  • (1500's) Golden era (multi-cultural) of Gdansk
  • (1517) Martin Luther - Poland/Pomeralia (Catholic & Pagan) & Prussia/Pomerania (Protestant)
  • (1569-1795) Union of Lublin (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Multi-cultural)
  • (1734) Russian Tsar Peter the Great (Eastern Orthodox) beseiged Gdansk (Protestant)
  • (1772, 1793, 1795) Austria (Galacia), Prussia (East Prussia & Poznan) & Russia (Russian Poland) partitioned Poland ending Polish independence & wiping Poland off the map. (Late 1700s) Refugees poured into powerful France. Napoleon dissolved the partitions & held Poland as the "Duchy of Warsaw".
  • (1815, End of the Napoleonic era) Poland partitioned anew between Prussia & Russia (Austria kept boundaries of 1772). Multicultural Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia "given" to Prussia. Austria (kept Catholic Galacia, few changes), Prussia (received East Prussia & Poznan predominantly Protestant) & Russia (received Eastern Orthodox "Russian Poland" including the Warsaw district).
posted by Richard Schamp
edited by Richard Schamp
Hi, Greg! I see that my maternal uncle Koeraus-4 from Argentina is on the list on "large unconnected branches". He's been connected recently to the tree through his maternal line (Hilbert/De Fin/Auersperg). I'm working on the rest of the Koeraus/Köraus/Kehraus line and the Hilberts. There's still a lot of Köraus to add from Carinthia/Austria but I have to search church by church in Matricula and solve the puzzle.
posted by Cristina Corbellani
Finding unconnected branches which contain people who were born in Arizona is incredibly hard. In most cases, people were born somewhere else, and died in Arizona. Clearly, Arizona is an extremely dangerous place, and should be avoided at all costs. ;-)
posted by Greg Slade
Knight-9735 is now connected via Porter family in US South!
posted by Adriana Hazelton
I see the instructions on how to edit and will do that to make everyone's lives easier!
posted by Adriana Hazelton
Cool! That branch has been waiting to be connected for a LONG time!
posted by Greg Slade
I just connected Stallard-181! All the top Essex groups are now connected.
posted by Adriana Hazelton
Thank you, Adriana. I have doubled back to Essex and added in a couple of unconnected branches, but I should warn you that the pickings in Essex are getting slimmer, so you might want to consider widening your focus to include other counties. (Especially those with way more than five unconnected branches.)
posted by Greg Slade
And I just connected Wakeman-4552 via US colonial ancestors.
posted by Adriana Hazelton
Happy New Year everyone! I just connected Nixon-1704.
posted by Adriana Hazelton
Ironically, I just connected Rickwood-146. Finishing up the family and moving on to the next tomorrow!
posted by Adriana Hazelton
Connected Ardley-21 last week! I wasn't sure if the updates were automated or not. Currently working on the Rickwood-146 section which has been trickier.
posted by Adriana Hazelton
Thank you for that, Adriana! No, there's no automation on these pages. They're all built by hand. Mostly, we depend on people editing the page to mark when they've corrected a branch. We also scan through it checking for connected branches and adding more unconnected branches to bring each jurisdiction up to at least five branches, but that takes a while. I'm currently about halfway through the American states, and it would have been some time before I got back to Essex. So thank you for posting your comments. I have marked the Ardley and Rickwood branches as connected.
posted by Greg Slade
Thank you for breaking that down for me! This is a lot of work for you, do you have any maintenance support?
posted by Adriana Hazelton
Oh, yes. I should not have implied that I'm the only one maintaining these pages. There are several people who help out by marking connected branches and adding more unconnected branches. The page is Open, so any WikiTreer can help with that.
posted by Greg Slade
Connected Cox-2252 today through a connection in the Netherlands. Will show as connected tomorrow. :)
I connected Phenix-66 (finally!). Should show as connected tomorrow. :)
I connected William Eustis Russell (Governor of Massachusetts) today. I'll update tomorrow when he shows as connected. :)
Hello to all. I just joined the Connectors Project. My specialty area is Kentucky, and specifically south-central Kentucky. Hope I can be an asset to the project. - Bill
posted by Bill Vincent Ph.D.
Hi Bill! I have added more profiles to the Kentucky section. Feel free to take a look and see if any of them fall in your area of interest. Thank you for joining!
Thank you, Bill. I have added your name under Kentucky.
posted by Greg Slade
I connected Woodhead-287. I'll update it tomorrow when it shows as connected. :)
Connected Matthew Cradock, first Governor of Massachusetts. :) I'll update the table tomorrow.
Connected Thomson-5322; should show as connected tomorrow. : )

Edit: I also connected Haley-1506 today; I will update the table tomorrow once the profile shows as connected.

posted by Jayme (Mullins) Arrington
edited by Jayme (Mullins) Arrington
I connected Rankins-66; it should show tomorrow. :)
I have connected Fournier-2254 and he should show as connected tomorrow. :)
Connected Shelnut-73, should show as connected tomorrow.
Connected Keller-3545 today, should show as connected tomorrow.
Wauw, B.W.J., ik zie dat je heel snel aan die premiers werkt!
posted by Greg Slade
Thank you for working on those, Dallace.
posted by Greg Slade
Hi Greg,

I have been working on connecting Governors and Senators.

posted by Dallace Moore
Yes, part of my plan is to add and connect every (deceased) former head of state and former head of government for every country in the world, to build out a sort of "spine" to connect other profiles within that country to. There are other jobs that can be connected together by succession boxes, too. (I decided to add national archivists (where I can find them), because our work here depends so heavily on archives, so they're sort of genealogical superheroes. ;-) ) There could be plenty of others. I'd like to do the same for chief medical officers, but they seem to be even harder to find than archivists!
posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
Hi Greg! I see where you are going :D

I took your lead and connected the next couple of Dutch prime ministers. Johan Rudolph Thorbecke now has two succession-boxes and needs a third. Thank you for starting this journey.

posted by B. W. J. Molier
Thank you, Taylor. I have added Fritz and Ripley entries for you at https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Let_others_know_what_surnames_you_are_working_on
posted by Greg Slade
Thank you, Karen. I have added your name under Hampshire, and am in the process of building out a new section for the Isle of Wight.
posted by Greg Slade
I will work on Hampshire/Isle of Wight profiles xxx
I am working on connecting Ripley's and Fritz (one name Study).


I got up to Alabama (so the US states and territories have all been done, at least on the first pass), and then discovered a new largest unconnected branch, which is over twice the size of the Chinese one that's been at the top of the list for years. Ozimek-1 is the connecting profile, and the branch has 7,311 profiles.
posted by Greg Slade
There should now be at least 5 unconnected branches in each jurisdiction from the bottom of the list up to Idaho. I have also added a section for Egypt, so we now have sections for the 13 largest countries in the world by population.
posted by Greg Slade
I have now gotten up as far as Massachusetts in terms of adding unconnected branches.
posted by Greg Slade
I have added sections for more German Länder, and a section for the Philippines. We now have sections for all 12 of the largest countries by population.
posted by Greg Slade
Okay, there should be five unconnected branches and two unconnected notables from the bottom of the list as far up as New York. (Except in places where I couldn't find five unconnected branches with more than a handful of profiles in them.)
posted by Greg Slade
Okay, I have spun out a section for Baden-Württemberg, one of the Länder in Germany. I also removed some branches from the Germany list where I couldn't find anybody in the Family List who was actually born in Germany. That shortened up the Germany list considerably. (I had been thinking that it was getting so big that people would find it intimidating.) So there should be more sections to come. (Not necessarily speedily.)
posted by Greg Slade
Also, since we have hordes of unconnected branches from Germany, I've been thinking that it would probably be a good idea to divide them up by lands (I believe that's the correct name for divisions of Germany), but I don't know enough about the subject to know how many there are, what their names are, or which cities and towns are in which land. Have we got an expert on Germany who'd be willing to take on the task of dividing up those German branches and notables?
posted by Greg Slade
The goal is to have at least five unconnected branches and two unconnected notables for each country, county, province, state, or territory, so as you work up or down the page, just skip over any jurisdiction that already has that many unconnected branches or notables listed. (Although it would probably be a good idea to check and see if any of the existing branches or notables have been connected since the last time anybody checked.)
posted by Greg Slade
Ah. With sections for 47 countries and 80 counties, provinces, states, or territories we have 127 lists to maintain. No wonder I can't keep up. So yes, some help finding and adding unconnected branches would be very welcome.

If people want to start in the middle and work up or down, that would help, too. That way, we could have four people stocking lists, rather than one. So if somebody wants to start at Argentina and work down, somebody else wants to start at Romania and work up, and somebody else wants to start at Russia and work down, I'll keep trying to work up from Zimbabwe.

posted by Greg Slade
Okay, I officially need help adding unconnected branches. I simply can't add them as fast as people are connecting them. That's a wonderful problem to have, but I do feel that it's important to keep these lists "stocked" with unconnected branches, so that people who come here wondering about what this whole "Connectors" thing is all about will be able to find branches to work on, wherever they want to work on them. I'm still trying to work up from the bottom of the list, and I thought I had finished as far as Rhode Island before I found a bunch of branches that have been connected, so it would help if somebody could start down from the top.
posted by Greg Slade

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