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Lin Family of Hunan, China, 1195-present

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The goal of this project is to be able to input all the information received through a traditional Chinese family tree that includes 28 generations from 1195 through the late 1990s. As a traditional Chinese family tree, information prior to the 1400s lists only the father and sons. After the 1400s, it also lists spouses' family names, sometimes their given names and also sometimes daughters' names. Whether the document contains death years and locations isn't consistent, although birth years most always appear. From more contemporary years past the 1700s and most certainly past the 1900s, the document also contains occupational information and richer information about all spouses and children.

Right now this project just has one member, me. I am Daniel 林丹尼 Lindbergh Lang. I'm of the 29th generation associated with this specific Hunanese Chinese Lin family tree. Mandarin Chinese is my second language, so I have been working with a native-Chinese instructor to translate this family tree that I received from my Chinese-speaking cousin on my late mother's side, Lin Jiyao, who lives in China. I'm concurrently working to get possession of the family tree on my Hunanese Chinese Xiao side. I have written in placeholder profiles for certain persons, as I work with my tutor to flesh out each section according to the information provided by the document.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Verifying that translations from the original Mandarin Chinese are accurate.
  • Verifying that date conversions from the Chinese sexagenary cycle are calculated correctly.
  • Verifying that conversions of imperial years to Gregorian years are accurate.
  • Verifying that conversions from lunar days and months to Gregorian days and months are accurate.
  • Verifying that translations of location names are accurate.
  • Quality control to ensure that ancestors' 名,字 and 号 when applicable are reported correctly.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

Until we can get access to edit pre-1500, below you will find the base information pertaining to those ancestors. Additionally known about many of these ancestors are their sons' names and many spouses' names. However, I felt that these would be easier to add once we get access to edit pre-1500, rather than inputting it all here.

Zàixiáng 林再祥 Lin was the earliest ancestor born after 1500, and his profile is online at Lin-252.

Zàixiáng 林再祥 Lin's father was Xiùhéng 林秀衡 Lin, born 1480. He passed away after 1506.

Xiùhéng 林秀衡 Lin's father was Wéncái 林文材 Lin, born 1459. He passed away after 1479.

Wéncái 林文材 Lin's father was Xìngfǔ 林幸甫 Lin, born 1434. He passed away in 1506.

Xìngfǔ 林幸甫 Lin's father was Gōngmào 林公茂 Lin, born 1405. He passed away in 1466.

Gōngmào 林公茂 Lin's father was Jūnyuán 林均元 Lin, born 1369. He passed away in 1433.

Jūnyuán 林均元 Lin's father was Chéngjué 林成爵 Lin, born 1346. He passed away in 1413.

Chéngjué 林成爵 Lin's father was Guāngguì 林光貴 Lin, born 1319. He passed away in 1389.

Guāngguì 林光貴 Lin's father was Dìngfǔ 林定辅 Lin, born 1288. He passed away in 1350.

Dìngfǔ 林定辅 Lin's father was Jìnzuò 林进祚 Lin, born 1262. He passed away in 1333.

Jìnzuò 林进祚 Lin's father was Sīyì 林思义 Lin, born 1228. He passed away in 1305.

Sīyì 林思义 Lin's father was Duāngōng 林端公 Lin, born 1195. He passed away in 1253.

Duāngōng 林端公 Lin was the oldest recorded relative on this family tree.


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