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under Citations = converted all old Ancestry citations to Familysearch / all citations are correctly formatted

UPDATED Aug 23, 2021

Name Birth Citations Categories Notes
Bailey, Ann M. abt 1854 some DOB, DOD, censuses 1850, 1870, 1880; marriages, children
Bailey, George R. 17 Jul 1809 add other children; 1870, 1880 censuses; any before 1850?; US arrival date; more on sailing career if possible
Bailey, George T. 26 Jan 1837 1870 census, more on sailing career
Bailey, James bef 1795 to-do to-do literally anything
Bailey, Mary C. bef 1795 to-do to-do literally anything
Bailey, Robert H. abt 1857 some DOB, DOD; 1870, 1880, 1910?, 1920?, 1930? 1940? censuses; spouse(s); children
Bailey, William Batchelder 14 Jul 1841 check 1870, 1880, censuses; spouse(s); children. did he serve in civil war?
Brown, Ada C. (Bailey) 6 Jul 1851 add any other siblings, James Brown; 1870 census? birth record? marriage to james brown?
Bennett, Anne (Davis) check check need more sources
Bennett, Job 12 Jul 1749 check check
Bennett, Job 23 Jan 1815 check check
Bennett, Mary (Harraden) 09 Sep 1750 check check
Chase, Mary bef 1808 check find more sources
Conley, Barbara abt 9 Sep 1867 1930 census? passenger record to US? obituary
Cook, John H. abt 1859 check DOB, 1860, 1870 censuses, spouse, children, findagrave
Cook, Margaret A. abt 1856 check DOB, DOD; 1860, 1870 censuses, more sources
Cook, Michael abt 1809 check add sources; DOB, DOD; parents, children, marriage to Sarah Hasty
Cook, Michael abt 1862 check DOB, DOD; more sources
Cook, Peter abt 1864 check DOB, DOD; more sources
Cook, Sarah (Hasty) abt 1825 check add parents, other children, marriage to Michael Cook
Cushing, John bef 1808 check find more sources
Drummond, Elizabeth Elvira S. (Hicks) abt 1869 to-do check find death records, parents, other children?
Drummond, John A. abt 1845 to-do check determine if other John Drummond is the same person
Eastman, Almira S. abt 1843 check add more sources, parents, other children
Eastman, Annette M. abt 1872 1 unsourced check add sources (unsourced)
Eastman, Calvin 29 Jul 1843 1 source check add mother, other children
Eastman, Henry Tucker abt 1813 check check
Eastman, Jeremiah Chandler 12 Jun 1824 check check
Eastman, Job Holt 3 Jun 1782 check add sources, parents, other children
Eastman, Mary H. (Merriman) abt 1822 1 source check check
Eastman, Richard abt 1846 check check
Eldredge, Orville 26 Jun 1893 to-do check DOB, add other children, find 1900+1930 census, obituary (NOTE: not listed with family in 1900 despite being born by then)
Eldredge, Catherine (Fahey) abt 1887 unsourced check add sources, marriage, other children
Eldridge, Charles abt 1842 check check
Eldridge, Edward abt 1876 check check
Eldridge, George H. 9 Mar 1869 check check
Eldridge, Wilbur A. abt May 1872 to-do check find birth and death records, sort out census 1920,1930,1940 (theres a different Wilbur 1881-1962); add parents charles and mary
Fahey, Bridget C. abt 1865 check check
Fahey, Ellen (O'Brien) abt 1850 censuses before 1880, add children profiles, marriage record
Fahey, George abt 1887 check check
Fahey, Helen M. abt 1890 check check
Fahey, John abt 1880 check check
Fahey, Mary C. abt 1890 check check
Fahey, Michael abt 1876 check check
Fahey, Patrick abt 1830 check add parents, children profiles; marriage record, censuses pre-1880; incorporate probate source
Fahey, Patrick Francis, Jr. 12 Jan 1879 check check
Fahey, Peter abt 1874 check check
Fahey, Sarah abt 1872 check check
Fahey, Stephen abt 1874 check check
Fahey, William abt 1867 check check
Giusti, Camillo 30 Mar 1928 to-do check add children
Giusti, Camillo abt 1876 to-do check check
Giusti, Irene (Mancini) 15 Sep 1908 to do add parents, children; condense footnote usage in bio
Giusti, Nicola C. 8 Mar 1901 to do check add parents, children; add obituary
Griffin, Albert D. 17 Oct 1870 check check
Griffin, Bridget Agnes (Mulkern) 3 Jul 1888 to-do check add children
Griffin, Charles F. abt 1865 check check
Griffin, Dexter J. 3 Dec 1846 check check
Griffin, Eliza E. 18 Jan 1856 check check
Griffin, Elizabeth (Eaton) abt 1790 1 findagrave check add parents, other children, DOB, DOD
Griffin, Frank Dexter 9 Dec 1876 to-do check add wife, children, censuses 1900, 1910, 1940; military
Griffin, Hattie W. abt 1866 check check
Griffin, Horace Decatur 20 May 1878 to-do check add children, census 1900+
Griffin, John H. 25 Sep 1852 check check
Griffin, Lester Franklin 8 Jan 1849 to-do check check
Griffin, Lucy A. 20 Jan 1851 check check
Griffin, Moses , Jr. abt 1823 to-do check add DOB, children
Griffin, Moses , Sr. 1793 check add parents, other children, DOB, DOD
Griffin, Nancy A. (Cushing) abt 1826 to-do check add DOB, children
Griffin, Nancy abt 1858 check check
Griffin, William M. abt 1861 check check
Harridan, Elizabeth (Davis) check check
Johnson, Abigail (Eaton) abt 1773 check check
Johnson, Abner H. 9 Feb 1817 check check
Johnson, Alexander, Sr. 12 Oct 1779 1 check check
Johnson, Alexander, Jr. abt 1805 1 check check
Johnson, Elizabeth (Bennett) 12 Sep 1780 check check
Johnson, Hannah Bates abt 1816 to-do check check
Johnson, Jacob 9 Jul 1767 1 check check
Johnson, Mary 15 Jan 1783 1 check check
Johnson, Rhoda Bennett abt 1821 2 check add DOB, marriage record, other children, more sources connecting her to parents?
Kane, Mary bef 1795 check check
King, Andrew abt 1820 to-do check find parents, DOB, DOD, marriage, add children
Giusti, Unlisted 1956 to-do check to-do
King, Clyde abt 1924 to-do check add sources (unsourced)
King, Liz 1988 check check to-do
King, Grissom Ann (Unknown) 26 Aug 1826 check check find parents, DOB, marriage, add children
Eldredge, Unlisted check check add sources (unsourced)
King, Homer F. check check add findagrave
King, Minnie Josephine (Drummond) 1888-02-05 check check add other children
King, Unlisted 1953 check check to-do
King, William Frank 1867-12-07 check check add sources, first wife, other children
Mancini, Rosario abt 1857 check check to-do
Merriman, Hugh 1790 check to-do
Mulkern, Festus P. 1864 find birth record, parents - connect to Mrs. Delia Reardon; date of immigration; add children
Mulkern, Thomas C. 1905 1930 census?; did he have a wife?; genealogybank obituary (link in profile)
O'Brien, Stephen 1830 check check add sources (unsourced)
Trent, Ann (Griffin) check check add children
Name Birth Citations Categories Notes
Apthorp, Charles abt 1698 check check
Apthorp, Grizzell (Eastwick) 16 Aug 1709 check check
Bean, Abiathar 20 Jun 1793 to-do check check
Berry, Hiram Gregory 27 Aug 1824 to-do check check
Burton, Benjamin 9 Dec 1749 to-do check check
Gell, Eleanor Isabella (Franklin) 1824-06-03 check add husband, children
Joy, Levi 26 Aug 1766 check check
Joy, Matthew P. 07 Feb 1793 check check check
Moody, Ann (Weeks) abt 1733 check to-do
Moody, Dorcas 21 Jul 1805 check check
Moody, Dorcas 6 Oct 1808 check check
Moody, Emma (Crosby) abt 1770 check find parents, find last 2 children, birth record
Moody, Emma 16 Dec 1798 check check
Moody, Enoch 12 Dec 1713 check to-do
Moody, Enoch abt 1813 check check
Moody, George 28 Mar 1800 check check
Moody, George 31 Dec 1801 check check
Moody, Henry W. 09 May 1803 check check
Moody, John Watson 28 Oct 1810 check check
Moody, Lemuel 30 Jun 1767 check source for lemuel's exact birthdate besides findagrave; images?
Moody, William 16 Feb 1756 check to-do
Newby, Dangerfield abt 1820 to-do check check
Newby, Dangerfield, Jr. abt 1855 check check
Porter, Seward 5 Apr 1753 check check check


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