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Lockharts Throughout the World

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Part of the Lockhart Name Study

This study is in it's infancy, so please be patient. I am trying to create a study which will set each person's profile into a specific area in the world, to assist with research in locating other relations so the following applies to this upper level category:


The Earliest Known and Documented Lockhart

Richard Locard


Family Tree DNA Listing multiple family lines documented via DNA.

Begin UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Peter Roberts

Y-DNA Links for Lockharts in WikiTree

group1 WikiTree ID, Y-DNA Ancestors, EKA Y-DNA descendants, Y-Search Comparison, confirmed match

through John Lockhart Lockhart-775 1766-1832 Virginia/West Virginia



WikiTree Member's DNA Links

SEE: WikiTree Test Takers Related to Lockharts

Y-chromosome haplogroup: R1b1a2
Mitochondrial haplogroup: J1c
GEDMatch ID: M53383123 and Me

DNA R-M269

Markers: Y-DNA12 Y-DNA25 Y-DNA37 Y-DNA67 Y-DNA111

Kit Number Name Paternal Ancestor Name Country Haplogroup

  • 111935 Lockhart John Lockhart 1766-1832 Unknown Origin R-M269
  • 126192 Lockhart John Lockhart 1800 Londondery, IR - 1883 AL Ireland R-M269
  • N74948 Lockhart William Lockhart (1796 Dumfriesshire, Scotland) Scotland R-M269 *82133 Lockhart James Lockhart b. 1756 - 1804 SC Unknown Origin R-M269
  • 213036 Lockhart Joeph Lockhart Born: about 1807 Ky or VaD: Jan 6, Unknown Origin R-M269
  • 216962 Lockhart John Lockhart 1766 HampshireCo VA-1832 WoodCo VA Unknown Origin R-M269

Lockhart Group 3

  • 3827 Lockhart Andrew Jackson Lockhart Scotland R-M269 *3826 Lockhart Scotland R-M269
  • N80812 Lockhart Scotland R-M269 *305575 Russell Eli Russell b. 1840 and d. 1897 Unknown Origin R-M269
  • 287309 Lewis John Howard , b. 1801 and d. 1895 England R-M269
  • 194300 Falconer William Ayton Falconer 1818 - 1879 Scotland R-M269
  • 172790 Lockhart James Edward Henderson,b.c.. Scotland Belgium R-M269
  • 5163 Lockhart Unknown Origin R-M269
  • 279646 Lockhart Alexander Lockhart - descendant of the Lee's Scotland R-M269 *N8171 Thomson James Thomson, b1792. Airdrie Scotland United King United Kingdom R-M269
  • 298439 Kelly Philip MacKelly b. 1816 Antrim Ire. d.1887 USA Ireland R-M269
  • 283509 Gilletly Johne Gellatly, B: about 1615 Scotland R-M269
  • 221320 Broyles Johannes Broyles Germany R-M269

Distribution of Lockharts USA 1840, 1880, 1920

Ancestry Interactive Map Free membership level permits access to this map.


NOTE: If you are Category "Challenged" (as I sometimes am LOL) , either shoot ME a note (be sure to include the profile ID), and I'll set it up. If the category comes in "RED" that means that location has not been created yet. It is also very important to be consistent with punctuation and spelling and even spacing.

Three forms of identification of a person's profile are used:


An upper-level category for anything related to the Lockharts

This is a high level category. Please do not add individual profiles. Add profiles to the narrowest category possible. See How to Categorize.

For example: If a person was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, and died in Frederick County, Virginia, the categories would not be the Lockhart Family but rather:

1.Lanarkshire, Scotland, Lockhart Name Study with the linking categories within the edit box:

a. Scotland, Lockhart Name Study
b. Lanarkshire, Scotland, Name Studies with the linking categories within the edit box:
A. Lanarkshire, Scotland
B. Scotland, Name Studies


2. Frederick County, Virginia, Lockhart Name Study with the linking categories within the edit box:

a. Virginia, Lockhart Name Study with the linking categories:
A. Virginia, Name Studies
B. United States, Lockhart Name Study
b. Frederick County, Virginia, Name Studies
A. Frederick County, Virginia
B. Virginia, Name Studies

I have decided to add this higher level category so that one can search via the state in case the county is unknown. Often times, via census records, we know the state but not the actual county of birth. This is ongoing (I have a couple of thousand profiles to add this too...X-7424 14:08, 18 July 2015 (EDT)

See: Senator Samuel Lockhart for an example of multiple locations and follow the category links to see the correct formatting.

Before creating a location, do a category search to determine if the category has already been created. See: Category:Regions to locate established categories.


Adding Project Template

If you would like, you may add a project template to each profile included in your study. This will help raise awareness of your study & may increase collaboration. The code is:

{{One Name Study
| name = Lockhart
| category = " City/County, State/Colony, Lockhart Name Study

Insert the location as specific as possible then follow the category instructions above to link the new category to the upper level categories. This template will place ONE category...if there are others, then you will need to set them up manually using the above instructions...

If you need assistance with this process, please contact Nae X


1.Add the template to a Lockhart profile ONLY those whose last name at birth was Lockhart (so no wives who became a Lockhart by marriage)

2.Add the location of the Lockhart in the following format: This County, State, Lockhart Name Study IF it comes up RED then that location/category hasn't been created...either let ME know or I will watch the "wanted categories" section and will take care of it. NOTE: the commas, punctuation are all important. If you have one letter off, it won't set up correctly...I can fix them as long as the profiles aren't restricted via the privacy setting.

Unclaimed Medal Civil War

George H Lockhart Co L 1st West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry There is little known about George, except for his service and that his mother, Rafina/Rufina applied for pension benefits in 1879.

WikiTree Participants

Please add your name and a description of your specialty and your problem Lockhart (my mom would have said Nae X  :)

Nae X: Colonial Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas (although my research skills in Texas are weak, but getting better) Lockharts. Additionally, just about anywhere in the USA for the 1800s.

Brick walls:
John Lockhart of Hampshire County, Virginia and Wirt County, West Virginia 1766-1832. This fellow has stumped researchers for 50 years. Possible lead/brother or relation is General Josiah Lockhart and his father Robert Lockhart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
NEEDED: DNA from a male descendant of Robert Lockhart.
Research in Lancaster County and Philadelphia Presbyterian Churches for a first marriage of Robert Lockhart and possible spouse with a last name of Lyons.
Byrd Lockhart Sr born in Virginia around 1750 and died near Fort Russell, Illinois in 1814. See a sub study resource page: The Byrds/Bird Lockharts His son was an Alamo defender and is listed at the Alamo as such in Austin, Texas.
NEEDED: DNA from a descendant of Byrd Lockhart Sr
Connection for Byrd Sr in Virginia...a will, or perhaps to Col William Byrd...another avenue of search that I have not explored.

Leanne Cooper: New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada

Problem Lockhart (I won't yet call this a brick wall, as I haven't yet exhausted all research possibilities!):
William Lockhart (abt. 1795 - aft. 1871) was born in Nova Scotia and settled in New Brunswick. The Lockhart genealogy, "Lockhart families of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick", says that he was possibly the oldest son of Timothy Lockhart and Elizabeth Teed of Sackville, NB, but acknowledges that this is uncertain given that their youngest son was also named William. As the 1861 and 1871 censuses both have William's birth place as Nova Scotia, it is unlikely that he was the son of Timothy and Elizabeth. He must be connected to one of the Nova Scotia Lockhart families, but which one?

Roy Lockhart West Virginia Lockharts.

Brick walls:
John Lockhart of Hampshire County, Virginia and Wirt County, West Virginia 1766-1832.
Roy Lockhart - Family Tree DNA yDNA 67 markers

Haplogroup R1b1a2 Ysearch KEFAZ Family Tree DNA kit 216962 Mitochondrial DNA test-takers in the direct maternal line: Roy Lockhart - Family Tree DNA mtDNA Full Sequence Haplogroup J1c Mitosearch AK9F8 Family Tree DNA kit 216962 It is likely that these autosomal DNA test-takers will share significant DNA with Roy: Roy Lockhart - 23andMe GEDMatch ID M533831 Roy Lockhart - Family Tree DNA Family Finder GEDMatch ID F216962 Family Tree DNA kit 216962

Robert Moody Richland County, Ohio Lockharts.

Brick Wall:
William Lockhart born about 1800 in Virginia? Moved to Richland County, Ohio, settling in Jefferson township about 1825. Married a Sarah Ann McDonald/McDonnel also of Virginia.

Susan Shirey Lawrence and Mercer County, Pennsylvania Lockharts

Brick Wall
Robert Lockhart born about 1765 in Virginia but traveled west through Pennsylvania, Huntington County, then what was Mercer County which then changed to Lawrence county. Married Margaret McClung, Rachel Morris, and lastly Elizabeth Anderson, all of Pennsylvania.

Sherry Lockhart Tazewell County, Virginia Lockharts

Other Noted Lockhart Researchers and Links

Greg Van der Werf, his website: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=SHOW&db=gregvdw&recno=15673 I, Nae X, have his email address.

Bill and Izzy Lockart (Bill died in 2013), http://www.lockharts.com/ I, Nae X have Izzy's email but she hasn't responded since Bill died.

Betty Dotson Rennick, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~wvpioneers/ and http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~wvpioneers/lockhartfamily.html Both of these links have multiple sources which include the Cheuvronts/Hinkles to name a few. I, Nae X have Betty's email address.

Bill Mundel of Scotland I, Nae X, have his email address if needed.

Delitt Wilson, a descendant of Major Robert Lockhart http://cliffdwelling.blogspot.com/2012/05/taken-from-autobiography-of-allen.html. You will see multiple posts online from Dellitt. I, Nae X, have her email address.


ySearch has pedigrees that are viewable. Beware, these are not sourced.

By Country

NOTE: Individual states/counties have resources linked to those category pages as well.

Canada and USA

Tribal Pages with assorted Lockharts from the 1700s

Breakdown of Lockharts Around the World by LOCATION

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