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LornaHen Confirmed DNA relationships

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Date: May 2015 [unknown]
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This page documents some of my ( Lorna's) ancestral relationships confirmed, or at the very least, corroborated, via dna testing.

Where there's a relationship tool symbol ( -><-) after a pair of names, click on it to see, yes, the relationship, between the people shown.

Jane Gibson

This blog post refers and explains, I hope, how DNA testing and an unknown match, led us to finally crack the brickwall of who on earth Jane's parents were.


Robert RICHARDSON and Margaret RUNCHMAN (more normally RUNCIMAN) were picked, many years ago, from a cast of thousands as the parents of Elizabeth RICHARDSON on the basis of the Scottish naming pattern
We believe this has been corroborated by at least one triangulated DNA match (on chromosome 2 from 12-22m)
Lorna to Ralph -><-
WAHenderson to Ralph -><-
Lorna to WAHenderson -><-


Jane SINTON, assumed daughter of Peter SINTON and Jeanie WIGHT now has DNA matches between two of her descendants and descendants of two other of her assumed siblings
Lisa to Peter -><-
Chr 17: 69 to 74 mbp 12.02 cMs
Liam to Lorna
Chr 09: 4 to 10 mbp 10cMs where although Liam's results cannot be compared with others as he isn't on GEDmatch, two of my second cousins who share our SINTON ancestry, do triangulate with me at that spot.

William Andrews

Who's Harry refers and explains, I hope, how DNA testing and an unknown match, led us to discover what happened to Simon Andrews' brother William


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