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M. Lohmeyer To-Do List

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Name Birth Notes
Abberton, Michael Joseph 1854-00-00 to-do
Abberton, Mary E. 1915-00-00 to-do
Abberton, Thomas 1830-00-00 to-do
Abberton, Thomas 1810-00-00 to-do
Abberton, Lilian to-do
Abberton, Mary (Torpy) 1834-00-00 to-do
Abberton, Edna Elizabeth to-do
Abberton, William Patrick 1873-05-10 to-do
Abberton, Mary Catherine (Carter) 1867-02-00 to-do
Achenbach, Anna Katharina / Agnesa to-do
Achenbach, Maria Margretha 1728-10-31 to-do
Andrews, Sarah (Craft) 1838-04-01 to-do
Andrews, John 1834-07-17 to-do
Andrews, Matthew William 1859-07-12 to-do
Andrews, Ada (Green) 1864-08-20 to-do
Andrews, Frederick 1885-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Lyall 1887-00-00 to-do
Andrews, David 1891-06-24 to-do
Andrews, Edgar to-do
Andrews, Horace 1901-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Gladys 1904-01-19 to-do
Andrews, Stanley Geoffrey William 1907-04-19 to-do
Andrews, Samuel 1797-00-00 to-do
Andrews, J. to-do
Andrews, Sidney 1892-12-03 to-do
Andrews, Alfred John 1860-08-18 to-do
Andrews, Alby 1885-11-03 to-do
Andrews, Owen 1897-06-17 to-do
Andrews, Alma 1895-03-18 to-do
Andrews, Herb 1899-07-25 to-do
Andrews, Nellie 1901-09-27 to-do
Andrews, Gordon 1905-08-01 to-do
Andrews, Laban 1887-06-14 to-do
Andrews, Maud 1884-04-19 to-do
Andrews, Rachel 1889-09-05 to-do
Andrews, Arthur Reuben 1864-07-12 to-do
Andrews, Sarah Louise 1862-05-25 to-do
Andrews, Emily Jane 1866-04-24 to-do
Andrews, Irvine Henry 1868-06-19 to-do
Andrews, Matilda Ann 1870-08-24 to-do
Andrews, Amy Elizabeth 1872-10-25 to-do
Andrews, Henry 1816-04-29 to-do
Andrews, William 1819-01-02 to-do
Andrews, Arthur Cecil 1902-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Carl William 1913-00-00 to-do
Andrews, E. (Darnley) to-do
Andrews, J. to-do
Andrews, J. to-do
Andrews, John 1807-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Jane 1859-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Charles 1860-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Henry 1862-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Clara 1865-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Grace 1866-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Ida D. 1904-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Gregory M. 1910-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Frank E. 1905-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Thelma F. 1909-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Keith Herbert 1911-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Eric 1907-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Basil J. 1915-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Marjorie 1915-00-00 to-do
Andrews, Barbara to-do
Andrews, Sarah (Unknown) 1797-00-00 to-do
Anger, Johanne Dorothea Charlotte 1780-01-11 to-do
Bailey, Jane Matilda 1875-09-07 to-do
Barteldrees, Maria Catharina Elisabeth 1786-08-04 to-do
Barteldrees, Johann Henrich to-do
Bates, William 1812-02-09 to-do
Bates, Mary Ann Maria 1837-06-27 to-do
Baxter, Josephine Ellerslie (Carter) 1904-00-00 to-do
Berneking, Johann Friderich 1764-03-25 to-do
Berneking, Catharine Marie Lisabeth 1792-06-16 to-do
Birkemeier, Johanna “Hanna” Friederike Christine 1860-02-14 to-do
Birkemeyer, Karl Heinrich 1832-11-29 to-do
Boumann, Marie 1820-03-19 to-do
Boumann, Antonie 1826-11-07 to-do
Bourne, Eliza Margaret 1870-00-00 to-do
Bourne, Florence Jessie 1880-00-00 to-do
Bradley, Mary 1814-00-00 to-do
Brandt, ‘Elisabeth’ Ida Olga Hedwig (“Urtel”) 1891-08-02 to-do
Brandt, Reinhold 1854-10-02 to-do
Brandt, ‘Ernst’ Friedrich Wilhelm 1821-11-01 to-do
Brandt, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm 1775-09-14 to-do
Brandt, Karl Friedrich 1814-02-10 to-do
Brandt, Carl Heinrich 1850-05-20 to-do
Brandt, Klara Hermine 1851-08-30 to-do
Brandt, Louise Henriette Mathilde 1853-02-06 to-do
Brandt, Friedrich Julius 1854-09-05 to-do
Brandt, Ernst Otto 1857-05-05 to-do
Brandt, Olga 1853-01-22 to-do
Brandt, ‘Ewald’ Carl Martin 1856-11-10 to-do
Broderick, Mary 1814-00-00 to-do
Buchheim, Anna Elisabeth 1771-12-27 to-do
Buchheim, Christian 1731-09-03 to-do
Burgmann, Anna Maria 1715-06-08 to-do
Busch, Rosina Maria 1780-03-22 to-do
Busch, Johann George 1749-05-27 to-do
Böcking, Johann Engel 1749-02-05 to-do
Carter, Sydney Joseph Field 1886-00-00 to-do
Carter, Beryl Myee 1910-01-24 to-do
Carter, George Joseph 1863-05-31 to-do
Carter, Alice Maud (Duff) 1866-00-00 to-do
Carter, Ina Verona 1890-00-00 to-do
Carter, Joseph 1833-11-17 to-do
Carter, Ambrose 1833-04-07 to-do
Carter, Hannah (Reader) 1832-09-00 to-do
Carter, Benjamin 1803-00-00 to-do
Carter, Benjamin James 1865-08-24 to-do
Carter, William Fuller 1868-01-15 to-do
Carter, James John 1870-11-27 to-do
Carter, Joseph , (twin) 1874-10-04 to-do
Carter, Henry , (twin) 1874-10-04 to-do
Carter, Thomas Sydney 1878-10-02 to-do
Carter, Angus 1886-12-08 to-do
Carter, Benjamin 1826-00-00 to-do
Carter, William 1828-00-00 to-do
Carter, Mary Ann 1831-00-00 to-do
Carter, Sarah 1832-00-00 to-do
Carter, John 1839-00-00 to-do
Carter, Ann 1841-00-00 to-do
Carter, James 1843-00-00 to-do
Carter, Sophia 1845-00-00 to-do
Carter, Sarah 1853-00-00 to-do
Cassleden, Elizabeth 1770-00-00 to-do
Chipperton, Caroline 1806-00-00 to-do
Couderc, Johanna Constantina Aemilia 1738-10-14 to-do
Craft, Rebecca (Woodbury) 1820-12-08 to-do
Craft, Sarah Jane (Green) 1855-00-00 to-do
Craft, Phillis 1843-01-15 to-do
Craft, Jane 1845-03-11 to-do
Craft, Caroline 1850-03-12 to-do
Craft, Agnes Ada 1874-00-00 to-do
Craft, Mary Ann 1857-02-25 to-do
Craft, James 1861-09-26 to-do
Cross, Amy Emma Vida 1894-02-17 to-do
Crull, Henrich Christian 1732-01-00 to-do
Crull, Mathias 1700-00-00 to-do
Culley, James 1856-00-00 to-do
Culley, Elsie A. 1907-00-00 to-do
Curtis, Sarah 1804-00-00 to-do
Czerwinski, ‘Paulina’ Alexandra 1860-12-11 to-do
Czerwinski, Leonhard Bernhard 1827-08-05 to-do
Czerwinski, Johannes to-do
Darnley, Clem Hill to-do
Darnley, Arthur to-do
Darnley, Unknown to-do
Darnley, Richard 1877-09-25 to-do
Davis, Georgiana 1809-00-00 to-do
Delamotte, George C (de la Motte) 1913-00-00 to-do
Delamotte, Victor Hugo (De La Motte) 1880-00-00 to-do
Dielitz, Karoline 1811-12-09 to-do
Dixon, Sarah 1813-00-00 to-do
Dopheide, Heinrich Wilhelm Gustav 1859-09-29 to-do
Dosterschild, Anna Rosalia 1799-07-25 to-do
Douglas, Andrew 1890-00-00 to-do
Douglass, Sara Jane 1810-08-22 to-do
Drüdeke, Anna Ilsabein 1778-03-01 to-do
Dunbar, David 1861-00-00 to-do
Dunbar, Elsie 1890-00-00 to-do
Dunbar, Leslie R. 1894-00-00 to-do
Dunbar, Gladys 1899-00-00 to-do
Dunbar, Horace David 1908-04-25 to-do
Döche, Johanne Sophie Therese 1828-05-05 to-do
Döche, Johann Gottfried 1786-05-15 to-do
Edwards, Mary (Marrin) 1873-02-17 to-do
Edwards, Joseph 1869-03-23 to-do
Ehrenberg, Helene 1834-01-23 to-do
Eichhorn, Marie Christine to-do
Findeisen, Agnes Cäcilie 1848-08-14 to-do
Findeisen, Christian Ehregott 1813-12-03 to-do
Findeisen, Johann George 1783-03-09 to-do
Findeisen, Johann Andreas 1754-03-28 to-do
Franke, Martin 1810-06-22 to-do
Freitag, Johann Henrich 1794-00-00 to-do
Freudenberg, Maria Louisa 1748-03-30 to-do
Freudenberg, Andreas 1747-03-20 to-do
Frohberg, Marie Theresie ‘Lucia’ 1878-05-01 to-do
Frohberg, Karl Theodor Robert 1850-03-23 to-do
Frohberg, Clara ‘Josephine’ Ottilie 1880-12-11 to-do
Frohberg, Karl Robert ‘Arno’ 1882-03-29 to-do
Frohberg, Clara Marie ‘Hertha’ 1885-02-10 to-do
Frohberg, Karl Adolf ‘Fritz’ 1893-08-05 to-do
Frohberg, Rosine Marie Elisabeth (‘Elsbeth’) 1897-02-19 to-do
Frohberg, Christiane Friedericke 1812-03-20 to-do
Frohberg, Johann Gottlieb 1779-11-21 to-do
Frohberg, Johann Carl Gotthelf 1807-10-28 to-do
Frohberg, Johanne Christine ‘Martha’ 1890-07-16 to-do
Frohberg, Theodor Robert Karl 1876-12-10 to-do
Frohberg, Karl Robert ‘Martin’ 1879-08-22 to-do
Frohberg, Rosine Marie 1883-08-28 to-do
Frohberg, Karl Gustav Adolf 1888-10-04 to-do
Gerhard, Johann Henrich 1715-12-06 to-do
Gerhard, Maria Katharina 1740-03-08 to-do
Gerhard, Anna Margarethe 1741-11-26 to-do
Goeritz, Friederike Maria to-do
Gold, Betsy (Gould) 1806-05-11 to-do
Gold, John (Gould) 1802-11-14 to-do
Goodwin, L to-do
Gould, Jane (Andrews) 1814-05-27 to-do
Gould, Philip 1807-12-05 to-do
Gould, Sarah 1839-11-25 to-do
Gould, Unknown 1841-00-00 to-do
Gould, James 1843-07-25 to-do
Gould, Mary 1845-11-21 to-do
Gould, William 1847-12-00 to-do
Gould, Ann 1850-03-24 to-do
Gould, Jane 1850-03-25 to-do
Gould, Henry Thomas 1854-12-10 to-do
Gould, James 1780-00-00 to-do
Gould, James 1804-04-29 to-do
Graef, Anna Catharina 1717-11-11 to-do
Green, Sarah (Greentree) 1833-12-03 to-do
Green, Thomas 1833-01-15 to-do
Green, Clara 1869-00-00 to-do
Green, Susan 1872-00-00 to-do
Green, Thomas George 1874-01-07 to-do
Green, Alfred Clarence 1878-06-28 to-do
Green, Ann 1810-00-00 to-do
Green, Amanda 1862-08-23 to-do
Green, Emma 1857-01-25 to-do
Green, Albert William 1858-08-27 to-do
Green, Jonathan 1860-05-23 to-do
Green, Mary Ann 1812-11-26 to-do
Green, William 1808-08-04 to-do
Green, Maria 1815-02-12 to-do
Green, Georgiana 1827-11-04 to-do
Green, Thomas 1819-01-24 to-do
Green, Charlotte Ann 1825-06-12 to-do
Green, Henry 1817-01-19 to-do
Green, Elizabeth 1822-01-00 to-do
Green, Sarah 1820-09-10 to-do
Green, George Thomas 1901-00-00 to-do
Greenham, Mary Ann 1813-00-00 to-do
Greentree, Alice Emily (Green) 1866-01-01 to-do
Greentree, Sharon to-do
Gruhl, Johanna Rosina 1760-11-15 to-do
Gruhl, Gottfried 1730-08-25 to-do
Hahn, Clara ‘Marie’ 1854-09-29 to-do
Hahn, Johann Traugott 1826-12-09 to-do
Hahn, Anna Christine 1734-12-19 to-do
Hahn, Johann Friedrich Carl 1800-05-30 to-do
Hahn, Andreas 1743-02-08 to-do
Hahndorff, Mathilde 1817-10-29 to-do
Hall, George John 1808-04-11 to-do
Hall, George Reginald John 1837-00-00 to-do
Hall, James Henry 1845-08-00 to-do
Hall, Henry Joseph 1847-00-00 to-do
Hall, Maria Jane 1839-03-00 to-do
Hall, Elizabeth Mary Ann 1841-00-00 to-do
Hall, James to-do
Hall, Elizabeth (Unknown) 1780-00-00 to-do
Hanstein, Johanne Emilie 1827-11-03 to-do
Hanstein, Johann August Ludwig 1772-09-20 to-do
Hanstein, Ernst August Wolfgang 1725-06-08 to-do
Hanstein, Eduard 1797-07-08 to-do
Hanstein, Robert 1801-05-10 to-do
Hanstein, Emil 1805-03-11 to-do
Hanstein, Wolfgang 1807-06-04 to-do
Hanstein, Hermann 1809-03-22 to-do
Hanstein, Ludwig ‘Karl’ 1812-06-21 to-do
Hanstein, Karoline ‘Louise’ 1813-08-05 to-do
Hanstein, ‘Emilie’ Ludovica 1819-08-17 to-do
Hanstein, Marie 1820-10-02 to-do
Hanstein, ‘Johannes’ Ludwig Emil Robert 1822-05-15 to-do
Hanstein, Paul 1829-07-23 to-do
Hanstein, Gottfried August Ludwig 1761-09-07 to-do
Hanstein, Gottfried Heinrich to-do
Harris, Emma Jane (Gould) 1852-04-24 to-do
Harris, Florence M. 1893-00-00 to-do
Harris, Nathan W. 1890-00-00 to-do
Harris, Arthur A. 1886-00-00 to-do
Harris, Harriet E. 1876-00-00 to-do
Harris, Martha Ellen 1878-00-00 to-do
Harris, Amy Maud 1880-00-00 to-do
Harris, George S. 1888-00-00 to-do
Harris, Frederick Richard 1883-00-00 to-do
Hemeier, Christine Elisabeth 1786-09-05 to-do
Herring, Sarah 1780-00-00 to-do
Hewitt, Ernest 1884-00-00 to-do
Hill, May 1890-06-24 to-do
Hill, Henry Morgan 1865-00-00 to-do
Hill, Philippa (Prideaux) 1868-00-00 to-do
Hodges, Catherine 1800-00-00 to-do
Holding, Catherine 1814-00-00 to-do
Holland, Doris I. 1898-00-00 to-do
Holland, Frank Harold 1899-00-00 to-do
Holland, Nellie 1901-00-00 to-do
Holland, Ethel Mary 1902-00-00 to-do
Holland, Sidney John 1906-00-00 to-do
Huth, Marie Christine 1789-05-08 to-do
Huth, Johann Gottlieb to-do
Hörich, Eva Rosina 1801-12-13 to-do
Hörich, Gottlob 1765-08-20 to-do
Hüttenhain, Klara 1846-05-26 to-do
Hüttenhain, Mathilde 1847-12-04 to-do
Hüttenhain, Emilie 1855-08-10 to-do
Hüttenhain, Meta 1860-02-28 to-do
Hüttenhein, Gertrude 1797-12-31 to-do
Hüttenhein, Tillmann 1744-06-20 to-do
Hüttenhein, Johann Jacob 1707-10-08 to-do
Hüttenhein, Johannes Heinrich 1736-01-07 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Maria 1737-05-10 to-do
Hüttenhein, Johannes 1739-09-10 to-do
Hüttenhein, Johannes Jakob 1742-05-11 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Maria 1747-01-14 to-do
Hüttenhein, Hermann 1755-11-02 to-do
Hüttenhein, Martin 1815-11-06 to-do
Hüttenhein, Gustav Julius 1850-01-18 to-do
Hüttenhein, Marie Elisabeth 1794-09-29 to-do
Hüttenhein, Joh. Jakob 1797-02-03 to-do
Hüttenhein, Maria Magdalene 1799-04-06 to-do
Hüttenhein, Andreas 1803-07-08 to-do
Hüttenhein, Hermann 1749-04-15 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Elisabeth 1750-05-05 to-do
Hüttenhein, Johann Jost 1753-09-20 to-do
Hüttenhein, Johann Jacob 1758-10-28 to-do
Hüttenhein, Maria Elisabeth 1796-10-13 to-do
Hüttenhein, Friedrich 1801-02-08 to-do
Hüttenhein, Tillmann 1807-07-00 to-do
Hüttenhein, Hermann 1769-10-04 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Elisabeth 1770-12-10 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Margarethe 1772-01-20 to-do
Hüttenhein, Philippine 1773-10-18 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Maria 1774-12-14 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Elisabeth 1776-03-07 to-do
Hüttenhein, Johann Jost 1777-07-26 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Luise 1778-11-02 to-do
Hüttenhein, Justus 1780-05-01 to-do
Hüttenhein, Maria Elisabeth 1781-12-24 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Katharina 1783-10-29 to-do
Hüttenhein, Hermann 1786-02-25 to-do
Hüttenhein, Maria Agnesa 1790-02-06 to-do
Hüttenhein, Heinrich to-do
Hüttenhein, Wilhelm 1816-03-22 to-do
Hüttenhein, Julie 1819-12-28 to-do
Hüttenhein, Wilhelmine 1819-12-28 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Margarethe 1790-07-25 to-do
Hüttenhein, Tillmann 1785-03-30 to-do
Hüttenhein, Anna Philippine 1792-03-18 to-do
Hüttenhen, Hermannus to-do
Irle, Gertraud to-do
Johnson, Ann 1805-00-00 to-do
Kennedy, Mary 1813-00-00 to-do
Kirsch, ‘Anna’ Auguste Ida Maria 1861-03-23 to-do
Kirsch, ‘Ernst’ Otto Johannes 1831-05-15 to-do
Kirsch, Josef Johann 1793-03-17 to-do
Kirsch, Hedwig (“Tante Hedel”) to-do
Kirsch, Eugenie (“Tante Schennerle”) to-do
Klein, Maria Elisabeth to-do
Kleist, Maria Louisa 1740-01-10 to-do
Knight, George ‘John’ 1849-00-00 to-do
Knight, George 1875-00-00 to-do
Knight, Ernest Alfred 1876-00-00 to-do
Knight, William 1876-00-00 to-do
Knight, Matilda Jane 1882-00-00 to-do
Knight, Matthew Thomas 1886-00-00 to-do
Knight, Arthur 1888-00-00 to-do
Knight, Bertie 1895-00-00 to-do
Kraner, Julius Hermann Ferdinand 1851-06-10 to-do
Kraus, Johannes 1720-01-06 to-do
Kretzschmar, Rosina Maria 1794-11-07 to-do
Kretzschmar, Christian to-do
Kretzschmar, Anna Elisabeth 1754-01-01 to-do
Krull, Erna to-do
Krull, Heinrich August 1857-08-01 to-do
Krull, Peter Heinrich Adolph 1822-08-14 to-do
Krull, Henrich Conrad 1782-05-09 to-do
Krull, Friedrich Christian 1760-02-00 to-do
Krull, Anna Margarethe Elisabeth 1794-01-00 to-do
Krull, Catharine Louise 1800-05-29 to-do
Krull, Catharina Louise 1807-12-05 to-do
Krull, Friedrich Wilhelm 1810-08-15 to-do
Krull, Catharine Elisabeth 1813-02-16 to-do
Krull, Franz Henrich 1816-01-06 to-do
Krull, Anna Margarethe Elisabeth 1819-02-26 to-do
Krull, Heinrich August 1850-11-10 to-do
Krull, Catharine Wilhelmine 1852-10-27 to-do
Krull, Friedrich Christoph 1854-12-07 to-do
Krull, Hanna Friederike 1859-09-24 to-do
Krull, Johanne Caroline 1863-01-18 to-do
Krull, Marie Luise 1867-01-17 to-do
Krull, Henrich August 1826-01-00 to-do
Krull, Franz Ludwig 1829-07-00 to-do
Krull, Catharina Agnesa 1755-06-21 to-do
Krull, Mathias 1757-01-05 to-do
Krämer, Anna Margretha 1753-04-23 to-do
König, “Alexandra” Emilie 1833-03-10 to-do
König, Nikolaus 1766-00-00 to-do
Landwehr, Anna Ilsabein 1784-00-00 to-do
Lang, Emma C 1865-08-09 to-do
Langenhand, Emma or Emily 1810-00-00 to-do
Langert, Margarethe Catharine 1810-01-19 to-do
Leich, Margarethe ‘Christine’ to-do
Leipnitz, Eva Maria 1738-07-00 to-do
Lindner, Christiane Friedericke 1822-05-16 to-do
Lindner, Johann Carl Daniel 1802-02-01 to-do
Lindner, Gottlieb 1760-01-00 to-do
Lochmann, Maria Rosina 1815-11-16 to-do
Lochmann, Johann Christian 1778-03-23 to-do
Lohmeier, ‘Hermann’ Heinrich 1861-10-15 to-do
Lohmeier, Paulus Gottlieb /LOHMEYER 1819-12-05 to-do
Lohmeier, Ferdinand 1906-09-06 to-do
Lohmeier, Karl 1909-02-14 to-do
Lohmeier, Minna 1895-06-06 to-do
Lohmeier, Maria Katharina “Dörchen/Dorette” 1902-02-28 to-do
Lohmeier, Antonie (“Toni”) 1888-08-09 to-do
Lohmeier, ‘Lina’ 1893-00-00 to-do
Lohmeier, Auguste 1889-11-24 to-do
Lohmeier, Maria 1753-07-22 to-do
Lohmeier, Marie Christine 1783-04-28 to-do
Lohmeier, Johann Henrich Gottlieb 1845-02-13 to-do
Lohmeier, Marie Luise Charlotte 1852-01-20 to-do
Lohmeier, ‘Konrad’ Ludwig Christoph 1858-08-11 to-do
Lohmeier, Friederike Wilhelmine Charlotte 1893-12-26 to-do
Lohmeier, Heinrich Friedrich 1895-10-18 to-do
Lohmeier, Luise Auguste Johanne Henriette 1899-05-13 to-do
Lohmeier, 1st Child Of Konrad 1886-08-18 to-do
Lohmeier, 2nd Child Of Konrad 1888-03-25 to-do
Lohmeier, Christine Friederike Henriette 1848-05-07 to-do
Lohmeier, Johan Friedrich Wilhelm 1810-02-26 to-do
Lohmeyer, M. to-do
Lohmeyer, D. (Andrews) to-do
Lohmeyer, D. to-do
Lohmeyer, F. (Uhlmann) to-do
Lohmeyer, Template to-do
Lohmeyer, Heinrich to-do
Lohmeyer, ‘Günther’ Friedrich August 1922-07-11 to-do
Lohmeyer, Ingeburg Waltraud Hannelore Emilia (Inge) 1925-05-02 to-do
Lohmeyer, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 1783-04-28 to-do
Lohmeyer, ‘Hermann’ Christoph 1903-12-07 to-do
Lohmeyer, Johann Christoph , Jun. 1828-05-11 to-do
Lohmeyer, Anne Christine ‘Louise’ 1822-05-12 to-do
Lohmeyer, Marie Christine Louise 1825-04-18 to-do
Lohmeyer, Johann Christoph , Sen. 1832-09-29 to-do
Lohmeyer, Christine Wilhelmine Henriette 1866-02-05 to-do
Lohmeyer, Anton Heinrich 1813-01-02 to-do
Loos, Rosalie 1837-00-00 to-do
Lorenz, Anna Maria to-do
MacKay, John 1805-00-00 to-do
MacKay, Catherine (Unknown) 1801-00-00 to-do
MacKay, Angus 1827-00-00 to-do
MacKay, Ann 1836-00-00 to-do
MacKay, Christian or Christina 1838-00-00 to-do
Macdonald, Ann 1800-00-00 to-do
Mahon, Hannah 1814-00-00 to-do
Marchant, John 1769-00-00 to-do
Marchant, Elizabeth (Starbuck) 1778-03-27 to-do
Marrin, Francis 1838-00-00 to-do
Marrin, Arthur Charles George 1863-00-00 to-do
Marrin, Ann 1870-00-00 to-do
Marrin, Jane 1876-00-00 to-do
Marrin, Francis 1878-00-00 to-do
Marrin, Philip James 1880-00-00 to-do
Marrin, Elizabeth 1884-00-00 to-do
McAlister, Collin 1837-00-00 to-do
McAlister, Susanna 1839-00-00 to-do
McAllister, Margaret 1834-03-25 to-do
McAllister, John 1804-00-00 to-do
McAllister, Mary 1832-00-00 to-do
McKay, Mary Ann (Hall) 1843-06-16 to-do
McKay, Angus 1852-00-00 to-do
McKay, Allan 1824-09-14 to-do
McKay, John 1854-00-00 to-do
McKay, Colin 1856-04-12 to-do
McKay, Allan 1858-12-28 to-do
McKay, Archibald Reid 1861-02-17 to-do
McKay, Catherine 1863-03-16 to-do
McKay, Margaret 1865-06-17 to-do
McKay, William 1867-09-22 to-do
McKay, Alexander Lee 1870-09-04 to-do
McKay, George 1872-12-09 to-do
McKay, James 1872-12-09 to-do
McKay, Walter Cairns 1874-11-05 to-do
McKay, David 1876-00-00 to-do
McLachlan, Catherine 1814-00-00 to-do
Meusborn, Maria Elisabetha 1722-02-25 to-do
Meyer, Johanna (“Hanne”) Friedrike 1815-11-04 to-do
Meyer, Henrich Christoph 1784-10-05 to-do
Meyer, Anna Maria (Kipps) 1789-03-19 to-do
Meyer, Toni 1901-06-04 to-do
Milch, Anna 1865-06-28 to-do
Müller, Johannes 1723-07-24 to-do
Müller, Rosina Marie 1779-08-01 to-do
Neumann, ‘Ida’ Maria 1834-07-11 to-do
Neumann, Adolph Ferdinand 1804-04-05 to-do
Neumann, Karl Friedrich to-do
Nicolls, Louisa Mary Ann 1860-00-00 to-do
Palmer, George 1810-00-00 to-do
Palmer, George Andrew 1865-00-00 to-do
Palmer, Cosby George Reice 1894-00-00 to-do
Palmer, Levien A. 1896-00-00 to-do
Palmer, Clarice Coral 1897-00-00 to-do
Palmer, Alma M. 1899-00-00 to-do
Palmer, Austin V. 1906-00-00 to-do
Palmer, Grace 1911-00-00 to-do
Palmer, Clive H. 1914-00-00 to-do
Pauli, Augustine ‘Henriette’ Karoline to-do
Pemberton, Thomas William 1883-08-17 to-do
Plachecka, Pauline 1798-00-00 to-do
Plätschke, Auguste Marie 1806-11-23 to-do
Pope, William 1760-00-00 to-do
Prengel, Anna 1802-03-01 to-do
Prideaux, George Jeffery 1823-00-00 to-do
Purdie, Catherine 1811-00-00 to-do
Purdie, Mary 1814-00-00 to-do
Rabe, Anna Rosina 1761-06-16 to-do
Reader, Mary Ann (Marchant) 1804-04-14 to-do
Reader, James 1804-01-18 to-do
Reader, Thomas 1768-00-00 to-do
Rittmeister, Charlotte 1793-12-31 to-do
Rotherhithe, Elizabeth 1814-00-00 to-do
Rüter, Marie Christine 1792-00-00 to-do
Salter, Jane 1812-00-00 to-do
Schmidt, Johann Jakob 1722-03-17 to-do
Schneider, Eva Rosina 1764-09-13 to-do
Schramm, Anna Catharina 1761-07-03 to-do
Schrewe, Henrich Christoph 1801-00-00 to-do
Schröder, August 1892-02-21 to-do
Schröder, Hermann 1921-01-11 to-do
Schulde, Margretha to-do
Schweisfurth, Anna Maria 1705-01-09 to-do
Schweisfurth, Maria Magdalena 1701-12-05 to-do
Schweitzer, Johann Henrich 1747-10-02 to-do
Seidel, Gotthold to-do
Sell, Gertraud 1719-01-00 to-do
Sello, Karoline Wilhelmine Emilie 1791-06-10 to-do
Sello, Carl Julius Samuel 1757-02-09 to-do
Sello, Friedrich 1789-03-00 to-do
Sello, Johannes Samuel 1724-11-00 to-do
Sello, Christian Ludwig Samuel Louis 1775-02-21 to-do
Sello, Ehrenreich Wilhelm 1722-10-00 to-do
Sello, Anna Catharina 1735-09-00 to-do
Sello, Rahel 1735-09-00 to-do
Sello, Louise Charlotte Amalie 1812-11-26 to-do
Sello, Werner Ludwig Anastasius 1810-12-25 to-do
Sello, Charlotte Thusnelde Pauline 1808-05-02 to-do
Sello, Charlotte Louise Albertine 1803-00-00 to-do
Sello, Hermann 1800-00-00 to-do
Sello, Emil Ludwig Walter 1816-00-00 to-do
Sello, Ludwig Werner 1804-00-00 to-do
Sello, Ludwig Anastasius 1806-00-00 to-do
Sello, Karoline (Thusnelda?) 1814-00-00 to-do
Sello, Marie Friederike 1782-09-01 to-do
Sello, Marie Justine 1780-09-08 to-do
Sello, Marie Christiane 1779-03-09 to-do
Sello, Louise Caroline 1777-09-30 to-do
Sello, Marie Christiane 1776-06-20 to-do
Sello, Johanne Marie Louise 1772-10-01 to-do
Sello, Hans Johann Georg Leonhard 1770-02-21 to-do
Sello, Marie Ernestine Rahel 1767-04-08 to-do
Sello, Johann Franz Samuel 1765-00-00 to-do
Sello, Just Friedrich Samuel 1763-02-14 to-do
Sello, Gabriel Johann Just Franz 1755-07-09 to-do
Sello, Ehrenreich Samuel 1758-03-29 to-do
Sello, Sophia Albertina 1727-01-00 to-do
Shaw, Gwendoline Lillian H (Carter) 1895-00-00 to-do
Siewert, Christine Wilhelmine 1821-04-15 to-do
Siewert, Friedrich Christoph 1777-08-16 to-do
Siewert, Johann Henrich to-do
Siewert, Johann Henrich 1811-08-17 to-do
Siewert, Hanna Catharine Louise 1815-05-26 to-do
Siewert, Friedrich Wilhelm 1819-02-20 to-do
Simmons, Phillipa 1827-00-00 to-do
Solms, Anna Maria 1723-09-00 to-do
Solms, Johann Henrich 1768-08-01 to-do
Sommer, Auguste ‘Emilie’ 1867-12-31 to-do
Sommer, Friedrich Heinrich Johann 1844-04-06 to-do
Sommer, Joh. Heinr. Friedr. ‘Wilhelm’ Gerhard 1812-01-01 to-do
Sommer, Wife Of Herm. Christoph Lohmeier to-do
Starbuck, Isaac 1746-09-03 to-do
Starbuck, Isaac 1770-09-19 to-do
Starbuck, Isaac 1712-02-05 to-do
Starbuck, Robert William 1783-02-23 to-do
Starbuck, Sarah 1780-08-06 to-do
Starbuck, Mary 1776-05-10 to-do
Starbuck, Ann Joanna 1786-09-15 to-do
Starbuck, William 1772-01-24 to-do
Starbuck, Harriett 1789-10-28 to-do
Starbuck, Richard 1773-12-08 to-do
Starbuck, Elizabeth (Unknown) 1746-00-00 to-do
Stephani, Karoline Rosine 1773-01-05 to-do
Stephenson, Godfrey Broughton 1904-00-00 to-do
Stobl, Anna Margretha to-do
Stockbrügger, Christine Louise 1855-12-14 to-do
Stockings, Mary 1804-00-00 to-do
Stout, John Robert 1858-00-00 to-do
Strehler, C. (Lohmeyer) to-do
Strothenke, Catharina Margarethe to-do
Strothmann, Henrich Adolph 1791-00-00 to-do
Strothotte, Margreta Catharina 1823-01-28 to-do
Stubmann, Anna Maria 1720-00-00 to-do
Sucro, Henriette Charlotte Magdalene 1759-00-00 to-do
Sullivan, Margaret Isabella 1840-00-00 to-do
Taeger, ‘Nicolaus’ Paul Christian (“Nikoläuschen”) 1951-12-06 to-do
Taylor, Daniel 1862-00-00 to-do
Taylor, Marcia May 1903-00-00 to-do
Taylor, Mabel 1889-00-00 to-do
Taylor, Ethel M. 1891-00-00 to-do
Taylor, Clifford C. 1902-00-00 to-do
Taylor, William to-do
Taylor, Mildred M. 1906-00-00 to-do
Taylor, Gwendoline Olive 1911-00-00 to-do
Taylor, Dorothy W. 1914-00-00 to-do
Tierney, Mary 1813-00-00 to-do
Tomasczewska, Amalia 1823-10-06 to-do
Turner, Mary 1813-00-00 to-do
Uhlmann, Johannes to-do
Uhlmann, ‘Herta’ Maria Agnes 1898-07-25 to-do
Uhlmann, Hugo Magnus 1872-07-23 to-do
Uhlmann, Friedrich Hermann 1843-02-14 to-do
Uhlmann, Johann Traugott 1812-11-01 to-do
Uhlmann, Johann Gottlob 1777-02-27 to-do
Uhlmann, Johann George 1746-12-28 to-do
Uhlmann, Anne Regine to-do
Upmann, Marie Auguste 1846-06-16 to-do
Voigt, Maria Rosina 1753-01-21 to-do
Von Der Lochau, Clothilde 1832-10-05 to-do
Voss, Anne Maria Christine Wilhelmine Luise 1821-11-25 to-do
Voss, Carl Friedrich Ernst Gottlieb 1818-09-00 to-do
Voss, Carl Friedrich Christian 1824-10-00 to-do
Voss, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 1828-09-00 to-do
Waddell, Agnes (Andrews) 1888-08-23 to-do
Wagner, Maria Rosina to-do
Wagner, Johann Martin 1753-10-05 to-do
Waldeck, Justine ‘Charlotte’ 1805-12-19 to-do
Wall, Mary 1805-00-00 to-do
Waterbör, Heinrich 1883-08-22 to-do
Waters, Albert Vivian 1885-11-09 to-do
Waters, William Joseph 1855-00-00 to-do
Waters, Sarah Jane (Palmer) 1863-00-00 to-do
Waters, Arnold George 1887-00-00 to-do
Waters, Onslow Erasmus P. 1894-00-00 to-do
Watkins, Selina (Craft) 1840-07-09 to-do
Welch, Mary 1814-00-00 to-do
Whitchurch, Anna Ada Emily 1878-00-00 to-do
Wilkinson, Iris Aletha (Carter) 1892-00-00 to-do
Williams, Catherine Ellen 1863-00-00 to-do
Wilmsen, Antonie Sophie Emilie 1777-12-29 to-do
Winkler, Anna Rosina 1802-03-14 to-do
Wirth, Alexandra to-do
Wirth, ‘Fritz’ Leonhard 1883-02-10 to-do
Wirth, Friedrich Hermann Tillmann “Fritz” 1843-12-12 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Engel 1785-01-23 to-do
Wirth, Anna “Tante Nutte” / “Nuttchen” 1883-02-10 to-do
Wirth, Eva-Maria Elisabeth “Huschi” 1916-04-05 to-do
Wirth, Jacobus Justus 1753-12-15 to-do
Wirth, Hermann Jacob ‘August’ 1828-03-22 to-do
Wirth, Bernhard 1873-00-00 to-do
Wirth, Jost Henrich 1719-05-19 to-do
Wirth, Johann Hermann 1743-02-05 to-do
Wirth, Johann Henrich 1744-12-24 to-do
Wirth, Anna Margretha 1746-09-14 to-do
Wirth, Johann Jacob 1748-10-30 to-do
Wirth, Wilhelm Moritz 1751-02-12 to-do
Wirth, Philipp Adolph 1756-04-01 to-do
Wirth, Johann Jacob 1761-09-07 to-do
Wirth, Anna Maria Margretha 1701-09-17 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Jacobus 1704-08-12 to-do
Wirth, Anna Maria 1716-08-27 to-do
Wirth, Maria Elisabeth 1722-04-01 to-do
Wirth, Anna Margretha 1725-03-08 to-do
Wirth, Wilhelm Friedrich to-do
Wirth, Jacobus 1733-09-15 to-do
Wirth, Adolph Henrich 1779-12-12 to-do
Wirth, Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm 1782-10-13 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Engel 1819-02-23 to-do
Wirth, Maria Elisabeth 1820-12-31 to-do
Wirth, Maria Elisabeth 1787-10-23 to-do
Wirth, Andreas 1779-10-08 to-do
Wirth, Dillmannus 1789-07-30 to-do
Wirth, Maria Margretha 1790-08-16 to-do
Wirth, Jacob Henrich 1792-10-17 to-do
Wirth, Anna Maria 1796-04-24 to-do
Wirth, Adolf Henrich 1823-03-18 to-do
Wirth, Wilhelm Moritz 1824-10-01 to-do
Wirth, Juliana 1826-07-30 to-do
Wirth, Lisette A. 1828-03-22 to-do
Wirth, Karl 1830-08-24 to-do
Wirth, Theodor 1832-11-19 to-do
Wirth, Ernst Friedrich 1851-08-26 to-do
Wirth, Emma 1853-03-30 to-do
Wirth, Karoline 1855-12-13 to-do
Wirth, Emilie 1858-03-20 to-do
Wirth, Amalie 1859-12-15 to-do
Wirth, Maria Helene 1814-09-17 to-do
Wirth, Friedrich 1823-03-23 to-do
Wirth, Amalie 1826-01-25 to-do
Wirth, ‘Hermann’ August 1830-01-22 to-do
Wirth, Eduard 1834-03-26 to-do
Wirth, Johanna 1836-02-23 to-do
Wirth, Maria Margarethe 1768-11-28 to-do
Wirth, Johanna Margaretha 1749-11-27 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Hermann 1746-06-15 to-do
Wirth, Hermann 1747-12-21 to-do
Wirth, Johann Friedrich 1754-06-22 to-do
Wirth, Jost Henrich 1757-05-25 to-do
Wirth, Johann Friedrich 1762-05-21 to-do
Wirth, Wilhelm Moritz 1722-04-11 to-do
Wirth, Johann Henrich 1727-03-20 to-do
Wirth, Anna Margrethe 1728-07-10 to-do
Wirth, Johann Henrich 1731-03-26 to-do
Wirth, Johanna Margretha 1734-07-25 to-do
Wirth, Johann Franz 1735-12-10 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Wilhelm 1736-10-20 to-do
Wirth, Johann Wilhelm 1737-06-26 to-do
Wirth, Anna Maria 1739-03-23 to-do
Wirth, Maria Katharina 1741-09-13 to-do
Wirth, Maria Agnes 1741-09-30 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Justus 1745-11-10 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Justus 1747-07-17 to-do
Wirth, Maria Margretha 1750-03-01 to-do
Wirth, Anna Margretha 1752-08-12 to-do
Wirth, Anna Maria 1756-03-12 to-do
Wirth, Maria Louisa 1770-09-02 to-do
Wirth, Maria Elisabeth 1772-11-21 to-do
Wirth, Anna Maria 1775-04-06 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Justus 1777-02-03 to-do
Wirth, Johannes Justus 1783-01-28 to-do
Wirth, Maria Elisabeth 1711-10-31 to-do
Wirth, Anna Katharina 1714-09-30 to-do
Wirth, Johann Wilhelm 1717-08-13 to-do
Wirth, Gertraud 1720-04-13 to-do
Wirth, Anna Maria 1721-10-17 to-do
Wirth, Maria Agnes 1724-08-20 to-do
Wirth, Maria Elisabeth 1708-02-26 to-do
Wirth, Maria Sophia 1711-01-11 to-do
Wirth, Anna Juliane 1713-06-18 to-do
Wirth, Frederick ‘Fred’ C 1856-05-26 to-do
Wirth, Clara May 1897-02-19 to-do
Wirth, Frederica 1833-00-00 to-do
Witthus, Sophie Maria , Oder HILKE 1777-01-01 to-do
Wöstefeld, Antonia Augusta Karolina Louisa 1834-08-17 to-do
Wöstefeld, Johann ‘Ferdinand’ Franz 1804-04-20 to-do
Wöstefeld, Johannes Antonius 1778-02-02 to-do
Young, Ann 1813-00-00 to-do
Zimmermann, Anna Elisabeth 1747-12-18 to-do
Zöllner, Catharine Elisabeth 1758-12-27 to-do
Zöllner, Henrich Jacob 1728-00-00 to-do
de la Motte, Ivy Neta (Carter) 1888-00-00 to-do

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