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MacKay Name Origin

The MacKay surname is of ancient Scottish origin. It is the English language translation of the Scottish Gaelic name Mhic Aiodh or Mac Aiodh. McKay is a more modern variant spelling that appears to have begun at various times during the early 1800.

The earliest beginnings of the Scottish people are also those of the MacKays. Around the time the Romans were in Britain (55 B.C. to 409 A.D.), there were two races occupying what is today Scotland: the Picts and the Britons. These Celtic peoples had successfully resisted the Roman legions, and what the Romans called Caledonia was never incorporated into the Empire. As the Romans withdrew from Britain, these north islanders were faced with new invaders. These were the Scots from Ireland, and the Angles from Germany. It is with the Scots that we are concerned, for it is they who finally succeeded in conquering Scotland, uniting its peoples and giving them their line of kings. From these Scots we can also trace the descent of what became the Clan MacKay.

The Scots came from a kingdom in Ireland which was known as Dalriada. This kingdom corresponded roughly with the modern County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Very little is known about the kings of Dalriada apart from their names. The Dalriada crossed the North Channel from Ireland to Kintyre in Scotland, eventually establishing a kingdom around Argyll.

The first record of this migration is in 258 A.D., when the Romans noted that Scots from the north attacked south as far as London. In time, the Dalriadan kingdom in Scotland overshadowed that in Ireland, and the kings made their home in Argyll, in its ancient capital of Dunadd. Around the year 500 A.D., the two sons of Erc, Fergus and Loarn, were kings of Dalriada in Scotland. It is from Loarn that the MacKays claim descent.

The descent of the MacKays through the Tribe of Loarn is as follows: Loarn, a king of Dalriada around 500, had a son Muredaig, who had a son Ethach, who had a son Buadan, who had a son Colman, who had a son Sneachtain, who had a son Fergus, who had a son Feradach, who had a son Ferchar Fota, the king of Dalriada from 696 until his death in 697, who had a son Aircellach, the king of Dalriada from 697 until his death in 698, who had a son Ruadri. Ruadri was the brother of Muiredach, the last king of Dalriada to come from the Tribe of Loarn (died around 736). From this Ruadri is descended the Royal House of Moray, and from them came the MacKays.

Clan Mackay (Gaelic: Mac Aoidh) is an ancient and once-powerful Scottish clan from the far North of the Scottish Highlands, but with roots in the old kingdom of Moray. Sometime in the century after the reign of Kenneth, the branch of the Tribe of Loarn headed by Ruadri moved into the province of Moray. Moray is the land south of the Moray Firth, around the present-day town of Elgin. The leader of the Moraymen was called a mormaer, which is a Celtic title equivalent to the Anglo-Scandinavian earl, which we use today.

The descent of the MacKays through the mormaers of Moray begins as follows: Ruadri was the son of Aircellach, king of Dalriada; this Ruadri had a son Cathmail, who had a son Donald, who had a son Morgan, who had a son Donald, who had a son Ruadri. 5

This latter Ruadri had three sons: Findlaech, Maelbrigte, and Donald. It is Donald who is believed to be the male ancestor of what was to become the Clan MacKay.

"A dau[ghter] of Lulach, m[arried] Aedh (or Heth), Mormaer of Moray in 1078, possibly great-grandson of Donald, yst [youngest] son of Ruadri, Mormaer of Moray." Aedh as the great-grandson of Donald. Aedh became mormaer, or Earl, in 1078, when Maelsnectan was expelled; in that same year he married the daughter of Lulach, who was Maelsnectan's sister. Aedh had three children: two sons, Angus and Malcolm, and a daughter, Gruaidh.

Malcolm was known as MacEth; "Eth" or "Heth" is the equivalent of the Gaelic "Aedh": Malcolm's father. After the defeat in 1130, Malcolm MacEth fled to the Western Isles of Scotland, The male descent of the MacKays follows Malcolm MacEth and his descendants. Malcolm MacEth had a son named Donald, who found himself head of the Moraymen when his father was imprisoned in 1134

The last member of the Royal House of Moray to press his family's claim to the throne of Scotland was Kenneth MacEth. Kenneth was a grandson of Malcolm MacEth, and so he was a son or nephew of Donald MacEth.

After the dispersal of the inhabitants of Moray around 1160, the clan system took root in Scotland. The followers of the MacEths became the Clan MacKay.

Iye MacEth is reputed to be the first of the Clan MacKay to settle in Strathnaver. "Aodh" is a Gaelic proper name which has been translated into English as "Iye" --- hence, "MacKay" means "son of Aodh." Aodh was a son or nephew of Kenneth MacEth, and was born sometime around 1210

Strathnaver is the ancestral home of the MacKays. It is a region in the very north-west of Scotland, corresponding to the northern part of the modern county of Sutherland. It was known by its Gaelic-speaking inhabitants as Dúthaic 'ic Aoidh --- "MacKay's Country." After the dispersal of the inhabitants of Moray around 1160, the clan system took root in Scotland. The followers of the MacEths became the Clan MacKay.

Iye MacEth is reputed to be the first of the Clan MacKay to settle in Strathnaver. "Aodh" is a Gaelic proper name which has been translated into English as "Iye" --- hence, "MacKay" means "son of Aodh." Aodh was a son or nephew of Kenneth MacEth, and was born sometime around 1210. He was Chamberlain to Walter de Baltrode, Bishop of Caithness. He had three sons: Iye Mor, Morgan, and Martin. Martin is said to have settled in Galloway, in the very south-west of Scotland, where he founded the Galloway branch of the MacKays.

They supported Robert the Bruce during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century. In the centuries that followed they were anti-Jacobite. The territory of the Clan Mackay consisted of the parishes of Farr, Tongue, Durness and Eddrachillis, and was known as Strathnaver, in the north-west of the county of Sutherland. However it was not until 1829 that Strathnaver was considered part of Sutherland when the chief sold his lands to the Earls of Sutherland and the Highland Clearances then had dire consequences for the clan. In the 17th century the Mackay chief's territory had extended to the east to include the parish of Reay in the west of the neighboring county of Caithness. The chief of the clan is Lord Reay and the lands of Strathnaver later became known as the Reay Country.


  • MacKay appears in early records as: Makky, Macky, Maky, McKye, McKeye, Maekie, McKie, Mackey and McKy. It later standardized as MacKay and McKay.
  • MacKay of Islay (1408) appears in early records as: McCei and McAy
  • MacKay of Garachty appears in early records as: McGe, Makkay, Makkee, and Makcawe. It later standardized as Mackaw.
  • MacKay of Ugadale appears in early records as: McKey, MaKKay, MaKKaye, and McCay
  • Mackay of Galloway appears in early records as: Makke, Makee, Makge, Makgie, McGie, McGhie, and Mackghie and eventually standardized as McKie and McGhie.

Geographical Origin

One theory gives the MacKay family a common ancestor with the Forbeses, a son of Ochonacher), who came from Ireland to Scotland at the end of the 12th century. Following this theory, it gives the progenitor of the MacKay family as Alexander (1180-1222). [1]

Notable MacKay's/McKay's

  • Aeneas James George Mackay (3 November 1839 – 10 June 1911) was a Scottish lawyer and academic, known as a legal and historical writer.
  • Aeneas, Baron Mackay Jr. (29 November 1838 – 13 November 1909) was a Dutch Anti-Revolutionary politician who served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 1888 to 1891. Born into a noble family from Gelderland, he studied Law in Utrecht and worked as lawyer and a judge. He was elected into the House of Representatives in 1876, and retained his seat for twelve years before his premiership. In his cabinet, he served as minister of the Interior and minister of Colonial Affairs. After another thirteen years in the House, he became a member of the Council of State, receiving the honorary title Minister of State. Mackay was born in Nijmegen on 29 November 1839, into a noble family of Scottish origin. His parents were Johan François Hendrik Jacob Ernestus Mackay, a member of the States of Gelderland and the brother of the 10th Lord Reay, and his wife Margaretha Clara Françoise van Lynden. Mackay married Elisabeth Wilhelmina, Baroness van Lynden in Nijmegen on 7 July 1869 They had one son, Eric, Baron Mackay, who inherited the Scottish peerage Lord Reay from his great-grand uncle.

Clan Leaders - MacKay's of Strathnaver

[2] [3] [4]

  1. Iye "Aoidh" Mackay or MacHeth, 1st of Strathnaver b. 1210 d. 1268 Possibly son or nephew of Kenneth MacHeth who died in a rebellion against the king of Scots in 1215.
    1. lye Mor 2nd
    2. Morgan, of whom nothing further is recorded.
    3. Martin, who is said to have settled in Galloway
  2. Iye Mor Mackay, 2nd of Strathnaver b. c1225 m. 1263 Married Conchar de Baltrodi b. c1245-c1315 a daughter of Walter de Baltrodi, Bishop of Caithness in 1264. They had a son Donald MacKay 3rd
  3. Donald Mackay, 3rd of Strathnaver b. 1265 d.1330 Married N.N. MacNeil a daughter of Iye (MacNeil) of Gigha. They had a son Iye MacKay 4th.
  4. Iye Mackay, 4th of Strathnaver d. 1370 Murdered in Dingwall Castle Children
    1. Donald 5th
    2. Farquhar, who was a physician to King Robert II,
    3. Mariota, who was the handfasted wife of the Earl of Buchan.
  5. Donald Mackay of Skinit & Ribigill, 5th of Strathnaver b.1330 d. 1370 Murdered in Dingwall Castle with his father. He married Sinheag Macleod. Their known issue was four sons :
    1. Angus 6th
    2. Huistean Du,
    3. Neil,
    4. Martin.
  6. Angus Mackay, 6th of Strathnaver b. 1330 d. 1403 Married Uisdean Macleod a daughter of Torquil MacLeod of Lewis, chief of the Clan MacLeod of Lewis. They had two sons:
    1. Angus Du 7th
    2. Rorie Gald, or Rorie the islander, so called from the fact that he was fostered by maternal relatives in the Lews. Rorie Gald fell in the battle near Dingwall
  7. Angus Du Mackay, 7th of Strathnaver b.1365 d. 1433
    1. Married Elizabeth, daughter of John of Islay, Lord of the Isles and his wife Margaret Stewart, who was in turn a daughter of Robert II of Scotland. From who also descends the Mackay of Aberach branch of Clan Mackay
      1. Neil Vass Mackay, by the first wife, 8th
    2. He married secondly, a daughter of Alexander Carrach MacDonald of Keppoch, son of John, Lord of the Isles, by his wife Margaret, daughter of King Robert II. Children:
      1. Ian Aberach, by the second wife.
      2. Roderick,
      3. William,
      4. Angus,
  8. Neil Mackay, 8th of Strathnaver b1413 d. 1450 Imprisoned on the Bass Rock. Married Euphemia, daughter of George Munro, 10th Baron of Foulis Father of
    1. Angus Roy 9th
    2. John Roy,
    3. Elizabeth.
  9. Angus Roy Mackay, 9th of Strathnaver d.1486 Killed at the Battle of Tarbat. Married a daughter of Mackenzie of Kintail, chief of Clan Mackenzie. They had 5 children:
    1. lye Roy 10th
    2. John Riavach,
    3. Neil Naverach
    4. A daughter, who married Hector Mackenzie of Auchterned
    5. A daughter who married Sutherland of Dirlot.
  10. Iye Roy Mackay, 10th of Strathnaver b. 1435 d. 1517 Married a daughter of Norman O'Beolan of Carloway, Isle of Lewis. Iye Roy Mackay and his wife had the following children:
    1. John 11th
    2. Donald 11th
    3. Angus
    4. A daughter who married Hugh Macleod of Assynt
    5. A daughter who married Alexander Sutherland
  11. John Mackay, 11th of Strathnaver d. 1529 Married Margaret a daughter of Thomas Fraser, 2nd Lord Lovat. They had 2 daughters
    1. A daughter, who married Hugh Murray of Aberseross
    2. A daughter, who married the laird of Polrossie
  12. Donald Mackay, 11th of Strathnaver & Farr b. 1490 d. 1550 Brother of John. Married Helen, daughter of Alexander Sinclair of Stempster, second son of the Earl of Caithness, chief of Clan Sinclair. Their children:
    1. lye Du Mackay, 12th
    2. A daughter, who married John, 4th Aberach Mackay chieftain [5]
    3. Florence, who married Neil Macleod of Assynt
  13. Iye Du Mackay "Black Iye", 12th of Strathnaver b. 1500 d. 1572 Married first Helen his 1st cousin, daughter of Hugh Macleod of Assynt. They had 2 children. Second marriage Christian, daughter of John Sinclair of Dun, from whom the chiefly line succeeded and the MacKays of Scoury They had 5 children.
    1. John Beg,
    2. Donald Balloch, who became progenitor of the Scoury Mackays, [6]
    3. Huistean Du, 13th
    4. William of Bighouse, who became the progenitor of the Bighouse Mackays,
    5. Eleanor, who married Donald Banc Macleod of Assint.
    6. Jane, who married Alexander Sutherland of Berridale.
    7. Barbara, who married Alexander Macdavid, chieftain of the clan Gunn.
  14. Huistean Du Mackay, 13th of Strathnaver (Hugh) b. 1572 d. 1614 Married first Elizabeth Sinclair and second Jane Gordon, daughter of the Earl of Sutherland, from whom his sons were born
    1. Christian daughter of Elizabeth Sinclair, who married John Mackintosh, of Dalzell
    2. Donald 14th and 1st Lord Reay
    3. John of Dirlet or Dilred & Strathy
    4. Annas married Alexander Sinclair, of Brims
    5. Mary Wife of Sir Hector Munro, 1st Baronet of Foulis

Clan Leaders - Lords Reay

Lord Reay, of Reay in the County of Caithness, is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. Lord Reay (pronounced "ray") is the hereditary Clan Chief of Clan Mackay, whose lands in Strathnaver and northwest Sutherland were known as the Reay Country. The land was sold to the Earls of Sutherland in the 18th century. Lord Reay also refers to a legendary magician in Caithness folklore. [7][8][9] [10] [11] [12]

  1. Donald Mackay, 1st Lord Reay and fiar of Strathnaver (1591–1649) . The son of Hugh Mackay of Far, Tongue and Strathnaver, and Lady Jean Gordon. [13]
    1. Married 1st in August 1610, Barbara, daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Lord Kintail, Chief of Clan Mackenzie and had 6 children.
      1. Iye Mackay, 1611- 1617.
      2. John Mackay, 2nd Lord Reay, 15th of Strathnaver, who succeeded his father.
      3. Hew Mackay, died unmarried before 1642.
      4. Lieutenant-Colonel Angus Mackay, progenitor of the Mackay of Melness branch of the clan.
      5. Jane Mackay, married William Mackay, 3rd of Bighouse.
      6. Mary Mackay, married Sir Roderick Macleod of Talisker, second son of Macleod of Macleod, chief of Clan MacLeod.
    2. Married 2nd before 1631 Rachel Winterfield or Harrison (d. after 20 Nov 1652) but this marriage was annulled.
    3. Married 3rd 1631 Elizabeth Thomson (d. c.Jun 1637), dau. of Robert Thomson, of Greenwich, co. Surrey, Keeper of the Queen's Wardrobe and had 1 child.
      1. Ann Mackay, mar. Alexander Macdonald, brother of Sir James Macdonald of Sleat
    4. 4th Marjorie Sinclair, dau. of Francis Sinclair of Stirkoke and had 5 children.
      1. William Mackay of Kinloch, mar. Ann Mackay, dau. of Col Hugh Mackay of Scourie, and had issue
      2. Charles Mackay of Sandwood (d. after 28 May 1679), mar. Elizabeth Mackay, dau. of Capt William Mackay of Borley, and was ancestor of the Mackays of Sandwood
      3. Rupert Mackay twin brother of Charles and who died unmarried.
      4. Margaret Mackay (d. 1720) unmarried
      5. Christina Mackay, mar. Alexander Gunn of Killeranan, chieftain of the MacHamish Gunns of Clan Gunn.
    5. Not married to Mary Lindsay but they had a child.
      1. Donald Mackay of Dysart
  2. John Mackay, 2nd Lord Reay (bc 1612 died 1681)
    1. He married, firstly, Isabel Sinclair, daughter of George Sinclair, 5th Earl of Caithness and Lady Jean Gordon, in 1636.
      1. George Mackay b. 1638, d. a 1656
      2. Jane Mackay b. 1646
    2. Married, secondly, Barbara Mackay, daughter of Hugh Mackay, 2nd of Scourie and Ann Corbet of Arkboll
      1. Anna Mackay
      2. Donald Mackay, Master of Reay b. c 1658, d. 1680
      3. Æneas Mackay b. 1666, d. 20 May 1697
  3. George Mackay, 3rd Lord Reay (1678–1748), who succeeded his grandfather, was the son of Donald Mackay, Master of Reay b. c 1658, d. 1680 and Anne Munro, daughter of General Sir George Munro of Newmore and Culrain.
    1. He married, firstly circa December 1702, Margaret Mackay, daughter of Lt.-Gen. Hugh Mackay of Scourie and Clara van Bie 3rd dau. of Arnold van Bie, of Wayestein, Holland,
      1. Donald Mackay, 4th Lord Reay d. 18 Aug 1761
    2. Secondly, his half-cousin Janet Dunbar (widow of Benjamin Dunbar, Yr. of Hempriggs), dau. of John Sinclair of Ulbster, by his wife Jane Munro, dau. by his second wife of Gen Sir George Munro of Newmore and Culrain.
      1. Colonel Hon. Hugh Mackay of Bighouse d. 12 Nov 1770
      2. Anne Mackay2 d. 24 Nov 1780
    3. 11 Aug 1713 Mary Dowell, dau. of John Dowell of Thuster, writer to the Signet.
      1. George Mackay of Skibo, Captain of an Independent Highland Company that supported the Government during the Jacobite rising of 1745.
      2. Alexander Mackay, Captain in Loudon's Highlanders regiment that supported the Government during the Jacobite rising of 1745.
      3. Mary Mackay (d. 31 Oct 1780)
      4. Harriet Mackay (d. 5 Nov 1766)
      5. Christian Mackay (d. 20 May 1810), mar. 15 Jun 1746 Rev John Erskine DD (d. 19 Jan 1803), son of John Erskine of Carnock,
      6. Marion Mackay (d. 1812)
  4. Donald Mackay, 4th Lord Reay (died 18 Aug 1761)
    1. He married, firstly aft. 23 Aug 1732 Marion Dalrymple (b. 6 Mar 1708; d. Dec 1740), 1st dau. of Sir Robert Dalrymple of Castleton, by his wife Hon Joanna Hamilton
      1. George Mackay, later 5th Lord Reay
      2. Hugh Mackay, later 6th Lord Reay
    2. Secondly, 21 Dec 1741 Christian Sutherland (d. 12 Jul 1790), dau. of James Sutherland of Pronsy by his wife Margaret Sutherland
      1. Margaret Mackay (d. 18 Jan 1762)
      2. Mary Mackay (d. 21 Nov 1813), mar. Maj Thomas Edgar
  5. George Mackay, 5th Lord Reay (b. circa 1734, d. 27 February 1768)
    1. Married 6 Jan 1758 his half-cousin Marion Mackay (dsps. 12 Mar 1759), 2nd dau. of Col Hon Hugh Mackay of Bighouse (by his first wife Margaret Mackay, coheiress of Bighouse)
    2. Second Marriage 1 Oct 1760 Elizabeth Fairlie (d. 10 Nov 1800; bur. at Holyrood), dau. of John Fairlie, Collector of Customs at Ayr
      1. Jane Mackay (b. 1763; dvp. 16 Feb 1773)
      2. Marianne Mackay (dsp. 28 Mar 1838), mar. William Fullarton of Fullarton MP
      3. Georgina Mackay (b. 30 Apr 1766; d. 2 Aug 1847)
  6. Hugh Mackay, 6th Lord Reay (died 26 Jan 1797) unmarried
  7. Eric Mackay, 7th Lord Reay (Dec 1773–26 Jan 1797) (second son of George Mackay of Skibo, grandson of 3rd Lord Reay) unmarried.
  8. Alexander Mackay, 8th Lord Reay (1775–18 Feb 1863) (third son of George Mackay of Skibo, grandson of 3rd Lord Reay)
    1. Married 8 Apr 1809 Marion Ross (widow of David Ross, of Calcutta, India)
      1. George Alexander Mackay (dvp. 1811)
      2. Eric Mackay, later 9th Lord Reay
      3. Anne Marion Erskine Mackay (dvp. 23 Jun 1852)
      4. Sophia Mackay (dsp. 24 Sep 1866; bur. at Tongue), mar. 10 Aug 1853 Charles Arthur Aylmer
      5. Mary Mackay (dvp. 18 Jan 1852)
      6. Clara Mackay (b. 1822; dvp. 17 Mar 1862)
      7. Elizabeth Granville Mackay (d. 19 Nov 1874)
      8. Charlotte Mackay (dsp. 3 Feb 1902), mar. Jul 1852 Patrick Drever, Indian Medical Service (d. Feb 1873)
  9. Eric Mackay, 9th Lord Reay (1813–2 Jun 1875) unmarried. In 1875 Eric MacKay, the 9th Lord Reay died without an heir. The title of Chief of Clan MacKay passed to a Dutch branch of the family descended from the 2nd Lord Reay.
  10. Baron Aeneas Mackay 3rd of Ophemert in the Netherlands and 10th Lord Reay (13 Jan 1807–6 Mar 1876) . The son of Barthold Johan Christiaan Mackay and Jonkvrouwe Anna Magdalena Frederika Henriette van Renesse. The 3rd great grandson of 2nd Lord Reay John MacKay [14] [15]
    1. Married 27 Oct 1837 Baroness Maria Catherine Anna Jacoba Fagel (d. 22 May 1886), dau. of Baron James Fagel, Privy Councillor of the Netherlands
      1. Donald James Mackay van Ophemert, later 11th Lord Reay
      2. John Jacob Mackay van Ophemert (b. 30 Oct 1842; dvp. 2 Jun 1859)
      3. Ann Agnes Mackay van Ophemert (b. 1838; dvp. 2 Mar 1839)
  11. Baron Donald James Mackay, 4th of Ophemert in the Netherlands and 11th Lord Reay (22 December 1839–1 Aug 1921) KT GCSI GCIE PC. A Dutch-born British administrator and Liberal politician.
    1. Married 5 Jun 1877 Fanny Georgiana Jane (Hasler) Mitchell CI (bapt. 30 Mar 1831; widow of Capt Alexander Mitchell MP, of Stow, co. Midlothian; d. 23 Jan 1917; bur. at Caddenfoot, near Galashiels) dau. of Richard Hasler, of Aldingbourne and Barkfold, co. Sussex, by his wife Julia Wyndham,
  12. Eric Mackay, 12th Lord Reay (2 Apr 1870 – 1 Nov 1921) and Baron Mackay van Ophemert and Zennewijnen The Netherlands . Son of Æneas Mackay and Baroness Elizabeth Willemina van Lynden and 5th great grandson of 2nd Lord Reay John MacKay [16] [17]
    1. He married Baroness Maria Johanna Bertha Christina van Dedem, daughter of Baron Alexander van Dedem, on 7 November 1901
      1. Aeneas Alexander Mackay van Ophemert, later 13th Lord Reay
      2. Alexander Willem Rynhard Mackay van Ophemert (b. 7 Dec 1907)
      3. Eric John Theodoor Mackay van Ophemert (b. 7 Jul 1911; d. 27 Feb 1949)
      4. Maria Christina Elizabeth Mackay van Ophemert (b. 17 Oct 1904)
  13. Aeneas Alexander Mackay, 13th Lord Reay (25 December 1905 – 10 March 1963) and Baron Mackay van Ophemert and Zennewijnen The Netherlands
    1. Married 14 Apr 1936 Charlotte Mary Younger (d. 26 Jun 2000), only dau. of William Younger, of Ravenswood, Melrose, co. Roxburgh, by his wife Katharine Theodora Dundas, 4th dau. of Cmdr Adam Alexander Duncan Dundas, 27th of Dundas RN
      1. Hon Hugh William Mackay, later 14th Lord Reay
      2. Hon Elizabeth Mary Mackay (b. 21 Jun 1938), mar. 29 Sep 1962 as his first wife (div. 1979) Sir Nicholas Hardwick Fairburn of Fordell QC MP (d. 19 Feb 1979), 2nd son of Dr William Ronald Dodds Fairburn, of Edinburgh, and has issue
      3. Hon Margaret Anne Mackay (b. 13 Mar 1941), mar. 23 Dec 1976 Allen Leslie Christian, of Upper Huntlywood, Earlston, co. Berwick, and Key Largo, Florida, USA, only son of E L Christian, of Evanston, Illinois, USA
  14. Hugh William Mackay, 14th Lord Reay (19 July 1937–10 May 2013) and Baron Mackay van Ophemert and Zennewijnen The Netherlands * Hugh William McKay
    1. He married, firstly, Hon. Annabel Thérèse Fraser, daughter of Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, 15th Lord (Fraser of) Lovat and Rosamond Broughton, on 14 September 1964.2 He and Hon. Annabel Thérèse Fraser were divorced in 1978.2 He married, secondly, Hon. Victoria Isabella Warrender, daughter of Victor Alexander George Anthony Warrender, 1st Baron Bruntisfield and Tania Vjekoslava Kolin, on 20 June 1980
      1. Hon Aeneas Simon Mackay, later 15th Lord Reay (b. 20 Mar 1965)
      2. Hon Laura Elizabeth Mackay (b. 25 Jul 1966)
      3. Hon Edward Andrew Mackay (b. 21 Jan 1974)
    2. Married 20 Jun 1980 Hon Victoria Isabella Warrender (b. 27 Mar 1952; mar. (2) 3 Jun 2017 Victor Miles George Aldous [Lampson], 3rd Baron Killearn), only dau. of Victor Alexander George Anthony [Warrender], 1st Baron Bruntisfield, by his second wife Tania Vjekoslava Kolin, 2nd dau. of Dr Michael Kolin, of Saint Jacob, Dubrovnik
      1. Hon Antonia Alexandria Mackay (b. 11 Dec 1981)
      2. Hon Isobel Violet Grace Mackay (b. 1983)
  15. Aeneas Simon Mackay, 15th Lord Reay (born 20 March 1965) and Baron Mackay van Ophemert and Zennewijnen The Netherlands
    1. He married Mia J. Ruulio, daughter of Markus Ruulio (of Helsinki, Finland), on 14 January 2010 at London, England
      1. Hon. Iona Mackay
      2. Hon Alexander Shimi Markus Mackay, Master of Reay and heir apparent b. 21 Apr 2010
      3. Hon. Harry Aeneas Hugo Mackay b. 10 Jul 2014


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General Information

  • GENEALOGY OF THE McKAY FAMILY DESCENDANTS OF ELKENNY McKAY, The founder of the family in America, AND INCLUDING THIRTY-SEVEN GENERATIONS OF THE ANCESTORS OF THE FAMILY OF DANIEL McKAY A.D.560 TO 1890 — 1330 YEARS. Gathered,Compiled,Edited and Publistied by Dr. James Adolphus McKay
  • Mackay Country An area in North-West Scotland of natural unspoiled beauty, rich in heritage & history

You Tube

  • Clan Mackay is a highland Scottish clan originating in the far north of Scotland in a location traditionally called the Kingdom of Moray.
  • Walk Clan Mackay Country Scotland Tour Scotland video of a walk in Mackay country on ancestry visit. This video was given as a gift to me by Cameron Mackay. On April 2014 he set off to walk solo 120km across Scotland through Mackay Country, the homeland of his own clan. The original aim of the walk was to fund raise for an expedition he is organizing to Greenland but it soon became a project in itself that could document the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and follow his journey through Mackay Country.
  • MacKay (Varrich) Castle in Tongue, Scotland] [1] [2]

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Thanks Billie, but there is no supporting documentation that the MacKay or McKay spelling was ever used by this man. I have removed it as the current last name.
posted by Amy (Crawford) Gilpin
Thanks Amy now I know which one he belongs too.