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Magna Carta: Template Trail

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Magna Carta Project Profiles

The Magna Carta Project has two types of templates: project boxes (described on this page) and stickers (see the Magna Carta Stickers page). See more about these types of templates and others at Help:Templates.

A Magna Carta Profile is one that is manged or monitored by the Magna Carta Project.

  • Project-managed profile: Any profile with a Magna Carta project box must have WikiTree-36 as a manager (per WikiTree, see Help:Project-Managed_Profiles).
  • Project-monitored profile: Any profile with the Magna Carta Project maintenance sticker (displayed below) will be added to a Magna Carta project maintenance category and should have WikiTree-36 on the trusted list (a condition of using the project's maintenance sticker; see WikiTree-36 for instructions on how to add the project to the trusted list).

Magna Carta Project Boxes

Just as any profile displaying a project box must be managed by the corresponding project, any profile that the Magna Carta Project manages must display a project box. The various Magna Carta Project Boxes are described below. Profiles that need only be monitored by the project can display the {{Magna Carta Project}} sticker (see its template page).

If a profile is on a project-approved trail, it should be "badged" (see the project's Glossary for more information about terms used, such as "badged").

"Trail Project Boxes" (aka "Badges")
  • for Surety Barons
  • for Gateway Ancestors
  • for profiles in between the two on a project-approved trail

If a profile needs to be managed by the project but does not meet the requirements to be "badged" (as part of a project-approved trail), use a "non-trail" project box.

"Non-Trail Project Boxes"
  • for Illustrious Men
  • for Prospective Gateway Ancestors
  • for profiles in a "Pending Trail"
  • for profiles that will probably never be in a trail

Trail Project Boxes (Badges)

The Magna Carta Project has three project boxes it refers to as a "badge" and uses only on developed/project-reviewed profiles that are in a project-reviewed/approved trail between a Gateway and a Baron:

1. The project box added to profiles along the project-approved trail between a Gateway Ancestor and a Magna Carta Surety Baron: {{Magna Carta}} (added by the project member who reviews/approves a completed trail).

Magna Carta Project logo
... ... is a descendant of a Magna Carta surety baron.
Join: Magna Carta Project
Discuss: magna_carta

2. The project box added to the profile of a Gateway Ancestor who is the anchor for at least one project-approved trail to a Magna Carta Surety Baron. The template can show one or two Surety Barons, by adding the baron's number (see the table on this page). The following template displays two barons, 21 & 24: {{Magna Carta|Gateway Ancestor|21|24}} (added by the project member who reviews a completed trail).

Magna Carta Project logo
Magna Carta Gateway Ancestor
... ... ... is a descendant of Magna Carta Surety Barons Saher de Quincy and Robert de Vere.
Join: Magna Carta Project
Discuss: magna_carta

3. The project box on the 25 profiles of Magna Carta Surety Barons.

Magna Carta Surety Baron
... ... was one of the twenty-five medieval barons who were surety for Magna Carta in 1215.
Join: Magna Carta Project
Discuss: magna_carta

Non-Trail Project Boxes

4. The project box on the 16 profiles of Magna Carta's Illustrious Men.

Illustrious Men
... ... was one of 16 Illustrious Men, counselors to King John, who were listed in the preamble to Magna Carta.
Join: Magna Carta Project
Discuss: magna_carta

5. The project box that may be added after a project coordinator reviews a profile in the Questionable Gateway Ancestors category and moves it to the Prospective Gateway Ancestors Category (added only by project leaders or coordinators).

Project Logo with "Prospective" across it
Prospective Magna Carta Gateway Ancestor
... ... ... might be a Magna Carta gateway ancestor, but the lineage is unproven. See text for details.
Join: Magna Carta Project
Discuss: magna_carta

6. The project box added to profiles needing project protection or management prior to being badged: {{Magna Carta|Trail Pending}} (added by project members developing or reviewing a trail and sometimes added by project leadership to a Richardson-listed Gateway Ancestor not yet in an identified trail).

Project Logo with "Pending" across it
Magna Carta Trail Pending
This profile is in a Magna Carta trail that is pending
project review. See text for details.
Join: Magna Carta Project
Discuss: magna_carta
If the profile does not need to be managed by the Magna Carta project, use the {{Magna Carta Project}} maintenance sticker instead (see below).

7. The project box added to profiles that will probably never be in a trail and that no other project wishes to manage (added only by project leaders or coordinators).

Project Logo with "No MC Trail” and international No symbol
No Magna Carta Trail
This profile does not meet the requirements of the Magna Carta project but is managed by the project to ensure the integrity of the profiles that do. See text for details.
Join: Magna Carta Project
Discuss: magna_carta
NOTE: Only the last three project boxes say "See text below." However, all profiles displaying a Magna Carta project box or the project sticker should have "text below" explaining why. That text will be in a "Magna Carta Project" section such as the example below.

Descendant Categories

As you complete, development, or review of a profile, copy/paste the following & edit/add Descendant categories as appropriate:
<!--[[Category:Magna Carta]][[Category:FitzWalter-101 Descendants]]
{{Magna Carta}} -->
For any Descendant category, include information about the trail in the Magna Carta Project section of the profile. You should also include your WikiTree ID and when you developed and/or reviewed the profile. When a project member has reviewed and approved a completed trail, he or she will unhide the template and appropriate Descendant categories. See this page for an index of Descendant categories.

Magna Carta Project section

Every Magna Carta project-managed or -monitored profile should include a Magna Carta Project section under "Acknowledgements" to share a profile's status (identified as being in a potential trail, developed or under review by the project under Magna Carta trail - change to Magna Carta ancestry when the profile is in a project-reviewed/approved trail).
See Space:Magna Carta Project Section for copy/paste examples (copying the following example will not capture coding for correct display on a profile; it also is displayed using headings 2 levels below what should be displayed on a profile).


Click the Changes tab to see edits to this profile. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this profile.
Magna Carta Project
Magna Carta trail
Magna Carta project logo
... ... has Magna Carta connections.
This profile is awaiting review and approval by the Magna Carta project. It has been developed in accordance with project standards (by Liz Shifflett, 27 February 2015) as part of the trail between Gateway Ancestor Thomas Booth and Magna Carta Surety Baron Henry de Bohun. See Base Camp for more information about Magna Carta trails.
This profile and the trail between Booth and Bohun was re-reviewed in January 2018. ~ Noland-165 23:55, 25 January 2018 (EST)


Remember to update the tables at Base Camp after a trail has been completed, posting that it's ready for review. Reviewers should have access to a hardcopy of Douglas Richardson's work (either Magna Carta Ancestry or Royal Ancestry) and have already had a trail they worked on successfully reviewed.
See also Space:Trail Tracks and update the tables there as appropriate. You can add any Gateway Ancestor and yourself as Gateway Guardian at any time. You can add yourself as Trail Tender for any completed trail and are encouraged to add yourself as Trail Tender for trails you develop; reviewers may also become Trail Tenders. Gateways and their trails can have more than one project member watching over them, but with 240 Gateway Ancestors listed by Richardson, we have a stronger need for Guardians to have more than one Gateway!

Trail Types

There are three types of trails - completed, underway, and ready to get started. Only completed trails that have been reviewed & approved are badged by the project.
The Magna Carta Template is a badge of approval that a profile is ready for display — icing on the cake of a cleaned-up and documented profile.

How to Use Magna Carta Project Boxes

The Magna Carta "badge" (project box) designates a documented descendant of a Magna Carta Surety Baron in a project-reviewed/approved trail to a Gateway Ancestor. Before a project box or Descendant category is added, the profiles are sourced and edited & then the trail reviewed. See the project's checklist for guidance on developing and/or reviewing a profile and Base Camp for additional information as well as tables showing Gateways who have a completed/reviewed trail, who have a trail "underway", and who need a project member to work on their trail.

Purpose of the Magna Carta Project Boxes

The purpose of the Magna Carta project boxes is to showcase these profiles that project members have improved to be examples of excellence.
Of the millions of people who are descended from the surety barons of Magna Carta, relatively few are aware of their awesome heritage. Like trail markers through a forest, the trail of Magna Carta badges lead from documented Gateway Ancestor profiles through documented ancestor profiles to the discovery of your Magna Carta lineage.

Interested in Joining?

See the Magna Carta project page if you're interested in joining. See the project page's Contact Us section for how to communicate with the project.


  • Magna Carta project page
  • Category:Magna Carta: This category is added by the project box - {{Magna Carta}} - that is on documented/reviewed profiles between Gateway Ancestors and Magna Carta Surety Barons (they are in separate sub-categories). Also included under Category:Magna Carta are the "Illustrious Men", as they do not have a separate template to identify they with the Magna Carta project. Category:Magna Carta has links to the following project categories:
    • Category:Gateway Ancestors - includes all Gateway Ancestors, both badged by the project and those included in Douglas Richardson's work but not yet in a project-badged trail.
    • Category:Questionable Gateway Ancestors - this category was the basis for a subproject (reviewing profile of potential Gateway Ancestors who are not documented by Richardson) that is no longer active. If you believe you have a potential Gateway Ancestor, please document parent/child relationships in WikiTree until you reach a Richardson-documented profile and then request that the project review the trail that you have developed.
    • Category:Surety Barons
    • Illustrious Men - includes the 16 "illustrious men". See the category page for more information.
    • Category:Magna Carta Project - includes resource pages related to the Magna Carta project and profiles of project members.
  • Magna Carta Project Maintenance Categories
Among other project pages:


On 20 Feb 2018 at 15:54 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Hi! Could one of you add the project as manager? Thanks!


On 7 Dec 2015 at 15:55 GMT April (Dellinger) Dauenhauer wrote:

Thank you for the clarification and the offer Michelle.

On 5 Dec 2015 at 23:06 GMT Michelle (Gerard) Hartley wrote:

April what I meant was the the gateway ancestor and surety baron are html codes that don't appear to be a template. (Such as the Magna Carta template that has the double brackets) . If you need templates I can create them if you want. Just let me know.

I was looking at all the project's templates to make sure they were on the project page and categorized under templates.

Regards, Michelle

On 5 Dec 2015 at 00:26 GMT April (Dellinger) Dauenhauer wrote:

It may have been more grammatically correct to name it "Trail of Magna Carta Ancestors as defined by this template" but - oh well, you get the idea:)

On 4 Dec 2015 at 20:29 GMT Michelle (Gerard) Hartley wrote:

These aren't really templates are they other than the Magna Carta?

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