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This Magna Carta Project legacy page gives information on some people suggested, but not accepted by the Project, as Gateway Ancestors. They were investigated as part of the work of a discontinued sub-Project looking into possible additional Gateways.

The Magna Carta Project does not vouch for the accuracy of the information on this page and is not keeping it up to date


Rejected as Gateway Ancestors

William Norwood

William Norwood - postulated descent from Henry de Bohun. Rejected': parents disproven. See Joe Cochoit's 2023 comment on William Norwood's profile

John Peckham

Rejected. Postulated trail:

1. John Peckham (b. 1595), immigrant to Rhode Island

2. Henry Peckham (d. 1616), married Elizabeth Badger. Of Boxgrove, Sussex.

3. Henry "alias Edward" Peckham, married Grace Sambourne

4. Henry Peckham, beheaded after Wyatt's Rebellion. This is the most controversial link -- Stephen Farnham Peckham spent many pages in his Peckham genealogy analyzing this supposed link, supported by the fact that the Kent and Sussex Peckhams used the same coat of arms. Clue for further research: Henry's sister Dorothy married a William Middleton, and one of the godparents of John Peckham the immigrant to Rhode Island was Joan Middleton.

5. Ann Isley (d. 1567), married James Peckham

6. Elizabeth Guilford (b. 1490), married Thomas Isley. Tudor Place, not a reliable source, includes notes on her alleged ancestry but does not mention daughter Ann. This family tree mentions the 1619-21 Kent Visitation:

7. Ann Pympe, married Richard Guilford

8. Philippa St. Leger, married John Pympe. Not given as a daughter of Margery Donnet by Douglas Richardson

9. Margery Donnet/Donet (b. 1405), married John St. Leger. Her ancestry, back to Magna Carta surety baron Geoffrey de Saye, is summarized here: (not a reliable source)

10. Margery Cheney/Cheyne, married James Donnet

11. Richard Cheney/Cheyney (b. 1355?), married Margery or Margaret Cralle

12. Robert de Cheney/Shurland (1304? - 1362), adopted the Shurland coat of arms

13. William Cheyney (1274-bef. 1334), married Margery Shurland

14. Agnes de Saye (b. 1250), married Sir Alexander Cheney

15. William de Saye (d. 1272)

16. Geoffrey de Say, Magna Carta surety baron

Edward and James Prideaux

Submitted by John Schmeeckle. Rejected.My conclusion is that Edward and James Prideaux of Camborne, Cornwall (and two more brothers, Richard and Nathaniel of St. Allen, Cornwall), were sons of Francis Prideaux of Cubert, Cornwall. The descendants of Edward and James became miners, some of whom emigrated to southwestern Wisconsin in the 1830s and 1840s.

Line 1

Generation 1

Edward Prideaux and James Prideaux.

Edward Prudex married Margery Dunkin 25 Jan. 1672 at Camborne. Edward Prideaux was buried 5 Nov. 1737 at Camborne.

As Edward named his eldest daughter Prudence and his eldest son Francis, it seems reasonable to conclude that he was the son of Francis and Prudence Prideaux of Cubert and brother of James Prideaux of Camborne: Francis had a son James born in Cubert, and James Prideaux of Camborne also named a daughter Prudence. (Prideaux is a rare name, and there was only one Francis Prideaux in the whole of Cornwall in the 17th century.)

There was also a Richard Prideaux who married Jane Vinsent 3 Oct. 1685 at Camborne and had eldest child Prudence baptized 28 Aug. 1686 at Camborne. Richard and his daughter Prudence moved to St. Allen, where another presumed brother Nathaniel lived. (Richard and Nathaniel were family names: Francis Prideaux had an elder brother Richard, and Francis's uncle Nathaniel was the vicar at Cubert.)

If Edward and Richard were indeed the brothers of James and sons of Francis and Prudence Prideaux of Cubert, then why did these three brothers migrate from Cubert to Camborne?

A likely answer appears with the marriage of Francis Prideaux's second-and-third cousin Admonition Prideaux of Padstow (b. 1639) to William Pendarves, son of Richard Pendarves, gent., recorded at both Padstowe and Camborne, on 23 May 1667 -- five years before Edward Prideaux's marriage in Camborne. It appears that Edward, Richard, and James were poor cousins (having fallen out of the gentry) of Admonition, and that they followed their newly well-married cousin to Camborne. Perhaps they worked as tenants for their new in-law William Pendarves, who was also a distant cousin, being descended from the Moyles' ancestor Thomas Grenville (d. 1513). (See Edward's profile for the compared Prideaux/Moyle lineages of Edward and Admonition.)

Generation 2

Francis Prideaux, married Prudence ----.

Francis was named in his father’s 1633 will (in Cubert) and subscribed to Parliament’s 1641 protestation (also in Cubert), which gives him a birth year of 1620 at the latest (age 21 in 1641). His parents were married in 1611 and had regularly-spaced children between 1612 and 1617, which gives 1619 as a likely birth year.

James Prideaux, son of Francis and Prudence, was baptized 25 July 1664 at Cubert (per IGI). James moved to Camborne, where he had a daughter Prudence.

Francis's presumed son Edward, who named his eldest son and daughter Francis and Prudence, was born before 1651, as Edward married in 1672 in Camborne.

Generation 3

John Prideaux, Jr. (for his parents, see Lines 2 and 3 below), married Abigail Nicholl (not Katherine Pepwell, although a second wife "Kateryn" is mentioned in his will).

"John Prideaux, Junior, Gent., and Abigail his wife (the said John Prideaux being son and heir apparent of John Prideaux, Esq.) had license to alienate the manors of Trewosal and Treburthick to Humphry Prideaux his heirs and assigns, Apr. 1st 1615. Rot. Pat., 13th James, Part 33, no. 39."[1]

In his last testament, John left "unto Kateryn Prydeaux my wife and the Richard Prydeaux and Ffrancis Prydeaux my too sonnes...and pay to John Prydeaux, Johan Prydeaux, Nathaniel Prydeaux, Joshua Prydeaux and to William Prydeaux 12p a piece....and I do apoynte Nathaniel Prydeaux and my cousin John Harker of St Columb for executor." In a codicil he mentioned newborn son John.

Line 2 (continued from Line 1):

Generation 4

John Prideaux, Sr. (1546-1623) married Ann Moyle (her ancestry is in Line 3)

“He [William Prideaux, father of John] afterwards settled at St. Cadoc in Padstow, where he died on 27th June 1564, and upon the inquisition taken after his death on 17th January 1564-5, it was found... that John Prideaux was his eldest son and was of the age of eighteen years seven months and sixteen days.

“By an indenture dated 15th August 25th Elizabeth (1583) Degory Powhele of Powhele granted to John Prideaux of Padstow Esq., John his son, and Anne his wife, and the survivor of them certain houses &c. in Padstow, and by a deed dated 24th May 1st James (1603), by which Degory Powhele of Treworgan conveyed to Nicholas Prideaux of Padstow, Esq., inter alia, the reversion of these houses, it appears that John Prideaux and John his son were still living, but that Anne, the wife of John Prideaux, was deceased...."[2]

Generation 5

William Prideaux (1514-1564) married Johanna Mundy. William was listed as a second son of Humphrey Prideaux in the 1564 Devon Visitation.

“William Prideaux of Trevose, in the parish of St. Merryn, married Johanna daughter of John Mundy of Rialton, brother of the last Prior of Bodmin, through whose influence he was granted by the convent [monastery] a lease, dated 20th October 29th Henry VIII (1537) to him and Johanna the daughter of John Munday, whom he “God permitting, intended to marry”, and the survivor of them, of the manor of Padstow, together with the advowson of the Vicarage of the Church, which lease was afterwards confirmed in the Court of Augmentation. The term unexpired in this lease, by deed dated 24th February 1544-5 (36th Henry VIII), he assigned to Nicholas Prideaux his uncle, who had, meanwhile, been granted the manor in fee.

"He afterwards settled at St. Cadoc in Padstow, where he died on 27th June 1564, and upon the inquisition taken after his death on 17th January 1564-5, it was found: that he died seized in his demesne as of fee of all the tithe fish and fishery of the Parish of Paddestowe, and of a tenement called Trebartheke in St. Eval; that by his will he gave to his wife Johanna two-thirds of these possessions to pay his debts and portion his daughters; that his wife died at St. Cadoc the day following the death of her husband; and that Richard Prideaux and Roger Prideaux (his brothers) and William Munday (his brother-in-law) administered as to his effects; and further that John Prideaux was his eldest son and was of the age of eighteen years seven months and sixteen days.

"William Prideaux is several times mentioned as a tenant in the Court Rolls of the manor of Padstow between 1553 and 1563. At a Court held on 20th October 1564 the jury present his death, and in 1566 John Prideaux is presented as a conventionary tenant."[3]

Generation 6

Humphrey Prideaux (1487-1550) married Joan Fowell. Humphrey was Fulk's eldest son and heir, according to the History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor, which cites Fulk's Inquisition post mortem. See also the 1564 Devon Visitation.

Generation 7

Katherine Poyntz married Fulk Prideaux. This couple appears in Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry as follows: "On 23 April he [Humphrey Poyntz] and his wife, Elizabeth, settled a moiety of the manor of Over Woolacombe (in Mortehoe), Devon, on themselves for life, with remainder to Fulk Pideaux, Esq., and his wife Katherine (daughter of the said Humphrey and Elizabeth) and the heirs of Katherine."[4]

Generation 8

Per Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families, the Poyntz ancestry goes back to Hugh Poyntz who married Hawise, daughter of Magna Carta baron William Malet.[5]

Line 3 (continued from Line 1):

Generation 4

Ann Moyle married John Prideaux, Sr.

Generation 5

Ann St. Aubyn (see Lineages 4 and 5 for her parents) married John Moyle. Vivian's Visitations of Cornwall (see image at her profile) shows that Ann, second daughter of Thomas St. Aubyn of Clowance, married John Moyle of Bake. The Moyle pedigree in the 1620 Visitation of Cornwall shows Ann's father as "Thos. St. Tavy," but this is corrected in footnote 1 on the same page as St. Aubyn.

Generation 6

Mary Grenville (1479-1537) married Thomas St. Aubyn. The Grenville pedigree in the 1620 Cornwall Visitation lists Mary's second marriage to "St. Aubin." Their children, including daughter Ann who married John Moyle, are shown in the St. Aubyn pedigree in Vivian's Visitations of Cornwall (see Thomas's wikitree page). Letters from Thomas St. Aubyn to his sister-in-law, Mary's sister Honor, are published in the History of the Granville Family, starting on page 61.

(Thomas St. Aubyn is descended through the Trenowith family from Jane Bassett, who has a claimed lineage, through the Fleming and Geneville families, to Magna Carta baron Hugh Bigod.)

Generation 7

Thomas Grenville (1449-1513) married Elizabeth Gilbert. Sources: Vivivan's Visitations of Cornwall; 1620 Cornwall Visitation; Roger Granville, The History of the Granville Family (1895), starting on page 58.

Generation 8

Thomas Grenville (d. 1483, see Lineages 8 and 9 for his parents), married Elizabeth Gorges (she is descended through the Beauchamp and Mohun families from the sister of childless Magna Carta baron Geoffrey de Mandeville)

Sources for Thomas Grenville: Vivivan's Visitations of Cornwall, 1620 Cornwall Visitation, Roger Granville, The History of the Granville Family (1895), pp. 56-57.

Line 4 (continued from Line 3)

Generation 9

Philippa Bonville (d. 1460), married William Grenville Philippa and her husband are mentioned in Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry, 1:254, which gives Philippa's Magna Carta ancestry.

Generation 10

Elizabeth FitzRoger (1371-1414), married John Bonville. She appears in Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry, 1:254. Her paternal grandfather is descended from William Malet (and William Marshal, too). Her maternal grandmother Elizabeth Holland is descended, through the Zouche family, from Saher de Quincy.

Elizabeth and her husband John Bonville are ancestors of George Washington.

Line 5 (continued from Line 3)

Generation 9

William Grenville (1395-c. 1450), married Philippa Bonville.

In 1416 (3rd Henry V), William, “styling himself William Greynville, son of Sir Theobald,” formally reaffirmed his brother John’s holdings in Bideford and Stow. [6]

“He died before 29th Henry VI [1451], for in that year John de Almescombe and Philippa his wife, late the wife of William de Graynvil, had a grant from John de Copleston and others of lands in Wildhays and Guakmore.” [7]

“By his first wife, Thomasine Cole, he left no issue, but by his second wife, Philippa, he left issue one son Thomas, who succeeded him, and two daughters....[8]

Generation 10

Theobald Grenville (1343-1381), claimed to have married Margaret Courtenay, but this appears to be impossible; other evidence suggests his wife was a Calmady (see his profile for discussion).

Theobald II died a few years after his father, by 1381, when his son John presented to the churches at Bideford and Kilkhampton. “Nothing is known of the life or history of this second Sir Theobald, but there are several grants of land with fair seals of which the last is in the 3rd Richard II, and which must have been very shortly before his death…."[9]

Generation 11

Joice Beaumont, married Theobald Grenville.

“Henry de Grenvile left a son and heir, Theobald, who was but four years old at the time of his father’s death. During his minority he was ward to Sir John Carew, and on obtaining manhood was knighted. He married Joice, daughter of Thomas Beaumont, Earl of Mellent.” [10]

LDS family group sheet with sources for further research

Generation 12

Thomas Beaumont

Proof is needed for Thomas's parentage. This LDS family group sheet gives sources for further research.

Thomas Beaumont wasn’t really the Earl (Count) of Meulan (in France, on the edge of Normandy), any more than his presumed father was the Earl of Buchan in Scotland. (See ) That is to say, both had an empty title, without actual control of the land. An earlier branch of the Beaumont family (ancestors of the Grenvilles) were hereditary Counts of Meulan, but the last Count Robert de Beaumont died in exile in 1204, leaving confusion over the succession as King John of England lost his possessions in France and King Philip II of France extinguished the title. So when the title “Earl (or Count) of Meulan” came to Thomas Beaumont, it was nothing more than a legal fiction, unless, of course, English success in the Hundred Years War against France resulted in restoring him to his claimed rightful inheritance.

Generation 13

Alice Comyn (1291-1349), married Henri Beaumont; her paternal grandmother was descended from Saher de Quincy. Her lineage is given in Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry.

Henry, John, and Thomas Awbrey

Henry Awbrey, John Awbrey and Thomas Awbrey have not been accepted as Gateways by the Magna Carta Project, for lack of sufficient evidence. Their parentage is questionable. The postulated trail had them as sons of William Awbrey and connected to Magna Carta surety baron Saher de Quincy as follows:
  1. their mother was Elizabeth (Johnes) Awbrey,
  2. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Johnes,
  3. Thomas was the son of Henry Jones,
  4. Henry was the son of Mary Berkeley,
  5. Mary was the daughter of Susan FitzAlan,
  6. Susan was the daughter of William FitzAlan,
  7. William was the son of Joan Neville (badged),
  8. Joan was the daughter of Richard Neville (a badged descendant of MCSB de Quincy)
see also this G2G discussion and Joe Cocghoit's 2022 comment on the profile of Thomas Awbrey,

Clement Weaver

Rejected - no reliable evidence

Lucius Weaver's 1928 History and Genealogy of a Branch of the Weaver Family (available at at ) states (p. 36): "There is a tradition in all branches of the descendants of our immigrant ancestor, Clement Weaver, that he was of Welsh descent."

Weaver concludes that Clement's father Thomas Weaver of Glastonbury was the same as Thomas, second son of John and Ann (Anton) Weaver of Presteign and London. Proof is needed here. This John Weaver has a recorded pedigree (p. 49) that goes back to one Walter Weaver, and other evidence shows that Walter's ancestry goes back to Welsh lords and kings.

Walter Weaver's son Walter married Joan, daughter and heiress of Gilbert Bohun and Margaret Wastneys of Sallup, Shropshire. Of course Bohun is a Magna Carta name. According to wikipedia (unsourced) at,_7th_Earl_of_Hereford : "Gilbert should have been the heir of Humphrey Bohun, 7th Earl of Hereford, who had no sons, but 'due to the power of the Crown, his great estates were divided between his two surviving daughters,' one of whom was married to the future King Henry IV."

Also according to wikipedia (unsourced) at, Gilbert de Bohun (c. 1303-1381); rightful heir to the titles of Lord High Constable of England, Earl of Hereford, Earl of Essex, Earl of Northampton, four castles, and over one-hundred lordship manors; had issue Joan de Bohun.

And per this unsourced website: :

"These estates went to the husbands of the daughters of Humphrey even though there was a male heir alive a cousin living in Hereford until 1381 - his name was Gilbert de Bohun - who married Margaret Wastney, great-granddaughter of Robert Fitzrobert, and they had a daughter called Joan who married Walter Weaver in 1362 and had male issue. It is this issue and line that should have legally inherited all the Bohun titles and estates. Henry IV was created Duke of Hereford before he usurped the throne."

Some Research Notes by John Schmeeckle prepared on 2 February 2018 for the former Questionable Gateways sub-Project

Henry Acton-11 at

He seems to be the proper social status for aristocratic ancestry, but a quick internet search didn't come up with any good secondary sources (let alone a baptism record) for his parentage. The marriage of his alleged maternal grandparents is mentioned in the Corbet genealogy, p. 203, at

Michael Bacon-563 at

A quick look through his family tree doesn't show any obvious weak links, and he seems to be from the proper social class to be a prospective gateway ancestor. The alleged lineage goes straight up the Bacon line for several generations.
This lineage also shows up in the ancestry of John Lakin-12 (his mother was a Bacon) at

James Bane at [1]

Conceivable but totally unsourced; I left "intent to detach" messages on both his and his father's profiles. Update Mar. 17: sent message to profile manager -- is there any evidence for this?

Elizabeth (Best) Shaw at

There seems to be some legitimate ancestry on her mother's side. Her father's side seems to be idle speculation going up a few generations.

Ursula (Bish/Bysshe) Thompson at

There is a rather recent genealogy of the Bysshe family, extending back to medieval times, per
Maybe there is a valid Magna Carta ancestry back there somewhere.

Anne (Bluet) Jones at

Definitely the right social class to have many Magna Carta lineages. However, there is a question whether the correct Anne Bluet has been identified as the wife of Cadwallader Jones. See this SGM thread:!topic/soc.genealogy.medieval/9qrMRU5tVZ8

Robert Thomas Bolling at

I marked the parents of his father John Bolling "uncertain," per info on the profile.
His mother's parents appear to be a fabrication, but didn't look too closely.

Gov. Robert Brooke at

His Magna Carta connection depends on the ancestry of his mother's ancestor Joan Elmedon. There is a G2G question about that here:
Per a message from Joe Cochoit on that thread, Robert Brooke's descent from Joan Elmedon seems to have been broken.

Nicholas Brown at

Update Mar. 17: There is a source showing that his mother Jane was indeed the daughter of a Thomas Lide/Leids of Inkberrow, co. Worcester. More research needed.

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