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Magna Carta Project 101

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Magna Carta Project 101

For information about the Grand Charter, or Magna Carta, see the Magna Carta Project Page and Magna Carta 101. All project pages should be listed under Category:Magna Carta Project, along with all project members (but a few pages and a lot of project members aren't). See also the Space:Magna Carta Project Index.

This page is designed to be an introduction to getting started with the project. Welcome!


First: If this is the first project page you've seen, you'll want to start with the Magna Carta Project Page and also take a look at Base Camp.
Second: Decide how involved you'd like to be. You can
a: join the project as an affiliate by posting {{Member|Magna Carta Affiliate}} to your profile page.
b: join the project as a participating member by answering the project's G2G join post with the name of the Gateway Ancestor you'll be guardian for (see this page for details).
Third: Join the Magna Carta Google Group (whether affiliate or member).
Fourth: Get involved:
a: Affiliates are involved through the project's Google Group, where they'll see project news and information about profiles managed by the project and can help the project watch over project-managed and project-monitored profiles (see Space:Magna Carta Project Glossary).
b: Members are also involved through the project's Google Group, but have participation requirements to meet also (see this page):
  1. become a Gateway Guardian (within 3 months of joining) - see specifics [[[Space:Magna_Carta_Project_Members#_note-1|here]]] and a table of Guardians at Trail Tracks
  2. develop a trail (within 9 months of joining) - get started at Base Camp, see specifically the "Ready to Get Started table" and pick a trail to develop (see the Checklist for specifics needed for a Magna Carta profile)
  3. review a trail (within 3 months after the developed trail has been reviewed/approved) - after your developed trail is reviewed/approved, you're eligible to review/approve trails developed by others
Fifth: continue to participate by watching over project profiles and developing/reviewing additional trails.

Magna Carta Project Profiles and Trails

Any WikiTree member with the appropriate badge (pre-1700 or pre-1500) can work on developing Magna Carta project profiles and trails between Gateway Ancestors and Surety Barons. However, only current project members can be a Gateway Guardian, Trail Tender, or Surety Specialist, and only project members (past or present) are listed in the tables at Base Camp or Trail Tracks. Also, only project members can do the initial review/approval of a developed trail for the project.

Magna Carta Project Challenges

Both project members and affiliates can participate in most project Challenges. The Challenges are


The Magna Carta project account is WikiTree-36 - the manager for project profiles - and is tied to the Magna Carta Google Group, so that e-mails about project profiles go to the group.
See the Space:Magna Carta Project Index for links to and information about various project pages.
The Index of Surety Barons to Gateway Ancestors lists the Surety Barons, the Descendant Categories for the 17 barons with descendants past the fourth generation, and their number for use in a Magna Carta Baron template. For example,
Badges and Templates and Project Boxes and Stickers
  • Badges for the project mean both the same as normal WikiTree use (the badges on an active member's profile, such as the Wiki Genealogist badge) and also have a project-specific meaning: the {{Magna Carta}} badge of excellence/seal of approval added to profiles by a project member after reviewing them as part of a completed trail (see "badge", "badged profiles", and "badged trails" in the project's Glossary).
  • Templates: The Magna Carta Baron template mentioned above is a general template created for use by the project. Other templates are built from "container" templates, which include Project Boxes and Stickers.
    • Project Boxes: The Magna Carta project has seven project boxes (see Template:Magna Carta). The {{Magna Carta}} badge for profiles on a project-approved trail is the main one, then variables are used to create other project boxes, which allows the project to place "non-badge" project boxes on profiles not yet in a project-approved trails but which the project needs to manage (in order for a project to be a manager of a profile, the profile must display the project box) or protect (a project-protected profile [PPP] must have a project as manager).
    • Stickers: The project's "official" stickers - {{Member|Magna Carta Affiliate}}, {{Magna Carta Project}}, and {{No Magna Carta Trail}} - are discussed on Space:Magna Carta Stickers. That page also includes examples of the Descendant sticker that can be used on profiles outside the scope of the project (Space:Magna_Carta_Stickers#sticker). Another sticker the project has adapted for its use is the Recognition sticker (see Category:Magna Carta Recognition Stickers). And using the switch "Magna Carta" with the Member sticker will indicate the WikiTree member's interest in the project (see Category:WikiTree-36 Followup).


Post it as a comment on this page is probably easiest. If you've joined the Google Group, you could ask there directly. Or you could ask in G2G, tagged Magna_Carta


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needs updating ... you need to select a Gateway to become a badged member, so the first deadline is for developing a trail, within 6 months of joining.

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