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Magna Carta Project 5-Star Team Page

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Note - Looking for the table with Magna Carta Project's 5-star profiles & their status? Click Here. The link is also found under Tracking (below).

5-Star Team

Please join the Magna Carta Project's 5-Star Team - open to both Affiliate and Badged members. Sign up at the Magna Carta Project's Member Check-In Page by entering your name in the table as being on the 5-Star Team. (For information about joining the Project, please see our G2G join post.)

Non-members are welcome to work on Project profiles also. When you edit the tracking table, add what project you're with (if any) in your Notes about the profile. And Thanks!!

If you need/want to discuss a profile, please post to G2G from the profile so that the G2G question is attached to the profile and the surname is automatically added as a tag. At a minimum, also add

Star_Profiles and Magna_Carta

If the profile is co-managed with another project, add that project's tag as well, and any other appropriate tags (e.g., married name, sources, pre-1500, pre-1700). You can have up to six tags.

Click here for the G2G announcement post that explains WikiTree's Five-Star Profiles initiative.


Click here for a table with 5-star profiles managed by the Magna Carta Project and their status.

What Needs To Be Done

Let the Magna Carta Project's checklist guide you, but keep in mind that the checklist is to guide development/review of profiles with the intent of badging the trail the profile is in. Star profiles need not be in a badged trail, but they should be developed sufficiently so as to present the project - and WikiTree - in the best light possible (as Chris explains in his [G2G post announcing the initiative]).

When you've reviewed a profile, add one of the following stickers as a comment, update our tracking table, and pat yourself on the back :D

{{Recognition Sticker|image=Magna_Carta_Team_Base_Camp.png|imagetext=Magna Carta project logo|text=[[Space:Magna Carta Project 5-Star Profiles|5-star profile]] - see [[Project:Magna Carta Project Star Profiles|Magna Carta Project Star Profiles]] for status.}}

Use the following for profiles shown as 100% done in the table (still as a comment, not in the profile itself):

{{Recognition Sticker|image=Magna_Carta_Team_Base_Camp.png|imagetext=Magna Carta project logo|text=100% 5-star profile (see more at [[Project:Magna Carta Project Star Profiles|Magna Carta Project Star Profiles]])}}

Note: Still not sure how information will be updated. "5-star" designation is based on number of views, so it is not static. Currently, only Leaders can view the master tracking document (MTD); however, anyone can access the list through WT+ (see the Feeds section of WikiTree-36 - specifically, WikiTree-36#5stars - for information on how to get a list of our 5-star profiles).

For details of how another project is proceeding, check out what the Ireland Project has posted (on this page) & the list of projects in this G2G post.