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Magna Carta Project Categories

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Magna Carta

Magna Carta, establishing certain limits on the authority of the king, was signed on 15 June 1215 by John, King of England, with 16 "Illustrious Men" (counselors to the King) named in the preamble and 25 barons who stood surety.

The Magna Carta project exists to categorize and improve profiles of the barons who were surety for Magna Carta; about 250 proven American colonial Gateway Ancestors who were their descendants; and the documented lineages that connect them.

Gateway Ancestors

  • Category:Questionable Gateway Ancestors: Includes profiles for immigrants who may be descended from a surtey baron but who are not one of the 240+ Gateway Ancestors who are documented by Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry.[1]
  • Category:Prospective Magna Carta Gateway Ancestors: Includes profiles of "non-Richardson" gateways who are probably a Magna Carta gateway ancestor, but the lineage is not yet proven. It is added automatically when a project leader adds {{Magna Carta|Prospective Gateway Ancestor}} after review and discussion.
  • Category:Gateway Ancestors: Includes profiles for the 240 Richardson-listed Gateway Ancestors, whether they are in a project-approved/reviewed trail or not. It also includes other immigrant ancestors who arrived in colonial America (later USA) before 1700, with some exceptions.

Descendant Categories

See this Index for more information. The Magna Carta project categorizes profiles in project-reviewed/approved trails by surety baron using descendant categories.

Profile Categories

  • Category:Magna Carta Profiles: A maintenance category for profiles not yet eligible to be "badged" by the project. It is automatically added by
    • {{Magna Carta|Trail Pending}}, a Magna Carta project box
    • {{Magna Carta Project}}, the project's maintenance sticker.

Maintenance Categories

See Category:Magna Carta Project Maintenance Categories.
The "Magna Carta Project Needs . . ." categories are automatically added to a profile by using a "needs=" parameter with one of the various project boxes based on {{Magna Carta}}, which can accommodate up to three.
To add a profile to an existing Magna Carta Maintenance Category,[2] please choose from the following:
|needs=Family Verified
|needs=Source Check
|needs=Review and Approval
|needs=Category Attention
For example:
{{Magna Carta|Trail Pending|needs=Review and Approval}}
{{Magna Carta|Trail Pending|needs=Family Verified|needs1=Biography}}
{{Magna Carta|needs=Re-review|needs1=Source Check}}
Needs parameters:
  • Research: If you add this needs parameter, please also add a comment with specific research needs (see the Category page for details)
  • Development: If you add this needs parameter, please describe what the profile needs developed - if just a biography, use needs=Biography (see the Needs Development Category page for details)
  • Biography: If you add this needs parameter, please see the Category page for details
  • Family Verified: If you add this needs parameter, please note whether text or attached profiles need verification, and which family members (see the Category page for details)
  • Source Check: If you add this needs parameter, please also add a comment specifying which fact needs checked against Richardson (see the Category page for details)
  • Review and Approval: If you add this needs parameter, please include information as described on the Category page. Do not use this parameter if you do not believe the profile meets project standards (see the project's review checklist)
  • Re-review: If you add this needs parameter, please also add a comment as to why you added it (see the Category page for details)
  • Category Attention: If you add this needs parameter, please also add a comment with the attention needed (see the Category page for details).

  1. Douglas Richardson. Magna Carta Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families, 4 vols, ed. Kimball G. Everingham, 2nd edition (Salt Lake City: the author, 2011), Volume I, pages xxiii-xxix, "List of Colonial Immigrants".
  2. To suggest additional needs= parameters, post a comment here or to WikiTree-36, or contact project co-leader Liz Shifflett.


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