Magna Carta Project Glossary

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Badge (noun) can refer to the Project Member Badge (on the profile of a Badged Member) or the {{Magna Carta}} Project Box (on the profile of a Magna Carta-Badged Profile) Badge List, Space:Magna Carta Template Trail
Badge (verb) the project co-leaders can "badge a member" (award the Project Member Badge to an active WikiTree member with the pre-1700 badge) and project members can "badge a profile" (add the {{Magna Carta}} badge to a profile after it has been reviewed/approved as part of a trail) Badge List, Space:Magna Carta Template Trail
Badged Member actively works toward achieving the project’s goals and helps monitor profiles on the project’s watchlist Badge List
Badged Profile a profile on a project-reviewed/approved trail between a Gateway Ancestor and a Surety Baron should have the {{Magna Carta}} badge, which adds them to the Magna Carta category Space:Magna Carta Template Trail, Base Camp, Category:Magna Carta
Badged Trail a project-reviewed/approved trail between a Gateway Ancestor and a Surety Baron Space:Magna Carta Template Trail,
Base Camp
Checklist used by project members to develop and review profiles in a trail Magna Carta Project Checklist
Descendant Categories used by the project to categorize profiles badged by the project (by Surety Baron) Index of Surety Barons to Gateway Ancestors
Descendant Stickers may be used by anyone to indicate a Magna Carta connection; although not monitored by the project, suggested use is to a gateway on post-1700 profiles and to no more than one or two barons (or say "many") on pre-1600/1700 profiles - see Help:Stickers for guidelines for using stickers & Template:Descendant for details about the sticker; for project-suggested usage with copy/paste examples, see -> Space:Magna Carta Stickers
gateway ancestor (lowercase) any ancestor, usually the immigrant ancestor, who is descended from royalty or other notable (such as a surety baron) n/a
Gateway Ancestor as used by the project, one of the 200+ immigrant ancestors listed by Richardson in his Magna Carta Ancestry, or another immigrant accepted as a Gateway by the project leadership Category:Gateway Ancestors
Illustrious Men Advisors to King John Category:Illustrious Men
Magna Carta Google Group for Profile Alerts The Magna Carta Google Group that project members join to help oversee the project's Watchlist profiles Profile Alerts Google Group
Magna Carta Project Box one of seven variations of the project box that is displayed on a profile managed by the project Magna Carta Template Trail
Magna Carta Project Maintenance Categories categories for profiles that need the attention of the project Category:Magna Carta Project Maintenance Categories
Magna Carta Project Sticker the template added to profiles managed by the Scotland Project (see parameters on its template page). Template:Magna Carta Project,
Category:Magna Carta Project Maintenance Categories,
Space:Magna Carta Stickers
Project Account the WikiTree profile that is added as profile manager (for project-managed profiles) and to the trusted list (for project-monitored accounts); e-mails to this profile are sent to the members of the Profile Alerts Google Group WikiTree-36, Profile Alerts Google Group
Project Accounts see Help:Project Accounts,
Category:Project Accounts, and Wikitree surname page
Project Boxes a template that indicates a profile is managed by that project; it must be displayed for a project to be a manager of the account (the project is otherwise restricted to being on the trusted list only), and any profile that displays a project box must have the corresponding project as a manager Space:Magna Carta Template Trail
Project-Managed Profiles see Help:Project-Managed_Profiles (the project is a manager) profiles with "M" in the project's Watchlist
Project-Protected Profiles a profile that needs to be "locked" (preventing changes to the WikiTree ID, base on the profile's "Last Name at Birth" field, and restricting who can change the profiles attached as parents); a profile that is locked (or "PPP") must have the project box of the project protecting the profile, and the corresponding project account as a manager (see Help:Project Protection profiles with "PPP" in the project's Watchlist
Run the Trail follow badged profiles up from the badged Gateway Ancestor, checking for profile quality on the way up and for Descendant Categories coming back down Space:Magna Carta Project Trails
Surety Baron 25 barons stood surety for Magna Carta in 1215, 17 of whom had descendants past the 4th generation Category:Surety Barons
Trail A Magna Carta trail is the lineal descent from a Magna Carta Surety Baron to a Gateway Ancestor who is documented in Douglas Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry or has been approved by the project. Space:Magna Carta Project Trails

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I love this, I am a descendant of John Fitzrobert, 3rd Baron of Warkworth. I have been working on my "Stokley, and 26 more spellings for that surname!" for quite a while. I would be interested, but, I just started here, haven't figured out the program yet, but I will get there. I have so much research from 0900 and forward, just kinda a mess, since my computer and phone were hacked on the 8th! Rough trying to rebuild your life again, when everything was wiped out, But, anew. Here I go again!

Thanks for your time, Kim M. Stokley

posted by Kim Stokley
Welcome to WikiTree Kim, and so sorry about your computer/phone. For information about joining the Magna Carta Project, check out this G2G post:

Note that because the project's scope covers people born from about 1175 to before 1700, both Affiliates and Badged members should have the pre-1700 badge. To join the project as a badged member, you'd also need to have been a full member* of WikiTree for 90 days. See details at

Cheers, Liz

* You're currently a "Family Member". You'd need to sign the Honor Code to become a full member - see

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
Thank you, with time comes improvement, after 90 days, I'll probably be giving speeches!!! I have SO, SO MUCH information to write my own book. I have the complete list of my descendants that came over from Stokes-On-Trent, Staffordshire, England to the Northampton, Accomack, Virginia area., So ironic how the spellings change, it was just the person writing it down!!
posted by Kim Stokley