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Welcome to the "Membership Hub" for the Magna Carta Project. It was created to address WikiTree's October 2017 initiative to clarify projects' roles in WikiTree and bring renewed emphasis on project participation. ~ Liz Shifflett, 29 November 2017
Please see also the this page for participation tables and this page for tables showing Gateways with guardians and other information.

Requirements for Membership

Affiliate Membership
Ideal membership level for new WikiTree members (less than 90 days) or WikiTree members that are primarily interested in discovering more about their own personal family connections to Magna Carta history and genealogy. Affiliate membership does not require a member to comply with the additional participation requirements associated with "badged membership".
  • Open to WikiTree members who have volunteered as a WikiTree genealogist and have agreed to abide with the WikiTree Honor Code.
  • Must be Pre-1700 certified.
  • Add the bit of WIkicode listed below to your profile and join the Magna Carta Project Discussion Group.
To become an official Affiliate member, contact a Magna Carta Project Leader or respond to the project G2G post to let us know of your interest in joining.
Then, simply add {{Member|Magna Carta Affiliate}} to your profile anywhere under the Biography heading.
Badged Membership
  • Open to WikiTree members who have volunteered as a WikiTree genealogist and have agreed to abide with the WikiTree Honor Code.
  • Must have been a WikiTree member at least 90 days.
  • Must be Pre-1700 certified.
  • Must not at the time of joining be subject to a mentoring or mediation referral.[1]
  • Must become a "Gateway Guardian" prior to badge being awarded.
  • Must meet the membership requirements and time frames listed below to remain a badged member in good standing.
Badged Magna Carta Project members should be comfortable creating organized, well-written, and sourced profiles; thoughtfully handling ambiguous and disputed information; and interacting courteously with less-experienced PMs and editors who may, understandably, have passionate feelings about their family's lineage
Policy changes effective December 2017
Background: WikiTree recently started an effort to revitalize its projects, to include encouraging project leaders to review project members' involvement in working toward the project's goals and to remove badges of inactive members. As you might imagine, this generated a lot of discussion, but I believe projects were given a bit of leeway with this post by Team Member Julie Ricketts in this G2G discussion about existing project members: "Ultimately, though, it's up to the member whether or not they want to remain a project participant."
Grandfathering Existing Members: While the Magna Carta Project is applying that to anyone who joined the project before the project account did (22 March 2016), new members (who join on or after 1 December 2017)[2] need to meet the following requirements within the following timeline:
  • become a Gateway Guardian prior to becoming a badged member.[3]
  • develop a trail to to a Magna Carta Surety Baron for that Gateway Ancestor (or another, if that Gateway already has a developed trail) within 6 months of becoming a badged member.[4]
  • review & approve a completed trail developed by another project member within 3 months of being eligible to do so (i.e., after the trail developed in the previous requirement has been reviewed & approved by another project member)[5]
  1. WikiTree members being mentored can join as an Affiliate if they are not in mediation or have a red referral badge.
  2. Yes, there is a gap between these dates. Those members (who joined after 22 March 2016 but before 1 December 2017) are asked to work on fulfilling the three requirements being asked of new members before 1 December 2018. Many of you already have developed a trail, so you just need to add the Gateway Ancestor for the trail to the table and yourself as Gateway Guardian and Trail Tender for the trail you developed to meet the first two requirements.
  3. As of 23 November 2018, this requirement must be met in order to become a badged member. Prospective members should select a Gateway Ancestor who is not yet in a project-reviewed/approved trail from the profiles listed in Category:Gateway Ancestors. That category is for the 200+ Gateway Ancestors documented by Douglas Richardson in Magna Carta Ancestry and Royal Ancestry. With 72 members at this writing (November 29, 2017), there are plenty to choose from. Post your Gateway's information and yours to this table.
  4. Add your name as a Trail Tender on the table.
  5. Add your name as a Trail Tender on the table, along with the WikiTree ID of the profile where the trail connected to an existing one. You may need to also add the Gateway Ancestor's information for trails completed before these requirements were established.
Once any member has completed these three steps, they may retain the Magna Carta badge as long as they like, as they will continue to actively support the project's goals by being a Gateway Guardian and Trail Tender.

Contact a Member


Click the badge above for current members.
The project also has affiliates who help oversee project-managed and project-monitored profiles. Project-managed profiles have a project box and the project account as a manager. The project account is on the trusted list of project-monitored profiles, which have the Magna Carta Project sticker. Project-monitored profiles are those that the project needs to maintain but that are not yet eligible for a project box.
If you have a question about a "badged profile" - a profile that is in a reviewed/approved trail between a Gateway and a Baron and displays a Magna Carta project box - see this page, which lists Gateway Guardians and Trail Tenders (this is a new concept, so the list is quite sparse at the moment).
Note: You can also contact project co-leader Liz Shifflett if you believe a profile should be managed or monitored by the project but is not, or the reverse (you encounter a profile that you believe has the project box or the sticker when it should not). Please include the WikiTree ID of the profile in question. Thanks!
A "Surety Specialists" team (currently in need of a leader and members) will give special attention to the profiles of the 25 Magna Carta Surety Barons. On the team's "to-do list" is developing/reviewing profiles of the Illustrious Men (these gentleman are outside the scope of the project's main goal - having an approved trail to a surety baron for each Gateway - and their profiles are not all currently project-managed or badged, as they need development and/or review). If you would like to
  • lead the Surety Specialists team, please contact project co-leader Liz Shifflett
  • join the team, please add your name to that section on this page not yet there
  • join the team, focusing on a specific baron or Illustrious Man, please add your name by his on the table on that page. or contact Liz if the table isn't there yet... the page should be there before 1 December
The following table is for members to list specific areas related to the Magna Carta Project that they can help with. Project members, please let folks know what you can help with by your entry in this table. This is intended as a resource list for anyone needing help from the Magna Carta Project. While requests for help are generally best posted in G2G - tag it with at least Magna_Carta - sometimes a project member or affiliate needs to ask advice one-on-one before posting to G2G. To contact only members and affiliates, you could post a comment to the project account (the "Profile Alerts" Google Group will receive an e-mail of comments posted there).

Project Leadership Team

Project Member Subject Areas
Liz Shifflett Magna Carta Project co-leader: administration: stickers, templates, categories, project pages
Project coordinator for Descendant Categories & Gateway Guardians/Trail Tenders
David DouglasMagna Carta Project Project Co-Leader
Project Coordinator for Membership and Recruitment
Michael CayleyMagna Carta Project Coordinator for Research & Magna Carta G2G liaison
Joe CochoitMagna Carta Project Coordinator for Research
Project Leader, Gateway Descendants from Edward III

(updated Nov 22, 2018)

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On 6 Mar 2019 at 21:13 GMT Angie Conner wrote:

I have a blood relationship to all the Magna Carta Barons except for William marshal. I just thought that was cool!

On 28 Feb 2019 at 21:45 GMT Talmia (Slade) Slade Burr wrote:

I do not understand how to, or if I could, join this group. I have not went through all of the magna carta barons, but I do see connections between me and Sir Hugh Bigod le Bigod; possibly William Albini d'Aubigny; and Sir Gilbert de Clare. In my genealogy, Dudley F. Runnels appears to be all these men's descendant, and he is my ancestor.

On 12 Nov 2018 at 15:33 GMT Thomas Satterfield wrote:

How do I add: Template:Magna Carta Project Affiliate to my profile?

On 8 Feb 2018 at 15:35 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Troy - could you send me a private message? I think that there's a miscommunication between us that needs to be resolved.

The requirements on this page are for members of the Magna Carta Project and are designed to help focus our efforts toward achieving the project's primary goal of developing and maintaining a trail between each Richardson-documented Gateway Ancestor (see the table at Category:Gateway Ancestors) and a surety baron (one of the 17 with descendants past the 4th generation - the ones listed at Special:Relationship). Profiles on the project-approved trail between the two are "badged" by the project so that we can maintain them.

If you're concerned about a profile not on a badged trail, you could work on developing a trail for approval that included that profile.

On 8 Feb 2018 at 09:22 GMT Troy Smith wrote:

My concern, Liz, is that the great danger for this approach casts upon certain wikitree members. These members branch out too genealogical networks,for producing productive attention on more lesser known historical subjects. And what could happen too a person doing this,and spending many hours in the process,and is shown too get a virtual template taken off of they're profile,which is then assumed by many too be lack of credibility,for not meeting some categorized requirements. Then could have some prejudgements imposed on them from viewers of other websites and organizations. And lose the attention that could of very well helped too solve many historical questions. It's different when not given,but if confiscated,so is your credibility too the public eye.

On 8 Feb 2018 at 05:59 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Thanks Troy, but I'm not sure I understand your comments (which makes it hard to correct inaccuracies or address unfairness).

WikiTree recently asked that project leaders do more to encourage project members to actively participate in helping to achieve the project's goals.

The #1 goal of the Magna Carta project (as noted at Base Camp, and also on the project page) is to develop and maintain a trail from each of the 240 Gateway Ancestors documented by Douglas Richardson's works to a Surety Baron.

Was there a specific question you had?

On 8 Feb 2018 at 04:05 GMT Troy Smith wrote:

All of this is kinda unfair,and inaccurate. Because someone,or anyone could work hard on developing research and examining evidence all across the hundreds of profiles surrounding the gateway ancestors 16th too 18th century descendants. But would be hard for you too find that out unless you ran a manual investigation. On top of that a time limit is not honest for ancient history, that creates crafty fabricated pedigrees. Even 17th century colonists are cryptic full of crazy unknown events, that pertain very old documented superstitions, where you can't tell fact from fiction. Take the Salem,Massachusetts
... ... ... was involved in the Salem Witch Trials.
Join: Witch Trials Project
Discuss: witch_trials
for example, and that is just being vague.

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