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Magna Carta Project Participation Tables

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Magna Carta Project Participation

The Magna Carta Project has stickers for members and affiliates... affiliates knew this already! See Space:Magna Carta Stickers for more information about the project's stickers.

This page tracks Challenge Met! stickers earned by members and affiliates (see the second table, below) and membership requirements met (see the next section).

In addition to stickers for Challenges that were available during 2018, the project has Recognition stickers & Participation stickers.

Challenges: A "Challenge Met!" sticker could be earned by meeting the monthly Challenge during 2018.
Recognition: OK, part recognition/part participation. If you are a current or former project member who has developed or reviewed trails (as shown at Base Camp), there's a recognition sticker for you! See Category:Magna Carta Recognition Stickers for details.
Participation: The following terms are in the project's Glossary, tables to track who's what are at Space:Trail Tracks, and there's a sticker for each!
Gateway Guardian - If you have a "yes" under "Gateway Guardian" in the following table, both you & your Gateway should have a sticker posted as a comment (yours can then go on your profile page). Contact Liz if you do not. (These stickers are relatively new, so I'm working my way through the Trail Tracks table to catch up.)
Trail Tender - If you're listed as a "Trail Tender" at Space:Trail Tracks, see this page to get coding for a sticker for your profile. Contact Liz or David D. if you need help with the coding.
Surety Specialist - See Space:Trail Tracks to sign up to watch over a Surety Baron or one of the 16 Illustrious Men.

Membership Requirements Table

In the table, "GG" is Google Group; #1 is Gateway Guardian; #2 is Develop a Trail; #3 is Review a Trail. See a brief explanation and the three requirements below. The Pending Deadline is for an unmet requirement (row is bright green if deadline is within 30 days).
MemberJoinedGG#1#2Date #2
#3Pending Deadline
John Sigh22 September 2019yes22 March 2020
Linda (Cooper) Richter2 August 2019yyes2 Feb 2020
MaryAnn Thomas21 July 2019yyes21 Jan 2020
David Michaelis13 July 2019yyes13 Jan 2020
Susan Gore4 July 2019yyes4 Jan 2020
Kimberly Cooper16 June 2019yyes16 Dec 2019
D Theberge3 June 2019yyes3 Dec 2019
Rhonda Zimmerman20 May 2019yyes20 Nov 2019
Michael Cayley28 January 2019yyesyes5 July 2019yes
Denise Baker14 January 2019yyes14 July 2019[1]
Chris Jenner 16 December 2018yyes16 June 2019[1]
Scott Anderson21 November 2018y21 February 2019[1]
Traci Thiessen16 October 2018yyesyes30 Sep 201930 Dec. 2019
Kelley (Dolan) Rosenback3 Oct. 2018y[2]yesworking3 July 2019[1]
Carol Baldwin15 July 2018yyes14 April 2019[3]
Marshall Moss4 July 2018y[4]yesSept. 2019[4] [4]
Gordon Warder30 June 2018yyesyes7 Sept. 2019yes
Dash Dwyer6 June 2018yyes6 March 2019[1]
Misty Musco6 June 2018yyesyestbd[5]
Peter Langenfeld30 May 2018yyes28 February 2019[1]
Keith Mann Spencer15 May 2018yyes15 February 2019[3]
Robin Anderson13 May 2018yyesyestbd[6]
Az Robinson5 May 2018yyes5 February 2019[3]
Dale Berry5 May 2018yyes5 February 2019[1]
Ray Nichols8 Apr 2018yyesworking8 January 2019[3]
EuGene Smith29 Dec 2017yyesyes--tbd[7]
Andrea (Stawski) Pack12 Dec 2017yesworking[8]
Ronald Crowell9 Nov 2017yyesworking
Alexander McCowan7 Nov 2017
Sylvia Benton26 Oct 2017yyesworking
Don Crum22 Oct 2017y
NJ Penny19 Oct 2017
Tina (Inman) Pobocek18 Oct 2017
Troy Smith18 Oct 2017y
Stephanie (Gray) Carmon4 Oct 2017yyesworking
Carolyn (Hammond) Jones30 Sep 2017
Bill Collins17 Aug 2017yyesworking
Valerie (Cameron) Willingham27 Aug 2017
Rand Prouse5 Oct 2016
David Selman12 Jul 2016
Mark Arledge12 Jul 2016
Ryland Harris28 Jun 2016
Scot Trodick5 May 2016
Cheryl (Stone) Caudill17 Apr 2016
Carol Cosad13 Apr 2016
Cynthia (Billups) B12 Apr 2016y
Teresa Langford30 Mar 2016
WikiTree-3622 Mar 2016yn/a
David Douglass20 Mar 2016yyesyesyes
Kirk Hess 24 Feb 2016yesyes
Joe Cochoit21 Jan 2016yyes
Anonymous (Holland) Carroll9 Dec 2015yyes
[lots more members
not added yet]
Liz (Noland) Shifflett7 Mar 2015yyesyesyes
Bob Keniston23 Sep 2014yyesyes
Lynden Rodriguez9 Apr 2014yyesyes
Adrien HartSeptember 2019not applicable
Daniel MitchelAugust 2019not applicable
Mike HitchcockAugust 2019ynot applicable
Michael ThomasJuly 2019ynot applicable
Rose JacksonJuly 2019ynot applicable
Theresia KennedyJune 2019ynot applicable
CelineJune 2019-not applicable
LaNita (Washburn) DanielsMay 2019ynot applicable
P. KreutzerMay 2019ynot applicable
Evelyn (Murray) McKelveyMay 2019ynot applicable
Linda BarnettMay 2019ynot applicable
SJ BatyMay 2019ynot applicable
Robert LongApril 2019not applicable
Terri (Clawson) SwiftApril 2019ynot applicable
Stephanie (McPherson) GroholMarch 2019not applicable
Chelsea HoffmanMarch 2019not applicable
Suzanne YoungFebruary 2019ynot applicable
Jeff YoungJanuary 2019ynot applicable
Dennis StewartJanuary 2019not applicable
Ken PittmanJanuary 2019ynot applicable
Ian TrottDecember 2018ynot applicable
John SwitlikDecember 2018not applicable
Dan CôtéDecember 2018y[2]not applicable
Peter WetzelNovember 2018ynot applicable
Shelly (Davis) CloudNovember 2018ynot applicable
Brian AkersNovember 2018not applicable
Thomas SatterfieldNovember 2018not applicable
Helena BlomfieldOctober 2018ynot applicable
Mark LummisOctober 2018ynot applicable
E.A. (Bishop) GordonOctober 2018not applicable
Paul GierszewskiSeptember 2018not applicable
Ron CampbellAugust 2018ynot applicable
Stu WardAugust 2018ynot applicable
Valerie WillisJuly 2018ynot applicable
Kera (Porter) SimpsonJuly 2018not applicable
Barbara BarnesJune 2018not applicable
Jules CharmanJune 2018not applicable
Mary (May) HIldenbrandJune 2018ynot applicable
David ThomsonMay 2018ynot applicable
Charles GibsonMay 2018ynot applicable
Ramona (Timmerman) DeVoreApr 2018ynot applicable
Christopher LambApr 2018ynot applicable
GervaisApr 2018ynot applicable
Jeanette (Perry) MosterFeb 2018ynot applicable
Jen LiebermanFeb 2018ynot applicable
Gloria LangeJan 2018not applicable
Kristine WilliamsJan 2018not applicable
Cynthia RushingJan 2018y[2]not applicable
Jackie StoddardJan 2018not applicable
Rose EdwardsJan 2018ynot applicable
Andrew WoodJan 2018y[2]not applicable
Light Green = Requirements Met
Bright Green = Deadline Imminent (30 days, give or take a couple)
Shaded = Affiliates (no requirements)


See this page for details of project participation requirements. The short answer:
  1. Be a Gateway Guardian (requirement for becoming a badged member)[9]
  2. Develop a trail to a Magna Carta Surety Baron for a Gateway Ancestor not yet in a completed trail. Deadline: within 6 months of becoming a badged member.
  3. Review & approve a completed trail developed by another project member. Deadline: within 3 months of being eligible to do so (i.e., after the trail developed in the previous requirement has been reviewed & approved by another project member).

Challenge Met! Table

The project kicked off monthly challenges in February 2018. Meet the challenge & earn a "Challenge Met!" sticker. Stickers awarded for the challenges are tracked in the following table. Most challenges are open to affiliates and members; ones that are members only will be noted. Click the name in the February Challenge for the profile developed. For the March Challenge, see the Completed Trail table at Base Camp (clickable name is the Gateway anchor). April is a two-parter: "y" if registered for the Clean-a-Thon & part two is the number of contributions - more than 100="Challenge Met!" The May Challenge was to clear five profiles of their maintenance categories - if there's a "y", see the appropriate answer in the May G2G post for links to the profiles cleared. June-July-August Challenges repeat February-March-May (see this G2G post). September is another two-parter: "y" means registered for the Source-a-Thon & the number is the number of contributions - 20 or more = "Challenge Met!" October is another repeat (of May & August), but you only have to clean one profile of its neediness. See the G2G posts for November and December.... April 2019 is a repeat of April 2018 - a two-parter: "y" if registered for the Clean-a-Thon & part two is the number of contributions - more than 100="Challenge Met!"
MemberFebruary 2018
Dev. Gateway
March 2018
Dev. Trail
April 2018
May 2018
Clear Maint.
June 2018
Feb. repeat
July 2018
March repeat
August 2018
May repeat
September 2018
October 2018
Clear Maint.
November 2018
Nov. Profiles
December 2018
Dec. Profiles
April 2019
David D.Argall-31Ellisy/100+y/12
David Selman--y/100+y/71y/n
NJ Penny--y/100+
Bob Keniston--y/100+y/61y/100+
Joe Cochoit--y/100+y/2y/n
Linda Barnett--y/ny/16y/n
Andrea Pack--y/100+y/571y/n
Jayme Arrington--y/100+y/204y/100+
Stephanie Carmon--y/ny/1
Don Crum--y/100+
Rose Edwards--y/100+
Chet Snow--y/100+y/143y/100+
Misty Muscoeyyy/100+
Robin Andersonyyyy/3
E J (Narramore) Goodeny/145
Lisa Frankliny/694
Paul Gierszewskiy/61
Jules Charmany/83
Jen Liebermany/17y/n
Valerie Willisy/65y/n
Marshall Mossy/1y
Gordon Wardery/1y/2
Traci Thiessenyy/100+
Stu Wardy/1y/100+
Az Robinsony/100+
Terri Swifty/n
Jack Dayy/n
Carol Baldwiny/100+

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Deadline suspended... I have been mostly unavailable since the new year and won't be back till July. I'll get with the folks whose deadlines were suspended then. ~ Liz, 20 May 2019.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Google Group setting: no email
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Indefinite hold on deadline - holdup is my fault. ~ Liz, 1 April 2019.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Guardian requirement/review requirement waived. ~ Liz, 6 May 2019. (Trail to Huntington-11 was ready Dec 2018 & reviewed/approved September 2019.)
  5. Met "Develop a trail" requirement June 2018 (deadline was 6 March 2019). Next deadline will be 3 months after review/approval of the developed trail.
  6. Met "Develop a trail" requirement (times lots). Next deadline will be 3 months after a ready for review trail she developed is reviewed/approved.
  7. Met "Develop a trail" requirement 28 March 2018 (deadline was 29 Sep 2018). Next deadline will be 3 months after review/approval of the developed trail.
  8. Requirements waived due to Andrea's level of participation in other areas of the Magna Carta Project. ~ Noland-165, 13 November 2018
  9. Three requirements were put into effect 1 December 2017, with becoming a Gateway Guardian required within 3 months of becoming a badged member and developing a trail within 9 months. As of 23 November 2018, selecting a Gateway to be Guardian for is a requirement to become a badged member (then 6 months for developing a trail). See this page for details.