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Magna Carta Project[1]

Please see the Magna Carta Project's "Reliable Sources" page for information about sources appropriate to project profiles. This page offers citation formatting for some of those souces (or links to where citations to them can be found).

Note: Richardson's Royal Ancestry (2013) and Magna Carta Ancestry (2011) are the foundational source references for the Magna Carta Project and have WikiTree source pages maintained by the project: Royal Ancestry and Magna Carta Ancestry.
  • Lewis, Marlyn. "Our Royal, Titled, Noble, and Commoner Ancestors" (free database online). Useful for leads; see cautions about use on the Magna Carta Project Reliable Sources page. Citation format example:

    <ref name=Lewis-Charnells>Marlyn Lewis. [ Maud Charnells], entry in "[ Our Royal, Titled, Noble, and Commoner Ancestors and Cousins]" database (accessed date).</ref>

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On 11 Nov 2018 at 19:50 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:


If you meant can a source cited by Richardson be used to support a connection not documented in RA or MCA, the answer is "it depends". You can certainly use the source to support a fact. But if that is the only source for a fact needed to establish a connection that is not documented by Richardson for a Magna Carta Project trail, no. That would require a citation to a primary source. Please see the project's Policy & Procedures page for details.

Cheers, Liz

P.S. I ran out of room in the other comment. Click here for the project's checklist.

On 11 Nov 2018 at 19:46 GMT Liz (Noland) Shifflett wrote:

Hi William! I was hoping someone better with sources than I am would answer, but since they haven't...

If the person is documented in Royal Ancestry, you can just cite RA and leave it at that. Some folks have the know-how and time to dig deeper and suss out which listed source(s) Richardson used for which fact, but per the project's checklist, so long as the parent/child connections for the trail have a citation to Richardson's Royal Ancestry or Magna Carta Ancestry, the profile can be on a badged trail (there's more, but this is specific to RA as a source in relation to the project's goal of badging a trail for each Richardson-documented Gateway Ancestor, who are listed in the front matter of MCA).

that's one answer to the question, but I think that's not what you meant...

On 11 Nov 2018 at 03:32 GMT William Collins wrote:

Douglas Richardson provides sources he has used in writing Royal Ancestry. Are those sources acceptable for profiles? e.g., Burke's Irish Family Records.

On 15 Mar 2016 at 16:47 GMT Jason Clark wrote:

Douglas Richardson has some 7000+ entries in this group. To see if he has discussed someone you're researching...

Click on advanced search.

Body: "person you're researching"


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