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Magna Carta Template Trail

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Magna Carta Project Template for Project Boxes

  • The Magna Carta Project must be a manager of any profile with a Project Box. Please do not add a Project Box to a profile the Project does not manage: instead, contact a project leader who add the project as profile manager and add the Project Box. See Help: Project-Managed_Profiles for more information.
  • Project boxes are case sensitive, so please preview/check for errors after you add one.
  • Project Boxes belong above the ==Biography== heading, but below any Categories and Research Note Boxes (i.e.{{Estimated Date}}, etc.)
  • See Template:Magna_Carta to view the images of all Project templates.
  • Project Boxes are not used for profiles managed by the Scotland Project but not the Magna Carta Project. These have a sticker instead. Contact Michael Cayley, Jen Stevens or Traci Thiessen who will deal with this.

Unbadged Profiles

All Project-managed profiles, Gateways and non-Gateways, that have NOT been previously reviewed and approved (badged), should display this project box:
{{Magna Carta | Trail Pending | status=development}}
After you’ve finished updating the profile against the checklist, you can replace the template above with the following:
{{Magna Carta | Trail Pending | status=development | needs=Review and Approval}}

Badged Profiles

All profiles that have been previously reviewed and approved by the Project, even if done years ago, are considered "badged" profiles. They require one of these project boxes (except for profiles managed by the Scotland Project and not managed by the Magna Carta Project - these should not have any of these project boxes):
For Non-Gateways, copy/paste the following:
{{Magna Carta}}
{{Name}} is a descendant of Magna Carta Surety Baron [SURETY NAME] (see [[#Magna Carta Project|text below]]).
Make sure to add the name of the appropriate surety baron(s).
For Gateways, copy/paste the following:
{{Magna Carta | Gateway Ancestor | #}}
See this INDEX to get the # for Surety Baron.
  • Example: {{Magna Carta | Gateway Ancestor | 2}} would be used for a descendant of/trail to Hugh le Bigod.
If there’s more than one trail to a surety (NOTE: only two can be used in a Project Box):
.... | Gateway Ancestor | # | # }}
  • Example: {{Magna Carta | Gateway Ancestor | 2 | 3 }} would be used for a descendant of/trail to Roger and Hugh le Bigod.

Maintenance Categories

If a profile needs more work, attach a maintenance category:
On Unbadged Profiles (both Gateway and non-Gateway):
{{Magna Carta | Trail Pending | status=development | needs=xx}}
On Badged: Non-Gateway Profiles:
{{Magna Carta | needs=xx}}
On Badged: Gateway Profiles:
{{Magna Carta | Gateway Ancestor | # | needs=xx}}
Replace the xx with one of the following maintenance categories (NOTE: these are case sensitive):
Source Check
Family Verified
Category Attention
Review and Approval (see Unbadged Profiles, above)
Example: {{Magna Carta | Trail Pending | needs=Re-review}}
NOTE: If a profile needs more than one maintenance category, add:
… |needs=xx | needs1=xx}}
Example: {{Magna Carta | Trail Pending | needs=Re-review | needs1= Source Check}}
When you add a maintenance category, please include a very brief summary of what needs to be done in the Magna Carta Project Section. See the Project Categories page for more info on maintenance categories.

Other Project Boxes

These Project Boxes are for info only:
  • {{Magna Carta|Surety Baron}} has been placed on the profiles of all 25 surety barons.
  • {{Magna Carta|Illustrious Men}} has been placed on the profiles of the 16 Illustrious Men.
  • For a small number of people for whom we wanted to highlight that they are not in a Magna Carta trail, because of common misconceptions, {{Magna Carta|No Trail}} is used.


  • Space:Magna_Carta_Stickers includes stickers for profiles outside of the project’s scope. See that page for explanations of their use.
  • Profiles that the project has an interest in but does not need to manage should display the {{Magna Carta Project}} sticker and have the project account (WikiTree-36) added to the trusted list.

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This is an active Magna Carta Project page with up-to-date information.
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