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Maine Military Children's Home, 1875-1876

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Transcriber's note: Records are difficult to read in places due to faded ink or handwriting issues. Some of the sentences and punctuation don't make sense; I've corrected these when the meaning is obvious, but left them when I was unsure. See original for best information. Additions in [brackets] are my own notes to the original text. - E Childs, May, 2019

Source: Maine Military Childrens Home, 1874-1906, digitized by the Genealogical Society of Utah, Original records at the Maine State Archives in Augusta, Maine.

Matron's Records, 1875-76

Jan. 1, 1875 - New Year's tree loaded with gifts. Home open to visitors in the eve till 10.

Jan. 27, 1875 - Johannah Johansen came to work in the kitchen.

Jan. 29, 1875 - Harry True returned in a [dirty?] condition.

March 24, 1875 - Bertha Snow left for Perkins, Me. to live in the family of Mr. Cale.

March 30, 1875 - John Edward Colley entered the "Home". He was born in Portland, Maine, July 26th 1866. Parents Charles H. Colley [and] Annie H. Colley. Given[?] to the Home by Mrs. M. F. Fairbanks, Portland, Me. The father was in 1st Me Cavalry, 10th Me Regt, [and] 1st Me Regt. The mother died November 1874. The father died December 8th 1874.

Apr. 24, 1875 - Joel Meshue, child of James Meshue and Clara A. Meshue. Born Jan'y 10th 1873. Father died in Bangor July 8th 1872. Enlisted in Lyndon Regiment.

May 4, 1875 - Mr. Daniel Chandler brought Charley Plummer Rideout from Winthrop, Maine. Child of Luke Rideout and Anna Rideout. The father is living in Quincy, Mass.; enlisted in Mass. Reg't. The mother is in Readfield, Me.

Heard of Mr. Rideout's death. [Presumably added later.]

May 5, 1875 - Charles Pottle called today; is living with Mr. Baker near or in Wiscasset.

Clara McKay, 6 yrs [and] Blanch McKay, 4 yrs. Mother very poor and father dead and begs to have the children taken for awhile till she can be out of debt and be able to make a home for them. *Clara born Sept. 10th 1868 * Blanche born Feb. 2nd 1871

May 8, 1875 - Willie Wakely left in the boat by 1/2 part 5 for "Perkins" to live in Mr. David Reed's family.

Mrs. Fletcher told one Joel Meshoe's father was not Meshoe but a nephew of Mrs. Meshoe, Clarence Richardson.

Mrs. Meshoe was married at 14 (fourteen) and her husband died at Bangor from an accident in a mill (circular saw) (although she thinks she has seen him since) and two years after this this child was born. The child was brought here by Mrs. Sampson, and she was told the child was illegitimate, but she told Mrs. Fletcher she would bring the child and if the trustees called her, Mrs. F. to account she must get out of it the best way she could.

May 10, 1875 - Mrs. Meshoe came for her baby; the child was sick with "canker rash" and she was advised and urged not to take him till tomorrow. She had given the boy when mother and father, Phineas and Patience Brown, both 66 years old. She had papers made out and signed them at the Court House in Augusta before she came away.

May 11, 1875 - Swede girl Caroline came.

Ida May Reynolds went with Mrs. Jonesohn[?], home in Somerville.

May 12, 1875 - Allie Grey left with new stepfather at six o'clock.

May 19, 1875 - Mabel Fletcher and Johnie came.

May 20, 1875 - Mrs. Gannett and Mrs. Robinson took David Brown to Mr. Conants in Shapleigh.

May 25, 1875 - Mrs. Tobey took Willie Jarnain[?] as far as Skohegan on his way to Solon, to live with Mr. Bishop.

May 27, 1875 - Miss Church went with Mary Flagg.

May 31, 1875 - All the children rode to the cemeteries and afterward to the Grand Army Hall to a collation. Four carriages sent for the family.

June 14, 1875 - James Blake came from Augusta with Mr. Thompson. He is eight years old, August 1875. The father not living, belonged to the 5th Me. Reg't. Mother married again to John Connelly and lives in Biddeford; wants to be rid of the child.The boy is to be given away.

June 18, 1875 - Avis Skillin and Geneva Skillin, children of Etta Skillin [and] Frank M. Skillin, 15th Me. Co. H. Avis Skillin born Sept. 14, 1866 Geneva Skillin born Jan. 8th 1868 Father sick, unable to take care of his family; the mother has taken her baby and gone to a sisters to do house work. The mother's address to be Winthrop, Maine. Father's address, Garland, Maine.

July 2, 1875 - Issie Cromwell graduated.

July 5, 1875 - Henry Forest's father called; said the child was taken without his knowledge. He seemed delighted to see him and gave him money and asked if he could call again; begged not to have the boy given away as he might "yet have a place to keep him". The mother is crazy and "more ugly than any thing else." Dexter Jack came to dinner.

July 10, 1875 - Johannah Johansen left for Boston.

July 13, 1875 - Miss Church went with Chris Reynolds to Shapleigh. He is to live with Mr. Abbott. Also visited Willie Brown.

July 16, 1875 - Issie went to Rockland for visit to Mr. Farwell's.

July 21, 1875 - Excursion to Pig Cove with the Central & Winter St. facility[?] in barge. Thirty-four children with Mrs. Tobey and Miss G.

July 27, 1875 - Issie returned from Rockland.

Aug. 5, 1875 - Jennie Wakely left for Mrs. Gorham's this noon. Avis & Geneva Skillin went home with their mother to Dexter. The father is ill and the grandfather is to take care of him and his children while the mother works nearby. If she finds herself unable to clothe them or provide a home for them she has the promise of their being taken back here.

Aug. 6, 1875 - Excursion with the Baptists to Jefferson by rail and boat. Thirty-three children with Miss Thompson, Mary Svenson and Miss G.

Aug. 11, 1875 - Amanda Anderson begins cooking. Albert Watson left in the morning boat for Sidney to live with Mrs. Pinkham on a farm.

Aug. 14, 1875 - John Jacobs fell off a tree and hurt his leg very badly. Dr. Payne & Dr. Brisy were here at once and had it done up immediately.

Aug. 16, 1875 - Willie Wakely came for a visit; appeared very well and Mr. Reed spoke of him very kindly.

Aug. 19, 1875 - Wm. Wakely returned to Mr. Reed's today. George Tebbetts spends the night.

Aug. 21, 1875 - Oscar Prescott gone home for a week.

Aug. 25, 1875 - Ella Cole went to Lewiston with Mrs. Sampson.

Aug. 28, 1875 - Oscar [Prescott] returned. Miss Thompson left.

Aug. 30, 1875 - Excursion to Squirrel Island with 43 children, Mrs. Tobey and Miss G.

Aug. 31, 1875 - Jennie Wakely returned to the "Home" by Mrs. Gorham as she is dissatisfied.

Sept. 1, 1875 - Call from several gentleman of the 2nd Me. Cavalry. As the procession passed they halted and they came in to see the house and children.

Sept. 7, 1875 - Johnnie Jacobs waled about his room.

Sept. 8, 1875 - Willie Jamanian[?] came back to the Home.

Sept. 12, 1875 - Miss Dix and Mrs. Sampson called.

Sept. 20, 1875 - William Jamanian[?] runs away. Sept. 30, 1875 - After ten days of street life Willie Jamain is brought back by Mr. Bailey and consent of Mr. Palmer.

Oct. 4 - Willie Jamanian[?] ran off from school and has not returned to the "Home".

Oct. 6, 1875 - Willie Pullen [and] Ida Pullen, from Montville. Came Oct. 6th 1875 with Mrs. Sampson. These children brought no clothing. Letter from Mrs. Hannah J. McLaughlin, Montville, Me., stating age of Ida Pullen to be 7 yrs, Aug. 1876; Willie Pullen, 5 yrs, Mch 1876. Father Alfred W. Pullen, 9 Reg. Co. B.. Whole orphans.

Oct. 13, 1875 - Georgianna Lee Butter, Born April 9th 1871 [and] Frederic Thatcher Butter, Born Jan 4th 1873. Children of Mary E. Butters [and] James Butters. The mother died last May 17th. The father was in the 11th Me., Company I. Enlisted at Weston. Reside not at Forest City, Washington Co. The trunk contains very neat clothing and a list of these articles is added.

Oct. 19, 1875 - Stephen Morrill of Harpswell came asking to take Bernard Morrill, his brother's son. He said he had always intended to take the boy but had deferred until he should leave off going to sea. Has not taken a farm in H[arpswell]. Brought recommendations from his neighbors and friends and promised to do for him as a [entry ends here]

Oct. 22, 1875 - Amanda Anderson, cook, left today.

Oct. 26, 1875 - Delia Wright came for cook. Howard Page came from Dennysville, son of David Page, 1st Me. Reg't, Heavy Artillery. Whole orphan. David Page, a private in the 1st Reg't Heavy Artillery. Died near Dennysville in the summer of '75, his wife dying a few months before. Dr. A. K. Lincoln of this place had been named as Guardian of Page's children in his will. Howard Page came to Bath by Dr. L's direction. Mr. Page led a very poor and miserable life for some years being addicted to drink but was sober sometime before his death. From Peter E. Vose.

Oct. 18, 1876 [sic] - Willie Black left the Home and school, came back at night 19th. Left and did not return at night. Since then Oscar Prescott has been sent to Mr. Bailey to see if any information could be gained of him. Mr. B. ascertained from Mrs. Perkins that he was in Lewiston with his father, and his father did not intend to let him return to the Home.

Oct. 27, 1875 - Mrs. Linscott came; said she wanted to take Alfred.

Oct. 28, 1875 - Mrs. Newton and little girl came. A cousin of Tommy Brown's called. Heard good report of Albert Watson. Oct. 29, 1875 - Mrs. Lincott and Newton left at 2 P.M.

Oct. 30, 1875 - Eddie Colley's cousin called. Visit of Mr. Reed from Perkins bringing a good report from Willie Wakely; only regretted they had not a better opportunity for sending him to school on the Island. Nov. 17, 1875 - Blanche McKay sick with chicken pox.

Nov. 19, 1875 - Schools close for a week's vacation.

Nov. 23, 1875 - Ida Pullen sick, very feverish. Freddie Butter very restless and sore throat.

Nov. 24, 1875 - Freddie very sick. Mrs. Lewis came.

Nov. 25, 1875 - Thanksgiving. Issie came to spend the day. Freddie very sick.

Nov. 27, 1875 - Freddie very sick. Telegraphed to Mr. Butter.

Nov. 29, 1875 - Freddie very ill and unfavorable symptoms. Dr. Payne calls twice a day.

Dec. 1, 1875 - Georgie Butter sick with chicken pox. Dr. Payne says it may answer for scarlet-fever. Mr. Butter came. Sue[?] taken sick.

Dec. 4, 1875 - Emma Leathers came at dark this Sab[bath] Eve.

Dec. 6, 1875 - Emma Leathers all broken out with canker rash.

Dec. 8, 1875 - Mrs. Arabella C. Newton, Mother; Benjamin F. Gilcrease, father, 1st Mass. Cavalry, Co. I. Living in Boston at the time he enlisted. Died June 14th '75, Dixfield, Maine. The mother married Mr. Charles Newton, October following. These children came with their mother to the Home Dec. 8th: Frank Henry Gilchrist, Born Dec 29th 1869; Guy Irvin Gilchrist, Born Feb 18th 1872. Guardian Elbridge G. Harlow, Dixfield. The children have no pension but an effort is being made to obtain one. Have had whooping cough and scarlet fever.

Dec. 10, 1875 - Frank Gilchrest taken sick with canker rash.

Dec. 10, 1875 - Horace Kahl sick with pleurisy. Guy Gilchrest taken ill - canker rash.

Dec. 15, 1875 - Willie Pullen sick

Dec. 21, 1875 - Children in nursery all better.

Dec. 24, 1875 - Eddie Ham taken very ill with palpitations.

Dec. 25, 1875 - Xmas Eve. at 4 P.M. Apples and candy and little gifts among the children.

Dec. 30, 1875 - Henry Forest sick - mumps.

Dec. 31, 1875 - Mrs. Garnett came in the morn and other ladies afterwards to prepare a [?] for the children. Gifts useful, beautiful and abundant at seven in the eve.

Jan. 1, 1876 - The house filled with the noise of musical instruments that the children rec'd last eve.

Jan. 3, 1876 - Mary Flagg returned in no way improved by her absence. Mrs. Lewis left. Children go back to school.

Jan. 6, 1876 - Mr. Morrison [Trustee] and daughter spent part of the eve with us.

Jan. 10, 1876 - Freddie Butter dressed and downstairs to breakfast. Anna May Jaques, 12 yrs, Feb. 20th 1876 James Franklin Jaques, 8 yrs, Sept. 7, 1875 Children of Mary A. Jaques [and] Isaac James Jaques, 47th Mass. Regt and afterwards 59th Mass. Regt. The father died of congestion of the lungs. The mother has supported her family and now puts these two in here for a temporary home, until she can help herself again. Has no pension. The children have had mups and Anna has had Typhoid fever. Mrs. Jaques has five children.

Jan. 22, 1876 - Mr. Wiggin, Capt. Brachlif, Capt. Crocker called. Mr. Wiggin says Mr. Wakely died at the Soldier's Home at Togus and Mrs. Wakely not living. The children have no pension. He was delighted with the improvement of the Wakely children; said Mary Flagg had been exposed to the influence of awful vice. G. S. Wiggin Esq. is Mary H. Flagg's guardian.

Jan. 25, 1876 - Members of Legislature came at 1/2 past 9 A.M. Messrs. Peaks, Tilden, Robinson, Reed, Story, Tolman, Rolf, Keyes, Dr. Payne, Mr. Gannett, Mr. Morse, Mrs. Sampson. The committee said they were pleased with the children, with the house, and with all they had seen of the general work of the "Home". The children were at school but came home at eleven and [were?] all present.

Jan. 26, 1876 - Mr. Russell came to see Oscar; brought him two cotton shirts and a sled.

Feb. 1, 1876 - Mr. Newton came to see her children.

Feb. 3, 1876 - Mrs. Newton left today taking Guy with her.

Feb. 5, 1876 - Delia Wright left.

Feb. 7, 1876 - Emma Leathers and Freddie Butter went outdoors for the first time since they were sick.

Feb. 8, 1876 - Hattie Ring came for cook.

Feb. 9, 1876 - Jennie Jones and Anna Jones came at 9 A.M. with Mrs. Sampson from Hallowell, having been at the Industrial School. Anna Jones will be 10 years 1876, Feb. 17th. Born at Wilton, Me. Jennie Jones, Born at Hallowell, 8 years, 14th March '76. The father is Thomas C. Jones, Company [blank], 11th Me. Reg't. The mother is living at Brunswick and is married again; name: Harriet Groves.

Feb. 15, 1876 - Mr. Morrison brought from Farmington: Effie May Crocker, five years old, May 1876, daughter of Abner Crocker, Company C, 16th Me. [and] Hannah Crocker. The father served four years in the war; it is not known whether he is living or not. The mother is in the Alms House at F[armington]. This child Effie M. is not given to the Home.

March 13, 1876 - Mr. Groves came for Annie & Jennie Jones at noon. Mr. Groves greeted the children very kindly and said he should be glad to have them at his home. Issie Cromwell came to dinner.

March 14, 1876 - Mrs. Stevens took Jennie Wakely to live with her.

March 18, 1876 - Mrs. McKay took Blanche and Clara; she thanks the ladies for their care of the children.

March 24, 1876 - John P. Mitchell came this morning for his children Sue and Lizzie; they left at 2 P.M. Charles McKusick started for Portland at 1:10 P.M. to live with his mother.

March 25, 1876 - Anna & Frank Jacques returned to their mother in Brunswick at ten minutes of one this afternoon. They are both very good children.

April 6, 1876 - Mrs. Newton came with three children. Guy[?] returned Augusta Bancroft; is Mrs. Newton's daughter by her first husband. Augusta Bancroft's father died in a rebel prison.

April 7, 1876 - Tommy Brown left for Hallowell by the early train with Mrs. Toby.

April 14, 1876 - Mrs. Stevens called to see about returning Jennie W[akely]. April 17, 1876 - [Jennie Wakely] returned to the Home. Mrs. Chandler took Ch. Rideout for a weeks visit to his mother in Brunswick. [added later:] Dec - He did not return.

April 25, 1876 - Myron Percival Butters aged 9 yrs came to the Home, child of Mary J. Butters [and] Rinaldo Butters, 15th Me. Regt. Died four yrs. ago last Dec, Fever and ague contracted in the army terminated in consumption.

April 27, 1876 - Martha J. Robbins, 12 yrs Jan. 20 Twins Albert F & Alvin A., 10 yrs, March 8th James F. Robbins, 8 yrs, September 18th Children of Albert F. Robbins & Sarah E. Robbins. The father enlisted in Biddeford in the 5th Maine Reg't; died June 29th 1875 from effects of a sun stroke in the army. Given to the Home.

May 1, 1876 - Walter L. Choate came with Mrs. J. A. Goodbridge, Wallowell, Me. Born Mar 17, 1868, in Portland. Father Horace E. Choate, 3d Me, Co. R., transferred to 11th Me. Wounded. Has lost 2 wives; is living.

May 2, 1876 - Willie Lane Cook left at 2 P.M. for Bangor to meet his uncle from Monson with whom he is to live.

May 5, 1876 - Twin Robbin boys and Walter Choate went off after they were sent to school.

May 6, 1876 - Frank Cunningham returned on the morning's boat.

May 11, 1876 - Miss Thompson brought Walter Choate back from Hallowell.

May 15, 1876 - Mr. Linscott and Mr. Kane came to see about the Linscott children. Mrs. Robinson called and Mr. Morse to see their niece[?].

May 23, 1876 - Bertie Ellis Page, 10 yrs, Oct. 29, 1876 Lottie May Page, Born August 10, 1868 Reuben Freeman Page, Born Jan. 23, 1870 Harry Ernest Page, Born June 14, 1873 Everett Irving Page, Born March 13th 1876 Children of Isaac L. Page, Private in Company H, 19th Me. Infantry. Honorably discharged Jan. 9, 1864, at Convalescent Camp, Va., by reason of surgeon's certificate of disability. Mother came to her death by violence. Father in Hospital at Augusta. (since died) Guardian Mr. Stephen Cobb, Pittston, Me.

May 25, 1876 - Amanda Linscott with Mrs. Robinson left for Warren this morn. Mr. F. A. Leiden was to meet Amanda and take her to Union where she is to live.

May 30, 1876 - Decoration Day. Most of the children rode to the cemeteries and then stopped in City Hall to hear the oration. Mr. Chandler, wife and baby with Charlie Rideout came for Charlie's things as he is not to return here.

May 31, 1876 - Bertie Woodard, 5 years, Nov. 10, 1875 [and] Ethel May Woodard, Aug. 20, 1875, 2 yrs., children of Anna Woodard [&] William H. Woodard, Reg't 17th Me., Co. C. In the war nearly 3 years; has left his wife and for a year and over she has had to support herself and these children. Enlisted at Mechanic Falls.

June 3, 1876 - Mrs. Jacobs called. Children from the 3 Primary Schools at picnic. Edgar Jerry[?] sick at home, fever.

June 13, 1876 - Mr. Bailey, City Marshall, brought H. Cromwell from school for refusing obedience to Miss Tucker. Sent Holly to his room and when Dr. Paine came he said "let him stay there".

June 16, 1876 - Rec'd Dexter Gazette from the Office.

June 20, 1876 - Sent Hollie Cromwell to school with a promise from him that he would ask Miss Tucker to forgive him and take him into school. Later in the day heard that he had gone off. Dr. Paine found H. Cromwell and brought him to the Home about 8 o'clock P.M.

June 23, 1876 - Primary Schools closed. June 26, 1876 - Grammar School closed.

June 29, 1876 - Freddie Butters came with his mother from the "Bangor Home". Age 7 when he came.

June 30, 1876 - Johnson Brady, Anna Brady, Willie Brady came from Lewiston. The father [Edward Brady] enlisted at Houlton in the 17th Infantry. Served 15 or 16 mos; lost his right arm at the battle of Antietam and thinks he was discharged in Dec. 1863 at Baltimore. Re-enlisted in the Vet. Reserve Corps at Augusta, Me. and served 15 mos; discharged at Augusta, Dec. 1864; receives a pension $18 month. The oldest boy is 8; the girl 5; Willie 3. Copy of the Horace Holman letter, Overseer of Poor, Lewiston.

July 3, 1876 - Frank Sawyer went into Portland for a visit.

July 4, 1876 - Henry Forest's father called.

July 18, 1876 - Girls and boys went to Mrs. Hyde's afternoon concert.

July 21, 1876 - Children at Barnum's Show. Mrs. Woodard came to see her children.

July 25, 1876 - Mrs. True and sister, mother, aunt and child from Yarmouth. Mrs. Sampson and two ladies from Topsham called.

July 29, 1876 - Mrs. Webber came by boat; talked very faithfully to Bertha. Mrs. Robinson came to see her and they together went to see Mrs. Garrett.[Garwell?] Mrs. Webber left on early boat.

Aug. 2, 1876 - Visit from the 3rd Me. Reg't at 4 P.M. Children went out on the front lawn. Ella Cole starte for home in Houlton with Mr. & Mrs. B. Gannett.

Aug. 4, 1876 - Augusta Reynolds and Oscar Prescott start for home of the 2 P.M. train. Oscar did not take his clothes as he did not expect to go but Mrs. Sampson met him on the street and prevailed upon Dr. Paine's consulting to have him go with Augusta.

Aug. 5, 1876 - Sent Oscar Prescott's trunk by express.

Aug. 9, 1876 - 44 children with Misses Thompson and Church went to Foster's Point. 20 children at home with Mrs. Tobey and Miss G. Lena Carlson & Mary S. both gone to a picnic at Jefferson.

Aug. 17, 1876 - Mrs. Sampson's nomination confirmed.

Aug. 29, 1876 - Mamie Crocker gone to visit her aunt Martha Blair. Her cousin Mrs. Trott came for her. Mrs. T. lives in the same house.

Sept. 1, 1876 - Hollie Cromwell spent the day in Portland with his sister. Mamie Crocker returned.

Sept. 2, 1876 - Oscar Prescott returned at noon. Gussie Reynolds returned at night.

Sept. 29, 1876 - Mrs. Stewart came with two children. Mrs. Newton came to visit her children.

Sept. 7, 1876 [out of order]- Gussie Reynolds left with Mrs. Tobey for Burnham. Mattie Robbins left for New Castle. [Received:] Mary Amy Stewart, Born April 29th 1868, 8 yrs old Francis Martin Stewart, [born] April 21st 1866, 10 yrs old Mother Rebecca L. Stewart; Father Kennedy Stewart, Co. D, 20th Reg't Me. Vols.; in the war 4 years. Died at Houlton from [?] liver. Mrs. Stewart & Mrs. Newton both left - Saturday P.M.

Oct. 4, 1876 - Ella Cole came to work in the Sewing room. Five of Mrs. Trott's children were received: Winnifred Taylor Trott, August 15, 13 yrs. Alice Bertha Trott, 12 [years], August 16 Anna Payson Trott, 7 [years], August 4th Albertina Olive Trott, 6 [years], September 4 Blanche Goddard Trott, 3 [years], August 10 Father 3d Me., Co. D.

Nov. 3, 1876 - Blanche Trott left for Mr. Armstrong's.

Nov. 4, 1876 - I think every child has been vaccinated that is here at the present time. Have had Scarlatina: Harry True, Emma Leathers, Lizzie Mitchell, Sue Mitchell, Guy Gilcreas, Frank Gilcreas, Freddie Butter (scarlet fever & diphtheria), Harry Page, Lottie Page, Reuben Page, Ethel Woodard, Walter Gilcreas, Jeremiah Conner. Mrs. Partridge arrived. Mrs. McFadden came to watch with the children.

Nov. 6, 1876 - Mrs. Woodard came to see her children and will remain till Ethel is better. She takes care of the sick throughout the night.

Nov. 9, 1876 - Mrs. Woodard left this P.M. and Mrs. McF[adden] comes again this night.

Nov. 10, 1876 - Mrs. Moore came to-day to take Freddie away. She leaves tomorrow morn.

Nov. 15, 1876 - Mrs. McFadden for the last time, I hope, as the children are all done with medicine. She is an excellent person with sick children, and it is fortunate such good help can be obtained.

Nov. 16, 1876 - Miss Reed came today to see if she could get initiated in the place. Miss Thompson fills while she is absent awhile.

Nov. 21, 1876 - When Mrs. Moore came for Freddie, she told Mrs. Gannett, her husband was never the same man after he came from the army. He wandered around, as if deranged, and complained very much of his head. He has been away now for nearly four years and she thinks he must be dead. His mother has not heard from him in the time.

Nov. 25, 1876 - Dr. Payne sent three barrels turnips, two of sugar, a box of raisins and bag of nuts, six barrels apples.

Nov. 27, 1876 - Dr. Payne sent a basket of peanuts.

Dec. 6, 1876 - The Lynn praying band accompanied by Mrs. Howland's mother came to see the home and interested the children by singing, reading & talking to praying for them. All seemed mutually pleased. The mother of the Gilchrist children came to see them today.

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