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This free space page is dedicated to Malden, Massachusetts, men and women who served in the Civil War (1861-1865). Using the Civil War databases at Historical Data Systems, Inc. and, we've compiled those who enlisted to serve from Malden. Admittedly, some have no other records to show they were ever residents of Malden, but others were clearly residents. We make this page to help ensure that those who left everything they knew, including their families, to restore the union are never forgotten.

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Malden Casualties in the Civil War

First Name Last Name Burial Place (if known)
Oscar Bieber Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
James A. Blodgett
John F. Butters
James A. Coles Ivandell Cemetery, Somers, NY
Levi Cox
William H. Dawes
Thomas Dickson
Charles M. Egan Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
James M. Farrar Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN
Charles E. Farrar Danville National Cem, Danville, VA
Gordon Forrest Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne, MA
Henry Foskett Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
Michael Garrity
James R. Gilchrist Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
Aaron Hall
John B. Holden
Charles P. Knights
George H. Ladd
William F. Louger
Cyrus L. Marston
Michael McColligan Old Catholic Burial Ground, Dorchester, MA
David Noble
Henry C. Parsons
George E. Penney Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Thomas H. Speed Richmond National Cemetery, Richmond, VA
Theodore L. Styles
Walter R. Towner Monroe Street Cemetery, Cleveland, OH
Charles Dresser Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA
John Long
Charles H. A. Moore Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
Robert Pike
John H. Rogers
Corri Smith Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA

Malden Civil War Soldiers & Sailors

First NameLast NameBorn (abt)Burial
George D. Allen1827Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
Thomas R. Arnold1837Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
James M. Ash1836Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
James B. Ayer1834Dodge Grove Cemetery, Mattoon, Ill
James A. Baldwin1840Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL
Luman Barnard1818
Samuel W. Barnard1841Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn, MA
John A. Barnes1839Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
David A. Barrett1839Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA
William H. Bartlett1844Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Cyrus A. Beckman1844Methodist Cemetery, Seabrook, NH
Benjamin F. Bellows1844Sonora Cemetery, Sonora, TX
Andrew J. Bennett1842
Oscar Bieber1834Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
Charles H. Blesdill1842
James A. Blodgett1845
Martin L. Boynton1840Walton Cemetery, Pepperell, MA
Frederick T. Brown1835Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
George B. Brown28 Jul 1845
Henry B. Brown1838Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
Charles W.A. Brown1840
Albert Francis Brown1838Glenwood Cemetery, Everett, MA
Joseph Brown1843Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, MA
Simeon V. Bumpus1826Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Thomas F. Butler1845Walnut Grove Cemetery, Meriden, CT
John F. Butters1841Unknown
George T. Cady1842Unknown
Benjamin F. Cannon1840
James H. Carpendale1836
John Carpenter1839Seven Pines National Cemetery, Richmond, VA
Patrick L. Carroll1840Mount Hope, Mattapan, MA
William H. Cate1842
Lowell Augustus Chamberlin1839San Francisco National Cemetery, San Francisco, CA
Charles A. Clark1843
George F.Clark1842
Cyrus W. Cobb1826
Burton Cochrane1835
Albert G. Cole1845
James A. Coles1839Ivandell Cemetery, Somers, NY
Francis Colvey1841
Garrett Condon1843Togus National Cemetery, Togus, Maine
Henry Connors1829St. Mary's Cemetery, Malden, MA
Austin M. Copp1842Unknown
Timothy Cotter1841
Levi Cox1824
George E. Cox1846Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Arthur W. Cox1841
John Cox1846
James P. Cox1845Lynnfield, MA (cemetery unknown)
Albert T. Cox1837Oak Hill Cemetery, Santa Clara, CA
Henry A. Cox1834
James M. Crawford1831Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Henry C. Currier1843Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
Hugh L. Currier1844
Edward E. Currier1844Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Jeremiah Curtin1831
Henry F. Cushing1835
Sebastion A.C. Cutter1842Cremated
James L. Dale1840Oak Grove Cemetery, Gardiner, ME
William H. Dawes1830
Charles Dean1817
Benjamin Dean1830Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Daniel Desmond1819
Alexander Dewar1842Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, San Bernandino, CA
Joseph W. Dewhurst1846Lindenwood Cemetery, Stoneham, MA
Thomas Dickson1843
John P. Dickson1844Unknown
Thomas Dinneen1827Malden, MA (Cemetery unknown)
James W. Dolliver1843Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA
Henry F. Downs1844Unknown
Charles Dresser1842Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA
John Driscoll1832Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden
Charles M. Egan1844Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
William H Earle1841Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
John Earle1839
George A. Eaton1841Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
Lemuel A. Edmenster1842Evergreen Cemetery, Boston, MA
Andrew L. Elliott1839Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
James Emerson1839Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Joseph P. Emmons<blank>
Isaac S. Evans1836Union Cemetery, Irwin, PA
William H. Faber1841Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
James M. Farrar1824Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN
Charles E. Farrar1846Danville National Cem, Danville, VA
Daniel Fernald1833Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
John S. Fisher1820Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
Henry S. Fisher1848Lakeside Cemetery, Wakefield, MA
Edward Fitzgerald1843Malden, MA (cemetery unknown)
Gordon Forrest1830Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne, MA
Andreas Fosgreen1841
Henry Foskett1838Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
August Fossman1829Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
George E. Frederick1838
Michael Garrity1838
Thomas Gately1842Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, MA
James F. George1838Togus National Cemetery, Togus, ME
James R. Gilchrist1822Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
Edward W. Glover1835Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
Rufus C. Green1832Salem Street Cemetery, Malden
Alexander Green1840
George H. Grover1841
Elbridge J. Hadley19 Sep 1839
Samuel P. Hadley1843
Henry M. Hadley1841
Aaron Hall1821
Ephraim A. Hall1840
Jeremiah M. Hall1843Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Arthur Hall1820Dell Park Cemetery, Natick, MA
George H. Hardy1839
John A. Hawes1843Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
John B. Holden1841
Webster D. Holden1833
John P. Hopkins1840
George H.S. Hough1844Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
William R. Howard1836Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Josiah R. Howe1844Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Oliver Jenness1837Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
William Jenness1842Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, MA
Daniel B. Jenness1845Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Charles H Johnson1845Forest Dale Cemetery, MAlden, MA
Thomas J. Kelley1831
Samuel S. Kendrick1821
William H.S. Kimball1840Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA
Honestus H. Kimball1833Togus National Cemetery, Togus, Maine
Thomas Kirwan1829Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA
Charles P Knights1842
William F. Krantz1820Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA
George H. Ladd1838
Luther E. Lawton1831
Augustus Lewis1840Salem Street Burying Ground, Medford, MA
Albert H. Lewis1833
Frederick W. Lincoln1840Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
Jesse P. Lincoln1844Unknown
Silas S. Lincoln1826Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.
Henry C. Lord1835Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
William H. Lord1842Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Elisha A. Loring1842Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, MA
Frank M. Loring1844Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
William F. Louger1846
John S. Macey1844Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn, MA
Roger T. Madden1826St. Mary's Cemetery, Malden, MA
Alfred S. Manley1829Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA
Charles E. Mann1844San Francisco National Cemetery, San Francisco, CA
William C. Mann1844
James Marra1842
James Marshall1817Unknown
Cyrus L. Marston1839Unknown
Charles E. Marston1833
Michael McColligan1845Old Catholic Burial Ground, Dorchester, MA
William McElroy1828
Stephen McMahar1831
Thomas McNally1843Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, MA
Charles A. Merriam1841Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
William H. Merrick1839
Henry L. Moody1844
Charles H A Moore1845Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, GA
Charles J. Moore1839
Edward Moran1840
Nathan Morse1831Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
Patrick Murray1830Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
George A. Murray1839Forestdale Cemetery, Malden, MA
James Neilson1819Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Burlington, MA
Nathan Newhall1830Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
William B. Newhall1828
George H. Newhall1834
Zadiac D. Nichols1838Pine Grove Cemetery, Portland, ME
Eben Nichols1837Glenwood Cemetery, Everett, MA
David Noble1832
Emerson A. Noyes1840unknown
Arthur Keefe1841St. Francis Cemetery, Naugatuck, CT
Maurice O'Reilly1839St. Mary's Cemetery, Malden, MA
Henry W. Oliver1830Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
George F. Oliver1844
Henry K. Oliver1821Southborough, MA (cemetery unknown)
Newton Organ1841Danvers, MA (cemetery unknown)
Gilman Page1842Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Thomas O. Page1842Dodge Grove Cemetery, Mattoon, IL
Charles O. Park1831
William H. Parker1831
Henry C. Parsons1834
James M. Patterson1822Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
William C. Peabody1827
Charles H. Penney1825Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
George E. Penney1831Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
Daniel D. Penney1819Melrose (Cemetery unknown)
George W. Phillips1841Unknown
James L. Phillips1844Malden (Cemetery unknown)
John W. Pierce1840Beechwood Cemetery, Cohasset, MA
William W. Pierce1836Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
George F. Pierce1842Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, MA
John W. Pitman1845West Parish Garden Cemetery, Andover, MA
Alexander R. Potter1838
Irving A. Prescott1843Rock Hill Cemetery, Foxboro, MA
Joseph H. Putnam1837
Dennis Quilly1834St. Joseph New Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH
William Rankin1821Grace Episcopal Church Cemetery, PLymouth, NC
David F. Redman1840Cushing Cemetery, Mattapoisett, MA
Francis Revoire1821Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
John C. Robbins1817
Samuel D. Rogers1845
John H. Rogers1834
John R. Rogers1829Forest Dale Cemtery, Malden, MA
Hubbard Russell1842Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
Daniel M. Russell1829Stoneham, MA (Cem. unknown)
Franklin S. Ryonson1828Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford, MA
William F. Sawyer1844
John H. Senter1824Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
John Tyler Shackford1840Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Otis H. Shackford1846
Timothy Shea1843St. Mary's Cemetery, Malden, MA
Owen Short1833
Otis T. Simonds1832Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, MA
Otis Simonds1833
Charles H. Simonds1829
Charles E. Skinner1832Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Corri Smith1846Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Albert B. Smith1841
Sylvanus M. Sovereen1840Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
William A Spaulding1841East Lexington, MA (cemetary unknown)
John B. Spear1841Yountville Veterans Home Cemetery, Yountville, CA
Thomas H. Speed1828Richmond National Cemetery, Richmond, VA
John R. Stanwood1845Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Matthew Stevenson1822Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Theodore L. Stiles1834Unknown
Augustus S. Stimpson1827Unknown
Charles H. Stone1846Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
Homer R. Stratton1841Ridgelawn Cemetery, Watertown, MA
Eben Symonds1841Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Charles E. Thompson1833Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, MA
Walter R. C. Towner1818Monroe Street Cemetery, Cleveland, OH
Abram Tripp1841
Eli Tucker1837Eskridge Cemetery, Eskridge, KS
Franklin Tufts1829
James M.Tufts1821
EugeneTufts1839Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Thomas Tufts1838Salem Street Cemetery, Malden, Massachusetts
John Turck1844
Daniel Turck1846Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Frederick P. Turner1844Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester, MA
William Twiss1840
George K. Unruh1844
Taylor J. Valler1841Lost at sea, 1870
Gulian H. Van Voorhis1843Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA
Charles E. Vaughn1841Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, MA
Harrison Waitt1840Belle Plaine Cemetery, Belle Plaine, Kansas
Osgood W. Waite1838Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA
Reuben A. Waite1837
Albert O. Waitt1846Unknown
James A. Wallace1831Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA
John Walsh1822
Michael Walsh1841St. Mary's Cemetery, Malden, MA
Edwin E. Sylvester1845Fairview Cemetery, Denison, TX
Henry A. Wentworth1834Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL
Thomas S. White1829Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, MA
William H. Whittemore1845Unknown
Joseph J. Wilkinson1839Salem St Cemetery, Malden
James W. Wilson1833St. Mary's Cemetery, Malden, MA
Charles H. Wise1840Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden, MA

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