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Maria Johansdotter, research notes

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Maria Sophia Johansson was born on November 27, 1814 in Döderhult, Kalmar, Sweden[1].

She married Jonas Peter Boo on March 15, 1837 in Mörlunda, Kalmar. [2]

1838 feb 7 son Johan August born in Bokare[3] Mörlunda[4][5]

Mörlunda (H) C:4 (1828-1849)[4]
::Birth record Johan August Bokara/Bockara
Birth record
Johan August Bokara 7,11, Föräldr. Jonas Peter Jonasson och Hustru Anna Sophia Jonsdotter 27(years old)
Peter Jonsson i Bokara
Dr. Carl Joh. Jonsson ibm.
H(ustru) Anna Lena Nilsdotter ibm
pig. Sara Lena Svensdotter ibm

1839 moved from Hult parish to Gatstugan Fredriksberg, Bokara, Mörlunda[6]. Husband Johan August is in the military "Sjöartellerist" [5][7][8]

1840 feb 23 son Carl Constans born in Mörlunda[9][5][7]

Mörlunda (H) C:4 (1828-1849)[9]
Birth record Carl Constans
Birth record
Carl Constans fr(ån) Mörlunda, 23,23
Föräldrar Jonas Pet(er) Sandell och hustru Maria Sophia Nilsdotter 25 years old
Faddrar v. Kronobeffatningsm(an) Peterson i Mörl?(unda)
Dr(äng) Eric Joh. Johansson ibm
Fru Charlotte Petersson i Mörl(unda)
Pig(an) Johanna Jansdotter ibm
Mörlunda (H) AI:15 (1833-1841) Image 82 / page 72[5]
Household record Bokare, Mörlunda

1840 moved out from "Gatstugan" Fredriksberg[7] to Lybeck, Mörlunda[10][11]

1842 moves from Lybeck, Mörlunda[11] to Tveta[12]

Tveta (H) AI:6 (1841-1847)[12]
Sockenstugan Tveta

1842 jul 31 son Alfrid born[1]

1843 moves from Sockenstugan, Tveta[12] to Sinnersmåla, Tveta[1]. Husband is "afsk." "Sjöart(ellirist" means he has ended working in the military. Normally it says "Gratialist" which means they have served long enough to get pension.

1845 daughter Josephina born in Tveta[1][13]

She appeared in the Fliseryd, Kalmar household examination for 1841-1853. [14]

She appeared in the Fliseryd household examination for 1851-1861. [15]

She died on October 11, 1859 in Fliseryd. [16] She was buried on October 14, 1859. [16]

Research Notes

  • Tveta AI:6 has her last name as Nilsdotter.
  • Probably the Maria Sophia born on November 24, 1814 to Anna Lisa Darlberg. [17]
    • Suggestions:
      • As the surname is Johansdotter it could be an indication that father was Johan. In the birth book[17] it says "Fader okänd" = father unknown. Mother is "Pigan Anna Lisa Karlberg på Döderhultsvik"
        • TODO 1: find her in the household records
        • TODO 2: try to have household records in time order ==> you can easy see if you have some gaps
        • TODO 3: if you dont find her in the household records start with last known and go backwards
        • TODO 4: In the death records it can say parents
        • TODO 5: In the estate and inventory for the mother it can say were the children live (Estates are always done if they not are poor...) so find the candidates to mother and try to find the estate and inventory
        • TODO 6: In the birth records of the children you have "Faddrar" that is often people related to the family ==> it could be the father and mother. Try to find all birth records and find what faddrar they have
      • I added a query at Anbytarforum Dödershult
Sälgö-1 07:31, 20 March 2017 (EDT) video with my first confused thoughts. After playing around with the profile I am a little bit more confused but should test to research the potential mother and follow her....


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    Looks odd with Nilsdotter is this the same person?
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There was one Carlberg on one of Maria Sophia's children's records. Birth record for Carolina Sophia, Fliseryd (H) C:4 page 254 4th entry. Sophia Carlberg, I think it says the wife of (milk something? -- I don't speak swedish) Gab(riel?) Peterson.
posted by Jamie Nelson
Thank you so much for helping. Is that Anna Lisa Karlberg at 24:05? https://youtu.be/ng4XL3TzcWA?t=24m5s

I think I found Anna Lisa's birth record: Döderhult C:4 p. 68, 2nd one on the page.

Since the free weekend is over, I'm stuck with Family Search's scans for now (with no household examinations index D:).

But I'll gather a list of the godparents of Maria Sophia's children and I'll try to identify them.

posted by Jamie Nelson