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Marjorie's maternal ancestors.

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Notes on maternal ancestors of Marjorie Gibbon nee Humphrey.

There are links from these notes to each person's Wikitree profile, which includes all sources and notes and links to other family members, and for the more recent people there is often a photograph. On the Wikitree profiles, anything underlined is a link, and the boxed 'Ancestors' and 'Descendants' show a tree of ancestors or a list of descendants. Profiles of living people are private, try person 2 or 3.

Ancestors are listed using the Ahnentafel numbering system. Person 1 is the root of the tree, their father is number 2, their mother is number 3. For anyone in the tree, their father's number is double their number, and their mother's number is double their number plus one. When someone is referred to who has an Ahnentafel number, I have preceded their name with # and their number.

Marjorie, work in progress, January 2021

Mother of Marjorie (Humphrey) Gibbon

1 Margaret (Robinson) Humphrey

Maternal Grandparents of Marjorie

2 Robert Robinson (28 Oct 1891 - 10 Dec 1961) son of #4 Robert Robinson (1844-1915) and #5 Margaret Fallow (Thomson) Robinson (1850-1923). Born in Seghill on 28 Oct 1891, Robert was the youngest of five, including Auntie Ethel and radar pioneer James Robinson. Grew up in Seghill, worked as a school teacher assistant at time of 1911 census. In the trenches in WW1. After the war married his second-cousin #3 Kathleen Elizabeth Robinson (1894-1988) on 19th July 1924, they lived in Kenton and Gosforth and had three daughters. Later they moved to Whitley Bay to live with Auntie Ethel. Robert died on 10th December 1961.

3 Kathleen Elizabeth Robinson (22 Nov 1894 - 14 Apr 1988) daughter of #6 Christopher Hann Robinson (1851-1921) and #7 Mary Davidson (Wilson) Robinson (1862-1921). Born on 22nd Nov 1894 at Woodlea, Hetton-le-Hole, County Durham, eldest of five (one died in infancy). Her parents ran the village grocery store, which Kathleen eventually ran before brother John took it over. She married her second-cousin #2 Robert Robinson on 19th July 1924. They moved to Newcastle and, lived in Kenton and Gosforth bringing up three daughters, then moved to Whitley Bay. Eventually Kathleen moved to a flat in Ponteland, then to live with Mary Chapman in Peterborough, then to a care home in Whitley Bay where she died on 14th April 1988, age 93.

Maternal Great grandparents of Marjorie

4 Robert Robinson (1844 - 14 Sept 1915) son of #8 John Robinson (1813-1891) and #9 Ann (Horsley) Robinson (bef.1817-1873). Born in 1844 in Seghill, Northumberland. Eldest of six. Grew up in Seghill, coal miner at age 17, 'Deputy Overman Coal Mine' age 27. Married #5 Margaret Fallow Thomson (1850-1923) on 6th April 1878 at the Wesleyan Chapel in North Shields. Lived in Station Row, Seghill with Robert's father and eventually their five children. By 1901 Robert was 'Colliery Master Wasteman Under Ground'. Family lived in Pit Row, Seghill. Robert was retired in 1911; he died on 14th September 1915, age about 71.

5 Margaret Fallow (Thomson) Robinson (1850 - 21 June 1923) daughter of #10 James Thomson (1805-1875) and #11 Mary (Robertson) Thomson (abt.1813-aft.1871). Margaret was born in Bothwell, Lanarkshire (outskirts of Glasgow) on 25th January 1850. Fifth of seven children. Margaret made 'the sampler' at Grandma's house when she was ten. By the time she was 11, the family had moved to Holywell, Earsdon, Northumberland. When she was 21 the family lived in Seghill and Margaret was a dressmaker. All of the men of the family were coal miners. Margaret married #4 Robert Robinson (1844-1915) on 6th April 1878 at the Wesleyan Chapel in North Shields. They lived in Station Row, Seghill with Robert's father and eventually their five children. She outlived her husband by nearly eight years, dying on 21st June 1923, age 73.

Children of #4 Robert Robinson and #5 Margaret Fallow (Thomson) Robinson:
  1. John Robinson (1881-1954), born in Seghill in 1881, married Emma Ellery (Stoker) Robinson (1884-abt.1970) in 1906, registered in Tynemouth. John was a coal miner. Father of Cousin Billy John William Stoker Robinson (1919-1962) who served in WW2, suffering an injury on the beaches in Normandy and waking up in the UK.
  2. Robinson-28673|James Robinson PhD (1884-1956), Jimmy, radar pioneer. Jimmy was a pupil teacher in a school in 1901, age 16. He did his PhD in Germany, then was head of the wireless section of the Royal Air Force and was involved in the development of radar. He worked in the Stenode Radiostat. Jimmy married Beatrice Mary (Buckley) Robinson (1885-abt.1961) Trix on 28th July 1914 at Tynemouth.
  3. Ethel Robinson (13 Jan 1887-13 Dec 1973), born in Seghill. Ethel wanted to be a teacher. As the only daughter in the family she had to stay at home and help mother. We think she had a sweetheart who was killed in WWI, and she never married. Ethel left home, (some uncertainty about the order, was she with Mrs Buckley or in Edinburgh first?) to be live-in housekeeper to Mrs Buckley, her sister-in-law Trix's mother. When Ethel's brother Billy's wife Lillian died (probably in childbirth), Ethel moved to live with Billy in Edinburgh and helped to bring up his daughter Margot. When Billy married his second wife, Netta McKenzie, Ethel moved to Graham Park Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, where she was housekeeper for Miss Bell, Heiress of Bero flour. Miss Bell died and Ethel bought a house in Whitley Bay, Northumberland, taking in paying guests until she became too old. At this point, her brother Robert and his wife Kathleen sold their house in Woodbine Road, Gosforth, paid off Ethel's mortgage and moved in with her - she had upstairs rooms until her death on 13 December 1973. After Ethel died, Kathleen (now widowed) had a paying guest, Miss Heckles. Ethel had a reputation for putting her foot in it. At one time she had a lodger, Leonard from Scandinavia, who worked for Thomas De La Rue, maker of playing cards. She enjoyed playing cards, particularly bridge and whist, and whenever she had the ace of spades she was pleased to see the company logo and would cry out 'Ah, Thomas de la Rue', giving away one of her key cards. Ethel was a lovely lady, kind, gentle and sweet.
  4. William Eward Robinson (1889-) born in Seghill. Billy married Lilian (Sopwith) Robinson (1886-abt.1920) in 1919. She died probably in childbirth in 1920, when Margot was born. Billy married Janet 'Netta' MacKenzie, with whom he had two children, Kenneth and Ethel Elizabeth - Cousin Liz.
  5. #2 Robert Robinson.

6 Christopher Hann Robinson (September 1851-1921) son of #12 Jonathan Robinson (1811-1883) and #13 Jane (Hann) Robinson (abt.1815-1897). Christopher was born in Hetton le Hole, County Durham, in September 1851. He was third of four children, but his father had three older children from his first marriage. Age 19 and 29 he was an assistant grocer then grocer in Hetton Le Hole, no doubt at the family shop. He married #7 Mary Davidson Wilson (1862-1921) on 16th October 1889 at Silkstone Parish Church, Yorkshire. They continued to live in the family home at Front Street, Hetton, later building the family home Wood Lea with his brother (possibly started by their father?) They had five children. Christopher died in 1921, age 69.

7 Mary (Molly) Davidson (Wilson) Robinson (9 Dec 1862 - 1921) daughter of #14 James Wilson (abt.1822-1894) and #15 Hannah (Davidson) Wilson (1820-1904). Born in Thornley, County Durham on 9th Dec 1862(?) christened on 16th March 1862, known as Molly, she was the sixth of seven children. At the time of the 1871 and 81 censuses, Molly was staying with her maiden Aunt Ann Davidson (abt.1824-1915), her mother's sister, in Hetton. Molly married #6 Christopher Hann Robinson (1851-1921) on 16th October at Silkstone Parish Church, Yorkshire. They had five children. Molly died in 1921 age 58, in Hetton. (Within weeks of each other?)

Children of #6 Christopher Hann Robinson and #7 Mary Davidson (Wilson) Robinson:
  1. #3 Kathleen Elizabeth Robinson.
  2. Arthur James Robinson (9 Jan 1897-25 Sept 1918). Born in Hetton-le-Hole, Arthur was a motorcycle dispatch rider for the RFC for three years before becoming a pilot. He was 2nd Lt, 55th Squadron, Royal Air Force (same squadron as Biggles creator W E Johns, flying a Havildand 4 bomber. He was reported 'missing in action' 25th Sept 1918, age 21. Arthur was buried at Chambieres French National Cemertery, Metz, France.
  3. Margery Jane Robinson (2 April 1899-4 Jan 1914) died of TB age 17.
  4. John Christopher Edward Robinson (9 June 1900-19 April 1986) married Dorothy Kathleen (Boustead) Robinson (1904-1986) on 7th October 1925. John ran the Robinson grocery shop in Hetton, living over the shop with son Cousin Mike.
  5. Muriel Wilson Robinson (4 March - 18 March 907 who died in infancy.

Maternal Two x Great grandparents of Marjorie

8 John Robinson (1813 - 1891) son of #16 John Robinson (abt.1780-) and #17 Isabella (Dixon) Robinson (abt.1780-), younger brother of #12 Jonathan Robinson (1811-1883). John was baptised on 5 Sept 1813 at Holy Cross Church, Ryton, County Durham. The family lived at Path Head (now a heritage site with visitor centre) where father was a blacksmith. Have not been able to find any record of his first marriage or any children, but John was widowed, 30 years old, when he married #9 Ann (Horsley) Robinson (bef.1817-1873) on 24th September 1843 at Earsdon, Northumberland. John was a pitman. The couple lived at Barrass Row, Seghill, and had six children, #4 Robert, Joseph (1845-), Isabella Ann (abt.1848-aft.1901), Mary Ann (1850-abt.1852) who died young, Margaret (abt.1854-abt.1877) who died in her early twenties and John (abt.1856-). John became a Deputy Overman at the mine, lived in Station Row, Seghill with the family of his eldest son #4 Robert and had retired by the time of the 1891 census. He died in 1891, age 78, widowed for nearly 20 years.

9 Ann (Horsley) Robinson (1817 - 1873) daughter of #18 Robert Horsley (bef.1795-1882) and #19 Ann (Wallis) Horsley (abt.1794-abt.1842). Ann was christened at Longbenton on 3rd August 1817. She married the widowed #8 John Robinson (bef.1813-1891) on 24th September 1843 when she was about 26. The couple lived at Barrass Row, Seghill, and had six children. Ann died in 1873, probably in Seghill, age about 56.

Children of #8 John Robinson and #9 Ann (Horsley) Robinson:
  1. #4 Robert Robinson
  2. Joseph Robinson (25 November 1845 - ) born in Seghill and christened at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Blyth And Seaton Delaval Circuit on 11th January 1846. Joseph was a coal miner by the time he was 15, recorded in the 1861 census. In 1871 he was a deputy overman at the pit.
  3. Isabella Ann (Robinson) Thompson (1848-1902) grew up in Seghill. She married Thomas Thompson (abt.1843-aft.1901) early in 1868. They lived in Seghill for every census for the rest of Isabella's life; Thomas was a colliery engineman at the coal mine. They had four children, Ann (Thompson) Hendry (1873 - abt.1952), Margaret Thompson (1877 -, Joseph Thompson (1882 -) and Isabella Thompson (1888-abt.1964).
  4. Mary Ann Robinson (1850 - abt.1852) born late in 1850, Mary was dead at the time of the 1861 census, possibly dying in 1852.
  5. Margaret Robinson (1853 - abt.1877) Maggie grew up in Seghill. She may have married a Joseph Smith. She died in about 1877.
  6. John Robinson (1855 -) grew up in Seghill. He was a miner at the time of the 1871 census, age 15. When he was 35 he was still living in Seghill but with the family of his elder sister-in-law #5 Margaret Fallow (Thomson) Robinson (1850-1923)'s brother Thomas Thomson (abt.1839-aft.1871), also a coal miner. John was married to Margaret from Chirton (North Shields), Northumberland. In 1901 John was a coal miner deputy below ground.

10 James Thomson (19 Jan 1805 - 1875) son of #20 William Thomson (abt.1765-) and #21 Margaret (Fallow) Thomson (bef.1766-). James was born in 19th January 1805 and baptised eight days later at Stonehouse, Lanark, Scotland. James married #11 Mary (Robertson) Thomson (abt.1813-aft.1871) at Barony on 3rd march 1833. At the time of the marriage he was listed as a weaver. By 1841 James was a coal miner, later a furnace keeper at a pit. The family lived at Carnbroe Iron Works, Lanarkshire in 1841 and Old Monkland in 1851. There were at least seven children, all born in Lanarkshire. By 1861 they had moved to 2, Front Row, Holywell Township, Earsdon, Northumberland. Before 1871 they moved to 264 Blue Row, Seghill. James died in 1875, age 70.

11 Mary (Robertson) Thomson (abt.1813-aft.1871) daughter of #22 and #23. Mary was born in Barony (Glasgow), Lanarkshire, Scotland in about 1813. She married #10 James Thomson (1805-1875) in Barony on 3rd March 1833; the couple had at least seven children born between 1835 and 1855, all in Lanarkshire, Scotland. By 1861 the family had moved to Northumberland, England, living in Holywell then Seghill. The last record I can find for Mary is the 1871 census, I do not know when she died.

Children of #10 James Thomson and #11 Mary (Robertson) Thomson:
  1. William John Thomson (1834 - ), born in Barony, Lanark, Scotland. He was a miner by the time he was 16, and moved with the family to Earsdon, Northumberland before 1861.
  2. Marion (Thomson) Dow (1835 - ) was baptised in Barony, Lanarkshire on 26th December 1835. She married Alexander Dow (1835 - 1914), engine keeper, on 26th March 1858 in Bellshill, Bothwell, Lanarkshire. Marion was a domestic servant at the time. Marion and Alexander moved to Northumberland at around the same time as the rest of the family and had at least two children, Hector Dow (1859 - ) and Agnes (Dove) Skelton (1874 - ). They seem to have changed their name to Dove once they lived in England.Alexander had been a soldier in the Crimean War, probably in the 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiment of Foot. He was said to have been part of the Thin Red Line at the Battle of Balaclava.
  3. Thomas Thomson (abt.1839 - aft.1871), moved with the family to Northumberland before 1961 and working as a miner in 1861, age 22. He married Ellen from Manchester and they continued to live in Blue Row, Seghill.
  4. John Thomson (3 August 1841 - was born in Bothwell, Lanarkshire. He moved with the family to Northumberland and in 1861 was 19 years old, a coal miner.
  5. #5 Margaret,
  6. James Thomson (16 May 1852 - aft.1911) Age eight in 1861, James was a scholar. By 1971 he was a coal miner in Seghill. He married Ellon in about 1889, and had no children by 1911.
  7. Andrew Thomson (abt.1855 - 1907) was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, but moved to Northumberland before he was six years old. He was a coal miner in Seghill when he was 16, in 1871. He married Mary Ann Thompson (abt.1857 - ) in Tynemouth district in 1877 and the couple went on to have eleven children, most born in Seghill and some in County Durham. Andrew died probaby in 1907, age 52, outlived by his wife who lived in Weetslade, working as a quilter in 1911.

The sampler made by #5 Margaret Fallow Thomson Margaret made a sampler dated 1860, when she was 10. It includes the alphabet and numbers plus flower, bird, animal motifs and a ship and maybe a portculis. There are a series of initials, I think they are:

JT - father #10 James Thomson (1805 - 1875)
MT - mother #11 Mary (Robertson) Thomson (abt.1813 - )
WT - eldest brother William John Thomson (1834 - )
MT - eldest sister Marion (Thomson) Dow (bef. 1835 - )
AD - older brother in law Alexander Dow (1835 -), married Marion in March 1858.
TT - older brother Thomas Thomson (abt.1839 - )
JT - older brother John Thomson (1841 - )
JT - younger brother James Thomson (1852 - )
AT - youngest brother Andrew Thomson (abt.1855-abt.1907)
DT - ?
HD - nephew Hector Dow (1859 - ), son of sister Marion born 1859
WT - Paternal Grandfather William Thomson (abt.1765-)
MF - Paternal Grandmother Margaret (Fallow) Thomson (bef.1766-)
TR - Perhaps uncle Thomas Robertson, mother's brother, lodging with the family in 1861 after they had moved to Northumberland.
MD - ?
also ML above - ?
It might be more logical if TR and MD at the end are Margaret's Maternal grandparents - names unknown at the moment. DT might be the child of the eldest brother, currently unknown.

12 Jonathan Robinson (3 Jan 1811-1883) son of #24 (= 16) John Robinson (abt.1780-) and #25 (= 17) Isabella (Dixon) Robinson (abt.1780-), older brother of #8 John Robinson (bef.1813-1891). Jonathan was the third son, born on 3rd January 1811. The family lived at Path Head, near Ryton, County Durham. Jonathan married Jane (Horsley) Robinson (abt.1816-abt.1845) on 14th November 1836 at All Saints, Newcastle, Northumberland. They had two children born in Seghill then moved to Derby where their youngest daughter died and third child was born. Jane died a couple of years later. Jonathan married #13 Jane (Hann) Robinson (abt.1815-1897) a couple of years later in 1846 in Seghill. They lived in Seghill in 1851, Jonathan working as a Deputy Colliery Overman. Jonathan and Jane had four children, the first two were girls who died young (ages 22 and 10, approximately). By 1861, the family lived in Hetton Le Hole where Jonathan was a grocer and draper, a business that his sons helped with. Jonathan died in 1883 in Hetton, age 72.

Family story tells that the man who left mining and opened the grocery shop did so because his wife's father had died in the mine and she said 'no son of mine is going down the mine'. No evidence that #13 Jane (Hann) Robinson's father (#26) died in a mine. Perhaps Jane Horsley's father William Horsley was a miner.

13 Jane (Hann) Robinson (abt.1815-1897) daughter of #26 Christopher Hann (abt.1772-1849) and #27 Ann (Horsley) Hann (abt.1779-1857). Jane was born in Wallsend in about 1815. She married widowed #12 Jonathan Robinson (1811-1883) on 22nd December 1846 at the Wesleyan Chapel in Tynemouth when she was 31. She became step-mother to his two surviving children, Isabella (Robinson) Appleby (1838-aft.1901) and William Horsley Robinson (1842-1924). Jonathan and Jane lived in Hetton where they ran the grocery shop. They had four children, their two daughters dying young. Jane lived with son Christopher's family in Hetton after he married in 1889 and the death of her husband in 1883. Jane died in Hetton in 1897, age 82.

Children of #12 Jonathan Robinson and his first wife Jane (Horsley) Robinson (abt.1816 - abt.1845):
  1. Isabella (Robinson) Appleby (1838 - ) was born in Seghill. She married Edward Appleby (1841 - ) in 1863 and the couple had one daughter Mary Elizabeth Jane Appleby (1874 - 1928), known as Maisey Appleby?
  2. Mary Ann Robinson (1840 - 1842) was born in Seghill before the family moved to Derby, where she died, age 1.
  3. William Horsley Robinson (1842 - 1924) was born in Derby, christened on 4th December 1842 at the Wesleyan-Methodist Chapel, Derby. His mother died when he was about 2 and the family moved back to Northumberland. Jonathan was a grocer at the time of the 1871 census, then a bookseller - in 1881 he opened a book stall in the centre of Newcastle specialising in books concerned with the Occult. He was considered a 'Celebrity of the Movement' of Spiritualists. The book stall was a success, trading until 2014. William married Ann (Langley) Robinson and they had four children, who carried on the business. Their grandchildren donated money to Newcastle University for the building of the Philip Robinson Library and the Marjorie Robinson Reading Rooms.
Children of #12 Jonathan Robinson and #13 Jane (Hann) Robinson:
  1. Margaret Ann (1848-1858) born in Hetton le Hole, she died when she was about ten years old, in Hetton le Hole.
  2. Mary Elizabeth Robinson (1849 - 1872) born in Hetton le Hole, she died in her early twenties in Hetton le Hole.
  3. #6 Christopher Hann Robinson (1851 - 1921)
  4. John Dixon Robinson (29 October 1856 - 24 July 1938) born in Hetton le Hole, John married Mary Ann Storey (abt.1861 - abt.1941) (Polly) in 1880. They lived for a while in the other half of Wood Lea (?) from Christopher Hann Robinson. They moved between 1871 and 1891 to Chester le Street where they ran a second grocery shop. John was very musical? John and Polly had no children? He died in 1938, a couple of years before his wife.

Close family relationships? Brothers #8 John Robinson and #12 Jonathan each married a Miss Horsely, #9 Ann (Horsley) Robinson (bef.1817-1873) and Jane (Horsley) Robinson (abt.1816-abt.1845). Were they related? They were not sisters they had different parents at time of christening but may have been cousins.

The two that were cousins were #8 John's second wife #9 Ann (Horsley) Robinson (bef.1817-1873) and #12 Jonathan's second wife #13 Jane Hann, their grandparents were #36 William Horsley and #37 Jane (Fenwick) Horsley.

14 James Wilson (abt.1822 - 8 Dec 1894) son of #28 Richard Wilson (abt.1793-aft.1834) and #29 Esther (Wrightson) Simpson (abt.1796-1887). James was christened on 20th October 1822 in Chester-le-Street, County Durham. In 1841 James was living at Bishop Middleton with his sister Margaret (Wilson) Oswald (bef.1820 - bef.1871) and her family. James married Jane Blackburn (abt.1824 - 1856) in Stockton, County Durham in 1842. They had at least three children, but only one daughter was surviving at the 1851 census. Jane died probably in 1856 and James married #15 Hannah (Davidson) Wilson (1820-1904) in Houghton le Spring in 1858. Hannah and James had at least four children, Richard William (1858-1952), James (1860-), #7 Mary Davidson (1862-1921) and Esther Ann (1865-abt.1967) born in Sunderland, Easington, Thornley and Darfield, Yorkshire. James had been a miner and by 1871 was a Colliery Viewer, in 1881 a Mining Engineer (unemployed) and in 1891 a Colliery Manager at Hollyrood & Stanhope Silkstone Collieries (according to family recollection). James died on 8 Dec 1894 age 72 at Wortley, Yrokshire. He was buried in Silkstone Churchyard, Yorkshire.

Children of #14 James Wilson and his first wife Jane Blackburn:
  1. Margret christened at Trimdon, County Durham on 23rd August 1846, living with her parents at Easington in 1851, can't find any later records.
  2. Richard born in 1848, died in infancy.
  3. James born in 1850, died in infancy.

15 Hannah (Davidson) Wilson (16 Apr 1820 - 8 May 1904) daughter of #30 Joseph Davidson (abt.1787-1860) and #31 Ann (Brabant) Davidson (1789-1874). Hannah was born in North Shields on 16th April 1820. She was christened at Christ Church, Tynemouth on 7th May 1820. She was listed as a dressmaker in the 1841 census, living at Cargills Court, Wingate Grange, Kelloe, Durham. In 1851 she was a millenor, living with her family at Easington. Hannah married widowed #14 James Wilson (abt.1822-1894) in 1858. James had one surviving child (PROBABLY). The family moved around and four children were born in County Durham and Yorkshire. Hannah was widowed in 1894; at the time of the 1901 census lived with daughter #7 Mary Davidson (Wilson) Robinson and her family in Hetton. She died on 8th May 1904, ten years after her husband.

Children of #14 James Wilson and #15 Hannah (Davidson) Wilson:
  1. Richard William Wilson (Uncle Dick) born in Sunderland in 1858. He married Annie Elizabeth Lockwood in Hackney, London in 1883. Dick and Annie were members of the Salvation Army; a booklet was written about their work, 'The Yorkshire Lad'. Dick worked as Chief Secretary to mobilise and operate the Salvation Army's support for troops in WWI in France and the UK, receiving an OBE from King George V in 1919. He 'gave away' #3 Kathleen Elizabeth Robinson when she married in 1924. Dick died in 1952 in Wood Green, Middlesex, age 93.
  2. James Wilson born in Easington in 1860, I cannot find any record of him after 1871.
  3. #7 Mary Davidson (Wilson) Robinson
  4. Esther Ettie Ann (Wilson) Richards born in 1865 in Darfield, Yorkshire, she married William Thomas Richards on 14th June 1892 at Silkstone, Yorkshire. William was an engineering secretary and they lived in Bury, Lancashire. They did not have any children by the time of the 1911 census. She died in Wombwell, Yorkshire in 1967.

Miner released from goal paraded through the streets on shoulders family story of agitator who was imprisoned as example and regarded as local hero, was this a Wilson? Haven't found anything in the press (yet).

Maternal Three x Great grandparents of Marjorie

16 (= 24) John Robinson (abt.1780-) son of #32 and #33. John was described as 'of Bedlington Parish' (Northumberland) when he married #17 Isabella (Dixon) Robinson (abt.1780-) on 28th July 1804 at St Mary, Gateshead, County Durham. The couple had at least five children, christened at Ryton, County Durham. John was a smith and the family lived at Path Head, near Ryton. When son #12 Jonathan Robinson (1811-1883) was born he was described as 'native of Warkworth', Northumberland. John was probably buried in Gateshead, County Durham on 4th July 1847.

Family story KER spoke of smugglers in the family living at Boulmer. Was that where John was from?

17 (= 25) Isabella (Dixon) Robinson (abt.1780-) daughter of #34 and #35. All we know about Isabella is her marriage and the baptisms of her children.

Children of #16 John Robinson and #17 Isabella (Dixon) Robinson:
  1. Mary Ann Robinson born in Ryton on 16th November 1804, christened on 3rd February 1805.
  2. Robert Robinson born in Ryton and christened on 29th March 1807. Possibly living in Winlaton with wife Margaret from Jarrow and three children, working as an agricultural labourer in 1851.
  3. #12 Jonathan Robinson ( bef 27 Jan 1811-1883).
  4. #8 John Robinson (bef. 5 Sept 1813-1891).
  5. Joseph Robinson (bef. 27 Feb 1816 -) christened in Ryton on 27th Feb 1816. Possibly later a farmer at Winlaton married to Dorothy with three children.

18 Robert Horsley (bef.1795-1882) son of #36 William Horsley (abt.1755-aft.1796) and #37 Jane (Fenwick) Horsley (abt.1755-). Robert was christened in Wallsend on 23rd August 1795, younger brother of #27 Ann (Horsley) Hann (abt.1779 - 20th July 1857). He married #19 Ann (Wallis) Horsley (abt.1794-abt.1842) on 22nd May 1813 at St Bartholemew's Church, Longbenton, Northumberland. They had at least nine children, christened in Long Benton between 1814 and 1817 then in Wallsend between 1819 and 1836. In 1841, the family lived in Chapel Square, Seghill, Northumberland. Robert was a banksman and later a coal screener. Robert was widowed, and a grandfather, by 1851, when he lived in Colliery Row, Seghill. He married widower Elizabeth (Hall) Horsley (abt.1805-abt.1887) late in 1851 in Tynemouth district; she had three children from her first marriage. The family lived in Pit Row, Seghill, with adult children and some grandchildren in 1861. In 1871 and 1881, possibly in the same house, they lived with Elizabeth's eldest son Thomas Reed and his family in Pit Row. Robert died in Tynemouth district in 1882, age 88, outlived by Elizabeth by about five years.

Weird - Robert's youngest son John William Horsley (abt.1835-abt.1877) from his first marriage married his second wife Elizabeth's daughter Sarah (Reed) Horsley (1837-) from her first marriage. The younger couple married about three years after their parents did.

19 Ann (Wallis) Horsley (abt.1794-abt.1842) daughter of #38 and #39. Ann married Robert on 22nd May 1813 at St Bartholemew's, Long Benton. They had at least nine children. She died probably in 1842, age 49.

Children of #18 Robert Horsley and #19 Ann (Wallis) Horsley:
  1. Mark Horsley, christened in Longbenton, Northumberland on 10th May 1814.
  2. Robert Horsley, christened in Longbenton on 21st April 1816. He was a Banksman at the colliery in Seghill in 1841. He married Mary (Bradley) Horsley (abt.1823- in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1850. They lived in Seghill then Moorsley, and had at least four children. Robert was a coal inspector in 1861 and a Colliery Agent in 1871 - at the time of the census in 1871 Robert and his wife were visiting the family of #9 Ann (Horsley) Robinson. He died in 1871.
  3. #9 Ann Horsley (bef.1817-1873).
  4. Margaret Horsley (bef.1819-), christened in Wallsend, Northumberland on 26th September 1819, living with the family in Earsdon when she was 20 in 1841.
  5. Jane Horsley (bef.1821-), christened in Wallsend on 7th October 1821, living with the family in Earsdon in 1841 and Seghill in 1851.
  6. Mary Horsley (bef.1823-), christened in St Peter's, Wallsend, Northumberland on 26th October 1823.
  7. Lydia Horsley (bef.1826-), christened in Wallsend on 5th February 1826, living with the family in Earsdon in 1841.
  8. Isabel Horsley was born in about 1831, ten years old at the time of the 1841 census.
  9. John William Horsley (abt.1835-abt.1877), born in Seghill in about 1835. he married Sarah (Reed) Horsley (1837-), daughter of his later stepmother Elizabeth (Hall) Horsley, in 1854; they had at least four children. John probably died in 1877 in his early 40s.

20 William Thomson son of #40 and #41. William was born in about 1765. He married #21 Margaret (Fallow) Thomson on 9th March 1792 at Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. They had at least six children born in Lesmahagow, Lanark and the later ones in Stonehouse, Lanark. James was recorded as a mason in Stonehouse when James and Margaret were born.

21 Margaret (Fallow) Thomson (abt.1766-) daughter of #42 John Fallow (bef.1707-) and #43 Janet (Kirkland) Fallow (abt.1732-). Margaret was christened on 25th November 1766 at Lesmahagow, Lanark, Scotland. She married #20 William Thomson (abt.1765-) on 9th March 1792 at Lesmahagow.

Children of #20 William Thomson and #21 Margaret (Fallow) Thomson:
  1. Janet born 1793 in Lesmahagow.
  2. John born 1795 in Lesmahagow.
  3. Thomas born 1797 in Lesmahagow.
  4. Barbara born 1800 in Lesmahagow.
  5. #10 James Thomson (1805-1875).
  6. Margaret Thomson born oon 19th October 1808 in Stonehouse.

22 unknown

23 unknown

24 see 16

25 see 17

26 Christopher Hann born in about 1772, son of #52 probably Robert Hann and #53 probably Mary Walker, and if so christened at Lanchester, County Durham on 18th January 1772. Christopher married #27 Ann (Horsley) Hann (abt.1779-1857) on 11th July 1802 in Wallsend, Northumberland. They had probably seven children, christened in St Andrew's, Brunswick Place Methodist Chapel in Newcastle or Carville Methodist Chapel in Wallsend. Christopher worked in the mines, listed as a Colliery Overman in 1846. He died in 1859, age 77, a couple of years after his wife.

27 Ann (Horsley) Hann daughter of #54 = #36 William Horsley (abt.1755-aft.1796) and #55 = #37 Jane (Fenwick) Horsley (abt.1755-). Ann was born in Newburn, Northumberland in about 1779, older sister of #18 Robert Horsley (bef.1795-1882). She married #26 Christopher Hann on 11th July 1802 in Wallsend. They had at least seven children. After Christopher died in 1849, Ann lived in Turnpike Road, Wallsend with son Henry and grandaughter Ann Hann. She died in Hetton le Hole, County Durham on 20th July 1857, age 79.

Children of #26 Christopher Hann and #27 Ann (Horsley) Hann:
  1. Jane Hann (abt.1802-1806), buried at Longbenton, Northumberland on 18th August 1806, age about 3.
  2. Robert Hann b 1805, uncertain, already widowed when he married Elizabeth Ainsley in 1842# Christopher (1809-abt.1846), later lived in Easington Lane, Hetton le Hole where he was grocer and later assistant overseer.
  3. Ann Hann, born on 29th December 1810, christened at Brusnwick Wesleyan Chapel on 10th January 1811.
  4. John Hann, buried in Wallsend on 1st arch 1824, age 11.
  5. #13 Jane (Hann) Robinson (abt.1815-1897).
  6. Henry Hann christened 1st March 1818 at Carville Wesleyan Chapel.
  7. Mary Hann b 1820, uncertain, married George Cockburn in 1848. Cockburn family very friendly with Robinsons in Hetton le Hole a couple of generations later.
  8. Margaret Hann born in Wallsend on 1st September 1823.

28 Richard Wilson (abt.1793 - abt.1835) son of #56 and #57. Richard was 24 when he married #29 Esther (Wrightson) Simpson on 21st December 1817 at Chester le Street, County Durham. They had at least seven children. Richard was a pitman. Richard died between 1834 and 1840, probably in his early forties.

29 Esther (Wrightson) Simpson (abt.1796 - 1887) daughter of #58 James Wrightson and #59, born in Blaydon or Fatfield in about 1796. She was 21 when she married #28 Richard Wilson on 21st December 1817. They had at least seven children. After Richard died in the latter half of the 1830s, Esther married Moses Simpson (1809-aft.1885), on 14th March 1840, a coal miner with whom she had twin sons. For a time Moses boarded in Hetton le Hole and Esther lived with her oldest daughter Margaret, in a house full of coal miners. Esther and Moses lived in Quarrington Hill and later Edmondsley. Moses died in 1885, and Esther in 1887, age 91.

Children of #28 Richard Wilson and #29 Esther (Wrightson) Wilson:
  1. Margaret (Wilson) Oswald christened in Chester-le-Street, County Durham on 30th July 1820. She married George Oswald (abt.1819-aft.1901) in Kelloe, County Durham on 4th February 1839. They lived in Red Row, Bishop Middleton, County Durham in 1841 and later in 1861 in Thornley with nine children, a daughter in law and Margaret's widowed mother #29 Esther (Wrightson) Wilson later Simpson. Margaret's husband and four grown sons were coal miners at this time. Margaret died before 1871.
  2. #14 James Wilson (abt.1822-1894),
  3. John Wilson (1824-1825) christened in Chester-le-Street on 11th July 1824, buried on 21st May 1825 in Houghton le Spring, County Durham.
  4. John Wilson, christened on 24th February 1828 at Houghton le Spring, County Durham.
  5. Richard Wilson christened at Houghton le Spring on 4th July 1830, buried on 2nd March 1831.
  6. Richard Wilson christened at Houghton le Spring on 15th April 1832, buried on 3rd November 1833.
  7. Joseph Wilson christened on 11th June 1834 in Houghton le Spring, County Durham.
Children of #29 Esther (Wrightson) Simpson and second husband Moses Simpson:
  1. Charles Simpson born in Coxhoe, County Durham in about 1840, I cannot find any record of Charles after 1851.
  2. Grainger James Simpson, twin of Charles, Grainger was a coal miner who lived until at least 1911, and had several children.

30 Joseph Davidson, son of #60 unknown and #61 unknown. Joseph was born in Washington, County Durham in about 1787. He married #31 Ann (Brabant) Davidson at St John, Newcastle on 9th Feb 1819. Joseph was a coal miner. Joseph and Ann lived in Cargills Court, Wingate Grange, Kelloe, County Durham in 1841, and in Easington in 1851. They had at least five children, all born in North Shields. Joseph died in the last quarter of 1860 age 73, registered in Houghton le Spring.

31 Ann (Brabant) Davidson (1789-1874), daughter of #62 William Brabant (1758-) and #63 Eleanor (Nicholson) Brabant (1756-1832). Ann and her twin sister Margaret were born in Whickham, County Durham, baptised on 18th October 1789 at St Mary the Virgin. Ann married #30 Joseph Davidson at St John, Newcastle on 9th Feb 1819. They had at least five children. Ann was widowed in 1860; in 1861 and 1871 she lived with unmarried daughter Great Aunt Ann Davidson (abt.1824-1915) in Hetton le Hole. In 1871 grandaughter #7 Mary Davidson (Wilson) Robinson (9 Dec 1862 - 1921) was also visiting. Ann died in Hetton le Hole in 1874, age 85, 14 years after her husband died.

Children of #30 Joseph Davidson and #31 Ann (Brabant) Davidson:
  1. #15 Hannah (Davidson) Wilson (1820-1904).
  2. Ellenor Davidson, christened on 18th August 1822 at North Shields, Northumberland. She married a mariner, John Hosseck (bef.1849-), and had at least one child.
  3. Great Aunt Ann Davidson, born in North Shields on 6th March 1824 and christened in Gateshead on 14th March 1827. Ann never married, she lived in Hetton le Hole, near the railway' with her widowed mother and niece #7 Mary in 1871, in Shaw's Row with Mary in 1881 then alone, living on her own means in Smith's Terrace in 1891. In 1911 she was 87 years old, living with niece Mary and her family in Wood Lea. Ann died on 16th September 1915 in Hetton, age 91. She is buried in the cenetery at Hetton Le Hole. #3 Kathleen Robinson recalled Great Aunt Ann being very kind to the family.
  4. William Davidson born on 10th May 1826, christened in Gateshead on 14th March 1827. Listed as a grocer and draper in 1851, living with his parents and siblings.
  5. Mary Davidson, born in about 1829.

Maternal Four x Great grandparents of Marjorie

32 unknown

33 unknown

34 unknown

35 unknown

36 (=54) William Horsley, son of #72 unknown and #73 unknown. William was born in about 1755, and married #37 Jane (Fenwick) Horsley on 19th May 1772 at Newburn, Northumberland, England. They had at least nine children, christened in Newburn or Wallsend.

37 (=55) Jane (Fenwick) Horsley (abt.1755-) daughter of #74 unknown and #75 unknown.

Children of #36 William Horsley and #37 Jane (Fenwick) Horsley:
  1. Robert Horsley christened on 30th januray 1774 at Newburn, Northumberland.
  2. Fenwick Horsley christened on 10th March 1776 at Newburn, buried in Long Benton, Northumberland on 2nd October 1807, age 30.
  3. #27 Ann (Horsley) Hann (abt.1779-1857).
  4. Edward Horsley christened at Newburn on 29th October 1780.
  5. William Horsley christened at Newburn on 8th June 1783.
  6. John Horsley christened at Newburn on 19th June 1785.
  7. Edward Horsley christened at Newburn on 22nd July 1787.
  8. Margaret Horsley christened at Wallsend on 9th October 1791, buried in Long Benton on 9th May 1798, age 7.
  9. #18 Robert Horsley (1795-1882).

38 unknown

39 unknown

40 unknown

41 unknown

42 John Fallow son of #84 John Fallow (abt.1680-) and #85 Isobel Ross. John was christened on 9 Mar 1707, in the Church of Scotland, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland. John married # 43 Janet (Kirkland) Fallow in Lesmahagow, Lanark, Scotland on 9 July 1752. John and Janet had at least five children.

43 Janet (Kirkland) Fallow (est.1732-) daughter of #86 unknown and #87 unknown. Described as 'of this parish' when she married #42 John Fallow (bef.1707-) at Lesmahagow, Lanark, Scotland on 9 July 1752.

Children of #42 John Fallow and #43 Janet (Kirkland) Fallow:
  1. Gavin Fallow christened on 30th April 1758 at Lesmahagow.
  2. John Fallow christened on 4th August 1762 at Lesmahagow.
  3. Isobel Fallow christened on 8th July 1764 at Lesmahagow.
  4. #21 Margaret (Fallow) Thomson (abt.1766-).
  5. Mary Fallow christened at Lesmahagow on 6th May 1769.

52 unknown

53 unknown

54 see 36

55 see 37

56 unknown

57 unknown

58 James Ritson.

59 unknown

60 unknown

61 unknown

62 William Brabant maybe son of #124 Martin Brabant (1723-) and #125 Ann. William was christened on 6th August 1758. He married #63 Eleanor (Nicholson) Brabant on 13th December 1778 at St Mary the Virgin, Whickham, County Durham, England. They had at least nine children. By the time the youngest was born the family were living in Newcastle upon Tyne.

63 Eleanor (Nicholson) Brabant born in 1756 in Whickham, County Durham. She married #62 William Brabant on 13th December 1778. Eleanor lived in Coxlodge at the time of her death. She was buried in St Nicholas, Gosforth, Northumberland on 11th September 1832, age 72.

  1. William Brabant born about 1779 in Whickham, County Durham.
  2. Martin Brabant born on 24th December 1780 in Whickham, County Durham. He married Eleanor Atkinson and they had at least five children. He died in 1870 in Durham.
  3. John Brabant born in about 1783 in Whickham.
  4. Thomas Brabant born in about 1785 in Whickham.
  5. George Brabant baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Whickham on 20th May 1787. He was buried in Whickham on 25th April 1795; at the time the family lived in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  6. #31 Ann Brabant (1789-1874).
  7. Margaret Brabant twin of Ann, they were baptised on 18th October 1789 at Whickham St Mary.
  8. Eleanor Brabant born about 1792 in Whickham.
  9. Robert Brabant born about 1796.

Maternal Five x Great grandparents of Marjorie

84 John Fallow, don't know anything about him!

85 Isobel Ross.

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