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Mark Curtis To-Do List

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Location: Indianamap
Surnames/tags: Curtis Boswell
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Name Birth Notes
Allio, Phillip Anthony II to-do
Allio, Jeanne Elizabeth (Curtis) 1916-05-27 to-do
Baker, Sarah Mae (Singleton) 1858-09-12 to-do
Baker, William H. 1848-00-00 to-do
Baker, Mary Ann (Brackin) 1824-00-00 to-do
Baker, Amos A 1819-00-00 to-do
Baker, John 1858-00-00 to-do
Baker, Martha J. 1855-00-00 to-do
Baker, Margaret 1852-00-00 to-do
Baker, Eliz. 1863-00-00 to-do
Baker, Aaron 1832-08-00 to-do
Baker, Samuel 1839-00-00 to-do
Baker, Emeline 1837-00-00 to-do
Baker, William 1835-00-00 to-do
Baker, Henry Osborn 1776-00-00 to-do
Baker, John 1790-00-00 to-do
Baker, Sarah 1818-00-00 to-do
Baker, Joseph 1798-00-00 to-do
Baker, John 1816-06-06 to-do
Baker, Temperance 1810-00-00 to-do
Baker, Joseph 1820-00-00 to-do
Baker, William J 1805-00-00 to-do
Baker, James 1792-00-00 to-do
Baker, Nancy 1785-00-00 to-do
Baker, Henry 1816-00-00 to-do
Baker, Kemp 1808-00-00 to-do
Baker, Burrell Hinchea 1797-00-00 to-do
Baker, Rachel 1790-00-00 to-do
Baugh, James A 1875-06-27 to-do
Baugh, Lena 1899-06-00 to-do
Baugh, Erastus Downing, II 1895-08-16 to-do
Baugh, Malinda Jane (Cowger) 1847-12-25 to-do
Baugh, Erastus Downing, I 1834-01-11 to-do
Baugh, John Robert 1873-09-11 to-do
Baugh, Christopher Newton 1868-00-00 to-do
Baugh, Minnie L 1888-12-13 to-do
Baugh, Milton A 1871-00-00 to-do
Baugh, Mable Mae (Crim) 1890-04-18 to-do
Beers, Phillina 1787-09-27 to-do
Bennett, Nora A 1882-02-19 to-do
Best, Jenette (Curtis) to-do
Best, William to-do
Birdsey, Elizabeth 1766-09-21 to-do
Birdsey, Hannah 1710-08-12 to-do
Birdsey, Dinah 1712-10-18 to-do
Birdsey, Samuel 1718-00-00 to-do
Birdseye, Abel 1724-01-04 to-do
Birdseye, William 1717-05-29 to-do
Birdseye, Eunice 1714-04-17 to-do
Birdseye, Samuel 1704-00-00 to-do
Birdseye, Joannah 1708-10-17 to-do
Birdseye, Phebe 1710-09-09 to-do
Birdseye, Mary 1705-03-31 to-do
Boswell, William Franklin 1890-04-10 to-do
Boswell, Dollie Jane (Baker) 1894-06-25 to-do
Boswell, William Harrison 1918-07-19 to-do
Boswell, Robert Franklin 1912-12-10 to-do
Boswell, Helen M 1915-12-10 to-do
Boswell, Timothy 1830-00-00 to-do
Boswell, Janie 1859-00-00 to-do
Boswell, Edward 1878-04-17 to-do
Boswell, Lula Viola 1885-00-00 to-do
Boswell, Clara Etta 1881-01-26 to-do
Boswell, Sarah E 1863-00-00 to-do
Boswell, John Shanon 1866-10-11 to-do
Boswell, Flora 1848-00-00 to-do
Boswell, Elizabeth 1861-00-00 to-do
Brackin, Isaac 1801-00-00 to-do
Carl, Susan 1790-00-00 to-do
Carl, Susan 1869-00-00 to-do
Chastain, Rebecca 1815-00-00 to-do
Conway, Thomas M 1872-00-00 to-do
Crapser, Anna 1781-10-27 to-do
Crim, Charles B 1863-11-00 to-do
Curtis, William 1418-00-00 to-do
Curtis, Cecilla (Frances) 1420-00-00 to-do
Curtis, Nichols 1784-09-27 to-do
Curtis, Mark to-do
Curtis, Robert E 1923-12-02 to-do
Curtis, Harry Henry 1881-07-25 to-do
Curtis, Carlos 1786-09-29 to-do
Curtis, Lizabeth (Paul) to-do
Curtis, Patricia Ann 1976-01-25 to-do
Curtis, Delores J to-do
Curtis, Harry H. 1916-12-14 to-do
Curtis, Walter Scott 1921-06-15 to-do
Curtis, Mary Frances (Stark) 1854-08-07 to-do
Curtis, Derrel Duel 1848-03-20 to-do
Curtis, Blanche 1896-10-00 to-do
Curtis, Grace 1890-05-18 to-do
Curtis, Claude Duel 1881-07-25 to-do
Curtis, Rhoda M 1814-00-00 to-do
Curtis, William Henry 1808-10-17 to-do
Curtis, Kenneth E 1908-00-00 to-do
Curtis, Julia 1799-00-00 to-do
Curtis, Huldah 1792-09-00 to-do
Curtis, Philo 1791-09-20 to-do
Curtis, Betsey 1795-11-14 to-do
Curtis, Benjamin 1736-02-14 to-do
Curtis, Anna 1769-12-20 to-do
Curtis, Benjamin , Jr 1772-02-15 to-do
Curtis, Ivah 1771-10-19 to-do
Curtis, Salmon 1735-00-00 to-do
Curtis, Abraham 1701-05-10 to-do
Curtis, John 1616-02-15 to-do
Curtis, Myrtle Alice (Ferris) 1893-12-21 to-do
Curtis, Elizabeth 1733-10-26 to-do
Curtiss, Matthew (Curtis) , Sr. 1711-00-00 to-do
Curtiss, Maud 1886-09-08 to-do
Curtiss, William Hubbell 1808-10-17 to-do
Curtiss, Henry Clay 1845-02-11 to-do
Curtiss, Mary 1840-05-19 to-do
Curtiss, Cordelia 1843-12-24 to-do
Curtiss, Edwin 1838-01-22 to-do
Curtiss, Don Carlos 1835-09-23 to-do
Curtiss, George Sample 1833-08-03 to-do
Curtiss, Charlotte Levina 1831-09-11 to-do
Curtiss, Phedima 1761-12-16 to-do
Curtiss, Philo 1760-06-27 to-do
Curtiss, Abel (Curtis) 1738-02-07 to-do
Curtiss, Abijah (Curtis) 1740-01-31 to-do
Curtiss, Nehemiah 1728-02-20 to-do
Curtiss, Salmon to-do
Curtiss, Charles 1715-01-01 to-do
Curtiss, Mehitabel 1715-01-01 to-do
Curtiss, Mary 1711-07-25 to-do
Curtiss, Josiah 1702-01-06 to-do
Curtiss, Harry 1864-07-20 to-do
Dardeen, Ruth Margaret (Boswell) 1922-07-03 to-do
Dardeen, Clyde D 1910-12-19 to-do
Doolittle, Henry C. to-do
Fallows, Jack to-do
Farries, Walter Scott 1859-05-29 to-do
Farries, Lavern 1890-08-00 to-do
Farries, Herbert E 1896-08-00 to-do
Farries, John 1826-06-23 to-do
Farries, William John 1864-00-00 to-do
Farries, Mary 1862-09-02 to-do
Farries, Elizabeth 1866-06-05 to-do
Farries, Margaret 1861-01-05 to-do
Farries, Robert 1869-07-20 to-do
Farries, Matthew 1857-09-17 to-do
Farries, Jane 1871-06-00 to-do
Farries, George 1875-01-05 to-do
Ferris, Anna Mae 1900-06-12 to-do
Field, Francis Parker 1839-11-12 to-do
Field, Emily E 1896-02-00 to-do
Field, Ernest Cleo 1900-09-07 to-do
Field, Esta I J 1892-09-00 to-do
Field, Ethan A 1891-02-00 to-do
Fields, Frances (Curtis) to-do
Franklin, Hattie M. 1882-10-00 to-do
Fuller, Kathryn Lucille (Boswell) 1924-06-05 to-do
Fuller, Willard Booker 1923-01-10 to-do
Glover, Elizabeth (Curtis) 1733-10-26 to-do
Harmon, Nancy 1827-00-00 to-do
Hicks, Lucy 1702-00-00 to-do
Hopkins, Danny Lee to-do
Howard, John w 1870-10-05 to-do
Hubbell, Huldah 1757-00-00 to-do
Hubbell, Nehemiah 1722-05-19 to-do
Hubbell, Nehemiah 1764-04-07 to-do
Hubbell, Rachel 1766-00-00 to-do
Hubbell, Hannah 1752-00-00 to-do
Hubbell, Abigail 1750-10-00 to-do
Hubbell, Isaac 1755-09-08 to-do
Hubbell, Rebecca 1755-05-11 to-do
Hubbell, Nathaniel 1747-00-00 to-do
Hubbell, David 1752-12-00 to-do
Hubbell, Stephen 1745-12-10 to-do
Hubbell, Gershom 1729-06-17 to-do
Hurd, Sarah (Curtis) 1744-03-25 to-do
Hurd, Eunice (Curtis) 1731-01-13 to-do
Johnson, Wiliam 1855-05-02 to-do
King, Laura to-do
King, John 1735-00-00 to-do
Mayotte, Katherine L. to-do
Morehouse, Phebe (Curtis) 1729-10-05 to-do
Murphy, Anna Belle (Boswell) 1870-06-08 to-do
Murphy, William 1866-05-09 to-do
Nelson, Catharine E 1833-11-25 to-do
Nelson, Sally A 1806-10-14 to-do
Nelson, John C 1802-04-28 to-do
Nelson, Joshua 1775-07-04 to-do
Nichols, Phedima Phidenia 1737-02-09 to-do
Perry, Elizabeth (Massey) 1736-01-03 to-do
Perry, Nancy Ann (Baker) 1785-00-00 to-do
Perry, Nancy Ann 1752-00-00 to-do
Perry, Francis 1730-00-00 to-do
Perry, William 1748-05-11 to-do
Perry, Mabel 1749-00-00 to-do
Perry, William 1726-00-00 to-do
Perry, Nathaniel , Jr. 1740-00-00 to-do
Perry, Jeremiah 1750-00-00 to-do
Perry, Mary Elizabeth 1742-00-00 to-do
Reily, Henretta 1848-03-15 to-do
Robinson, Alice Isabelle 1868-09-24 to-do
Robinson, Thomas 1841-02-17 to-do
Robinson, Lloyd N 1884-00-00 to-do
Robinson, Thomas Franklin 1871-09-22 to-do
Robinson, Arthur J 1869-06-06 to-do
Robinson, Sarah Edna 1876-03-27 to-do
Robinson, Edna Alberta 1874-03-03 to-do
Robinson, Mary 1849-04-00 to-do
Rodriguez, John to-do
Rodriguez, Sherry (Curtis) to-do
Roman, Evelyn Louise 1920-12-21 to-do
Rosecrans, Hannah 1810-03-30 to-do
Rosecrans, Sarah (Boyland) 1781-04-01 to-do
Rosecrans, Jacob C 1780-07-17 to-do
Ross, Gesiena (Boswell) 1851-08-17 to-do
Ross, Catharine 1848-12-22 to-do
Sample, Polly 1788-02-18 to-do
Sample, Mathew 1760-00-00 to-do
Scott, Jean Park 1834-06-29 to-do
Scott, Francis 1861-00-00 to-do
Seawell, Sarah Sallie 1746-00-00 to-do
Seawell, Benjamin 1700-00-00 to-do
Seawell King, Salley Mabel 1735-00-00 to-do
Singleton, Tyra , Ist 1814-00-00 to-do
Singleton, George 1854-00-00 to-do
Singleton, James Kelley 1854-07-23 to-do
Singleton, Nancy J. 1864-00-00 to-do
Singleton, Tyra , 2nd 1861-00-00 to-do
Singleton, Mary Elizabeth 1852-07-12 to-do
Singleton, Ana L. 1847-00-00 to-do
Smith, Charley 1879-00-00 to-do
Snow, Martha Mae 1825-12-00 to-do
Stark, Jacob , II 1811-00-00 to-do
Stark, Susan 1844-04-24 to-do
Stark, Christain 1844-03-30 to-do
Stark, Susan c 1841-04-24 to-do
Stark, Sarah Ann 1836-06-01 to-do
Stark, Barnett 1834-11-15 to-do
Stark, Richard 1832-08-01 to-do
Stark, Cynthia 1862-00-00 to-do
Stark, Rebecca Jane 1856-00-00 to-do
Stark, Lydia 1862-00-00 to-do
Stark, David 1858-06-22 to-do
Stark, Alice 1864-00-00 to-do
Stark, Christian to-do
Talmadge, Deborah 1812-06-29 to-do
Thomas, Joseph to-do
Thomas, Barbara (Curtis) to-do
Throgmorton, John 1865-00-00 to-do
Throgmorton, Lydia a. 1869-10-31 to-do
Throgmorton, F. 1865-00-00 to-do
Throgmorton, John Edward 1866-10-07 to-do
Throgmorton, Robert Sharp 1838-00-00 to-do
Treadwell, Hannah 1726-00-00 to-do
Watkins, Joanna 1708-10-17 to-do
Welles, Mary 1723-05-26 to-do
Welles, Sarah 1729-00-00 to-do
Welles, Elizabeth 1728-01-07 to-do
Welles, Abigail 1732-03-25 to-do
Wells, Comfort 1717-05-29 to-do
Wilson, Catherine 1811-00-00 to-do

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