Martinique du Nord One Place Study

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Date: 1635 to 1902
Location: Martinique, Francemap
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Martinique du Nord
L'Ajoupa-Bouillon | Basse-Pointe | Grand'Rivière | Le Lorrain | Macouba | Le Morne-Rouge | Le Prêcheur | Saint-Pierre


About This One Place Study

This is the main page for the One Place Study of the north of Martinique (not to be confused with the short-lived commune called Martinique du Nord), and the communes around the perimeter of Mont Pelée, up until the time of the eruption in 1902.

Included Communes

Tasks Needing Done

Right now this unofficial project just has one member, me. I am Duane Poncy.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • developing more thorough guidelines for this project,
  • identifying resources for research,
  • historical research and development of freespace pages,
  • adding new individuals who lived here in this period of time,
  • making sure that place names are historically accurate,
  • adding subcategories of communes that existed.
  • transcription of the Parrish and Civic record indexes of births, marriages, and deaths in these communes. The records are online, but there is no digitized index to help genealogist who are studying Martinique.
  • I am also interested in the history of these places, including the plantations and the slavery that accompanied them, as well as the indigenous prehistory. I would love some help with this.

This project could also use the help of some French speakers who can add information in French. I am not a native or fluent French speaker, so I would love some help by others who know the language. The indexes don't require much language knowledge, but translating the actual records does (as well as the ability to decipher sometimes atrocious handwriting).

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!


WikiTree Resource Pages

Feel free to add internal resources here.

External Resources

Feel free to add external resources here.

A Short Glossary

Here is a short list of terms from the records which may cause confusion, especially among English speakers. Please feel free to add to it.

Créole — This is a word with complex and contextual meaning. It is a cultural referent, and not a racial referent, as many have come to believe. Originally, the term referred to any person of French (or Spanish) descent who was born in the colonies. During the 17th and 18th centuries, in the French Antilles, this meant mostly white, French settlers. But by the end of slavery in Martinique, in 1848, much of the population was mixed race, giving the term a new complexity. In recent years, it’s use by intellectuals in post-colonial studies has emphasized this multi-racial aspect of the word, but this is a rather new meaning. For those working in genealogy or history of the Antilles, it is important to realize the context; when an old record refers to someone as, ‘créole’ it means simply, ‘native born.’

Bèké — a modern créole word for plantation owner, used after the end of slavery into the twentieth century,

Négociant — a trader and wholesaler. The négociant may be the person who purchased the goods from the ships docking in Saint-Pierre, and resold them to the merchands (merchants). The same person might also arrange for the sale of slaves to the plantation owners, or sugar and rum to buyers overseas. It may also be used as "businessman" or "merchant".

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I thought you may want this, was created by the the University of Anntilles, is mariages on Martinique

Martinique : table générale des mariages 1763-1853

Published on Jul 24, 2019

Auteur : Eugène Bruneau-Latouche. Ce document est protégé par le droit d'auteur. Il ne peut en aucun cas être utilisé sans l'autorisation de l'auteur et des ayant droits. Il est diffusé par le Service commun de la documentation de l'Université des Antilles dans le cadre de la bibliothèque numérique Manioc.

(above says basically- Author: Eugène Bruneau-Latouche. This document is protected by copyright. It can in no case be used without the authorization of the author and rights holders. It is distributed by the Joint Documentation Service of the University of the Antilles within the framework of the Manioc digital library.) but if it helps to to know where the genealogically couples got married, at least by viewing the pages, it gives the ability to better know where to search for the actual marriage records. & possibly permission for ref. linking to these "books" is possible, with permission. hope the links help.

posted on Martinique du Nord: A One Place Study (merged) by Arora (G) Anonymous
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Thank you, Aroro. This will be very useful.
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The French Projects category will be renamed French Roots Projects. It will remain red on this page until the bot can rename it. Thanks! Emma
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