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Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War

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Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War

The list is organized by county and is intended to cover all of the (re)organizations during the Revolution. Named militia battalions (or, in a few cases, smaller units) from all of the (re)organizations are shown with their name. The numbered units of the 1776-1777 era are paired with the named units that they briefly designated.

When a unit is the successor or predecessor of another unit, that is shown in the notes. In particular, Montgomery and Washington counties were formed during the war from Frederick lower district and upper district, respectively, and records might show either the predecessor or successor county. For example, Montgomery Upper Battalion is equated with Battalion 16; one might also find records that refer to Frederick Battalion 16, the predecessor.

Identifying a unit, in general, requires both the county name and the battalion name because some battalion names were generic, e. g. upper/middle/lower.

Some of the higher-ranking officers are listed in the fourth column. On the county rows are listed brigadiers (from the 1776 organization), “county lieutenants” (from the 1777 organization) and a few colonels (presumably battalion commanders) whose records do not indicate a specific battalion. Battalion commanders--Colonels and Lt. Colonels--are listed in the battalion rows. (The rationale for listing Lt. Colonels is two-fold: (1) Because of turn-over of colonels, Lieutenant Colonels would sometimes have held interim command; (2) Colonels schooled in British doctrine during the French and Indian War would have learned that colonels stay at headquarters and their lieutenant colonels lead the battalion in the field.) Finally, for horse troops and independent companies, captains are listed.

Suffixes such as “Jr” have been omitted because they are recorded inconsistently in the original records. The years listed do not indicate tenure; they are simply the dates of the records that mention the person, sometimes well after the fact. These records are tabulated in Clements, [1] Appendix A, which is the source of most of this data.

Note that there are some common but mistaken ideas about the Maryland Militia. So if you don't find what you want in the table, take a look at the text following the table.

It must be noted that the data in the following table has been selected and copied from a publication of a tabulation of data selected from an OCR-transcription of a publication of a transcription of hand-copied records. That provides abundant possibilities for error, so the table should be used as a starting point for research, not the conclusion.

County Battalion Name Bn # Known Brigadiers, “County Lieutenants,” and Battalion Commanders Notes
Anne Arundel Andrew Buchanan (Brig 76), James Brice (Cty Lt 77), Josiah Carvill Hall (Col, 76), Barton Lucas (Col 78)
Elk Ridge Battalion 22 Thomas Dorsey (Col 76 78), Edward Gaither (Col 78), John Dorsey (Lt Col 76, 78), John Burgess (Lt Col 78)
Independent Companies John Bullen (Capt 76), James Brice (Capt 77), Nicholas MacCubbin (Capt 77), Benjamin Harwood (Capt 77), Gilbert Middleton (Capt 79), John Brice (Capt 79) Annapolis
Severn/Severn River 7 John Hall (Col 76), Nicholas Worthington (Col 77), Rezin Hammond (Lt Col 76), Benjamin Chambers (Lt Col 77, 78), Elijah Robosson (Lt Col 77; Col 78), James Tootel (Lt Col 78)
South River 31 John Weems (Col 76), Richard Harwood (Lt Col 76)
West River 31 John Weems (Col 76, 78), Richard Harwood (Lt Col 76, 78)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 4 companies
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Baltimore Andrew Buchanan (Brig 76; Cty Lt 77)
9th Battalion 9 This battalion # was apparently never used.
Baltimore Independent Cadets Mordecai Gist (Capt. 76) Formed, Dec 1774. Likely absorbed into the Maryland Battalion of State Troops, Jan 1776; then into the Continental Army, Aug 1776.
Gist’s Thomas Gist (Col 76, 77), Frederick Decker (Lt Col 77)
Gunpowder (also, Gunpowder Upper) Edward Cockey (Col 76), Walter Tolly (Col 76), Thomas Gist (Col 76, 77), Job Garretson (Col 80), Joshua Stevenson (Lt Col 76), Lux Darby (Lt Col 76, Col 77), James Gittings (Lt Col 77, 80), William McCubbin (Lt Col 80)
Soldier’s Delight Isaac Hammond (Col, 77), Samuel Owings (Lt Col 76, Col 77), James Hammond (Lt Col, 77), Charles Carnan (Lt Col 77, 81), Nathaniel Stinchcomb (Lt Col, 81)
Town William Buchanan (Col 76), John Moale (Lt Col 76, 80), Benjamin Nicholson (Lt Col 77), Samuel Smith (Col 80) Baltimore City. May include some men from Frederick county
Baltimore Light Dragoons (Horse troop) Nicholas Ruxton Moore (Capt 1780), N. A.[R?] Moore (Capt 81) 1781, reinforced Lafayette in Virginia.
Horse Troop Benjamin Nicholson (Capt 81)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 5 companies of a battalion joint with Harford Co.
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Calvert John Dent (Brig 76), Benjamin Mackall 4th (Cty Lt 77, 81), William Hopper (Col 77), __ Marshall (Col 76), William Whiteley (Cty Lt 77), Joseph Wilkinson (Cty Lt 81)
15th Battalion 15 Benjamin Mackall 4th (Col 76), Alexander Somerville (Lt Col 76, 77), Patrick Smith (Lt Col 78), Joseph Wilkinson (Col 78)
Horse Troop Henry Dickinson (Capt 81)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 1 company
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Caroline Henry Hooper (Brig 76)
East 14 William Richardson (Col 76), Henry Dickinson (Lt Col 76, 77), Matthew Driver (Lt Col 77; Col 78), Nathaniel Potter (Lt Col 78), William Wheatly (Col 77)
West 28 Philip Fiddeman (Col 76), Benson Stainton (Lt Col 76, 77; Col 78) Henry Downes (Lt Col 81), Vincent Price (Lt Col 78; Col 81),
Horse Troop Henry Dickinson (Capt 81)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 1 company
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Cecil James L. Chamberlain (Brig 76), Charles Rumsey (Cty Lt 77, 80), John Dockery Thompson (Cty Lt 80), Elihu Hall (Lt Col 79)
Bohemia 18 John Veazy (Col 76), John D. Thomson (Lt Col 76)
Elk/Elk River 2 Charles Rumsey (Col 76), Henry Hollingsworth (Lt Col 76; Col 81), Samuel Evans (Lt Col 81), Edward Parker (Col 78, 81), John Strawbridge (Lt Col 78)
Sassafras John Dockery Thompson (Col 78), Joshua Clayton (Lt Col 78)
Susquehanna 30 George Johnson (Col 76), Thomas Hughes (Lt Col 76), Elihu Hall (Lt Col 78), Stephen Hyland (Col 78), Baruch Williams (Lt Col 81)
Horse Troop Benjamin Townsend (Capt 81)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 2 companies
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Charles John Dent (Brig 76), Francis Ware (Cty Lt 77) , Francis Ware (Col 76)
Lower 12 Josiah Hawkins (Col 76, 83), Robert Hooe (Lt Col 76), Thomas Harris (Lt Col 81)
Upper 26 William Harrison (Col 76), Samuel Hanson (Lt Col 76)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 3 companies of a battalion joint with St. Mary’s and Prince George’s counties.
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Dorchester Henry Hooper (Col 75; Brig 76; Cty Lt 77), John Ennalls (Col 78), Robert Harrison (Col 81)
Corps William Travers (Col 76) A collection of fewer companies than needed for a battalion
Lower 19 John Ennalls (Col 76), Thomas Ennalls (Col 76), Robert Harrison (Lt Col 76; Col 78), Joseph Ennalls (Lt Col 80), Thomas Jones (Lt Col 78; Col 83), Ezekial Vickars (Lt Col 83)
Upper 3 John Dickinson (Lt Col 76; Col 78), Joseph Ennalls (Lt Col 78), James Murray (Col 76), Joseph Richardson (Lt Col 80)
Horse Troop William Hooper (Lt 81), John Smoot (Capt 81)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 2 companies. (See note ESB.)
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Frederick Thomas Johnson Jr. (Brig 76), Charles Beatty (Cty Lt 77), Norman Bruce (Cty Lt 79), Baker Johnson (Cty Lt 80, 81), James Hamilton (Brig 81), __ Griffith (Col 77), Benjamin Johnson (Col 81), Otho H. Williams (Col 76)
1st 33 Charles Beatty (Col 76), William Beatty (Lt Col 76), William Luckett (Lt Col 76) Successor of Middle District
2nd 37 James Johnson (Col 76), Joseph Wood (Lt Col 76), Successor of Middle District
3rd 35 Jacob Good (Col 76), William Blair (Lt Col 76), Norman Bruce (Col 76) Successor of Middle District
4th 34 Baker Johnson (Col 76, 77), William Luckett (Lt Col 76) Successor of Middle District
Catoctin John Carmack (81)?, William Cormack (81)?
Linganore Upton Sheridine (Col 77), James Wells (Lt Col 76; Col 77)
Lower District Predecessor of Montgomery county battalions
Middle District Predecessor of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th battalions
Upper District Predecessor of Washington county battalions
Key’s Horse Troop John Ross Key (Capt 81) “Frederick Light Dragoons” reinforcing Lafayette in VA?
Thomas’s Horse Troop Philip Thomas (Capt 81) “Frederick Light Dragoons” reinforcing Lafayette in VA?
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, a battalion of 8 companies.
Select Militia Ralph Hilleary (Capt 81) Oct 1780-1783?
Harford Andrew Buchanan (Brig 76), Aquilla Hall (Cty Lt 77)
Deer Creek Alexander Rigdon (Lt Col 78), Gabriel Peterson Vanhorn (Col 80), Ignatius Wheeler (Col 78; Col 80)
Lower 8 Benjamin Rumsey (Col 76, 77), Thomas Bond (Lt Col 76), Alexander Cowan (Col 78), James McComas (Lt Col 78)
Upper/Hall’s 23 Aquilla Hall (Col 76), John Love (Lt Col 76), Francis Holland (Col 78), Aquila Paca (Lt Col 78)
Horse Troop Joseph Lewis (Capt 82)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 3 companies of a battalion joint with Balt. Co.
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Kent James L. Chamberlain (Brig 76), William Bordley (Cty Lt 77)
Lower 13 William Bordley (Col 77), Isaac Perkins (Lt Col 78), William Ringgold (Lt Col 77)
Upper 27 William Henry (Lt Col 77), Isaac Spencer (Col 77)
Horse Troop John Page (Capt 81)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 1 company. (See note ESB.)
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Montgomery (aka Frederick Lower District) Charles Greenbury Griffith (Cty Lt 77, 81), John Murdock (Cty Lt 81), Richard Brooke (Col 77) Split off from Frederick 1776
Lower 29 Murdock (Col 76, 77), Thomas Johns (Lt Col 76), John William Deakins (Lt Col 77, 82) Successor of Frederick Lower
Middle Archibald Orme (Col 79), Henry Griffith, Jr. (Lt Col 77), Nathaniel Pigman (Lt Col 79)
Upper 16 Zadock Magruder (Col 76, 77), Greenbury Griffith (Lt Col, 76), Francis Deakins (Lt Col 77; Col 77), Charles Eneas Campbell (Lt Col 77), Richard Smith (Col 79), William Vearse (Lt Col 79) Successor of Frederick Lower
Prince George’s John Dent (Brig 76), Luke Marbury (Cty Lt), Joshua Beall (Cty Lt 77,81)
Lower 11 Joseph Sim (Col 76), Thomas Contee (Lt Col 76), Thomas Sim Lee (Col 77), William Lyles (Lt Col 80; Col 81), Luke Marbury (Lt Col, 77; Col 77, 81), Trueman Skinner (Lt Col 78, 79, 80)
Middle John Addison (Lt Col 78; Col 79), John Hawkins Lowe (Lt Col 79), Patrick Sim (Col 78)
Upper 25 Joshua Beall (Col 75, 76), Robert Tyler (Lt Col 76; Col 77), Abraham Boyd (Lt Col 78), Trueman Skinner (Lt Col 77), Thomas Williams (Lt Col 78)
Horse Troop Thomas Harwood (Capt 81)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 3 companies of a battalion joint with Charles and Prince George’s counties.
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Queen Anne’s James L. Chamberlain (Brig 76), William Hemsley (Cty Lt 77)
Lower 20 Thomas Wright (Col 76), Richard Tilghman (Lt Col 76), Arthur Emery (Lt Col 77, Col 78), William Hemsley (Col 77), James O’Bryan (Lt Col 78),
Upper 5 Richard T. Earle (Col 76, 77), Samuel Thompson (Lt Col 76; Col 77), Alexander Anderson (Col 77, 79), John Seney (Lt Col 77), George Bayard (Lt Col 80), John Thompson (Col 80), Nathaniel Thompson (Lt Col 76)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 2 companies. (See note ESB.)
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Somerset Henry Hooper (Brig 76), George Dashiell (Cty Lt 77)
Lower 17 Thomas Hayward (Col 76), Peter Waters (Lt Col 76)
Princess Anne John Done (Col 81), Thomas Bruff (Lt Col 80), Thomas Hayward (Col 77, 81), Peter Waters (Lt Col 80), William Waters (Lt Col 80)
Salisbury George Day Scott (Col 77), John Stewart (Lt Col 77)
Upper 1 George Dashiell (Col 76), George Day Scott (Lt Col 76)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 1 company
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
St. Mary’s John Dent (Brig 76), Richard Barnes (Cty Lt 77)
Lower 21 Richard Barnes (Col 76),Hatton Reid (Lt Col, 76), Ignatius Fenwick (Col 77), Vernon Hebb (Lt Col 77)
Upper 6 Jeremiah Jordan (Col 76, 77), John Reider (Lt Col 76), John Thomas (Lt Col 79)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 2 companies of a battalion joint with Charles and Prince George’s counties.
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Talbot James L. Chamberlain (Brig 76), Chris Birckhead (Cty Lt 77)
4th Battalion 4 Chris Birckhead (Col 76), Peregrine Tilghman (Lt Col 76; Col 78), Robert Lloyd Nichols (Lt Col 78)
38th Battalion 38 Jeremiah Banning (Col 78), Henry Banning (Lt Col 76), William Webb Haddaway (Lt Col 78)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 1 company
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?
Washington (aka Frederick Upper District) Daniel Hughes (Cty Lt 77), Thomas Sprigg[s] (Cty Lt 79, 81) Split off from Frederick 1776
1st 32 John Stull (Col 76), Andrew Rench (Lt Col 76) Successor of Frederick Upper
2nd 36 Samuel Beall (Col 76), Joseph Smith (Lt Col 76; Col 76, 78), Richard Davis (Lt Col 76), Charles Swearingen (Lt Col 78) Successor of Frederick Upper
3rd Lemuel Barritt (Col 78), Andrew Bruce (Lt Col 78)
Worcester Henry Hooper (Brig 76), Joseph Dashiell (Col 77; Cty Lt 77)
1st 10 Peter Chaille (Col 76, 80), Joseph Dashiell (Lt Col 76)
2nd 24 William Purnell (Col 76, 80), Zadock Purnell (Lt Col 76; Col 77, 78)
Sinepuxent Samuel Handy (Lt Col 77; Col 78), William Morris (Lt Col 78), John Postley (Col 82)
Snow Hill John Done (Lt Col 77; Col 77, 78), Robert Done (Lt Col 77; Col 78), James Martin (Lt Col 77)
Wicomico William Hopewell (Col 77, 81), Ebenezer Handy (Lt Col 79; Col 82), Solomon Long (Lt Col 82), James Martin (Lt Col 77)
Minutemen Aug 1775-Mar 1776, 1 company
Select Militia Oct 1780-1783?

Note ESB : The Eastern Shore Battalion of Jan-Feb 1776 consisted of two companies of Minutemen from Kent and Queen Anne’s counties, commanded by Capt. James Kent and Capt. William Henry, respectively. A third company from Dorchester, commanded by Capt. James Robson was also ordered to join but was unsuccessful in gathering the needed arms.

Avoiding Mistakes re Maryland Militia

  1. During most of the Revolution, Maryland required all able freemen with only a few exceptions to serve in the militia. So when one reads the records, the term "militia" often refers to the organized militia units; however, it sometimes refers to the state's population of men fit to be warriors. Sometimes one sees both meanings in the same sentence!
  2. There were three main categories of Maryland warriors--Continentals, militia, and state troops. In addition to full-time soldiers, the state troops included a navy and a small contingent of Marines. (At this time, WikiTree has not yet dealt with state troops.) "Minutemen" and "Select Militia" were part of the militia.
  3. Maryland's portion of the Flying Camp were not militia; they were Continentals. The custodians of the Maryland Archives have made a statement on this matter.[2]
  4. The two companies that Maryland provided to the Eastern Shore Battalion in 1776 were militia. However, the later regiment stationed on the Eastern Shore, under Col. Richardson, were Continentals.
  5. The 1st and 2nd Regiments of the Maryland Line were actually organized several months before being authorized by Congress as a part of the Continental Army, so can be regarded as state troops during that period. A similar situation applies to the Maryland Artillery companies of the Continental Army.
  6. The two Maryland Rifle Companies that served in the siege of Boston, under the command of Michael Cresap and Thomas Price, were Continentals.


The principal sources used in preparing this table were the following:

  1. Clements, S. Eugene and Wright, F. Edward, The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War, Westminster, MD : Heritage Books, 2006.
  2. "Understanding Maryland Records Militia in the Revolution," Maryland State Archives Guide to Government Records, ( : viewed 17 Jan 2022).

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