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Massachusetts School for the Feeble-Minded 1900

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Records freely available on FamilySearch.org as scanned documents. Transcription by E Childs.

Admissions for the Year 1900

First NameLast NameAgeBirthplaceResidenceAdmittedDischargedNotesSource
AlfredMiller4New Bedford3 Jan 19007 Dec 1904Died - General Tuberculosis[155]
Ernest Frost3Charlton3 Jan 19004 Sep 1905Taken away by town[155]
HermanMcNerney3State Almshouse3 Jan 190011 Oct 1916Visit Conf.[155]
NelsonBarhaw9LancasterLancaster8 Jan 19004 Dec 1900Impr. Not returned from vacation[155]
Ella FrancesCrowell5HyannisHyannis10 Jan 190020 Sep 1904Died - Epilepsy[155]
John R. Beatty11Concord, N.H.Concord, N.H.13 Jan 190029 Apr 1903Very much imp. Taken to N.H. Sch. F.M.[155]
David H. Gorman14BostonBoston28 Jan 19001 Feb 1900Impr. Ran away and was not returned[155]
Nora A.Doyle5CambridgeConcord31 Jan 190013 Mar 1905Died - LaGrippe[155]
Wm. A. Easton10Albion, R.I.Albion, R.I.14 Feb 190029 Oct 1903Imp. Taken home by mother per order R.I. authorities[155]
Chas. E. P.Gardner10CharlestownNantucket5 Mar 190021 Jun 1902Died - Tubercular meningitis[155]
CorneliaClark16StockbridgeLancaster Ind. Sch.8 Mar 190028 Oct 1905Much imp. Taken away by sister.[155]
MaryRedmond7BostonBoston14 Mar 190017 Dec 1908Visit[155]
Walter MacMahan16LynnLynn21 Mar 190011 Jul 1916Died - Lobar Pneumonia[155]
Grace JuliaMurray13NeedhamNeedham7 Apr 1900[155]
Nellie M. Lambert16Sing Sing, N.Y.Boston10 Apr 190013 Jan 1905Imp. Taken home by mother[156]
Russell A.Harris8LeeLee10 Apr 190025 Jan 1904Very much imp. Not returned from vacation[156]
Jessie M.Reed9Milford, N.H.Winchester12 Apr 190026 Nov 1912Imp. Trans. by Bd. of Insanity from State Almshouse[156]
Lizzie Webster6SheffieldState Almshouse12 Apr 190028 Mar 1923Imp. Transf. to Belchertown[156]
Irving H. (L.)Teague11LynnLynn22 Apr 190030 Dec 1902Died - General tuberculosis[156]
JosephMalo16Mara, CanadaTaunton4 May 1900[156]
Albert E.Barrett11BoltonClinton5 May 190030 Dec 1907Imp. Ran away and not returned[156]
Nathan Kenister13OrangeState Almshouse8 May 190029 Mar 1901Died - Tubercular Peritonitis[156]
LillianQuinn11BostonWakefield8 May 19003 Jan 1903Died - Epilepsy[156]
Frank A. Dowd15BostonBoston14 May 19004 Apr 1906Greatly imp. Ran away and was not returned[156]
Joseph B.Maguire12BostonBoston15 May 190014 Jan 1904Much impr. Not returned from vacation.[156]
Edward A.Palmer12Dresden, OhioNorthboro15 May 1900[156]
Geo F.Frappies (Frappiard)8TauntonTaunton15 May 190014 Nov 1918To Grafton[156]
DennisHarrington14New BedfordFall River16 May 190016 Aug 1900Removed by brother[156]
Lizzie Blanding16OxfordState Almshouse24 May 190012 Sep 1902Impr. Removed by Supt. State Minor Wards, Bd. of Charity[156]
Alice Townsend21PhiladelphiaState Almshouse24 May 1900[156]
BerthaWinter16SheffieldState Almshouse24 May 190015 Jul 1922Imp. Visit conf.[156]
MarthaBishop20NewfoundlandState Almshouse24 May 19001 Jul 1916Imp. Visit conf.[156]
PhilipLamb13BostonNeponet26 May 1900[156]
AddieNichols20Boston31 May 1900[156]
JosephBond13WorcesterState Hospital31 May 1900[156]
AzarieFoucher7State Hospital31 May 19001 Oct 1907Very much imp. Taken away by mother[156]
AlexanderCondere9CanadaState Hospital31 May 190011 Sep 1901Impr. Not returned from vacation[156]
Phoebe E. Pratt15ShutesburyShutesbury6 Jun 19005 Feb 1913N. Imp. Committed to Northampton Hospital[156]
MorseGoldman13BostonSalem7 Jun 19003 Jul 1909Committed to Danvers Hospital[156]
JamesLester17BostonBoston11 Jun 190027 Apr 1917N. Imp. To Grafton State Hosp.[156]
Helen G.Soule15LynnBoston15 Jun 1900[156]
Eugene F.McCaul10BrocktonBrockton18 Jun 190018 May 1915Died - Natural causes. Probably heart disease[156]
HenryParsons8Halifax, N.S.Boston22 Jun 190024 January 1902Much imp. Discharged because mother was not an American citizen[156]
James P.Crowell8HyannisHyannis30 Jun 19006 Jul 1907Died - Epilepsy[156]
Frederick R.Masters15BostonBoston5 Jul 190011 Sep 1903Very much imp. Taken home to go to work[156]
Harry E.Ward11LynnIpswich7 Jul 19007 Apr 1908Imp. To Wrentham State School[156]
BettinaMarietti14ItalyBoston11 Jul 190031 Mar 1904Much impr. Taken away by brother without permission[156]
JamesCook7BostonSo. Hadley Falls11 Jul 190024 Nov 1922D.M.D. Imp. To Belchertown State School[156]
AlfonsoMcDonnell11BostonRoslindale11 Jul 190028 Sep 1904Improved. Taken home by parents.[157]
ArthurPillsbury8N.Y.Boston14 Jul 19001 Nov 1910Greatly improved. Working for wages.[157]
Arthur W.Safford17FraminghamNewton16 Jul 1900[157]
Herbert E.Walters17EnglandEverett16 Jul 190018 Sep 1901Impr. Taken home by mother[157]
ClarenceField15LynnLynn21 Jul 19006 Sep 1900Ran away. Was not returned.[157]
Wm. D.Curtis7Bristol, Me.Boston25 Jul 190026 Oct 1900Taken home by grandmother[157]
Timothy P.Crimmins17MaldenMalden25 Jul 19007 Nov 1901Impr. To Westboro Hospital[157]
Harold S.Sinnett14BostonBoston25 Jul 19003 Aug 1919Impr. Visit conf.[157]
Wm. Jewett9BrocktonBrockton26 Jul 190019 Mar 1901Died - Cerebral meningitis[157]
Freddie R.Guckes7BostonBoston27 Jul 190014 Nov 1900Impr. Taken home by parents[157]
Wm. J.Manning4BostonBoston27 Jul 19001 May 1908Not imp. To Mass. Hosp. for Epileptics[157]
FrankPierce19ColerainColerain1 Aug 19008 Mar 1902Much impr. Taken home by parents[157]
Arthur H.Jewett17LunenburgLunenburg4 Aug 190014 Nov 1908Died - Acute peritonitis[157]
John S.Smith9AndoverAndover6 Aug 19001 May 1908Not imp. To Mass. Hosp. for Epileptics[157]
Everett L. Fletcher21MilfordMilford8 Aug 190017 Jan 1901Not impr. Taken home by friends.[157]
Walter Goward14BostonBoston8 Aug 190026 Aug 1907Much imp. To Wrentham State School[157]
TimothyBaker13BostonBoston8 Aug 190017 Aug 1904Died - Gastric Dilatation[157]
JohnHavey9BostonBoston8 Aug 19009 Aug 1915Imp. To Monson State Hospital[157]
Chas.Marcy10BostonBoston8 Aug 190010 Dec 1900Impr. Not returned from vacation.[157]
DanielDriscoll9BostonBoston8 Aug 190024 Apr 1917Died - Chr. Valvular Heart Disease[157]
Lillian P.Ellis13BostonEverett8 Aug 190023 Apr 1902Not impr. Taken home by mother.[157]
Frank B.Quinn13WeymouthPorter10 Aug 190019 Jan 1903Died - Tuberculosis pulmonalis[157]
Milo L.Seaver18WestminsterGardner11 Aug 19003 Sep 1907Imp. Taken away by Overseers of Poor[157]
JosephSteinberg12RussiaAdams11 Aug 1900[157]
Karl S. W.Stucke7BostonBoston14 Aug 19003 Apr 1901Impr. Taken home by parents.[157]
Ernest N.Fisher6WalpoleSomerville17 Aug 190025 Mar 1915Died - Pulmonary tuberculosis[157]
Clarence N.Mead6SomervilleSomerville18 Aug 190015 Nov 1901Very much impr. Not returned from vacation[157]
Raymond A.Wright9WalthamWaltham20 Aug 190025 Mar 1905Died - La Grippe[157]
BurleighMuzzey5BostonLynn20 Aug 19001 Oct 1902Impr. Kept at home by parents[157]
Doris S.Howe7WeymouthWeymouth25 Aug 190022 Jul 1909Visit[157]
Chas. W.Merritt15BostonBoston25 Aug 190012 Feb 1902Died - Acute Pneumonia[157]
Martha E.Goss14CantonCanton29 Aug 190013 Apr 1901Not much impr. Taken home by father[157]
Howard L.Jordan11MiltonMattapan29 Aug 190029 Sep 1905Very much imp. Taken home by mother.[157]
DanielDaley11BostonBoston29 Aug 1900[157]
Henry W.Livingston13EverettEverett30 Aug 19007 Aug 1919Impr. Visit conf.[158]
AlvinSimpson13St. George, N.B.Boston30 Aug 190013 May 1909Visit[158]
RebeccaWilansky12New York CityBoston31 Aug 190010 Oct 1918Died - Influenza, pneumonia[158]
Harold S.Fielles15Providence, R.I.Greenwich, R.I.4 Sep 190020 May 1903Very much impr. Taken home by mother[158]
JamesBrady13CanadaNewton5 Sep 190028 Dec 1904Improved. Taken home by mother[158]
Annie E.Dunham15BostonWinthrop5 Sep 190020 Jan 1908Imp. To Hosp. for Epileptics[158]
Lloyd W. Baldwin10CantonCanton5 Sep 19007 Jul 1909Visit[158]
Agnes V.Cosgrove14BostonBoston5 Sep 1900[158]
SarahCosgrove13BostonBoston5 Sep 190023 Jan 1918Died - Broncho pneumonia[158]
Marie G.Hilton15BostonNewton5 Sep 19004 May 1916Imp. Taken home by people[158]
Donald S.MacCoy17N.Y.Boston6 Sep 190012 Aug 1901Impr. Taken home by mother[158]
Geo P.Bluhm18GermanyBoston10 Sep 190026 Oct 1900Taken home by father[158]
ErnestWadenstein15Minneapolis, Minn.Greenwich, R.I.15 Sep 19008 Nov 1900Not impr. Ran away to his home and was not returned[158]
Aloysius J.Kelly15SpringfieldSpringfield15 Sep 190020 Dec 1907Greatly imp. Taken on vacation and not returned[158]
Harry S.Dobbins7Buffalo, N.Y.Boston15 Sep 190017 Oct 1918Died - Influenza, broncho pneumonia[158]
Chas. S. M.Smith20CambridgeCambridge15 Sep 190020 Oct 1900Ran away and was not returned[158]
Arthur H.Betts11MaldenBoston17 Sep 1900[158]
Lendley R.Morton11New BrunswickMalden17 Sep 19009 Jan 1905Imp.[158]
John J. Jr.Crowley5NahantNahant18 Sep 190015 Jan 1901Died - Tuberculosis Pulmonalis[158]
MaryFonsic16GloucesterGloucester18 Sep 1900[158]
FlorenceHanson15BostonEverett18 Sep 1900Trans. by Bd. of Insanity from Lancaster Ind. Sch.[158]
Mary E.Martin5WalthamWaltham25 Sep 190020 Jan 1908Imp. To Hosp. for Epileptics[158]
Ralph M.Symonds16GloucesterGloucester27 Sep 190015 Nov 1905Very much imp. Not ret. Kept home to work.[158]
Lynwood G.Howard6HopkintonBrookline1 Oct 19005 Nov 1900Died - Pulmonary tuberculosis[158]
Frederick G. P.Smith7Presque Isle, Me.Presque Isle, Me.1 Oct 190014 Nov 1902Impr. Kept at home by mother to attend school[158]
DennisHarrington15New BedfordFall River11 Oct 190030 Jan 1907Very much imp. Not returned from vacation[158]
John D.Wallis10West Haven, Ct.Fall River15 Oct 190023 Feb 1919Died - Tuberculosis fol. Influenza[158]
Harry C.Cole19CambridgeCambridge17 Oct 1900[158]
PatrickMcDonagle16BostonBoston20 Oct 190015 Apr 1917Imp.[158]
Frederick S.Day9NorthamptonNorthampton20 Oct 190013 Dec 1900Very much impr. Taken home by mother[158]
GertrudeBarry5CambridgeCambridge25 Oct 190020 Jan 1908Not imp. To Hosp. for Epileptics[158]
Wm. S.Weeks11CanadaBarre, Vt.29 Oct 19009 Jan 1906Very much impr. Taken away by father[158]
SamuelBernstein10BostonChelsea30 Oct 1900[158]
Walter Gauthier14SpencerBrookfield31 Oct 19007 Aug 1902Ran away. Not impr. Trans. by Bd. of Insanity from Lyman School for Boys[158]
John H.Lee14NorthamptonNorthampton7 Nov 190024 Nov 1904Imp.[159]
Zelda E.Somers12BillericaBillerica7 Nov 1900[159]
GertrudeChandler4Columbia, N.H.Stewartstown, NH14 Nov 190029 Apr 1903Imp. Taken to N.H. Sch. F. M.[159]
James S.Waters12LawrenceMethuen27 Nov 190028 Nov 1904Imp.[159]
Fred E.Mills19Renovo, Pa.Oxford30 Nov 190015 Nov 1922Imp. To Belchertown State School[159]
MargaretQuinn13BostonBoston6 Dec 19009 Mar 1910Imp. To Wrentham State School[159]
RoseChapman9BostonBoston10 Dec 19009 Mar 1910Imp. To Wrentham State School[159]
JuliaConnelly12BostonBoston18 Dec 19009 Mar 1910Imp. To Wrentham State School[159]
Joseph L.Baxter9DennisportDennis26 Dec 19001 Jul 1921Imp. Visit Conf.[159]
JamesO'Brien7Tewskbury Hosp.28 Dec 19001 May 1908Not imp. To Mass. Hosp. for Epileptics[159]
MichaelShea9Tewskbury Hosp.28 Dec 19004 May 1916Died - Pulmonary Tuberculosis[159]
Walter Williams5SwampscottTewskbury Hosp.28 Dec 190013 Jan 1909Died - Epilepsy[159]
AlexanderWilliams3Tewskbury Hosp.28 Dec 19009 May 1901Died - Cerebral apoplexy[159]
EstherWooley15Providence, R.I.Fall River31 Dec 190018 Nov 1915N. Imp. Com. To Taunton State Hospital. [159]
DaisyHoose16WilliamstownPittsfield31 Dec 19001 Aug 1917Imp. Visit conf.[159]

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