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The purpose of this Maupin Name Study to collect together in one place everything relating to the surname Maupin / Maupins and the variant, Moppin / Moppins. The hope is that other researchers, like you, will join our study to help make it a valuable reference point for people studying lines that connect, cross or intersect, including African-American Maupins.
We aim to:

  1. Document and correctly connect all Maupin lines on WikiTree
  2. Develop a reference library specifically for Maupin genealogy research
  3. Create a meaningful bio for each profile so that it accurately represents a person's life
  4. Add Maupin DNA results to help confirm connections
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The Name: Maupin - Origins and Variations

An excellent resource on the Maupin family is The Story of Gabriel and Marie Maupin which is cited below. From page 29, the author says:

"The name "de Maupin" or "le Maupin" (the use of "le" is often earlier) is a Shield-name. A shield-name is a surname adopted by a family in Medieval Europe, always of the knightly class or above, as a short-hand term describing the device which was customarily painted on the fighting shields of the family's mounted warriors. All shield-names, anywhere in Europe, are unique ones. It was punishable by law for any other family to use either the device or the term used to describe it. Armed men could only be recognized by their shields; their helmets either partly or entirely hid their faces. To avoid the unauthorized use of another family's shield, careful lists were kept of the devices. These lists, in France, culminated in Rietstap's monumental work "Armorial General" published in 1884 and still considered the definite work on the subject. How old the Maupin surname is, is not known. The earliest so-far-known Maupin was Jean de Friville in 1256 (de Gorgue-Rosny). It is generally believed that shield-names are not older than the use of painted shields, perhaps in the early 1100's. Most shield-names describe some object, often a natural object. Very common are trees, plants, birds, real or imaginary beasts. Most, but not all, shield-names are menacing in nature. The surname was also the war-cry - it was meant to dismay the enemy in the field. As a group more French shield-names are truly brutal sounding than English ones are. "Maupin" and all the many "Mau" shield-names in French are names in this later class."

Again, from The Story of Gabriel and Marie Maupin:

""Mau" is an Old French word, the best translation for which is probably "Baneful". "Pin" means "Pinetree" in both Old French and Modern French (the whole tree not the pine cones)." "Here is Rietstap's description of the full device. "The shield: red, shows three gold pine cones. The crest: a unicorn rising; The supports: two savages, girth with green".

It seems there are many websites that would like to sell you items bearing your "family crest" or packets of info about a surname. Those who claim that the name Maupin is of English origin are suspect! It is certainly possible that a Maupin ancestor emigrated to England during or following the Norman conquest, but the origin is undoubtedly French.

Many, if not all, of the Maupins in this study so far, descend from Gabriel Maupin a Huguenot refugee who fled religious persecution in France in 1688 to Amsterdam, and subsequently left England for America in 1700. Exactly who his parents were has not yet been documented. One family story is that all of the ancestors prior to Gabriel went by "De Maupin," but the name Maupin is also seen in historical French records before Gabriel's time. So, more may be learned!

Another variation commonly seen, especially in census records, is Moppin. Often, but not always, when "Moppin" is seen, the "Maupin" name is also associated with the same individual in other records. The pluralized form of the name is also seen, i.e. Maupins and Moppins.

The 2010 Census breaks it out like this:
Name Count Popularity Rank% white% black% 2+ race
Maupin 6051 5,730 87.99 5.69 2.05
Maupins 153 114,424 13.73 75.16 5.23
Moppin 437 48,347 72.54 14.19 5.26
Moppins 154 113,791 (s) 90.91 (s)

Other Maupin, Maupins, Moppin and Moppins lines of descent of any ethnicity are encouraged to join in this study as well!

Notable Maupins

Dis-proven Maupin Myths

  • Gabriel was not an officer in France or in Navarre, a general or otherwise.
  • Gabriel's line of Maupins did not originate in Navarre.

Task List

Interesting Articles

Genealogy Gems by Marilyn Mutti; The Hopkins Journal, Hopkins, Missouri, Thursday, 24 Jul 2008, page 6, found on Marilyn Mutti's WikiTree profile is found here.

  • She mentions Dorothy Maupin Shaffett
  • She mentions her suspicion that Thomas Jefferson was not the only Albemarle County, Virginia resident with both a black and a white family.
  • She was in communication with Dora Ann Brooks Brown, daughter of William Dabney Maupin, who is Black and is writing a book.

Maupin Treasures

Providing links to: Family Bibles, Heirlooms, Pictures, Treasures, and Interesting Stories

WikiTree Resources


The author of the above work, Dorothy Maupin Shaffett, cites several sources on the name, Maupin.

  • Recherches Genealogique Sur les Comtes de Ponthieu, de Boulogne, de Guines et Pays Circumvoisins, Vol. II by L-E de Gorgue-Rosny, published 1875 in France, chapter "MAUPIN" pg. 967-968
  • Nobiliare de Ponthieu et de Vimeu, by the Marquis Rene de Belleval, published 1876 in France, chapter "MAUPIN" pg. 690-693.
  • Armorial General by J. B. Rietstap, first published in Gouda, Holland in 1884
  • Maupin Genealogy Revisited (1600-1850) by David E. Bartlow (Not seen this one yet, just heard it highly praised on FamilySearch.)

Sources that have some facts wrong:

  • The Maupin Family. (1900). The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 8(2), 216-218. Retrieved from This article stated the false notion that Gabriel Maupin was a French officer and the false notion that his father-in-law was the Earl of Spencer as well as the false notion that his son Gabriel was his first born, and was born in France. (He was not.)
  • W.H. Miller, History and Genealogies, 1907; Also known as: History and Genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown (illustrated) : with interspersions of notes of the families of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan, Yancey, and others. 892 Pages. - This book has much wonderful information on the families mentioned in the title. However, on page 391, it repeats the dis-proven family tale that Gabriel Maupin was a general in France, and that his wife was Marie Spencer, daughter of the English noble family of Spencer.
  • Josserand, Gertrude Cleghorn, 1896-1982. Kentucky Descendants of Thomas Norris of Maryland, 1630-1953, And Allied Families. Dodge City? Kan., 1953. - This book, on page 118, has a "Maupin Excursus" which repeats the same dis-proven tale mentioned in the above reference, but does show some family relationships.
  • (The History of) Albemarle County in Virginia; by Woods, Edgar, (1827-1910); Pub. 1901; pages 267-268. - There is a lot of interesting information, but some of the relationships are a little confused, and the author admits as much!

Other sources:

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My great grandmother was Catherine Frances Maupin (1881-1958), daughter of Enoch Maupin (1850-1929) and Annis Lakes Maupin (1854-1916). She married Frank W Gabbard.
posted by Tammy (McFarland) Mellert
edited by Tammy (McFarland) Mellert
I connected two if our unconnected tonight. Johnnie Maupin (1931-1931) and his Mama, Mary M Maupin (1914-1936)
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley