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  • Add Picture of Gated Entrance and views of Cemetery
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This free space page for May Cemetery is part of WikiTree's Texas Cemeteries Project and was created to document the life and times of our ancestors that are interred there. The Texas Cemeteries Project is a subproject of the larger U.S. Cemeteries Project.This free space page for May Cemetery is part of WikiTree's Texas Cemeteries Team and was created to document the life and times of our ancestors that are interred there. The Texas Cemeteries Team, a sub-team of the West South Central Cemeteries Team, and part of the United States Cemeteries Team which is part of the North American Cemeteries Team and the Global Cemeteries Project.

This page is a work in progress, and will remain so until the Table of Interments (below) is completed. The Table of Interments is a sortable listing of persons interred at this cemetery, some or all of whom are linked to existing WikiTree profiles. Although all grave markers in this cemetery are in the process of being photographed, the photos can only be displayed for persons with existing WikiTree profiles. If you know of a person interred at this cemetery that should be linked to an existing WikiTree profile, or needs to have a profile created for them, please contact Dean Anderson for assistance.


Very little is known of the settling of May community until the 1870's when the Mays, Medcalf, Grays, Brewers, Cunninghams, Brooks and Ford families settled here. The Spence family settled in May 1874, and the Wheelers family in 1876. Mr. J. B. Ford founded the first business in May 1878. He had a blacksmith shop in his cellar which later grew into a garage. In 1879, Nathan Lumpkin May, for whom the town is named, started a small trading post. The first post office was established in November 1881.

The first person to be buried in the May Cemetery is that of Mary Owen, dated May 19 1884. This is a very well maintained cemetery, and has a active group in the Association. The deed to this property is recorded in the Brown County Clerk's office. Abst number 102, Survey 3 - BBB & CRR and in Vol. 519, pg. 10. This Cemetery was first surveyed by Mrs. Hazel Wetzel in May 1972 and was updated in November 2001, by Jim and Georgia Rodgers. [1]

Location and Map

The May Cemetery is located just south of May, Texas on Highway 183 and County Road 478.

GPS Location: Lat: 31° 57' 50"N, Lon: 98° 55' 11"W [2]

May Cemetery on Google Maps

Driving from May, Texas: Drive south on Highway 183 for about 1.5 mile. The cemetery is on your left or east side of Highway 183, south side of the intersection with County Road 478.
Driving from Brownwood, Texas: Go .5 mile on Highway 67/377. Turn left onto Highway 183N, go 16 miles, cemetery on right at intersection of Highway 183N and County Road 478.

Additional Information



Table of Interments

Sortable table
Last Name First/Middle Names/Initials/Maiden Born Died Notes Location Sec/Row/Lot Photo (click for larger)
Aaron Louelle “Lou” Sconyers1 Jan 192618 Mar 2014notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Albertson Fannie Elizabeth Brown18 Jul 188226 Oct 1969notesSec 2; Row 7; Lot 4Image:Surname-ID
Albertson Robert Sanford29 Oct 187325 Jun 1951notes Sec 2; Row 7; Lot 5Image:Surname-ID
Alexander Alta O31 Oct 190915 Jun 1989notesSec 4; Row 2; Lot 49Image:Surname-ID
Alexander Lloyd Claude28 Mar 191819 Mar 1993notesSec 4; Row 2; Lot 48Image:Surname-ID
Allen Baby28 Nov 190328 Nov 1903notesSec 1; Row 3; Lot 42Image:Surname-ID
Allen Celia Elizabeth Barton18 Apr 18583 Nov 1931notesSec 1; Row 3; Lot 40Image:Surname-ID
Allen Clyde Robason13 Nov 19026 Sep 1987notesSec 2; Row 1; Lot 17Image:Surname-ID
Allen Edna “Aunt Mae”4 Dec 190316 Dec 2001notesSec 3; Row 4; Lot 25Image:Surname-ID
Allen Henry Martin “Unkie”7 Jun 191325 Apr 1991notesSec 3; Row 4; Lot 26Image:Surname-ID
Allen Jesse D18871950notesSec 1; Row 9.5; Lot 69Image:Surname-ID
Allen John E12 Jan 188320 Jan 1904notesSec 1; Row 5; Lot 34Image:Surname-ID
Allen Lucy Lilly20 Nov 18795 Sep 1958notesSec 1; Row 3; Lot 43Image:Surname-ID
Allen Oran C “Boots”20 Dec 190120 Sep 1985notesSec 2; Row 1; Lot 18Image:Surname-ID
Allen Pearle18881960notesSec 1; Row 9.5; Lot 68Image:Surname-ID
Allen Robert Russell18781952notesSec 1; Row 3; Lot 44Image:Surname-ID
Allen Samuel Beriel3 Aug 185120 Nov 1922notesSec 1; Row 3; Lot 41Image:Surname-ID
Allgood Clara E1882UNKnotesSec 1; Row 8; Lot 75Image:Surname-ID
Allgood David C18731942notesSec 1; Row 8; Lot 76Image:Surname-ID
Allgood Eual Bud20 Feb 192030 Jul 2017notesSec 1; Row 16; Lot 39Image:Surname-ID
Allgood Finis A15 Mar 189019 Jan 1984notesSec 1; Row 13; Lot 37Image:Surname-ID
Allgood Ila Mae Dunn24 May 18913 Jan 1984notesSec 1; Row 13; Lot 36Image:Surname-ID
Allgood Jewell26 Apr 191711 May 1918notesSec 1; Row 13; Lot 35Image:Surname-ID
Allgood Joe5 Nov 190529 Jul 1997notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Allgood Julius26 Apr 191714 Apr 1918notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Allgood Vernettie Emily Bishop19 Aug 19025 Jan 1991notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum James TUNKMar 1928notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum Julia Ann Cline7 Jan 186714 Jul 1953notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum MarthaUNKDec 1951notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum Nancy Herrell28 Nov 183418 Jul 1927notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum Nora MaeUNKUNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum Raymond LUNKUNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum Robert Newton15 Feb 189222 Aug 1965notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum Sam20 Apr 189625 Dec 1981notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Altum William Thomas29 Apr 186515 Feb 1946notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Alvord David I18 Aug 191928 Oct 1991notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Alvord Mable Dewbre22 Jul 192312 Mar 2011notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Alfred F4 Sep 18937 Apr 1965notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Alice E12 May 190319 Mar 1991notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Andrew Kyle23 Oct 18579 Oct 1935notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Charley R14 Apr 187121 Mar 1952notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Cleora Victorine Agee27 Mar 18682 Jul 1956notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Edmond D19 Feb 189811 Dec 1955notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Edmond P16 Aug 18266 Apr 1893notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Edmond Pearce23 May 186817 Apr 1946notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Effie E3 Nov 18735 May 1958notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Effie Mae Ayers20 Aug 18982 Apr 1976notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Fettie Lizzie10 Jun 187021 Jan 1948notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Georgia Ann Gideon22 May 18622 Feb 1927notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Jewel J26 Apr 190310 May 1903notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Lydia28 Feb 193115 Jan 1937notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Martha Ann1 Dec 186111 Nov 1935notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Max Nolan15 Jul 191327 May 1929notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Robert Henry18951895notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Sarah Margaret Jenkins26 Mar 18411 Jan 1918notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Thomas Murl5 Dec 186322 Feb 1944notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson Thomas Pierce18931903notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson William Oren, Sr.11 Mar 19249 Jul 2013notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Anderson William RileyJan 185831 Jan 1909notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Arbuckle Lorna Celestine Lucksinger16 Jul 19374 May 2014notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Arnold Lewis Trent, Jr.17 Mar 184331 Aug 1935notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Atherton Earnest Carroll19001968notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Atherton Edgar Dallas “Edd”28 May 186811 May 1926notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Atherton Edna19071983notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Atherton Minnie Lee Dewbre25 Oct 18801969notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Ayers Annanias Robertson14 Oct 18867 Jul 1964notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Ayers Georgia Ann Elizabeth “Annie” Hopper18 Dec 186317 Jun 1951notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Ayers James Robert12 Sep 186214 Dec 1948notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Ayers Mirtie Reller Hopper11 May 188717 Jun 1936notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bailey Dick19025 Apr 1928notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bailey Ruthy BrooksFeb 187428 Apr 1904notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Ballard Ossie T7 Aug 18787 Jul 1896notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Ballard R A1 Jun 18571 Sep 1897notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Barber Bernice27 Dec 191410 Sep 1989notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Barber Roy N17 Dec 190826 May 1974notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Barker Bonner13 Oct 19203 Oct 1979notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Barker Carl Henry “Slim”29 Dec 19274 Aug 1987notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Barker Rosa27 Sep 191824 Dec 2003notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Barnett Morris Wayne21 Feb 193630 Aug 1998notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Beam Jean Walker15 Jul 194415 Jul 1944notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Beene O B13 Jan 1916UNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Beene Vera Lee Atherton16 Oct 191122 Dec 2003notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Belcher Mary Ellie McDaniel21 Sep 186826 Jan 1930notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bell Henry Clay16 Mar 19436 Sep 1981notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bell Opal19312007notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bell Pauline Elizabeth8 Aug 19173 Jan 1990notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bell Raymond Alonzo15 Sep 19107 Feb 1982notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bennett Amy Celese3 Apr 197023 Nov 2002notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bennett Charles David24 Aug 18734 Mar 1940notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bennett Mabel Earnestine White25 Dec 190817 Nov 1997notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bennett Robert Earl7 Dec 19023 Jun 1989notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bennett Sarah Etta Angel13 Jun 187812 May 1957notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bernbaum Jimmie13 Feb 18986 Jan 1922notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Berryhill Ethel Lee Brown18 Jun 188910 Dec 1960notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bibby Charlie Edward25 Feb 189616 Sep 1977notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bibby James C23 Mar 19337 Aug 2008notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bibby Nona J21 Feb 19326 Oct 2009notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bibby-Bowden Velva Osburn13 Sep 190910 May 2003notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bigbee Arthur Carter12 Nov 187213 Oct 1944notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bigbee Elizabeth Sydonia “Bessie” Davis18 Sep 18752 Apr 1949notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bilyeu Judith Brice28 Feb 194724 Mar 2011notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bird Charlie SUNK14 Aug 2008notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bird Johnnie D3 May 191819 Jun 2004notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Blair Fannie B18611936notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Blair Luther Barnett21 Aug 19026 Nov 1969notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Blair Ollie Lee Woods1 Jul 190211 Aug 1991notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Blair Robert A18541930notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Blatherwick Henry Donaldson11 Jan 188024 Apr 1918notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boaz Harry H “Bussie”21 May 191521 Dec 1997notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boaz Joy Elizabeth McBride15 Oct 192020 Apr 1999notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boland Cornelia A “Nealy” Rentfrow27 Aug 184931 Aug 1899notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boland Newton Ezekiah18501919notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bolton Della Moranda Snider13 Nov 188228 May 1945notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boswell Claudie29 Jan 19102 Feb 1910notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boswell Elizabeth Janes Vines4 Dec 187424 Jul 1942notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boswell Joseph William “Joe”28 Jul 187115 Nov 1918notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boswell Minnie14 Apr 187810 Jan 1893notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boswell Roy T25 Nov 190812 May 1960notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boswell Ruby M23 Jul 1909UNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boswell Sarah E11 Aug 18446 Sep 1894notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boulter William G23 Feb 18644 Jan 1941notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowden Amanda Pearl16 Dec 187624 Feb 1973notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowden Andrew M27 Sep 187614 Sep 1963notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowden Charles Winston20 May 18397 Dec 1928notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowden Heflin M29 Aug 1909 Feb 1997notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowden Homer C, Dr.9 Nov 188518 Nov 1969notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowden Mary Jane Austin7 May 184425 Feb 1932notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowden Mary M Windham29 Jan 188819 Jul 1957notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowden Molly R13 Sep 19103 Jun 1995notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bowers Bessie Geneva White13 Aug 191220 Jul 2009notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boyd John F10 May 188218 Dec 1965notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Boyd Julia Vido Guynes16 Nov 188817 Jul 1966notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Branham Travis Newton20 Nov 19449 Mar 2002notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Branum Bennie Gist23 Oct 18995 Sep 1993notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Branum Charles B14 May 18972 Feb 1980notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Branum Erma A13 Mar 190718 Dec 1990notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Branum Roy R6 Nov 19071 Feb 1982notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Branum Sarah Elizabeth18651859notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Branum William Bennett1 May 186429 Jan 1935notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Baby18 Sep 189814 Jun 1899notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Baby27 Mar 191427 Mar 1914notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Bessie Gilliam30 Mar 190326 Sep 1998notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer C J “Bud”4 Mar 187126 Nov 1957notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Cleo Snipes27 Sep 19055 Apr 1964notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Etta Josephine Wheeler12 Feb 189529 Sep 1973notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Ewell16 Aug 189622 Apr 1959notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Fay Newbury 5 May 19216 Sep 2012notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Fielding Snow3 Apr 184812 May 1918notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Gordon Troy29 Jun 194729 Ju 1947notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Harry Anderson13 May 189431 Oct 1950notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer John Henry9 Sep 186929 Oct 1950notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Lewis Doyle24 Feb 19038 Nov 1958notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Mildred N4 May 19157 Jul 2003notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Nancy J30 Jun 187619 Apr 1961notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Permelia Elizabeth Medcalf15 Sep 185113 Jul 1918notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brewer Troy A19 May 190512 Jan 1983notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bright Vernon Edgar19171988notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brooks Glenda Cheryl7 Dec 19467 Dec 1946notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brooks Jacob Warren “Jake”, II26 Dec 184310 Mar 1916notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brooks Louiza “Eliza” Phelps25 Dec 184311 Aug 1895notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brooks Robert Shadrick “Bob”23 Jul 186828 Jul 1947notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Addie Kemmon20 Feb 189312 Jun 1943notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Billy Harlow28 Oct 19304 Apr 2013notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Blonnie Edna4 Mar 19066 Jan 2000notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Elsie Brent McGraw5 Jun 190025 Aug 1993notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Ester John10 Oct 191010 Aug 1973notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Grayson S26 Jun 190312 Jun 1992notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Henry29 Aug 188729 Sep 1961notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Hurshell H14 Jul 19051 Aug 1980notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown J D30 Sep 18642 Oct 1937notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown John Henry15 Jun 187618 Mar 1952notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Karen Miller29 Oct 194318 Mar 1952notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Linda Gail Fonville18 Aug 193319 Mar 2010notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Lovester G18 Aug 191226 Jan 2002notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Mary Alice Harrell14 Jul 186224 Dec 1936notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Minnie Lee Harlow21 Dec 188125 Nov 1966notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Oleta Delores Newton9 Sep 19138 Feb 1998notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Mary Alice Harrell14 Jul 186224 Dec 1936notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Minnie Lee Harlow21 Dec 188125 Nov 1966notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Oleta Delores Newton9 Sep 19138 Feb 1998notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Robert Buford “Doc”8 Nov 18934 Dec 1966notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Robert Howard25 Nov 192421 Jan 1933notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Terry Lee4 Jun 195320 May 1954notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Tony LeeUNK1959notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Ward M21 Jan 192327 Sep 2007notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown William Wayne14 Jul 19203 Jun 2015notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Wilma McBride1 Aug 191822 Jun 1962notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Wilma W20 Oct 191628 Feb 2000notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brown Yantis Henry28 May 190810 Nv 1937notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Brush James Cisero10 Feb 191927 Sep 1986notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bruton Ada Mae Ford13 Jul 188617 Jan 1968notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bruton George Crockett6 Dec 18333 Jan 1894notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bruton Leah Bryant18 Dec 183826 May 1892notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bruton Lee C17 Aug 18714 Mar 1925notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bruton O T17 Sep 187521 Jul 1962notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bryan Amba Atkins11 May 188428 Sep 1971notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bryan James R15 Sep 19113 Nov 1963notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bryan Thomas J23 Jul 18771 Aug 1952notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bryant Margaret Inez12 Jun 191128 Nov 1975notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bryson W15 May 191511 Dec 1966notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Allie M7 Jan 187521 Mar 1909notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Altus Luther, Jr.1 Mar 19274 Nov 1970notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Annie Vera Reasons5 Mar 188418 May 1972notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Baby19151915notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Betty Irene, Dr.26 Apr 192817 Sep 2014notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Dixie Mae Driskill14 Feb 19045 Oct 1994notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Henderson Lee3 Jun 18673 Jul 1946notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Roy Carl31 Jan 18941 Dec 1920SgtLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford William Henry3 Mar 182921 Jan 1898notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buford Wilma Elaine1925UNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burk J WUNKUNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Caroline Lee16 Mar 18784 Oct 1960notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Dorene Dolora Miller15 Oct 191415 Jan 1999notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Edgar H21 Nov 189528 Dec 1974notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Henry Milton24 Jun 186120 Dec 1945notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Janell Lea27 Sep 19833 Oct 1983notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Lauvghn31 Mar 193020 Aug 1937notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Lenora Belle24 Sep 186012 Jun 1930notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Martha Casbeer1848UNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Morris Wayne21 Feb 193630 Aug 1998notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Oadis A26 Jan 190827 Sep 1970notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Omer14 Sep 189316 Sep 1895notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Richard E16 Feb 18997 Apr 1900notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Thomas William20 Aug 18977 Nov 1898notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Viva Frances Lemaster13 Jan 189819 Nov 1992notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burnett Wardie7 Feb 19044 Apr 1950notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burns Earl10 Jul 189228 Dec 1973notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burns Lula Gillespie11 Oct 186926 Apr 1927notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burns Mary Alice Young12 Jan 187825 Jul 1968notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burns Olene Katheryne17 Jan 19119 Nov 1997notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burns Pearl Beatrice Driskill16 Mar 19095 Feb 1993notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burns Pearl Ethel Spence26 Mar 189312 Jun 1917notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burns Walter Ernest18 Feb 187718 Oct 1959notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Burns William Nelson30 Sep 18651 Oct 1934notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Busbee Theda Latrice Christian13 Oct 192110 Mar 2014notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Bryan15 Jun 191430 Aug 1992notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Dennie White18 Jan 189529 Oct 1976notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Dolphie Esker “Buck”7 Oct 191214 Jan 2003notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Henry O’Bryan “Bryan” 15 Jun 191430 Aug 1992notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Ida Louise “Killough”4 Mar 19205 Jan 2008notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Lorene Inez Michael28 Feb 192015 Oct 2015notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Louie Dolphus22 May 190729 Jun 1908notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Margaret Susannah Cook26 Feb 184414 Sep 1907notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Marinta14 May 195024 Jun 1993notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Ola Rebecca Mittie Clark2 Jan 187917 Apr 1945notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Oratus George “Jake”5 Jul 1922Oct 1944notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush P J “Jack”, Jr.12 Jul 191926 Jun 1952notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Philemon Jack “P.J.”, Jr.16 Jan 19015 Apr 1901notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Philemon Jack “P.J.”8 Jul 18721 Jun 1952notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Ronald James “Ronnie”10 Sep 194730 Mar 2002notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Thomas Harvey “Tom”17 Dec 189518 Apr 1984notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Wiliam Monroe “Bill”11 Feb 18229 Apr 1892notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Bush Zorah Rebecca14 Mar 189919 Oct 1902notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Butler A J18 Aug 19051 Nov 1906notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Butler Ima J5 Sep 190816 Jun 1909notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Butts G.W.17 Dec 185113 Apr 1906notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Butts Palo3 Jul 188420 Aug 1905notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Butts Rupert B13 Aug 190212 May 1904notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee BabyUNKUNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Bert20 May 188921 Oct 1967notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Billie Moore24 Jun 192923 Aug 1971notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Billy W19241988notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Elize Lewis8 Nov 189718 Jul 1984notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Estella Arnold18 Jul 186911 Sep 1953notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Hudson Hall “H.H.”3 Oct 183424 Jul 1913notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee James H18611945notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Joseph Ira3 Sep 18718 May 1953notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Lillie Leona Dunn16 Mar 18745 Jun 1956notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Mary C Arnold7 Aug 18359 Feb 1893notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Maude HarlowdobdodnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Talitha Adeline Emfinger2 Nov 185619 Dec 1935notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
BuzbeeWilliam Bascum11 Sep 185416 Dec 1925notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee William T17 Feb 19063 Mar 1962notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Willie Mae7 Oct 190019 Mar 1983notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Buzbee Wilton T3 Jul 19133 Aug 1967notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CalwellLula A5 Nov 191012 Dec 1952notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CampbellCharles Marshall18 Mar 1947UNKnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Campbell Entha Amelia Petty12 Oct 19191 Apr 1986notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CampbellLena K Scott24 Apr 19071 Jan 1995notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CampbellMarshall13 Oct 19194 Aug 2004notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CarlsonHope Orthel8 Jul 192310 Aug 2015notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CasonBen F23 Aug 189212 Jul 1949notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CasonBessie Jane Cook26 Dec 189613 Apr 1939notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CasonJohn E8 Jun 188031 Dec 1945notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CasonJohn Jasper20 Aug 18314 Nov 1917notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CasonLouisa Jane Jenkins7 Feb 18545 Apr 1920notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersElbert Odell, Jr.1 Dec 194626 Sep 1948notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersElbert Odell24 Feb 19188 Jul 1973notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersIola B18 Oct 190414 Dec 1978notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersJessie Odessa10 Mar 192128 Jul 1999notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersJudy Lee Driskill10 Mar 195718 Mar 2003notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersOttie C14 Feb 189326 Sep 1976notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChambersWilliam E18 Feb 18907 Jan 1972notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChandlerEster Gail31 Mar 190121 Jun 1976notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChandlerJoseph19 Apr 18961 Jul 1972notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChildersBobby Fred16 May 193713 Nov 1986notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChildersDelton Leon9 Jul 193014 Mar 2007notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChildersDelton Murgot18 Feb 190919 Oct 1981notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChildersFlora Ellen Madison8 Sep 1915Apr 1986notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChildersOllie Oleta8 Oct 193521 Oct 2017notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChristianAnnie Ruth Loflin13 Mar 19346 Sep 2014notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChristianEarnest21 May 188522 May 1973notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChristianJames Conner14 Oct 191722 May 1977notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ChristianMargaret Holt19 Sep 189524 Feb 1978notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ClardyClaude Henry1 Feb 188010 Jul 1973notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ClardyMaggie Mae Brown18941982notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
ClarkOra Myrtle13 Aug 188422 Dec 1985notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CloudJames C26 Jan 18754 Jan 1944notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CloudJessie Elizabeth Lee11 Jul 188329 Jan 1960notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CobbAlton Turner23 May 19072 Sep 1975notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CobbLuther D14 Jun 188213 Mar 1960notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CobbZula Mae Sanders30 Sep 188617 Aug 1962notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CokerJames M19 Mar 186126 Jun 1953notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CokerLydia B8 Oct 18677 Nov 1921notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CookBaby24 Oct 190924 Oct 1909InfantLocationImage:Surname-ID
CookFrances M Altum10 Jul 186214 Jun 1945notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CookHenry3 Mar 191414 Jan 1994notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CookMamie Dee31 Aug 190616 Mar 1975notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CookOscar S12 Dec 18556 Jan 1935notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CopelandBryson W30 Nov 190518 May 1987notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CopelandLeatrice Joy Hedrick4 Jan 193024 Jul 2010notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CopelandLuther L Luke22 Jan 192015 Sep 1986notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CopelandMary Ethel Choate10 Dec 190714 Apr 1982notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoppicElwanda Tatom Williams19 Oct 193116 Dec 2001notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CorneliusAlta Lee Whistle Killion8 Nov 191813 Sep 2006notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CorneliusWinfred R R.W.25 Feb 19192 Nov 2001notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CosperAvis Maurine3 Jun 190311 Jun 1990notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CosperRobert Benjamin31 Dec 18707 Dec 1935notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CosperWilliam Andrew5 Feb 190414 Apr 1958notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CosperWillie Cornelia Boland12 Sep 188029 Jul 1969notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CourtrightAda Octavine Chambers23 Mar 187323 Feb 1962notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CourtrightAndrew Jackson23 Oct 187028 Dec 1963notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxAma R28 Nov 18961 Mar 1898notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxEula Belle6 Oct 189326 Sep 1895notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxGeorge William28 Dec 189913 Aug 1971notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxIma J20 Apr 189830 May 1899notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxJames Harvey23 Sep 19097 Apr 1963notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxLorene Garnett24 Jan 191428 May 1976notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxMarion McDonald17 Dec 186613 Dec 1947notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxMary Elizabeth Gaines11 Feb 19092 Oct 2007notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxMary Ellen23 Aug 190630 Jun 1908notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxMorris M27 Sep 19042 Jun 1905notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxRobert Hillory23 Sep 190223 Nov 1946notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CoxRuth H Bush20 Apr 187121 Sep 1921notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrispElgie McCoy16 Nov 191322 Mar 2005notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrispMelba Maxine Grisham15 Aug 19147 May 2001notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrooksElmer E20 Apr 190224 Sep 1974notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrooksGeorgia Lee Brown12 Apr 18698 Feb 1947notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrooksGerald Dean12 Oct 192618 Oct 1957notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrooksJimmy Ervin9 Sep 193926 Nov 2003notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrooksMary "Ima" Stephens23 Jun 190611 Oct 10999notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrooksMatthew Robert1 Aug 185916 Jun 1945notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrowderJames Lowell24 May 19214 Feb 2001notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrumeMary E22 Nov 186915 Jul 1899notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrumeSarah A18401904notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CrumeWilliam24 Sep 82027 Feb 1901notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CulverhouseCharles C17 Mar 191720 Oct 2001notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CulverhouseEmma Pauline Tidmore4 Sep 192421 Feb 2015notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CulwellLouise14 Mar 19173 Aug 2000notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CulwellLula Annie Brown5 Nov 191012 Dec 1952notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CulwellWillard Bellamy28 Jan 1903247 Nov 1984notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CundyJerome Neal6 Feb 196529 Nov 1980notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
CunninghamHenrietta B Ewell15 Aug 1844UnknotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Cunningham Robert L18451918notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Cunningham William Monroe13 Mar 186716 Dec 1929notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dalton Delia Grace Benson190525 Oct 1995notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dalton Wayne Buford1 Aug 192727 Mar 1999notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dalton William Henry “Willie”17 Aug 19008 Jun 1964notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Daugherty William D25 Oct 18992 Feb 1971notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Davis Ansel R “Jack”26 Jul 19121 Nov 1981notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Davis Ben Calvin18 Oct 19093 Jan 1979notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Davis Bertie Martin “Bert”20 Apr 188624 Sep 1966notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Davis Linda Sue19511951notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Davis Modena Laydell Gilstrap25 Dec 188918 May 1967notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Day Isaac Newton22 Aug 188322 Apr 1938notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Deaton Angeline Elvira Drinkard27 Sep 184931 Jul 1935notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Deaton Greenbeary4 Feb 18268 Jun 1907notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Deere Bertha Boenicke27 Jan 18932 Oct 1981notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Deere Edgar Reynolds16 Mar 188710 Aug 1966notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dees Blanton31 Jul 193725 Oct 1989notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dees Rosalene5 Aug 1934UnknownnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Degman Beverly Jane Beebe26 Oct 192614 Sep 2005notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Degman Eldon Madison25 Oct 19344 Jan 2012notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Degman Ethel Marie McCary17 Jan 19049 Dec 1984notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Degman George Spencer7 Mar 19003 Jul 1970notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Denison Clifford12 Aug 18716 Jun 1951notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Denison Ethel24 Feb 191123 Feb 1999notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Denison Mary Sis LucasMar 187121 Dec 1955notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Denison Preston6 Aug 19082 Feb 1977notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dennis Grover Cleveland17 Jan 188722 Apr 1971notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dennis Maude Elizabeth Killion15 Nov 18902 Oct 1964notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dewbre Amarissa Isabelle Sudderth14 Jun 18474 Aug 1921notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dewbre Baby18971897notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dewbre Doyle2 Feb 19098 Aug 1924notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
Dewbre Edith14 Jan 19074 May 1994notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
WaldrepJohn Alexander11 May 18736 Dec 1963notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
WaldrepLela James McGregor21 Sep 18833 Jul 1956notesLocationImage:Surname-ID
SurnameGiven Name(s)dobdodnotesLocationImage:Surname-ID

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