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Mayflower Families Teams

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Mayflower Project Page
Mayflower passengers category page Welcome to the Mayflower Families Teams Page.

Because of the individual nature of the sources for each Mayflower passenger. Teams exist to concentrate on each of the Mayflower passengers, who left descendants and their families.



Family Team Passengers
Alden John Alden
Allerton Isaac Allerton, Mary (Norris) Allerton, Bartholomew Allerton, Remember Allerton, Mary Allerton, John Allerton
Billington John Billington, Elinor (Unknown) Billington, John Billington, Francis Billington
Bradford William Bradford, Dorothy (May) Bradford
BREWSTER William Brewster, Mary (Unknown) Brewster, Love Brewster, Wrestling Brewster
BROWNE Peter Browne
CARVER John Carver, Katherine (White) Carver
CHILTON James Chilton, Mrs. (Unknown) Chilton, Mary Chilton
COOKE Francis Cooke, John Cooke
CRACKSTON John Crackston, John Crackston
DOTY Edward Doty
EATON Francis Eaton, Sarah (Unknown) Eaton, Samuel Eaton, Dorothy (Unknown) Eaton - John Carver's maidservant
FLETCHER Moses Fletcher
FULLER Edward Fuller, Mrs. (Unknown) Fuller, Samuel Fuller, Samuel Fuller
HOPKINS Stephen Hopkins, Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, Constance Hopkins, Giles Hopkins, Damaris Hopkins, Oceanus Hopkins
HOWLAND John Howland
MARTIN Christopher Martin, Marie (Unknown) Martin, Solomon Prower - Stepson of Christopher Martin
MORE Richard More, Ellen More, Jasper More, Mary More
MULLINS William Mullins, Alice (Unknown) Mullins, Priscilla Mullins, Joseph Mullins
PRIEST Degory Priest
ROGERS Thomas Rogers, Joseph Rogers
SAMSON Henry Samson
SOULE George Soule
STANDISH Myles Standish, Rose (Unknown) Standish
TILLEY Edward Tilley, Ann (Cooper) Tilley, John Tilley, Joan (Hurst) Tilley, Elizabeth Tilley
WARREN Richard Warren
WHITE William White, Susanna (Jackson) White, Resolved White
WINSLOW Edward Winslow, Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, Gilbert Winslow

Passengers without Descendants

Richard Britteridge (Britterige)... William Butten... Robert Carter... Richard Clarke... Humility Cooper... _____ Ely... Thomas English... Richard Gardinar... John Goodman... William Holbeck... John Hooke... John Langmore... William Latham... Edward Leister... Edmund Margesson... Desire Minter... John Rigdale... Alice (_____) Rigdale... Elias Story... Edward Thompson... Thomas Tinker, wife, and son... William Trevore... John Turner, and two sons... Roger Wilder... Thomas Williams...

General Items that need work

  • All the Mayflower passengers have {{Mayflower Passenger}} checked done
  • Family members ie. wives of passengers (who weren't passengers), children of passengers, grandchildren of passengers, great grandchildren born before 1700 should have {{Mayflower Family Member}} At the top, below the category list.
  • [[Category:Mayflower Families]] Category:Mayflower_Families|Category:Mayflower_Families needs to have the category removed. Is the template on the profile {{Mayflower Family Member}}?
  • For teams: Do all the children and grandchildren of the passengers have profiles? Do they have the appropriate template.
  • Check all Project profiles for duplicates.
  • Are the sources used "good"
  • Wives - Long term. Add wives of members to project. Really long term 4th generation?
  • Mayflower Compact category Category:Mayflower_Compact_signatories --- Add a sentence to all signers if it's not there already. I think some of them say the 18th and it should be the 11th xxxxx signed the [[:Space:Mayflower Compact|Mayflower Compact]] 11 Nov 1620.<ref>Morton, Nathaniel. ''New England's memorial.'' (Boston: Congregational board of publication, 1855) Originally published 1669.[ p. 26] Note: The original compact is gone. Morton furnished the earliest known list [;view=1up;seq=20 1669 facsimile]</ref>
  • Suggestions
  • Passengers only work list spreadsheet.

Getting started

The Goal is to create up to date, accurate, well sourced profiles for the passengers, their wives, children and grandchildren, and the occasional great grandchild born before 1700. I've noticed as I have looked over these profiles that there are many 4th generation profiles that should be included. My thoughts are that as we work on them and give them at least a basic bio, we will add them to the project.

  • False and Faked Mayflower Claims a series of articles in the Mayflower Descendant. Links are to American Ancestors. This might be a good project for someone with access. (write brief synopsis, add to profiles, under common errors.)
    • 20:190+ Ruth Sprague and John Haskell
    • 21:142+ Mercy Simmons w/o Benj. Chase not d/o John and Mercy (Pabodie) Simmons
    • 23:75+ Brewster, Brown, Carr, Cooke, Fuller, Goodman-Dunham, Gray, Hopkins, Rogers, Tilley-Howland, White,
    • 34:14+ Bradford-Mercy Barnes, Brewster-Elisha Sylvester, Cooke-Hannah,
  • Vol 2. 114 Mayflower Descendant. "Mayflower Genealogies" Really brief synopsis

Profile Checklist

Use the check list to evaluate each profile. As tasks are completed, mark them done. When the whole list is complete add '''=== Mayflower Project Checklist Completed ===''' after Sources before Acknowledgements.

General housekeeping

  • Does the profile belong in the Project?
  • Project box in place {{Mayflower Family Member}} or {{Mayflower Passenger}}
  • Mayflower Project as manager? Other managers are ok also.
  • Duplicates?
  • Are the categories appropriate?

Data section

  • Data Correct? birth date and place, parents, marriage date and place, death date and place. Pay close attention to before, after, estimate, exact. Do they agree with what's in the bio?
    • If no children, check the box. If no more children/siblings, check the box.
    • There is on the marriage page a place to click no spouse.
  • Check the appropriate certainty and confidence buttons.

Biography Section

  • Good Bio?
    • Are there sentences with clear sources for the data points?
    • Does the bio agree with the data points?
    • If a marriage is mentioned in the bio is it also in the Data section?
    • Inline citations? Inline Citations Help. If still confused ask.
  • Good Sources? There are plenty of primary sources for passengers and children and good secondary sources. Ancestry trees, Millenium file, Yates Pub., Find a grave indexes, Find a Grave without stones are not acceptable.
  • Childrens list (sourced)? Each profile of a person who had children should have a list of those children at the end, (with some identifying fact). One secondary source for the list is fine. Their profiles will have better sourcing.
    • Are the children attached the ones on the list? Do the facts agree?

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • Should I create profiles for children? If the children normally fall into the project, create them. Add {{Mayflower Family Member}}. Add the Project Account as a manager. Add the category and the Checklist etc. If they do not fall in the category you don't need to create them but certainly can.
  • Spouses Profiles? Adding information to spouses (not in the project) is good but not necessary.
  • Acknowledgements Section. Wikitree Guidelines says we don't need them. Leave or remove doesn't matter. If you leave them they should be short, names only.


  • Bradford's Original Manuscript. Bradford, William, 1590-1657. Of Plimoth Plantation: manuscript, 1630-1650. State Library of Massachusetts "List of Mayflower Passengers."
  • Anderson, Robert Charles. The Pilgrim Migration: Immigrants to Plymouth Colony 1620-1633. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2004).
  • Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633. Volumes I-III, 3 vols. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995.)
  • Johnson, Caleb H. The Mayflower and Her Passengers. (Caleb H. Johnson, 2006)
  • Bradford
  • Bradford, William, 1590-1657. Of Plimoth Plantation: manuscript, 1630-1650. State Library of Massachusetts "List of Mayflower Passengers." In Bradford's Hand.
  • Caleb Johnson's Mayflower
  • Silver Book
  • Pulsifer, David (editor). Records of the colony of New Plymouth, in New England; printed by order of the legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by New Plymouth Colony. Vol. 12 (1861) Deeds, &c. Vol. 1 1620-1651 & Book of Indian Records for their lands. (Boston: Press of William White 1861) 1623 land division p. 4 p. 5 p. 6; 1627 Division of Cattle p. 9 p. 10 p. 11 p. 12 p. 13
  • Johnson, Caleb. "New Light on William Bradford's Passenger List of the Mayflower." The American Genealogist 80:94- (2005) [ Link at AmericanAncestors ($)]
  • Cheever, George Barrell [Mourt, G., pseud.]; . The journal of the pilgrims at Plymouth, in New England, in 1620; reprinted from the original volume, with historical and local illustrations of providences, principles and persons. Original Volume published 1622. (New York: Wiley, 1848)

Mayflower passengers



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