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Suggestions for Improvements are Welcome

  • (May 3, 2020, 4:25:02 PM) That's a great question and in getting ready to answer it for you, I realize that it is inconsistent at the moment. Please let me make some changes to the Sign In sheet and then answer. Sorry for the delay everyone. This is why I love questions from our newest members. It catches the things that we skim over.
  • (May 4, 2020, 7:37:21 AM) Please keep the questions coming. Not only are we learning from each other but our Training and Greeter How To documents are improving as a result of these conversations.
    • Hoag, Debi, Greeters Project Google Group email responses to questions from John Williams (May 2, 2020, 4:54:41 PM), and Peggy McReynolds (May 3, 2020, 4:20:24 PM), and Cheryl Smith (May 3, 2020, 7:27:10 PM), subject line "What is a surname check?"


These protocols for the Scheduled and Standby Teams of the Greeters Project. A few bits of proprietary information and links have been removed. The process is intact. If further review is desired, we welcome members to consider joining the Greeters Project. All it takes is a commitment to spend at least one hour per week on Greeter duties, not all of which are reflected in the protocols for these two Teams.

Sign In Protocol

Sign in on the "Greeter On Duty" section of the Sign in/ Sign out Page using 4 tildes - ~~~~ - this creates a time/date stamp with your name.
Do not remove the Greeter on Duty, even if it is time for your shift! On the Guest Feed, thank the three most recent Comments from the current Greeter-on-Duty. 'Do not start greeting yet and do not Thank members on the Family Member Upgrade feed! Thank each comment from the Greeter-on-Duty on the Guest Feed. This will alert the Greeter-on-Duty that you are ready to take over. Monitor the Sign In / Out sheet, using refresh screen, until you see that the Greeter-on-Duty has signed out.
If the Greeter-on-Duty hasn’t signed out after a minute or two, send them a PM or an e-mail message to let them know you're there and ready to go. Wait for them to respond, so you don't end up double-posting messages on profiles.
While you wait, read through the Sign In page, as the sections may contain important information, as well as check the Greeters Google Group for any important messages from the Project or the Team. Continue to click ‘Thank You’ on any comments the Greeter-on-Duty post.
If the Greeter-on-Duty has not signed out after five minutes, send a new (not reply) message to the GoogleGroup asking if anyone has heard from them. Occasionally we all have technology failures which prevent us from doing what we have planned.
After ten minutes of inactivity (ie the Greeter-on-Duty is not greeting Guests or welcoming Family Members), catch up the feeds and start your shift. Still do not remove the previous Greeter-on-Duty's name from the Sign In sheet, unless asked to do so by that person or a Greeter leader.

Sign out Protocol

About five minutes before end of your shift, start being aware of the thank yous on the Guest Feed. Click on the "1 thank you received" to see if it is the Greeter who follows you. If so, it's time to sign out.
If you are in the middle of working with a Guest or new Volunteer, go ahead and sign out with a specific note such as "Have a great day, FollowingGreeter, don't be surprised if you see one more comment for GuestName, I'm in the middle of following up a question they had." Since it was personalized to the incoming Greeter, they can be comfortable deleting it as they go off shift.
When your shift is over, delete your entry in the Greeter On Duty section of the Sign in/ Sign out Page, and post your last entries for use by the next Greeter
If there is not a Scheduled Greeter taking over the feed, please send/post a message to the Greeters Google Group and let everyone know that a Standby Team member is needed. You might also like to mention any major issues that arose during your shift.

WikiTree is not a Free-For-All

email sent to John Williams by Debi McGee Hoag on May 12, 2020, 11:05 AM

The first line of the Honor Code page states that "WikiTree is free, but it's not a free-for-all." We have community guidelines which have been developed over the last eleven years to provide us a safe place to share our love of family history and research which is and can can remain free.
Since I am the Project Leader of the project in which you are most heavily involved, I have been tasked with making you aware of some items which must be addressed. Please know that these items are being explained in the spirit of Honor Code point three in which we assume mistakes are unintentional. You may not have been aware of the proper way to handle things or the ramifications of some of your actions. Please take what I say here in the same spirit.
  • Project Leaders have been chosen for their ability to act fairly and responsibly throughout the entire scope of WikiTree. They have both specific and broad responsibilities. You have been contacted by several Leaders and asked to do things. Those requests are not to be ignored, called out in G2G, or talked about with other members either privately or publicly. If you have issue with the things requested of you by a Leader, the way to resolve that is laid out on the page I linked above.
  • WikiTree is a world-wide site with the mission of connecting our global human family. As individuals, we can be rightfully proud of who we are and where we come from. At the same time, members of the Greeters Project need to be cognizant that we are the first point of contact for every newcomer to WikiTree. You were asked by [redacted], co-leader of the Greeters Project, to find a less US-centric profile picture. Having the image of the United States flag in the biography on your personal profile is fine. What you are currently using makes WikiTree, as a whole, seem biased toward the United States. Having it show up on every comment you leave across the site is inappropriate. Please chose a profile picture which is both not animated and not country specific while you are a member of the Greeters Project.
  • WikiTree develops new ways of doing things through a very specific set of steps outlined in the Developing New Rules FAQ. In response to your comment about using Badges in Tag Comments, [redacted], another Leader explained the process. Please remove the badges from your Tag Comments and begin the process, as detailed, if you think this is an idea worth pursuing.
  • To further WikiTree's mission of remaining free forever, decisions have to be made all the time about what is good use of disk space. Images of any kind use disk space. The member receiving it may not have issue with it but the drain on system resources is not supported. Please refrain from using images in your confirmation messages in the future.
  • While the comments that you are including when confirming new members may seem friendly to you, new members might consider them disturbing and too personal. Please stop doing that.
I hope that my explanations provide enough details for you to follow the requests of the various Leaders. Not doing so could result in an escalation of the conflict. It is the policy of the Greeters Project that members with active Mentor Intervention Requests be suspended until the issues are resolved.
As I stated in the first point, if you have issue with anything I have asked of you here, the thing to do would be follow the guidelines in the Project Leader FAQ.

30 May email

Debi McGee Hoag Sat, May 30, 2:16 PM
to [PTL member], [redacted Team member], John, [unofficial mentor]
You have been repeatedly told that the Calendar does not dictate which Greeter is on duty. If someone's name is in the On Duty section of the Sign In sheet and that person is actively greeting, they are the person on duty and communication/coordination with them is required. The greeter coming on duty, either as a Scheduled or Stand-by member, is not to start Greeting until that is resolved.
[PTL member] is the co-leader of the Greeters Group, so I have copied her in. If you have issue with how we do things in the Project, perhaps this is not the project for you. Since you planned to send this to [redacted Team member], I have copied her in on it too.

Regarding Courtesy & Project Proprietary Information

It was necessary on more than one occasion to remind Mr Williams that courtesy extended to comments in G2G (miscreant) and WikiTree GoogleGroup (waste of protien) and applied to everyone, even those who did not act in the same manner:
  • Debi McGee Hoag Fri, May 8, 1:21 PM - Thanks for helping keep WikiTree safe.

    On another note, please don't refer to other people (even spammers) as a "waste of protein." While you are definitely allowed to have your personal opinion, it is not appropriate to share them in WikiTree public forums. Think Honor Code IV and our goal of always being courteous and consider how many people see the messages sent to the Gang and the Mediators.
  • Debi McGee Hoag Fri, May 8, 1:11 PM message from a Team member, asking me to talk to John about his spam wording "waste of protein" being inappropriate
  • John Williams May 8, 2020, 3:18:10 AM to the Greeters and Mediators Group It makes me feel good about our roles as Greeters when we catch people such as Wiki ID who are clearly here for the purposes of spam. That's such a shame because I think it is a total waste of protein.
It was necessary on more than one occasion to hide G2G Questions by Mr Williams due to inflammatory wording and the release of proprietary information about how members of the Greeters Project help protect WikiTree



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