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McLaughlins in early Virginia

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The goal of this project is to research and organize profiles of McLaughlins in early Virginia, basically from whenever McLaughlins first arrived in the Virginia Colony until about 1850, when census records start providing enough detail that family groupings can be determined. The project also concentrates on that part of Virginia from the Blue Ridge west, including what is now West Virginia.

Many genealogies trace the lineage of most McLaughlins with WikiTree profiles to James McLaughlin (1690-1747). WikiTree profiles for McLaughlins in this period are generally based upon FamilySearch records, which in turn appear to be derived from numerous individual family genealogies. Authoritative sources are scanty until well into the 19th century and too often it seems that a genealogist at some point in the past assumed a parent-child relationship simply because the surname and date and place of birth fit what they expected. Once that assumption was made it was shared with others and became a part of the genealogical canon.

Although it is unknown where James died and whether he ever emigrated to North America, he has, over time, become accepted, without evidence, by many as father of three or four sons, some of whom were born in Ireland and some in the Virginia Colony in a sequence that had him hopping back and forth across the ocean.

Some of those sons fathered plausible families, although good sources tend to be lacking to support each and every one of their children and it is possible that some may be associated with the wrong parent. But one of the purported sons of James is highly problematic. John Hugh McLaughlin (abt.1738-abt.1772) may be a conflation of three individuals. One who was said to have born in Londonderry, Ireland around 1738, and then lost to history. One is a Hugh McLaughlin who is documented to have married Elizabeth Aspenwell in 1761 near Liverpool. The other is a Hugh McLaughlin who according to court records left four orphaned children in Augusta County in 1772 and 1773. On March 17, 1772, "Hugh McGlaughlin, orphan of Hugh McGaughlin, aged 14, to be bound to John Hogshead, he teaching him the trade of a currier, farmer and shoemaker"[1] . On May 20, 1772 "James McGlaughlin, son of Hugh McGlaughlin, to be bound to James McVey, to learn trade of carpenter."[2] On March 19, 1773, "Hugh McGlauchlin having run away, his children, Jane and William, to be bound out."[3] The children named in court records, Hugh, James, Jane and William, don't agree with the list of children various genealogists have assigned to him over the years and Hugh and Elizabeth were married two or three years after the oldest of the orphans would have been born.

For the most part, most parent-child relationships among McLaughlins in Virginia until well into the 19th century are undocumented and speculative. Many speculative relationships don't hold up when you examine the age of the parents or the date of their marriage at the time of the child's birth or the sequence of sibling birthplaces. This study is intended to look at this family, or these families, as a whole and try to make more sense of who was related to whom.

This project seeks to identify those McLaughlins who at least originated in the mountains and valleys of Virginia and try to make sense of how they actually were related, if at all. Since this is a study of a surname's spread, it concentrates on male members of the family who did or may have survived childhood.



Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Identify all people whose last name at birth was McLaughlin (or a variant spelling) and reportedly were born in, or migrated into Virginia, from the Blue Ridge west, early enough that they do not appear in the 1850 census as someone's child. 1835 seems like a good cutoff date. Anyone born in or after 1835, and who survived childhood, would presumably appear in their parent's household in the 1850 census.
  • Help figure out how to make sense of this list
  • Document and understand how the formation of new counties might confuse the issue.
  • Identify resources that might throw new light on family relations.

The list of McLaughlins born in, or who moved to Virginia


This list is of male McLaughlins (who might have passed their surname to descendents), who were born elsewhere and ended up in the part of Virginia under study, or who were born in that part of Virginia before 1835. The name and lifespan of each individual is given, followed by the place of birth (country or Virginia county) and then the county or state in which the individual died.

Person Comments
Manus McLaughlin (1673-1710) Born and died in Richmond. No known sons. If he was born in Richmond, then his parents would have been in Virginia even earlier.
James McLaughlin (1690-1747) Ireland -> possibly to Virginia. Questionable family patriarch.
Charles McLaughlin (1720-1792) Stafford -> Bedford. Son Charles died in Rockbridge County.
John Hugh McLaughlin (abt.1738-abt.1772) Ireland -> Augusta. Possible conflation of three individuals. A Hugh McLaughlin did leave 4 orphans in Augusta County.
James McGLaughlin (abt.1740-1830) Scotland -> Charles City. His two known sons appear to have migrated to Ohio without settling in western Virginia.
John McLaughlin (1754-), Bedford County. Not know to have had children nor to have moved beyond the Blue Ridge.
Charles McLaughlin (1757-1797) Bedford -> Kentucky. Never seems to have settled in western Virginia.
William McLaughlin (1757-1842) Bedford -> Rockbridge. No known offspring.
Hugh Edward McLaughlin (1758-1827) Augusta-> Bath (See the Bath County Grouping). Sons migrated to Jay County, Indiana. Probably related to a John, Daniel and James. Married Jane Jean Wiley. He and John McLaughlin (b 1764) married sisters.
William Hugh McLaughlin (abt.1758-abt.1798) Augusta -> Bath (See the Bath County Grouping). "The taylor of Augusta County". Orphan of Hugh McLaughlin. Married Agnes Nancy Gwinn.
James McLaughlin (1760-1830) Augusta -> Missouri. Orphan of Hugh McLaughlin. May have married Mary Stuart.
James S McLaughlin (1763-1814) Ireland -> Virginia. Bad GEDCOM import. Wife appears to have lived in New York state all her life!
John McLaughlin (1764-1838) Augusta -> Bath (See the Bath County Grouping).
  • His name is more often spelled McGlaughlin or McGloughlin
  • Although he lived and died in Bath County, most of his children settled in neighboring Pocahontas County, so he ended up profiled in a book of Pocahontas County biographical sketches.
  • He and Hugh Edward McLaughlin b 1764 married Wiley sisters.
Daniel McLaughlin (abt.1765-abt.1838) (unknown) -> Bath (See the Bath County Grouping).

May be the Daniel that witnessed Hugh Edward McLaughlin's wedding bond.

Berriman McLaughlin (1776-1850)Hampshire -> Illinois
Eli McLaughlin (abt.1780-bef.1816)died in Russell County
Charles McLaughlin (abt.1781-bef.1845) Born and died in Pittsylvania County. Outside area of interest.
William McGlaughlin (1779-) Unknown county -> Pocahontas County? m. Nancy Wylie
John McGLaughlin (1783-1857)Charles City -> Meigs County, Ohio. Married in Randolph County. A number of McLaughlins show up in Meigs County, but the newly married couple did not seem to stay in Virginia long enough for any of there children to have been born there. Reportedly son of James McGLaughlin (b 1740)
William M. McGLaughlin (1785-1868) (Charles City?) Virginia -> Vinton County Ohio. No apparent connections to the area of study. Reportedly son of James McGLaughlin (b 1740)
John Henry McLaughlin (1785-1840) Rockingham County. Probable patriarch of McLaughlins born in Rockingham County. (See the Rockingham County Grouping)
John McGlaughlin (abt.1792-) Unknown birthplace -> Pocahontas (See the Pocahontas County Grouping -- second group).
James McGlaughlin (1795-1861) Berkeley County -> Iowa. Does not appear to be closely related to any of the other McLaughlins in this study.
William McGlaughlin (abt.1796-) Unknown birthplace -> Pocahontas (See the Pocahontas County Grouping -- second group).
Robert W. McLaughlin (1796-1854) Bath -> Iowa. (See the Bath County Grouping).
Daniel McGlaughlin (1797-1871) Pocahontas (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).
Hugh McGlaughlin (1798-1866) Pocahantas (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).
John McClain McLaughlin (1799-1860)Bath -> Indiana (See the Bath County Grouping).
Hiram McLaughlin (1800-1860) (unknown county)
Squire Hugh McGlaughlin (1801-1870) Augusta -> Pocahotas (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).
John McGlaughlin Jr (abt.1801-1870) Pocahantas -> (unknown) (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).
James McGlaughlin (1802-1862) Bath -> Missouri (See the Bath County Grouping).
Henry McLaughlin (1802-)(unknown county)
Hugh McLaughlin (1803-1885) Bath -> Indiana (See the Bath County Grouping).
William Henry McLaughlin (1803-1872) Bath -> Indiana (See the Bath County Grouping).
William McLaughlin (1803-1887) Virginia -> Illinois
George Minor McLaughlin (abt.1805-abt.1888) Caroline County
John McLaughlin (1806-1852) Virginia -> Ohio
Samuel G. McGlaughlin (abt.1809-abt.1845) Pocahontas -> Bath (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).
Michael Mclaughlin (1811-) married Anna Beery (1805-) in Edom, Rockingham County. John Henry McLaughlin (1785-1840) may have lived in or near Edom. (See the Rockingham County Grouping)
John McLaughlin (1811-) Daughter born in Greenbriar County.
Robert McLaughlin (abt.1812-abt.1830) Son of John McLaughlin (1764-1838). Died around age of 18. Brother of Pocahontas County group.
Jacob Warrick McLaughlin (abt.1818-1850) Braxton
David McLaughlin (abt.1818-abt.1888) Rockingham -> Missouri (See the Rockingham County Grouping)
William McLaughlin (1819-1887) Rockingham -> Illinois (See the Rockingham County Grouping)
David McLaughlin (abt.1821-1888) Pocahontas (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).
James William McLaughlin (1825-1906) Shenandoah -> Ohio
Samuel McLaughlin (1825-1862) Rockingham -> Gulley Bridge, WV (See the Rockingham County Grouping)
John A McGlaughlin (1826-1906) Pocahontas (lifelong) (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).
Hugh McGlaughlin (1827-1913) Pocahantas (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).
Warwick McLaughlin (abt.1833-) Nicholas
George McLaughlin (1833-1893) Pocahontas (See the Pocahontas County Grouping).

County Groupings

Bath County

Bath County was formed from parts of Augusta, Botetourt and Greenbrier Counties in 1790. Someone could have been born in Augusta County and died in Bath County without ever moving from their birthplace.

Hugh Edward McLaughlin (1758-1827), William Hugh McLaughlin (abt.1758-abt.1798), and John McLaughlin (1764-1838) were all reportedly born in Augusta County and died in Bath County. Daniel McLaughlin (abt.1765-abt.1838) also reportedly died in Bath County, although is birthplace is not known.

Since most of John's children settled in Pocahontas County and reported in a book of biographical sketches of that county, information about his family has come to be associated with that county.

The next generation of McLauglins who were reportedly born in Bath County appear to be offspring of the four original Bath County McLaughlins.

Rockingham County

Rockingham County was established in 1778 from Augusta County.

Only one McLaughlin household appears in the 1820 and 1830 census of Rockingham County, Virginia. In both cases, the head of household's name is John McLaughlin and the household member counts line up fairly closely to his purported children. There is reason to consider that any McLaughlin born during this period in Rockingham County is a child of John Henry McLaughlin (1785-1840).

During the course of this study, two individuals were discovered who were not previously known as sons of John, Michael Mclaughlin (1811-) and Samuel McLaughlin (1825-1862).

The birth record of John Henry's grandson, Newton David McLaughlin (1854-1927) has him being born in Edom, Rockingham County. His older siblings were also reportedly born in the county, but without more specific location. His younger siblings were born in Illinois.

It is interesting to note that although a lot of Hugh McLaughlins appear in early Virginia and that name endured among their descendants, there are no known or presumed descendants of John and Susanna named Hugh.

One area for further study is whether this family originally came south from Pennsylvania or Maryland and up the Valley of Virginia. John's parents may have come from or through there.

Highland County

Highland County was formed in 1847 from Bath and Pendleton Counties.

On 27 Apr 1841 Anne McLaughlin, a resident on Jackson River in Bath County, aged 72, applied for a pension stating that she married John McLaughlin in Nov 1791, and he died 19 Mar 1838. John reportedly settled on Jackson's River seven or eight miles below Monterey prior to the revolution. That location would later become part of Highland County.

Pocahontas County

Pocahontas County was formed out of Bath, Pendleton and Randolf Counties in 1821. It was part of Virginia until West Virginia separated from Virginia in 1863.

The surname of most of the Pocahontas County McLaughlins was spelled McGlaughlin, although the name's spelling tended to transition to McLaughlin in succeeding generations.

The Historical Sketches of Pocahontas County, West Virginia book details three groups of McLaughlins historically residing in that county[4]:

  1. John McLaughlin, a native of Ireland, who settled on jackson's River seven or eight miles below Monterey (in what was then Bath County and now Highland County) and had six sons and five daughters. Although John and his wife Anne resided in Bath County until their death, most of their children settled in neighboring Pocahontas County. The children of John and Anne, as identified by the book were: Margaret (Carpenter); Nancy (Carpenter); Jane (Benson); Mary (Beverage); Susan (Holcomb); Abigail (Galford); Major Daniel m. Mary Carpenter; Hugh m. Sally Grimes; Samuel m Miss Wright; Robert (died in early manhood); James (wife's name unknown); John Jr. m. Sally Hamilton.
  2. A second group of two brothers and two sisters: William m. Nancy Wylie, John m. Clarissa Gregory,Jennie m. John Galford; and Nancy m. Jacob Cassell
  3. The third group was Squire Hugh McLaughlin of Marlington. Born in Bath County. He married Nancy Gwinn. Squire Hugh and Hugh McLaughlin (from the first group?) were cousins. Squire McLaughlin was a prominent citizen -- a member of the county court, and a ruling Elder in the Presbyterian church.

The McLaughlin family details reported in the Historical Sketches are as recounted by Mrs Morgan Grimes (presumably Margaret Jane (McLaughlin) Grimes (1830-) daughter of Daniel of the first group), one of the descendants by the third or fourth remove, so they should not be considered authoritative, but they certainly suggest family groupings. She goes into great detail about who most of these family members married and where they settled. One of the most interesting observations is that Squire Hugh McLaughlin and Hugh McLaughlin "late of" Huntersville "were cousins and intimately associated when they were young men." That the second Hugh was of Hunterville confirms that this is the Hugh, son of John, of the first group. If the two Hughs were first cousins on the McLaughlin side, then Squire Hugh's father would be the brother of the John McLaughlin of the first group. Squire Hugh's father was reportedly Hugh McGlaughlin (abt.1768-) and he was reportedly born in Ireland. Squire Hugh's mother is unknown. At the time of writing, the senior Hugh McLaughlin's WikiTree profile has him being the father of the two brothers and two sisters of the second group, even though the Historical Sketches does not suggest that the second group is related to the other groups and certainly not that Squire Hugh was a third brother of the second group.

The first group in the Historical Sketches would be the children of John McLaughlin (1764-1838) and Anne (Wiley) McLaughlin (abt.1769-aft.1841), including Daniel McGlaughlin (1797-1871), Hugh McGlaughlin (1798-1866), John McGlaughlin Jr (abt.1801-1870) and, Samuel G. McGlaughlin (abt.1809-abt.1845) David McLaughlin (abt.1821-1888) and, John A McGlaughlin (1826-1906) were their grandsons. According to John McLaughlin's WikiTree profile, he was born in Virginia, but the Historical Sketches have him being a native of Ireland.

The second group would be William McGlaughlin (1779-) and Nancy (Wylie) McGlaughlin (1805-) and their son Hugh McGlaughlin (1827-abt.1913). Neither William nor Nancy's parents are known.

The third group is Squire Hugh McGlaughlin (1801-1870) is said to be son of Hugh McGlaughlin (abt.1768-), a native of Ireland. if Squire Hugh and Hugh, son of John and Anne were first cousins, then John, father of the first group, and Squire Hugh's father, Hugh must have been brothers.

Hugh McGlaughlin (1798-1866) is buried in the Old McLaughlin Cemetery, Huntersville, Pocahontas County, West Virginia along with his wife and some descendents[5], providing further evidence of their relationships. Although Hugh's brother Samuel does not seem to be buried there, his son, Hugh P. McLaughlin is, providing further evidence that Hugh and Samuel were indeed brothers.

All that seems to be known of the origins of George McLaughlin (1833-1893) is that his mother's name was Catherine. It remains to be seen how he fits in.

Family Groupings

A few family clusters stand out.

The orphans of Hugh McLaughlin

According to the Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia by Lyman Chalkley, a Hugh McLaughlin left two orphan sons, Hugh (14) and James (12). On 19 March 1773 two more children of a Hugh McLaughlin were bound out: Jane and William. Here is was noted that the father was a runaway. Those children's ages were not given.

Chalkey's summary of court records does not mention the mother of these orphaned children. It is possible that there were other siblings not in the court record or not noted by Chalkey, but three of these orphans appear to be (William) Hugh McLaughlin, the taylor of Bath County; James McLaughlin; and Daniel McLaughlin. Jane's fate is at this point unknown.

The Hugh McLaughlin who fathered and left these orphans is otherwise unknown. Some researchers say that he is John Hugh McLaughlin (abt.1738-abt.1772), who was born in Londonderry, Ireland and who married Elizabeth Aspinwall near Liverpool. A record of a marriage of a Hugh McLaughlin and an Elizabeth Aspinwall does exist, but no record of where that Hugh originated. There is no record to associate Hugh and Elizabeth with any of their purported children or that would suggest that they immigrated to the British North American Colonies. Some of their purported children were born well before Hugh and Elizabeth were married. At this point all we know with reasonable certainty is that there was a Hugh McLaughlin who left orphans in August County in 1772.

The profile of Hugh Edward McLaughlin (1758-1827) includes some information that suggest that he was closely related and that he and the three orphaned brothers associated in their adult life. A Daniel McLaughlin was a witness on Hugh's marriage bond. Two Hughs, a James and a Daniel can be found in a 18791 Bath County tax list and one of the Hughs, James and Daniel live near each other.

A John McLaughlin, possibly John McLaughlin (1764-1838) was surety on Daniel's marriage bond. John married Anne Wiley and Anne's sister, Jane Wiley married Hugh Edward.

So we have three brothers appearing in the court records as orphans and two other McLaughlin men who appear to have lived in the same area and interrelated. One of the orphans appeared to have gone by the name of Hugh as did one of the non-orphans. It is possible that all five were brothers, but only three of them were mentioned by the court. It is also possible that the senior Hugh, who left the orphans had one or two brothers who fathered the other two. That brings us to the next family cluster, the Pocahontas County ancestors.

The Pocahontas County cluster

Pocahotas county was not formed until 1821 and it was settled at a later point in time, but the historic record offers clues about the McLaughlins who ended up settling in that area and their family relationships.

John McLaughlin (1764-1838) fathered several of the early settlers of Pocahotas County although he remained on his homestead in what is now Highland County until his death. John claimed to be a Virginia native, but was also known as "The Irishman". His birthplace and parentage is unknown.

The parents of the four siblings reported in the Historic Sketches of that county: William, John, Jennie , and Nancy are not known, but since they are reportedly siblings we can infer a father whose last name was McGlaughlin. Some researchers claim that his first name was Hugh. "Squire" Hugh McGlaughlin may have also been a sibling or his father might have been a brother of the father of the siblings.

It seems that all three groups, the children of John, the four siblings, and Squire Hugh were cousins, implying that John, the father of the siblings and the father of Squire Hugh were brothers and implying a common patriarch to this whole group. About all we know about him is that his last name most assuredly would have been McLaughlin (or some variant spelling) and he more than likely was born in Ireland. Whether he came to North America or his sons migrated without him is unknown.

John, father of several Pocahontas settlers, appears to have been closely associated with and very likely related to the orphans of Hugh McLaughlin, as was Hugh Edward. This does suggest that the patriarch of the Pocahontas group was also an ancestor of the orphans and Hugh Edward.

John Henry McLaughlin

John Henry McLaughlin (1785-1840) settled in Rockingham County and appears to have fathered any McLaughlin born in Rockingham County in the early 19th century. Unlike the large McLaughlin clan that encompassed the orphans, the Pocahontas group and their relatives, not a single known descendant of John Henry was given the name "Hugh".

Attempts have been made by genealogists over the years to connect John Henry to the larger clan. These are detailed in the "Unlikely Parents" section of his profile. At this point, it seems more likely that if related to the larger group, the common ancestor is further back in time in the British Isles.

The predominate migration path into Rockingham County was down the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia down to Harper's Ferry, across the Potomac and then up the Shannondoah Valley. John Henry may have made that trip as a boy or young man, coming into Virginia to start a separate line of McLaughlins.

Charles McLaughlin

Charles McLaughlin (abt.1720-abt.1792) was reportedly born in Stafford County and died in Bedford County. His three known sons were reportedly all born in Bedford County. One son moved on to Kentucky and another to Rockbridge County. Little is known of the third son's fate. The only known grandchildren were born in Kentucky. This family appears to be unrelated to the others.

James McLaughlin

James McGLaughlin (abt.1740-1830) was apparently born in the Orkney Islands, Scotland and died in Charles City, Virginia. His known descendants settled Meigs and Vinton Counties, Ohio. This family appears to be unrelated to the others.

Questionable Patriarchs

John Hugh McLaughlin

John Hugh McLaughlin (abt.1738-abt.1772) may have been born in the area of Londonderry, Ireland about 1738 and may have been the Hugh McLaughlin who married Elizabeth Aspinwall near Liverpool England in 1761. Some would say that he is the Hugh who, according to Augusta County records, left four orphans in 1772. Some would also say that he is also the father of Hugh Edward McLaughlin (1758-1827), who somehow never ended up being provided for as an orphan, and who, like his orphan "brother" Hugh, was also known as Hugh.

No evidence has come forward of John Hugh's birth or connecting his birth, the marriage, coming the North America and leaving orphan children. The two oldest orphans, as well as the non-orphaned Hugh would also have been born up to three years before John Hugh and Elizabeth married. According to this narrative, young John Hugh would also have been only twenty when the oldest of his sons was born.

James McLaughlin

James McLaughlin (1690-1747) is posited to be father of several McLaughlin patriarchs but there is absolutely no documentation of how someone, sometime arrived at the conclusion that James was someone else's father. The only source cited is a FamilySearch profile that is, in turn, unsourced. So there is no source. It is possible that in the hazy past, someone determined that John had a father named James, or maybe Hugh did and added the name James to their family tree. That tree was shared and someone else discovered James and figured he must be Charles' father because, well, he was born about the right time. With time James became father of a man born in Virginia, another one born in Ireland and one, well, we don't know where he was born but his son was born in Ireland before immigrating to Pennsylvania. Each time another child was added it became a new part of the genealogical canon. The burden of proof, over time, shifts. The once speculative assertion becomes established proof and the burden now falls on the skeptic to conclusively disprove.

Undoubtedly, more than one James was born in 1690 (or thereabouts) somewhere in Ireland. But whether he fathered any of the sons he is asserted to have sired is unknown.

But we're not done. Now someone has determined, without leaving any clue as to how, that James had a father, Edward and a mother whose maiden name was Anne Dougherty. Although we don't know where in Ireland James or Edward was born, Anne was born in Cork. So if we are to believe this narrative, the matriarch of most of the Scotch-Irish, Protestant McLaughlins populating Virginian Appalachia was a woman from the southernmost part of the Emerald Isle, the highly Catholic Cork!

McLaughlins in DAR patriot index

The following reportedly can be found in the DAR patriot index, but only one is otherwise reported in this document:

  • Alexander b 1748 PA d 1832 VA. m Ann Sharp
  • Charles b 1751 d a 1811 m Sarah Terry VA
  • Daniel b1755 d 1830 m Mary Kay - (Possibly Daniel McLaughlin (abt.1765-abt.1838))
  • James, Sr b c 1736 (Ireland) d 1810 VA m Jane Dunkin
  • James b 1758 IR d 1823 VA m Sarah Coleman
  • John b 1758 d 1848 VA m Juda Leathers

Other McLaughlins who need to be connected to their family

  • The estate of one Archibald McLaughlin was settled in Augusta County in 1761 and reportedly can be found in WIll Book 6, Page 310 at the Augusta County Courthouse in Staunton.
  • Mary McLaughlin (1775-1844). Reportedly born in Virginia, but her WikiTree profile does not list parents.
  • Mary A. (McLaughlin) Ashmore (1790-1850). Reportedly born in Virginia, but her WikiTree profile does not list parents, nor does it include county of birth.
  • Elizabeth (McLaughlin) Hutcherson (abt.1785-aft.1850). According to the 1850 census, she was born around 1785 in Virginia.
  • Alice (McLaughlin) Miller (1857-1945). Reportedly born in Raleigh, (later West) Virginia, according to Find A Grave, she was buried in Rockingham County, as were her parents. Their relationship with other Rockingham County McLaughlins needs to be investigated, including Church of the Bretheren connections.
  • Ann Marie (McLaughlin) Moore (abt.1755-abt.1844). Said to have been born in Cumberland County (unsourced). No other known McLaughlins appear have been associated with that county.
  • Although the WikiTree profile of Mary Alice (McLaughlin) Miller (1857-1945) gives her birthplace as Raleigh, she is found in the 1870 census living with her parents, John and Hannah McLaughlin, in Rockingham County. She ultimately died in Rockingham County in 1945.

Irish origins

  • There are a number of McLaughlins who were born in Londonderry, Ireland or Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland and subsequently immigrated to the British North American Colonies or, later, to the United States
  • Other McLaughlins immigrated from County Sligo and Donnegal.

Clues in descendant records

Biographical and Historical Record of Jay County, Indiana

Biographical sketches of several McLaughlins were published in the 1887 Biographical and Historical Record of Jay and Blackford Counties, Indiana[6].

539McLaughlin, E.F.
357" F.M.
367" John, father of (most of) the others. Born in Bath County in 1799. Left Virginia after becoming endangered by chastising a slave driver. He reportedly assisted many a slave to reach freedom.
323" J.S.
395" W.H. (William Henry). His biography names his parents as John and Barbara (Spillman) McLaughlin, John being born in Bath County, Virginia in 1799. John was a son of Hugh McLaughlin, who was a soldier in the war of 1812.
308" William. His parents are reported to be Hugh and Jane (Wiley) McLaughlin, who were probably [according to that biography] born in Virginia.

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Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia (Commonwealth Printing Co., Rosslyn, Va., 1912)

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