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Medieval Lands

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Medieval Lands

An online database compiled by Charles Cawley, hosted by the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy (FMG). Latest Copyright notice is 2017-2019 (see MedLands Project). Add the full citation ("Bibliography") in the bulleted list under sources, or include the information in that citation in the inline citation.[1]

First Inline Citation (Note)

Charles Cawley. [xx-url Name of person], entry in "Medieval Lands" database (accessed date).
For example:
Charles Cawley. Elizabeth of England, entry in "Medieval Lands" database (accessed 2 April 2019).

<ref name="MedLands-Name1">Charles Cawley. [xx-url Name of person], entry in "Medieval Lands" database (accessed xx-date-xx). </ref>

Second Inline Citation (Short Note)

Cawley, [xx-url Name of person], database entry (accessed date).
For example:
Cawley, Jan I, Count of Holland and Zeeland, database entry (accessed 2 April 2019).

<ref name="MedLands-Name2">Cawley, [xx-url Name of person], database entry (accessed xx-date-xx).</ref>


  • Cawley, Charles. "Medieval Lands": A prosopography of medieval European noble and royal families © by Charles Cawley, hosted by Foundation for Medieval Genealogy (FMG). See also WikiTree's source page for MedLands.

* Cawley, Charles. "[ Medieval Lands]": A prosopography of medieval European noble and royal families © by Charles Cawley, hosted by ''Foundation for Medieval Genealogy (FMG).'' See also WikiTree's source page for [[Space:Medieval_Lands|MedLands]].


Note that Cawley puts brackets around uncertain information. His database has citations to primary sources but also includes unsupported information. His database is an amazing resource, but be critical of sources cited and observant of information presented in brackets.
  • European Aristocrats Project Reliable Sources does not list it.
  • Pre-1500 Resource Page describes it: "A study which attempts to provide a narrative biography of all of the noble houses of Europe cross-referenced to some original sources. Valuable because of the broad scope of the study but mostly doesn't have the in-depth investigation of individuals as some other resources in this list. Searchable."
  • Magna Carta Project Reliable Sources includes it in the "Reliable Sources with Conditions" section, referencing this page.


Be aware that MedLands is a database hosted by FMG. See this G2G discussion as to why that distinction is important. The discussion also touches on why EuroAristo Project moved away from using it as the project's main source.
On 10 March 2019, notice was posted on the "Source" template {{FMG}} that "Source templates are not approved." The information on this source page is provided to assist projects and profile managers in replacing the FMG template on profiles they manage.[2]
Additionally, span tags are no longer allowed in sources. A span tag, for example "<span id='xx'> </span>", created a target that could be linked to by use of the target name. For example, [[#MedLands|Cawley]] would display "Cawley" as clickable text that would link to the target <span id='MedLands'>, which the {{FMG}} template included automatically. When you replace {{FMG}}, be sure to search the profile for [[#Medlands also. See Help:Recommended Tags for a list of allowed (recommended) tags.


  1. The first and second inline citations are patterned after the "Note" and "Short Note", respectively, described in Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Mills, as is the formatting for the Bibliography entry.
  2. The {{EuroAristo_Source}} template is the same (see Template:EuroAristo_Source).

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