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Under construction. Contact Rich Devlin if you have any questions. Feel free to make any changes or additions to this page. Note: This page will replace Space:Irish_Roots_Pre-1500_Team

Welcome to the page for the Medieval Project's Ireland team.

This is also part of the Irish_Roots_Membership_Team which is part of Irish Roots Project


Team Goals

  • To improve existing Irish medieval profiles and WikiTree's coverage of medieval Ireland.
  • To help the Medieval Project promote medieval profiles to the wider WikiTree community.
  • To identify medieval Irish profiles that need research, improvement or need to be added.

Team Leaders

Rich Devlin, Amelia Utting

Team Members:
Michael Cayley
Rich Devlin - Working on High_Kings_of_Ireland
Amy Gilpin
Valerie Willis -
Jen (Stevens) Hutton
Adam Tarleton

Please feel free to contact a team leader for advice or support.

How to Join the Team

Members of the team must have pre-1500 certification. If you do not have this, please see the pre-1500 profiles help page for more information.

To join the team, please contact the team leader. You may already be a member of the Medieval Project. If so, great! If not, we will make you a Project member at the same time as we make you a team member.

A warm thanks to everyone who wants to be part of this team.

Choosing Profiles to work on

Initially we would like to focus much of our effort on existing profiles with inadequate sourcing or questionable relationships, and on profiles where the biography needs substantial improvement. Over time we would like to build up a list such as High_Kings_of_Ireland and Irish_Kingdoms of profiles that need attention, using Maintenance Categories. Please help to identify them, and send details to the team leader or add them to the associated list, if created. We currently have the following maintenance categories:

Once you have developed and improved a profile, or while you are doing this, you may want to tackle other members of the family. It can be productive to work on a set of related people for whom some of the sources are the same.

Some members may want to work on a family line, or a specific area of medieval Ireland, or focus mainly on a particular part of the medieval period. If you have a specific focus, please tell the team leader.

Resource Members Notes '
Training Coming soon Linda (Penrose) Hoffman - working on Badge
Pre-1500 Work without a Badge
Historical Sources of Ireland Rich Devlin
Space:Time_Line_Irish_History Links to Categories and Pages
Pages Leader Notes '
Governors of Ireland
Comparative Analysis of the Descendants and DNA of Conn Cétchathach Ceadcatha

Unsourced Family Lines that need work - GedCom etc. If you find more please add the family below, (oldest unsourced profile) If you're working on a line please add your name to the notes

First in line Notes '
Richard Blake (abt. 1260 - abt. 1315)

Collaboration and Communication

Do use the Project's Google Group, and G2G, to seek help and advice and to invite input from others. If you have an idea for a "mini-project" on which several of us could work together, tell the team leader.

If you find a source that may help others, and that is not one of the standard medieval sources, please share it with the team! Some way, to do this is by adding a comment on this page, ask in G2G or add it to Historical Sources of Ireland.

Profile Management

The Medieval Project is not aiming to manage profiles unless there is a strong reason for doing so. More guidance on this is on the main Project page. If you think Project management or Project protection is needed for a profile, please contact the team leader.

Profile Improvement Checklist; Naming Standards

There is a checklist for profile improvement on the main Medieval Project page. This also has additional information on the naming standards we use. It will sometimes be necessary to discuss what is the best last name to use, especially for the earlier medieval period. A post on G2G linking to the profile is the best way to do it. Be sure to use all of the following tags on G2G posts: Irish_Roots, Pre-1500, and Medieval.

What is required to get a pre-1500 badge

Here is what they consider when you apply for Pre-1500 certification:
1) We are looking for active participation in a Pre-1700 project. (Ireland Project is one).
2) We need an example of your work that indicates that you understand WikiTree sources and Style requirements. It should be a Pre-1700 profile and/or Project Managed Profile.
3) The leadership needs experience working with you which happens through project participation. (work with a leader that has a Pre-1500 Badge)
4) We check a sampling of your Pre-1700 watch list to see if you have good Sources, Style requirements and bios which include inline citations for key dates and relationships, or some explanation if dates are estimates
5) We check to see if you have created duplicate profiles.
6) We check G2G to see if you are asking the correct questions and adding the correct Tags.
Ellen (Quinn) King (abt. 1832 - 1923)
Donald Munro (abt. 0990 - abt. 1039)
Fineen O'Driscoll Sr. (abt. 1560 - abt. 1629)



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