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Date: 1892
Location: To cultivate and strengthen the true Celtic ties of Menzies families, the spirit of kin and clanship globally. Based at Castle Menzies, Weem, Perthshire, Scotlandmap
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Menzies Clan Society

The Menzies Clan Society is recognised as officially representing Clan Menzies and is based at Castle Menzies in Scotland. The Clan Society has active Life Members in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the United States.

Enrolments are now open for

The 2023 Menzies Clan Society Gathering

August 10th-August 13th at Castle Menzies, Weem, Perthshire, Scotland.

All Members, family and friends are welcome.


The Menzies Clan Gathering is the highlight of the year for the Menzies Clan Society and is held over the 2nd weekend of August each year at Castle Menzies at Weem, in the Scottish Highlands. Members and guests travel from the 4 corners of the world to attend the annual event which includes the traditional Ceilidh, Whisky tasting, historic Castle Menzies tour and the Formal Dinner and Address to the Haggis.

Through collaboration and research, Clan Society Members are involved in various projects within the Society including ‘Friends of Castle Menzies’, the annual Menzies Clan Gathering, Menzies Publications, Fundraising for Menzies related Projects, Menzies Youth initiative, Menzies y-DNA and Menzies Family Research plus educational photographic and documentary projects focusing on generations of Menzies families history and stories and tours of historical Castle Menzies, the Walled Garden, the Menzies Mausoleum and the Old Kirk of Weem.


Menzies of Menzies Chiefs Chair

The Menzies of Menzies Chief’s Chair to be restored. The chair is believed to be over 500 years old and was returned to Castle Menzies after an extended stay in California. Thanks to ‘Friends of Castle Menzies’ for making this happen in 2023.

Clan Gatherings at Castle Menzies

Menzies Clan Society members in Menzies Tartan at Castle Menzies
Menzies Clan Society Diamond Anniversary 1957-2017.

Anyone who bears the surname MENZIES or that of one of the accepted Septs names of the Clan or who is descended from a person bearing the Clan or a Sept name may apply to become a Full Member. For enquiries: How to Join


Welcome to Menzies Clan Society

In the 21st century, the Society has a website-, a Youtube channel and prominent accounts on all social media connecting members and followers.

For more information: Website: Menzies Clan Society

Social Media: Facebook with over 1,950 followers

CLAN MENZIES Educational YouTube Channel. Clan Menzies YouTube Channel


  • To cultivate and strengthen the true Celtic ties of Menzies families, the spirit of kin and clanship. And the promotion of friendly and social intercourse between members of the clan.
  • To encourage and provide grants of money for the preservation of buildings and places of historic interest that have a connection with Clan Menzies.
  • To be recognised as worthy of preservation by The National Trust for Scotland and for the benefit of the Nation.
  • To preserve the history, traditions, arts, antiquities, archives and relics of Clan Menzies.
  • To render financial assistance to any member of Clan Menzies who may be in straitened circumstances. Most importantly, whether members of the Society or not.
  • To encourage the wearing of Menzies Highland Tartans and Dress.


Menzies publications include an MCS Members Handbook, the Menzies Clan Society Magazine (published annually since 1977), an MCS online E-newsletter and publications of interest available at the Castle Menzies gift shop.

The Menzies Clan Society Magazine 2019/20 Edition


Originally formed on the 6 October 1892, the present day MCS was re-established in 1957, after ceasing operation throughout 2 World Wars. Around the same time in 1957, Menzies Clan Society purchased Castle Menzies which had become very neglected and run down. Since then the Castle has been lovingly restored by generations of the Society’s members.

In 1993, the Menzies Clan Society created a charity, the Menzies Charitable Trust for the purpose of maintaining the Castle, the Walled Garden and the Old Kirk of Weem (which was donated by the current chief to the Trust around the same time). The Society and Trust now work together, side by side, to maintain these properties which represent some of the Clan Menzies ancestral roots for way over 500 years.


In 1957 the Lord Lyon Court acknowledged Ronald Steuart Menzies, the hereditary chieftain of the Culdares line as the Chief of Clan Menzies. He was the first Menzies Clan Chief since the death of Sir Neil Menzies of Menzies in 1910. This event also marked the revival of The Menzies Clan Society and the acquisition of the castle. From 1957 until today a Gathering has been held annually. The first meeting of the present Menzies Clan Society took place on the first weekend of September in 1957. As there had been an older Society first formed in 1892 in Glasgow in the time of Chief, Sir Robert Menzies, Bart, this was the traditional Gathering time.

Chief Ronald Steuart Menzies of Menzies with Menzies families at the 1st Gathering in 1957

The first meeting was held in a barn behind the Weem Hotel, then meetings were held in Aberfeldy with visits to the castle whilst it was not fit to use. Eventually clan members could use the old dining room in the z-tower for meetings. Much later in 1995, they were able to enjoy the restored Ballroom in the Victorian Wing of the Castle which has been named the Dewar Room in honour of the work done on the whole castle by Dr A D (Bill) and Ann Dewar.

An Account of the First Meeting in 1957.

‘In those early years the Gathering consisted of only an Annual General Meeting held in Aberfeldy Town Hall on the Saturday afternoon, followed by afternoon tea provided by the generosity of the Chief. In the first year this was in a barn which was then at the back of the Weem Hotel and in the following years in the Palace Hotel in Aberfeldy.

Members visited the castle before or after the meeting, at their own risk. Probably Health & Safety would now have denied them that pleasure! Amazingly, interest was sustained over those early years.

The invitation card to meet in Aberfeldy Town Hall and also view the castle came from Chief Ronald Steuart Menzies of Menzies (formerly Ronald Steuart Menzies of Caldares), father of our present Chief. Lord Lyon King of Arms had granted his petition to be recognised as Chief on 8 May 1956.

Chief Ronald Steuart Menzies of Menzies with Menzies family at the 1st Gathering in 1957

Travelling to Aberfeldy was not so easy then but it still had a railway station so perhaps that helped as around 100 people attended. The castle had been offered for sale in 1955 and if the group decided in favour of setting up the Society again, the castle could still be purchased on the same terms. It was to be used as a Clan Centre. Not everyone was in favour as it was quite a daunting task with the building being in a poor condition. However enough people did vote in favour, despite the fact an architect/surveyor who had been invited to talk about the building did not recommend it, and so the Menzies Clan Society was resurrected.'

Recalled by Audrey Paton (past President 2007-2011and current Council Member)



Declaration presented to Chief Sir Robert Menzies of Menzies, 7th Baronet on his Jubilee and Birthday 1894,

For several years a strong desire was evinced among many gentlemen of Clan Menzies, in different parts of the kingdom, that something should be done towards establishing a Menzies Clan Society, but it was not until the year 1892 that any definite steps were taken. The first meeting with that object took place on the 17th May 1892, being convened by D. P. Menzies in the offices of Lieutenant- Colonel James Menzies of the Glasgow Highlanders, 68 Bath Street, Glasgow, where seven gentlemen of Clan Menzies met, and were presided over by Walter Menzies, J. P., then one of the Parliamentary candidates of Glasgow, who strongly recommended the formation of the Society, pointing out the help that such a society could be to deserving clansmen, young and old.

Colonel James Menzies strongly supported the motion, and said that the clan had as a head and father a chief of the real old staunch Highland type, and such a chief as there was not another to compare with, Sir Robert being an example to other Highland chiefs and lairds, in that he stayed at home among his people, and always wore the garb of the Highlander — the kilt.

Lieutenant David Menzies of Balornock then spoke strongly in its favour, and referred to the fact that he knew there were many clansmen in Australia who would join. Rector Thomas Menzies, J. P., Hutchieson's Grammar Schools, said that such a Society would be of great service in diffusing the spirit of clanship and kindly feeling among the clan. James Menzies and William Menzies of the Phcenix Tube Works, Rutherglen, and D. P. Menzies also spoke: the latter was appointed hon. secretary pro tern.


These first seven were all most enthusiastic in their support of a " Menzies Clan Society," and it was agreed to write the chief, when a letter was drawn out and despatched to the Chief Sir Robert Menzies, asking him as chief to give his support, as

Dear Chief,

You will, we are sure, be glad to know that, at a preliminary meeting held in Glasgow to-night, the following gentlemen were most enthusiastic in their opinion that a Society, to be called the Menzies Clan Society, be formed.

We feel that, with the co-operation and support of the Menzies' assembled, the proposed Society would be a great success. We, of course, decided that our first action must be to ask you, the actual chief of the clan, to become the chief of the proposed Society.

Upon receiving your consent to occupy this position, which we most sincerely trust you will give, we will at once take steps to get the co-operation of the principal people in Scotland of the name, and thus form a Clan Society which will be worthy of the name we bear.

This was signed by the above seven Menzies', and after a few days the Chief Sir Robert replied as follows :

Farleyer, Aberfeldy, 1M 1 May 1892.

D. P. Menzies, Esq.

Dear Sir,

I have been absent from home, and now hasten to reply to yours of the 11th inst. Now, I daresay, a Menzies Society would be a good thing if it had some definite object in view, and it may be as well to bring this more prominently forward before going further.

We have a very good Clan Bursary for College Education, so that is one motive, and perhaps several others might suggest them- selves to the promoters. I also think that it might be as well, before the Society is actually floated, that Colonel James Menzies might, with his brothers the S.S.C.'s of Edinburgh, get a larger number of Menzies'.

If this is done, I shall be ready to assist in the movement.

Yours faithfully,

Sir Robert Menzies.

Of course you will understand that no chief of the Clan Menzies is ever elected being a hereditary position!

After the receipt of this letter, on the suggestion of several clansmen, the objects, constitution, rules, &c, were drawn up by D. P. Menzies and printed, and thereafter a general call was given by the modern " Fiery Cross " (a circular) for Clan Menzies to assemble at Weem, near Castle Menzies, to constitute the Menzies Clan Society.


The meeting took place at Weem, Thursday, 6th October 1892, at 12 o'clock noon. There was a considerable number of gentlemen of Clan Menzies, many of them being dressed in the Highland dress — the kilt — of Menzies hunting tartan. In their Athole and Glengarry bonnets they wore the badge of Clan Menzies — the mountain ash or rowan tree. The appearance of the square or open space at the east gate to Castle Menzies, in front of Weem Hotel, and, indeed, the whole picturesque village of Weem, was one animated scene for some time before the meeting took place. The contrast between the tall poplar trees of the village, with their dark foliage, and the Menzies tartan of the clansmen attired in Highland dress ; the sounds of the bagpipes ; the overhanging rocks and woods of Weem, all combined to make up a scene never to be forgotten.

About 12 o'clock the Chief Sir Robert the Menzies appeared, dressed in his usual garb, the kilt of Menzies hunting tartan (green and red), accompanied by Miss Menzies of Menzies. The chief was received in true Highland fashion by the clansmen, with pipes playing ; and, on the chief coming up, they, with that gallantry peculiar to the Highlanders, doffed their bonnets to the chief, who returned the salutation with Celtic cordiality.

After a warm shake of the hand from the chief, the pipes struck up a Menzies march ; and the clansmen, headed by the chief, preceded by the piper, marched in line into the hotel. On arriving at the large room of the hotel, the clansmen remained standing, Highland fashion, as a mark of honour to the chief. On Sir Robert the Menzies taking the chair, the clansmen thereupon gave the " Cath Ghairm " or war-cry — " The Red and White for ever," in Gaelic, " Geal 's dearg gu brath " — and three ringing cheers for Sir Robert; who in reply thanked them very much for their kind reception, and said the object of their meeting had his highest approval, expressing the hope that the Society now being formed would do much to foster a kindly and sympathetic feeling between the members of the clan, who were now all over the world.

Sir Robert then proceeded to intimate the apologies, which numbered over 70, of which he read 21 letters, on finishing which, he remarked that the strongest feeling of enthusiastic clanship ran through the whole of these letters, which certainly was most gratifying. He then said the first thing to be done was to constitute the Menzies Clan Society by adopting a system of objects, constitution, and rules, and proposed that the printed objects, constitution, and rules, copies of which they had before them on the table for their consideration, and a copy of which he held in his hand, be adopted by the Menzies Clan Society ; this motion being seconded, it was carried unanimously.


[Alexander Menzies & James Menzies wearing the Menzies Full Dress Tartan (1870)]

The meeting then proceeded to elect the first set of office-bearers. They, on the proposal of the secretary, first of all acknowledged Sir Robert the Menzies, Bart, of that Ilk, as their "hereditary chief," to which the clansmen rose to their feet and gave the war cry, " The Red and White for ever," with three ringing cheers for "The Chief." In the same manner they acknowledged Captain Neil James Menzies, Hereditary Junior Chief; Fletcher Norton Menzies, Hereditary Captain of the Clan ; and Captain W. S. Stuart Menzies of Culdares, and Major W. J. B. Stewart Menzies of Chesthill, as Hereditary Chieftains of Septs. Thereafter the meeting proceeded to elect the president, convener, vice- presidents, secretary, treasurer, and the council.

On the chief leaving the meeting, accompanied by Miss Menzies of Menzies, she grace-fully bowing an adieu, he was played out by the piper, who marched in front, with hearty thanks for his services from the clan. The constitution of the Menzies Clan Society was followed by a dinner, and much pleasant comment and best wishes for its success : Major Archibald Menzies in the chair...


Sourced from Menzies Clan Society website [1] With kind permission of A. Menzies, Secretary of MCS, March 1st, 2020.

Written by David Prentice Menzies D.P.Menzies Published in 1894 - The 1st Edition of 'The "Red and White" Book of Menzies'. [2] Published in 1897 'The Menzies Clan Society Siol Na Meinnrich: Its History, Objects, Biographies, Members, etc.' [3]


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