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Messenger Task Sandbox

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Welcome to the Messengers page of the Greeters Project!

Quick links for members: Messenger Tracking | Greeters Google Group

The messengers' task is to check in with new members at specific intervals to see how they are doing and offer assistance.

When a new member is confirmed, we include a link to the New Member How To FAQ as part of the confirmation message. On the member's week one anniversary, we check in to see how they are doing with the How To's and ask if they have questions. On their second week anniversary, Mentors who participate in the Greeters Project leave a message to offer help if it is needed.



Day 1 - Confirmation. See here for sample message.

Week 1 - Check in with the member to see how they are doing and give them the link to the How To category:

Week 2 - Mentor Introduction. Introduce yourself as a Mentor and offer assistance.

pre-1700 - assistance to self-certified members from the previous day


DAY Day 1 Week 1 Week 2 Pre-1700
MONDAYGreeters Shirley Vicky David S
TUESDAY Greeters DebiDavid S. Janet
WEDNESDAYGreeters Cindy Shirley Mary
THURSDAYGreeters Karen Guy Natalie
FRIDAY Greeters Charlotte Michelle Debi
SATURDAY Greeters Sylvia Carole Susie
SUNDAY Greeters Susie Vicky Butch
DAY Day 1 Week 1 Week 2 Pre-1700

How to Do Messages

  • When you are ready to start with your day:
    • Open the Google Tracking Spreadsheet and wait for it to load (See image below)
    • Scroll down until you find the appropriate Volunteer Confirmation Date
    • Mentors: Put a w (working) in column D
    • Week 1 and pre-1700 : Put a w (working) in the column of the message you are posting
    • Type your name in column I
    • Close the sheet
  • Week 1 & 2 : Go to the Volunteer Activity Feed
    • Scroll back to the appropriate day in the feed. (Example: if you have Monday Week 1 and today is March 20th, you would go back in the feed to March 13th.)
      • Use the date calculator above to make this easy
    • Add the following parameter to the URL to skip ahead quickly: &start=xxxx
      Replace "xxxx" with the number of entries you want to skip ahead. A good rule of thumb is the # of days back * 125
      EXAMPLE: for Week 2 messages: 14 days * 125 = 1750. So your URL would look like:
      This will get you close. You'll have to page forward or back to find the starting point for your day.
    • Post your message for everyone who joined on that day. (So, in the above example, you would leave the Week 1 Message for everyone who joined on March 13th.)
  • When you have finished with your day:
    • Open the Google Tracking Spreadsheet and wait for it to load (See image below)
    • Scroll down until you find the appropriate Volunteer Date
    • Change your "w" to "x"
    • Put the current date in column G "Messaged Date," replacing anything already there
      • Column H "Next Work Date" will automatically update to "Messaged Date" +7 days
        (for more info, see "Info about Next Work Date")
      • Type your name and the message posted in column I "Name & Message posted"
    • Scroll down the sheet looking for Orange in the Next Work Date
      • If you find Orange and and all the message columns aren't blue:
        • Work the day if you have time
        • Alert the group if you don't have time
    • Close the sheet, it will be saved automagically

Tracking Sheet Still Loading

  • When both the highlighted messages in the image disappear, the tracking sheet is ready to use
Messenger Tracking Sheet - Still Loading

Sample Message

Please make it your own. The only requirement is that the link, and only that link, be included.

Hi GuestName,

How is it going so far. Was the first page of the [ How-Tos] helpful or did it leave you with questions?

We want to help! Click my name, then ask in the comment section of my page.

MyName ~ WikiGreeter

PS Sometimes links don't work in emails. You can always find a link that works in the public comments on your profile.


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