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Michael's Family Pets

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The Family Pets of Michael. All Dogs.

==Dogs of Michael==
Name SexBreed BirthAge Death
RexMaleGerman Shepherdabt 1960? ?? Ran Away
Dee DeeFemaleYellow Lab?? '1-3 months?Aug 1968
MixieFemaleBlack Labrador Mix? 16
PepperMaleShepherd / Collie Mix 16
TrapperMaleBlack Labrador 15
TundraFemaleWolf/Malamute Hybrid 14
MollyFemaleBlack Labrador Mix14 Jan 2000 13Jun 2013
Indiana "Indy" Jones MaleBlack Labrador/Chesapeake Mix19 Sep 200013Aug 2014
MaxMaleBlack Labrador/Great Dane? Mix29 Oct 2009 Living

How they got their Names

  • Max named Whistler at Adoption from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. Renamed by Megan
  • Indy adopted from Litter. Indiana Jones (Indy Jones named after the Dog)
  • Molly adopted from Evergreen Animal Shelter, was already named Molly.
  • Tundra from litter of my brother's Wolf and Malamute. Arctic reference.
  • Trapper found in Coyote Trap by Brother, named Trapper
  • Pepper adopted from Litter, Named Pepper for coloration of coat.
  • Mixie named Mixie because her brother was named Bullet and she could "mix" his bullets (Oh how I hate admitting that).
  • Dee Dee named because my cousin Yvonne was nicknamed Dee Dee and was being born at the same time.
  • I have no idea how Rex got his name.

How they Died

  • Rex - Ran Away
  • Dee Dee - "Distemper?" Was told she got sick from being left wet in cold room.
  • Mixie - Stomach Cancer
  • Trapper - Siezures
  • Pepper, Blind, Kidney failure, Hip failure, Deaf
  • Tundra - Hips
  • Molly - Bone Cancer
  • Indy - Metal Knee Brace, Cancerous Spleen (Given 3 months to live, lived three more years!), Hips