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Michael Lee Stills - The 1990's

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Date: 1 Jan 1990 to 31 Dec 1999
Location: California and Coloradomap
Surnames/tags: Stills Boyle
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  • 1990 National Park Ranger (Seasonal), Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, CA
  • 1991 Ham Radio License: KD6DYB
  • 1991 Assistant Youth Programs Coordinator, Wilderness Institute, Malibu, CA


  • Jun 1992 Moves to Colorado. Renting in Lakewood.
  • Jun 1992 Youth Work Program Supervisor, Jefferson County Open Space
  • Sep 1992 Buys House, 28022 Camel Heights Circle, Evergreen, CO 80439
  • 17 Oct 1992 Marriage Tracey Lynn Boyle
  • 12 Dec 1997 Birth Daughter Megan Lee Stills


Right on schedule, the child started knocking. It was the evening of December 23rd, but it would not be until the morning of Christmas Eve, that Megan Lee Stills would join her parents.

It had been a grueling seventeen hours of Labor for Michael's wife Tracey. She had wanted a natural birth, a heroic attempt at keeping Megan away from any chemicals, made even more heroic given that Tracey squirmed at the sight of blood, queased at being in hospitals and feared needles. Michael had tried to ease her discomfort at the direction of the Doula, but he just could not get his hand pressure on her back in just the right place. The Doula had to take over, making Michael feel useless.

Exhausted, Tracey finally relented and allowed the long needle of the spinal tap to enter her spine, another heroic sacrifice to bring Megan into this world. Michael, at least, was anticipating the chance to cut Megan's umbilical cord, a chance to start bonding with the child his beautiful Irish wife had nurtured since that lucky night on Saint Patricks Day. Conception had been long and difficult to achieve, although the effort had been very enjoyable.

Then it happened. Three strong pushes and Megan quietly joined her parents. Quizzically, nurse Megan (a reassuring coincidental namesake), would not let Michael cut the cord, the doctor had quickly completed that task herself as newborn Megan was apparently at risk of inhaling some defecation that came out with her. They did not want her to take her first breath just yet. Instead, whisking her to a nearby washbasin, nurse Megan cleaned her namesake and the doctor tickled the newborns feet to start her breathing. The little blue alien turned bright pink and gave a healthy hello to the world. Joyfully, nurse Megan remarked that newborn Megan was wrinkle free, a sign of a wonderful ride with her loving mother.

Michael, now twice rebuked, was brought over to the washbasin where his consolation was to cut the umbilical cord where it remained attached to the placenta. Thankfully, Megan was born a healthy happy child and the challenges of Fatherhood would never be more challenging than that Christmas Eve morning.


  • Marriage Record in possession of Michael Lee Stills