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Michel Richard Interest Group

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Date: 30 Sep 2013
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This group has been formed to get all of Michel Richard's descendants on WikiTree. Michel Richard came to Acadia from France in the early 1650s. He had 12 children in Port Royal, with 2 wives, and their descendants have since spread across Canada and the United States (and maybe even further!).

Remember, this group is for all Michel Richard descendants, not just ones with the last name Richard! That includes a lot of Brossards, Terriots, Babins, Vincents, Forests, LeBlancs, and many more.

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Group Members

  • Roland Arsenault - As a descendant of Marie Jeanne à Michel à Michel, Roland has Michel Richard as one of his many Acadian ancestors. He also decends from Jean-Baptiste dit Jani à Michel à René à Michel.
  • Martha Beaugh-I am a descendant of Michel Richard from son Martin , Alexandre , his son , Pierre , his son , Francois , his son , Francois [11] , his son , [my great grandfather, Eugene , his son , Francois Joseph Richard , [my grandfather known as Frank ] married to Marie Anne Savoie ]the parents of my mother , Martha Louise Richard married to my Father , Garland Beaugh .

1. I & my brothers Paul & Peter are sons of John Hutchins Fortescue DeRoche, 2. son of John "Jack" Hyacinthe DeRoche, 3. son of Alphonse DeRoche, 4. son of Hyacinthe Desroches, 5. son of Mathurin DesRoches, 6. son of Marie Marguerite Arseneau, 7. daughter of Margarite “Magitte” Richard, 8. daughter of Martin Richard. 9. son of Michel Richard

Useful Resources

  • Les Richard et d'Autres, a book about Michel Richard's descendants. Lianne Lavoie has a copy (Reunion Edition, revised in 2006) in her possession. There is an emphasis on the North Dakota line of the family, the descendants of François Alexis "Alex" Richard.
  • Richard Genealogy, a site containing PDF lists of Michel Richard's descendants for several generations (some lines further than others). Documents are well-sourced and can be excellent leads.
  • Stephen White published a series of genealogies for the 1994 World Acadian Congress, one of them being on the Richards focusing on south-eastern New Brunswick.
White, Stephen A. La généalogie des trente-sept familles hôtesses des "Retrouvailles 94", Les Cahiers de la Société historique acadienne, vol. 25, nos 2 et 3 (1994). (Richard)

Orphaned Profiles

Find orphaned descendants of Michel Richard, divided up here by his children (ones with no orphaned descendants are not listed):


Any work on Michel Richard's descendants is very helpful, but here are some specific areas that could use focused work. Feel free to add to this list!

  • Some of Michel's grandchildren still don't have profiles. Specifically, the children of Anne and Madeleine may not all be identified. Once you're confident that all the children of one of these are complete, please remove the name from this list and check the "no more children" checkbox on the profile.

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Around 1652, Soldier Michel Richard arrives in Acadia
Around 1652, Soldier Michel Richard arrives in Acadia


On 10 Jan 2019 at 19:39 GMT John DeRoche wrote:

A resident of Old Acadie here (now in Halifax NS). Glad to see these latest comments by Aaron Richard and Annette Cormier. Malheureusement, I can't do the yDNA thing Annette suggests, since one of my links to the progenitor Michel isfemale. Alors, bonne chance to guys who have the surname!

On 10 Jan 2019 at 18:33 GMT Annette Cormier wrote:

G'day Aaron. Documented yDNA descendants of Michel RIchard are comparing their test results in a group project (French Heritage), hosted at Family Tree DNA, and led by genealogist Denis Beauregard. If you order a yDNA home kit at FTDNA and join the project, you can see if you match others. So far, the test takers are descendants of Michel's son René. Since you descend from Martin, your results and documented lineage may help to confirm Michel's yDNA signature.

On 6 Jan 2019 at 11:17 GMT Aaron Richard wrote:

Salut mes amis ! I am an Australian, but my father was a Cajun. Michel Richard dit Sansoucy is my direct male line ancestor (9x g grandfather), assuming everyone in my family tree was told the truth about who their father was!

If I ever get around to doing a Y-chromosome test I would be interested to compare with other Richard descendants from Louisiana and Canada.

On 31 Aug 2017 at 19:24 GMT Martha (Beaugh) Leger wrote:

how would I add this to Facebook as many of Micher Richards decendants are on Facebook


On 25 Apr 2017 at 21:00 GMT Jeannette (Martin) Saladino wrote:

I am sending you the direct lineage I have to Michel Richard, as follows:

Michel is the sixth great grandfather of Jeannette. This line is through the Martin surname in Canada, from Richard, Plate, Babineau, Colette and to my father, Joseph Stanislaus Martin.


Jeannette (Martin-Brideau) Saladino

P.S.: I am sure there are other surnames connected to me and as time permits, I hope to clarify them as part of my ancestral past.

On 25 Apr 2017 at 20:37 GMT Jeannette (Martin) Saladino wrote:

Hi Lianne:

Thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication to our Canadian/Acadian ancestors' pages. I've just re-visited the Michel Richard page (Wow! this page has grown since a couple of months ago) and have traced my direct lineage from him, my 6th great grandfather, to my father. On each page of these great grandparents on WikiTree, my tests are listed as being directly connected/related to Michel. How do I document this on the group page? One of the goals listed is to get all of Michel Richard's descendants on WikiTree.

I have also looked at the Acadian first Families Appendix and can recognize so many names. I will check soon to see if I can contribute documentation to any of them.

Jeannette (Martin-Brideau) Saladino

On 20 Apr 2017 at 02:30 GMT Anonymous (Deering) Anonymous wrote:


I believe my DNA testing may be of help for this project!

On 24 May 2015 at 23:38 GMT Lianne Lavoie wrote:

Hello Michel Richard descendants! Just so you know, I've added all members of this group as profile managers of this page. That way you'll receive an email when someone leaves a comment here, which should improve group communication. It's not a lot of emails, but if this bothers you, feel free to click Remove as Manager next to your name on the Privacy tab of this page, and you won't get the emails anymore.

Also, I updated the list of members based on who was on the trusted list of this page or in the category. You may want to add a note beside your name about your particular interests in this group (eg. a family branch). You can also add yourself to Category:Michel Richard Interest Group to show up in the group category.

Thanks everyone!


On 3 Apr 2015 at 22:19 GMT Martha (Beaugh) Leger wrote:

Thanks for the work you are doing.. my Geo. map shows that I am related to Michel Richard & his wife Jeanne Babin through their son, Martin Richard married to Marguerite Bourg & down the line to my grandfather Francois ( Frank ) Richard but not sure how to find out if I am or how I am related to the other people named in The Michel Richard Group. any help will be appreciated. thanks,


On 29 Mar 2015 at 18:08 GMT Greg Simon wrote:

Upon further review it appears that Michel's children are all there. So just the couple of small details to address/confirm mentioned below, and all grandchildren will have a profile. Perhaps, before moving to the next generation you all would prefer if we spent some time making sure that each grandchild, now that they are accounted for, has at least a rough bio done for them all. Would that be the consensus among the group?

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