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Name Birth Notes Status Origin
Karl Schwarzschild1873-10-09 Spouse. Parents. Child.Germany
Κωνσταντίνος Καραθεοδωρής1873-09-13 Spouse. Parents. Children.Connected.Greece
Tullio Levi-Civita1873-03-29 Spouse. Father.Italy
Friedrich Hasenöhrl1874-11-30 Spouse. Parents.Austria
Isaai Schur1875-01-10 Spouse. Parents. Child.Russia
Henri Lebesgue1875-06-28 Spouse. Parents.France
Robert Goldschmidt1877-05-04 Spouse. Parents. Children.Belgium
James H. Jeans1877-09-11 Spouse. Parents. Child.Connected.England
Pyotr Wrangel1878-08-27 Spouse. Parents. Pat. GParents. Children. Grandchild.Connected.Russia
Owen Richardson1879-04-26 Spouse. Parents. GParents. Children.Connected.England
Milutin Milanković1879-05-28 Spouse. Parents. Child.Hungary
Paul Ehrenfest1880-01-18 Spouse. Parents. Children.Austria
Theodore Von Kármán 1881-05-11 No Spouse. Parents.Hungary
Lewis Fry Richardson1881-10-11 Spouse. Parents. Sp. Parents. Sp. GParents.Connected.Britain
Walther Meissner1882-12-16 Spouse. Parents.Germany
Reinhold Rudenberg1883-02-04 Spouse. Parents. GParents. ChildrenGermany
Peter Debye1884-03-24 Spouse. Parents. GParents. Children. GChildren.Connected.Holland
Hermann K. H. Weyl 1885-11-09 Spouse. GParents. Children.Germany
Karl Manne Siegbahn1886-12-03 Spouse. Parents. Children.Sweden
George Pólya 1887-12-13 Spouse. Parents. GParents.Connected.Hungary
Alexander Friedmann1888-06-16 Spouses. Parents.Russia
C. V. Raman1888-11-07 Spouse. Parents. Child.India
Attilio Palatini1889-11-18 Parents. Mat. GParents.Italy
Ștefan Procopiu1890-01-19 Spouse. Parents.Romania
Stefan Banach1892-03-30 Spouse. Parents. Child.Poland
Frank Wilcoxon1892-09-02 Spouse. Parents. No Children.America
PC Mahalanobis1893-06-29 Spouse. Parents.India
Harald Cramér1893-09-25 Spouse. Parents. GParents. Children.Connected.Sweden
Heinz Hopf1894-11-19 Spouse. Parents. Sibling.Germany
Norbert Wiener1894-11-26 Spouse. Parents. GParents. Children.America
Fritz Zwicky1898-02-14 Spouses. Parents.Bulgaria
Carl-Gustaf Rossby1898-12-02 Spouse. Parents. GParents.Sweden-America
Emil Artin1898-03-03 Spouse. Parents. Child.Austria
Jan Oort1900-04-28 Spouse. GParents.Connected.Holland
Enrico Fermi1901-09-29 Spouse. Parents.Italy
Pascual Jordan1902-10-18 Spouse. Parents. GParents.Germany
Alonzo Church1903-06-14 Spouse. Parents. GParents.America.
Georges de Rham1903-09-10 Parents.Switzerland
János L. von Neumann 1903-12-28 Spouse. Siblings. Gparents.Hungary
Andrey Kolmogorov1903-03-25 Spouse. Parents. GFather.Russia
Robert Oppenheimer1904-04-22 Spouse. Parents. GParents. Children.Connected.America
Sin-Itiro Tomonaga1906-03-31 Spouse. Father.Connected.Japan
Lars Ahlfors1907-04-18 Spouse. Parents.Finland
Lev Landau1908-01-22 Spouse. Parents. Child.Russia
Stanislaw Ulam1909-04-13 Spouse. Parents. Child.Austria
Ernst Witt1911-06-26 Spouse. Parents.Germany
John Archibald Wheeler1911-07-09 Spouse. Parents.Connected.America.
Pál Erdős 1913-03-26 No Spouse. Parents.Hungary
Oswald Teichmüller1913-06-18 Spouse. Parents. GParents.Connected.Germany
Willis Lamb1913-07-12 Spouse. Parents.Connected.America
John Tukey1915-06-16 Spouse. Parents. GParents. No children.Connected.America
Kiyosi Itô1915-09-07 Spouse.Japan
Sir Fred Hoyle1915-06-24 Spouse. Parents. GParents.Connected.Britain
Claude Shannon1916-04-30 Spouse. Mat.Gparents. Pat.Tree.ConnectedAmerica
Aleksandr Prokhorov1916-07-11 Spouse. Parents. Child.Australia/Russia
Edward Lorenz1917-05-23 Spouse. Parents. GParents.Connected.America
Atle Selberg1917-06-14 Spouse. Parents. GParents.Norway
David Bohm1917-12-20 Spouse. Parents. GParents.America
Raymond Smullyan1919-03-25 Spouse. Parents. GParents.Connected.America
George K. Batchelor1920-03-09 Spouse. Parents. GGParents.Connected.Australia
Alfréd Rényi 1921-03-20 Spouse. Parents.Hungary
Andrei Sakharov1921-05-21 Spouses. Parents.Russia
Alexander Grothendieck 1928-03-28 Spouse. Mat.GGparents.Germany
Michael Atiyah1929-04-22 Spouse. Parents.England
Murray Gell-Mann1929-09-15 Spouse. Parents. Children.Connected.America
Lars Hörmander1931-01-24 Spouse. Parents.Sweden



Hans Bethe
Emmy Noether
Edward Teller
Richard Feynman
Robert Millikan
George Stokes
Ronald Fisher
Georges Lemaître
Gerardus Mercator
Ludwig Prandtl
Horace Lamb
G.I. Taylor
John Pasta
Chrisian Doppler
Charles Hard Townes
Auguste Piccard
Léon Brillouin
Martin Knudsen
Irving Langmuir
Édouard Herzen
Théophile de Donder
Léon Foucault

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